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Edge collective: a digital agency serving Steve Madden and Ciroc vodka aims to become a leader in social, music, events and analytics.

Not long ago, Ryan Aynes was homeless, sleeping on a yoga mat at the YMCA, after launching an online volunteer startup that failed. Aynes got back on his feet, landed an Ogilvy & Mather social media job and met future partner Magnus Erhardt, with whom he would launch Edge Collective in SoHo in April 2012. The two discovered they had similar advertising ideas, giving Edge a focus on events, music and digital marketing for clients like Bing's Young Hollywood Awards, Steve Madden, Ciroc vodka and Pernod Ricard. Aynes hasn't given up his entrepreneurial reflex, another trait he shares with Erhardt, which the pair has used to develop initiatives like Chinese social media analytics platform Soshio.


Who Co-founders Ryan Aynes (L.) and Magnus Erhardt

What Digital agency

Where New York office

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Author:O'Leary, Noreen
Date:Mar 17, 2014
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