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Edelman, Bernard, ed. Dear America; letters home from Vietnam.

Norton. 328p. c1985. 0-393-32304-8. $13.95. SA *

Originally published in 1985, this collection of over 200 letters still provides a moving account of the war in Vietnam. In 1988, an HBO film starring Tom Berenger, Kathleen Turner, and Robert DeNiro, among over two dozen other actors, featured readings of these real letters from soldiers as newsreels, home movies, and music from the era provided a backdrop. David Halberstam says, "An overwhelmingly eloquent book of the purest and most simple writing on Vietnam," and the Boston Globe review states, "Not a history book, not a war novel, Dear America is a book of truth." In the 2002 introduction to this edition, Senator John McCain writes:
 Dear America tells another story, at once uplifting
 and tragic: how young Americans, proud and
 scared, lived, suffered, and died for their country
 and their convictions in a war as distant from the
 United States as the Western front was near the
 homelands of the Allied troops in its trenches
 (during the Great War). The light that shines
 through the words in this volume, radiating from
 the fog of war, illuminates the conscience and
 character of America. A proud and triumphant
 nation, now engaged in a new struggle for freedom,
 we remember.

Powerful primary source material for history classes and students. Rita M. Fontinha, Lib. Media Spec., Norwood H.S., Norwood, MA
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Author:Fontinha, Rita M.
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Sep 1, 2002
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