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The great healing: reconciliation after the Civil War: the end of war often brings recriminations against the losing side, but amnesties by Presidents Lincoln and Johnson set the American nation back to healing after the Civil War. May 18, 2015 3501
The 99% why are they barely treading water? The Left is correct that the top one percent of Americans have gotten richer while the bottom 99 percent have stagnated, but they couldn't be more wrong about the reasons why. May 4, 2015 4546
The assassination plot: conspiracy history, 1865: as Americans face the 150th anniversary of the Lincoln assassination conspiracy, it serves as a reminder that conspiracies have always existed and had a significant impact upon history. Mar 23, 2015 3780
Surveillance of the right is not new: the IRS scandal in historical perspective: the "Reuther Memorandum"--written by Democrat Party operatives in 1961--outlined steps the Kennedy administration could use to isolate the political Right via government. Feb 2, 2015 1976
If I were an ISIS recruiter. Essay Feb 2, 2015 834
Will the new Congress rein in Obama? With President Obama sending troops to war in defiance of Congress, granting amnesty, and spending money on foreign aid, can the new Congress rein in the runaway executive? Cover story Jan 19, 2015 2973
Election 2014: baby steps forward: though many neocons were elected in the GOP wave of victories, freedom-lovers fended off an establishment money-wave in the 2014 election and built upon the Tea Party gains of 2010 and 2012 in the U.S. House of Representatives. Dec 1, 2014 3028
Is the NSA grabbing all Americans' phone call content? The NSA has been caught time and again blatantly lying to the public and Congress about its spying activities, but it is possible it may truthfully say it is not spying, when it is. Nov 3, 2014 1879
America's Civil War and the advent of total war: in modernity, scorched-earth total-war tactics--punishing and killing soldiers and civilians alike--began with the French, in the French Revolution, and continued in America. Oct 20, 2014 3069
Reviled right-wingers. Sep 22, 2014 2113
The racist origin of America's gun control laws: gun control laws may not in theory be inherently racist, but they have consistently served racist goals throughout American history. Sep 22, 2014 3687
Election 2014: status quo house primary elections: Republican incumbents--both Tea Partiers and GOP stalwarts--fared better in primaries than expected, though in some cases prodigious amounts of money were spent. Sep 8, 2014 1975
Does the U.S. Chamber of Commerce equal crony capitalism? The U.S. Chamber of Commerce supposedly engages in political advocacy to help businesses prosper, but it would be more accurate to say that it helps "some" businesses. Aug 25, 2014 2316
The history of energy: market success and government failure. Jun 9, 2014 3137
Liberty candidates and the GOP Civil War. Cover story May 5, 2014 4203
Drafting Executive Orders Is Congress' "Number One Agenda"? Mar 3, 2014 1415
The war on the Tea Party: the Tea Party coalition in Congress is reviled by both establishment Democrats and Republicans--as well as mass media--but most claims against it are untrue. Feb 17, 2014 2984
Has the pope gone socialist: Pope Francis denounced capitalism in his Evangelii Gaudium letter to Catholics worldwide, and his statement was a shocker to some laissez-faire economists. Jan 6, 2014 1281
Government shutdown: in this game of political "chicken," not only did the Republicans scare first, they capitulated completely, though most of the facts were on their side. Nov 18, 2013 5221
I confess: I'm a "Terrorist". Nov 18, 2013 789
The red scare when America was less scared than today: after more than 125 bombing plots from 1917-20, U.S. government officials violated civil liberties. But the violations were minuscule compared with today's "war on terror.". Oct 21, 2013 3070
The NSA domestic surveillance lie: when accusations of spying on Americans were first leveled at the NSA, the government claimed there was no illicit spying. Then it had to backtrack again and again. Cover story Oct 7, 2013 1956
The economy what Australia did right: Australia has been run by an irresponsible socialist government since 2007, but it was the only developed nation to never go into recession in 2007-08. Here's how. Sep 23, 2013 3056
RS scandal: an across-the-board political attack: the IRS targeting of conservative political groups was not an isolated incident, and all indications so far indict Washington. Jul 1, 2013 1351
The action is in the reaction: none of the police-state measures in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing made Boston-area residents safer. But that hasn't stopped new proposals to expand government. Cover story Jun 3, 2013 2293
"Martial law" in Watertown: the civil rights situation. Jun 3, 2013 483
Nullification: Ableman v. Booth and the nature of the U.S. Constitution: in 1854, Wisconsin rejected the federal Fugitive Slave Act, which mandated Northern states return Southern slaves, demonstrating both the validity and usefulness of nullification. Company overview May 20, 2013 3920
The Republican civil war: the war within the Republican party between the old-guard establishment neoconservatives and the upstart constitutionalist/libertarian-leaning rebels is raging, and the liberty movement is gaining on the establishment. May 6, 2013 3488
Fashioning a prison of twisted words. May 6, 2013 828
Before the income tax: how the federal government balanced the budget before 1913: yes, the U.S. government did at one time run large budget surpluses, and the revenue was generated without resorting to an income tax. Feb 4, 2013 3624
The real green in Fedgov's "green energy": "green energy companies supported by Obama have primarily helped create jobs for elected officials and lobbyists in Washington, and profits for Wall Street. Jan 7, 2013 3348
What to expect from the new Congress: the party numbers are pretty much the same, but the congressional Democrats are far more liberal, and the Republicans are much closer to traditional constitutionalism. Cover story Dec 10, 2012 3243
What destroyed the economic recovery? President Obama's first two budgets predicted three years of robust economic growth, but that didn't happen. So what happened to the economic recovery this time? Cover story Oct 8, 2012 3145
Are corporations entitled to Free Speech? The Founding Fathers' words are being used to vilify corporate political campaign messages, but our nation's history condemns the condemners. Sep 24, 2012 3183
The "other" candidates for president: when Americans vote for president this November, their choices will not be limited to the standard-bearers of the two major political parties. Sep 3, 2012 3609
Obama vs. Romney their core beliefs: information overload on the presidential candidates is actually causing voter ignorance, so we tell you where they stand on fiscal and social issues, foreign policy, and civil liberties. Cover story Aug 20, 2012 4008
Plowing the field for genocide: the UN's Arms Trade Treaty (ATT): the UN's proposed Arms Trade Treaty, (temporarily) rejected the week of July 23, would have disarmed citizens and left many nations vulnerable to genocide. Aug 20, 2012 1169
Constitution candidates 2012: the fact of the matter is that most newcomers to political races lose. However, this year there are so many liberty-minded candidates running for office that some are sure to win. Jul 23, 2012 2017
Liberty candidates on a roll: if you're down in the dumps because Ron Paul isn't faring as well as you'd like, take heart in the fact that constitutional candidates are more numerous this year - and could win. Essay Jun 25, 2012 1869
Challenging the congressional GOP establishment: while it may be true that the Tea Party is losing its direction and vigor, members of the movement for constitutional, fiscally sound governance are increasingly running for office. May 21, 2012 2776
Rick Santorum: how conservative is he? Presidential candidate Rick Santorum portrays himself as a solid conservative. But how conservative was he in Congress, and what would he do as president? Mar 19, 2012 3221
Tea party rip? The Tea Party started as a protest against bailouts and big-spending politicians, but tea partiers are now backing the big-spending republicans they were first organized to defeat. Mar 5, 2012 2226
Media shaping the presidential election: establishment media bias shapes the theme of the presidential elections, helping to create a Republican "flavor of the month" front-runner. Cover story Feb 6, 2012 3019
Is Newt Gingrich the "anti-Romney" or the "other Romney"? In the Republican debates, Newt Gingrich has placed a great deal of emphasis on his conservative leanings, but his supposed beliefs are at odds with his actions. Dec 19, 2011 2314
Newt Gingrich's Freddie Mac problem. Dec 19, 2011 1159
Judge jury & executioner: should presidents have a license to kill? Dec 5, 2011 3834
Herman Cain: "Cainsian" economics examined. Nov 7, 2011 3369
Ron Paul: driving the Republican election debate agenda. Nov 7, 2011 2248
The rights of accused terrorists: George W. Bush's and Barack Obama's treatment of accused terrorists in the war on terror has often fallen outside constitutional boundaries - and that's bad for Americans. Oct 10, 2011 3375
Military commissions throughout U.S. history: military commissions have a long and irregular history of being created by federal authorities, and U.S. courts have been just as inconsistent in rulings on their constitutionality. Essay Oct 10, 2011 3281
Courts advance cases for U.S. torture victims: two Americans were tortured by U.S. officials after they became FBI informants and blew the whistle on illegal sales of U.S. munitions Iraqi rebels. Now they want justice. Sep 19, 2011 1569
Ames and beyond: Ames, Iowa's straw poll measuring the viability of GOP candidates ended in a dead heat between Ron Paul and Michele Bachmann. The media promptly labeled them "unelectable.". Sep 5, 2011 1596
Have the media suppressed Ron Paul's Coverage? Sep 5, 2011 914
Thaddeus McCotter: Thaddeus McCotter promotes strong-arm foreign policy--using the military, payoffs, and tariffs. At home, his record is mixed. Aug 22, 2011 1189
Ron Paul: Ron Paul believes that American prosperity is linked to freedom from overburdening government--he is a strict constitutionalist. Aug 22, 2011 1305
Mitt Romney: Mitt Romney has been nicknamed "Multiple-choice Mitt" because he has taken so many contradictory stances. Aug 22, 2011 1297
OBAMA & what he said what he did: despite his pledges as a candidate to adhere to the U.S. constitution - unlike the George W. Bush administration - Obama has failed to make good on his promises. Cover story Aug 8, 2011 3203
The "secret" patriot act: the admissions of whistle-blowers and high-level intelligence personnel make almost certain that U.S. intelligence agencies are wiretapping all Americans indiscriminately. Jul 18, 2011 2127
Taking spending power from Congress: President Obama reneged on a deal he negotiated with Republican congressmen, and unconstitutionally used a signing statement to pay his "czars," though Congress forbade it. May 23, 2011 1119
Walter Reddy: patriot's legally owned guns seized: a judge took away conservative activist Walter Reddy's guns, though Reddy has no criminal record and there is no evidence that he ever threatened anyone. May 23, 2011 1728
The GOP Congress' "spendthrift conservatism". May 9, 2011 808
Anti-Fourth Amendment Patriot Act: Congress is considering extending three provisions of the USA Patriot Act, but they would do better to repeal the whole unconstitutional law. Apr 18, 2011 3405
Rand Paul's New Tea Party Handbook. Apr 4, 2011 1554
Can we cut "defense" spending? Military and security spending amounts to $1 trillion every year, but there's a lot to "defense" spending that doesn't defend, and can still be cut--if America can abandon global empire. Viewpoint essay Mar 21, 2011 2546
The toll of U.S. foreign aid: U.S. foreign aid has long been used to support and influence tyrannical regimes around the world. Mar 7, 2011 3232
Would cutting foreign aid help Israel? Mar 7, 2011 835
The Honesty of Communists and Other Totalitarians: Communist-style governments rule well over 1.4 billion people, and are seeking growth. This book explains the goals of totalitarians and how they create converts of good people. Book review Feb 21, 2011 1542
Arizona shooting a pretense for attack on free speech? Left-leaning pundits have been calling for limits on what people may say about big government, but not on what the pundits may say about small-government advocates. Feb 7, 2011 1547
United States copying Gestapo and KGB domestic surveillance? Feb 7, 2011 791
Jon Stewart: America's leading journalist? Jan 24, 2011 839
Ben Franklin Inverted: Popular American sayings that reflect the credos that Americans have strived to live by through our country's history are turned on their heads to reflect liberals' socialist thought. Book review Jan 10, 2011 860
The Founding Fathers & anonymous political speech. Nov 8, 2010 725
Tipping the balance in November. Cover story Oct 11, 2010 2910
10 questions: separating liberty candidates from counterfeits. Oct 11, 2010 1273
The power of the Internet: the growth of the Internet and its power has taken freedoms of press and speech -fundamental rights enshrined by the Founding Fathers in the First Amendment to the U.S. constitution - to a whole new level. Cover story Sep 13, 2010 2694
Is America headed toward Japanese-style economic "lost decades"? Warnings have come fast and furiously lately that deflation in the United States would give rise to another protracted depression, but evidence for such a theory is scarce. Sep 13, 2010 1561
A Brilliant Exposition on the Effectiveness of Nullification: Thomas E. Woods' new book, Nullification, shows that nullification has been regularly and effectively used to render federal laws moot and that it's time to use it again. Aug 16, 2010 1380
The Best Introduction to Economics in Print: if you want to know why the present financial crisis is happening, or whether it will get worse or not, and you don't want to read a dense economics text, read this. Book review Jun 21, 2010 1211
Chance for longshot candidates: candidates who wouldn't have a chance in an ordinary election year may get their chance this year, with the political apple cart already being significantly upset. Jun 7, 2010 2510
Exposing the Lies Government Has Told You: Fox news commentator and judge Andrew Napolitano surveys times that governments have taken it upon themselves to defend freedom, but have failed. Book review Jun 7, 2010 1659
Outcome of ObamaCare; Obama's healthcare law has stiff costs and consequences, including less care, skyrocketing insurance premiums, likely national insolvency, and unchecked government powers. Cover story May 10, 2010 3364
Austrian economics rising: Austrian economists predicted the great depression and America's present troubles, but are only now gaining recognition. Cover story Apr 26, 2010 3199
Budget bust: while remarking that "we simply cannot continue to spend as if deficits don't have consequences," President Obama proposed future spending that will cause burgeoning deficits. Mar 1, 2010 1292
John Yoo defends Torture: John Yoo's Crisis and Command argues that a correct interpretation of the Constitution allows Presidents unlimited powers in times of emergency. He is in grave error. Mar 1, 2010 1958
Not a Neocon? Not likely: Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown: The next generation of Neocon. Feb 15, 2010 1194
Constitution candidates expand across states: Ron Paul's presidential Constitution campaign in 2008 has not only sparked a surge of Constitution candidates at the national level, it has impacted statewide campaigns. Feb 1, 2010 1785
Constitutional candidates: the Ron Paul presidential campaign last year has inspired dozens of new congressional candidates, some of whom are well funded and are being taken seriously by political analysts. Cover story Nov 23, 2009 2812
"Chick" Heileson vs. Mike Simpson: Chick Heileson didn't get involved in politics because of Ron Paul, but he believes the time is now to mount a congressional campaign on a constitutional foundation. Cover story Nov 23, 2009 1044
The White House war on Glenn Beck and Fox. Nov 9, 2009 852
The Soviet roots of terrorism: scratch any "Islamic" terrorist group worldwide and you will find the ever-present and indispensable Soviet-Russian intelligence services. Sep 14, 2009 2537
In the shadows of promise: evaluating Obama's campaign pledges. Cover story Aug 31, 2009 3968
Communism still stands in the "stans": the former Soviet Republics of Central Asia continue as totalitarian dictatorships, but have won Western aid by portraying themselves as allies in the war against terror. Essay Aug 17, 2009 2458
Obama needs to learn "opportunity cost". Jul 20, 2009 763
Education policies & promises: President Obama's education policies, which are long on promises, have so far entailed no more than increasing federal spending on education. Cover story May 25, 2009 3322
"Serving" political ends: the national-service act that President Obama signed on April 21 was designed more for generating Democratic clout than it was for helping others. May 25, 2009 1526
The burden of empire: Eric Garris of observes how difficult it is for America to bear the heavy burden of a globe-spanning empire. Interview Apr 27, 2009 2167
A new Era of irresponsibility: with President Obama proposing in his fiscal 2010 budget to double taxes while doubling the national debt, one wonders when "a new era of responsibility" will really begin. Mar 30, 2009 2302
Could Bush be prosecuted? Two recently published books address the possibility of prosecuting George W. Bush and top Bush administration officials for crimes committed while in office. Book review Mar 2, 2009 1346
Ready to be an extremist again. Column Jan 19, 2009 770
My five minutes. Mar 17, 2008 732

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