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Ed Sheeran-Ellie Goulding Split: Ed Hints One Direction Guy Involvement --- Reports.

Reports claimed Ed Sheeran wrote "Don't" as a reminder of his relationship with fellow singer Ellie Goulding. The couple dated for a short while and speculations point to a One Direction member who could have possibly caused the breakup. In a recent interview, Ed Sheeran may have just hinted confirmation on rumours that Niall Horan is to blame for stealing Goulding away from him.

Ed Sheeran has reportedly never confirmed nor denied rumours that "Don't" was about his ex-girlfriend cheating on him with a friend. However, during an interview on Howard Stern's radio show, ( MTV News claims the singer hinted the involvement of a 1D member who caused the breakup.

The singer initially declined to comment when Stern asked if his song was making any reference to a "One Direction guy." Instead, he opened up about how the situation didn't really upset him. He claimed he was more like "pissed off" since he "thought it was a bit disrespectful."

"I got over it as soon as the song was done and the song happened pretty soon after," he said.

However, he reportedly revealed to Stern that he confronted the friend afterwards.

"It's a difficult conversation to have... He was my mate, so I was just a bit like, 'um not cool, but...'" Ed Sheeran revealed to Howard Stern.

Although the host didn't mention Niall by name, he once again pressed the singer by asking, "That was the guy in One Direction, right?"

Ed Sheeran reportedly said no. However, he laughed when he quickly added, "Well, it depends on which one you're talking about."

The singer's revelation has once again brought back speculations that Niall Horan could indeed be the "One Direction guy" Howard Stern mentioned.

For starters, other members of the band, Liam and Louis, already have steady girlfriends. Zayn is engaged to be married. Harry Styles is reportedly out of the question, too, according to ( J-14 . Their friendship is believed to be on solid ground. Just a few months back, Ed referred to Harry as his "anchor." So that leaves Niall Horan.

( Inquisitr claims Niall was caught kissing Ellie Goulding at the Virgin Media Festival weeks before she held hands with Ed Sheeran at last year's MTV VMAs in August. The One Direction member reportedly admitted to having a crush on Goulding in his GQ interview.

However, all these speculations could remain as such. Ed Sheeran didn't directly reveal the identity of the friend during his interview. Plus, he claimed he has already moved on from the breakup with Ellie Goulding so fans should just leave it at that. Niall Horan, on the other hand, reportedly slammed the rumours on his Twitter post.

So many lazy and shit rumours flying around! get a grip !

- Niall Horan (@NiallOfficial) ( April 8, 2014

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Date:Sep 10, 2014
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