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Ecophon's formula for hygienic acoustic control.

Ecophon's Formula for Hygienic Acoustic Control

There is, in general, a conflict between hygiene and good acoustics. Sterile and semi sterile environments require washable surfaces that will not support bacterial growth and, historically, materials meeting these requirements have been poor sound absorbers.

Demands for better working environments, especially under the Noise at Work Regulations, coupled with the latest EEC Hygiene Requirements in the Food Processing Industry, have increased this conflict and are presenting employers, health and safety officers and hygienists, alike, with an ever-growing challenge of how to meet the dual requirements of hygiene and sound absorption.

Hygiene requires impervious surfaces that can be washed and do not allow the ingress of dirt. However, in general, an open structured material is required for absorbing sound waves.

Ecophon International, well known for their wide range of high performance acoustic ceilings, have developed the Hygiene range which provides a highly effective solution to this problem.

Like all their products, these panels are manufactured from high density, resin-bonded glass wool which has excellent sound absorption properties. The basic glass wool slab is covered with a woven glass tissue surface and a reinforcing membrane. Hygiene panels are then treated with a unique painting technique, developed by Ecophon. This creates a microporous surface to maintain high sound absorption and yet is sufficiently |closed' to provide a washable surface that is strong enough to withstand frequent washing, or even the occasional cleaning with a high pressure jet.

For areas which have even more stringent cleaning requirements, the basic glass wool slab can be encapsulated in a special film, providing a surface that can be pressure washed daily and from which extremely heavy soiling, such as dried blood, proteins and fats, can be successfully removed.

All their Hygiene products have been tested by the Cera Labo laboratory in France and have been approved for use in clean environments down to Class 100.

These Hygiene products are available in several forms, depending upon the particular application, including hanging baffles, wall panels and wall baffles. A high impact surface is also available.

The company have developed a special luminaire, Lavanda, to integrate with their hygienic ceilings. Lavanda is recommended for use in an exposed grid system where the ceiling requires frequent or pressure washing. By incorporating a panel which seals it to the grid system, the Lavanda light fitting meets an IP54 rating.

Ecophon products have been specified for numerous projects in the food manufacturing industry. One example is Birds Eye Wall's fish processing plant at Grimsby. There the installation was for the fish finger production plant, and required 350 sq m of panelling. Due to the nature of the foodstuffs involved, fully washable Hygiene panels, able to withstand frequent manual or high pressure jet washing, were used. The attractive white tiles were installed in a corrosion-resistant suspension system. In addition to being totally unaffected by water, the ceilings provide the excellent sound absorbing properties necessary for controlling airborne noise in the open factory areas.

Ecophon panels, because of their adaptability and combination of properties, are suitable for the complete spectrum of manufacturing situations. Whether the desire is for good sound absorption because of noisy production and packaging machinery, resistance to humid conditions, easy maintenance and repeated handling without deterioration or, of course, the need for strict hygiene, Ecophon Hygiene panels can solve the problem.

PHOTO : The Ecophon installation at Birds Eye Wall's

PHOTO : One of their Lavanda light fittings
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