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Ecopal overcome wood infestation restrictions.

D S Smith Tri-Wall has created new EcoPal pallets the problem of growing international restrictions to guard against problems of infestations in wood pallets. The EcoPal are 100% wood and contamination free, while also enjoying worldwide restriction free status.

EcoPal are available in four standard European sizes of 1200mm x 800mm or 1000mm, together with 600mm x 400mm or 800mm. Special sizes can also be manufactured to order, with all pallets ideal for evenly distributed loads. They are particularly suited to all aspects of international trade as well as disaster relief organisations where strong, lightweight, easy to use packaging can be advantageous. EcoPal is a 100% wood-free fiberboard pallet manufactured using a combination of solid and corrugated materials. It is also fully eco-friendly with materials sourced from both sustainable and recycled sources. The construction has high compressive strength, combined with a typical 80% weight saving over wooden equivalents, helping to minimise airfreight charges.

The flat-deck design is ideal for the safe, sure transportation of loads with custom design decks available for heavy loads of long term storage requirements. The pallets accommodate either 2 or 4 way loading for mechanical handling and can be supplied for conveyor use if required.

Where a total packaging requirements exists, Tri-Wall Pak is also available. This wood-free heavy duty corrugated fibreboard combines lightness with strength and shock absorption qualities. It can be used as an outer protective cover, or combined with internal Tri-Wall supporting elements to safely retain complex shaped goods, and prevent transit to fragile products.

Contact D S Smith Tri-Wall on tel: 01600 722 222 or visit:
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Date:Jan 1, 2004
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