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Economy is now back on track; FEEDBACK.

AW of Gosforth is wrong to suggest that the last Labour government is being blamed for the global financial disaster.

Labour is, however, responsible for the national financial disaster which occurred during their last watch, not just because they de-regulated the banks, but also for the consequences of uncontrolled immigration without the infrastructure to support it, for the over-bloating of the welfare state where it paid not to work, for the financial over-burdening of the NHS with disastrous PFI and GP contracts - the infamous 'there is no money' note left by Labour on their way out said it all.

The economy is now back on track, but not off the backs of the poor and low-paid as AW suggests. Yes, there has been a crackdown on overgenerous state benefits to a cap of PS26,000 but this has been welcomed by most tax-payers, many of whom will never realise a net pay packet of the same amount.

Millions of low-paid workers have been lifted out of tax and, contrary to perception, over two-thirds of those on zero-hours contracts are happy with them and do not want more hours. Incidentally, only 17% of such contracts are in the private sector with the rest being in the voluntary and public sectors (source: Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development).

The banks are paying for their wrong-doing by way of massive fines, many in this sector have lost their jobs and will never work in finance again, and there are prosecutions pending, so, the bankers have not got off scot-free.

CT, Gateshead

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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Apr 22, 2015
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