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Economy is focus of NLC Congressional conference.

Local officials from around the nation will convene at the Congressional City Conference in Washington, D.C. to hear from the new Administration about its plans for revitalizing the economy.

Scheduled March 6-9, the conference will take place as policy initiatives of the Clinton Administration and the 103rd Congress are taking off--within the first fifty days of President Bill Clinton's taking office.

The conference has been structured to provide participants with access to the new federal leadership to hear what may be in store for cities as federal policies begin to take shape. It is an important time for leaders of America's cities to bring their view-points to the attention of the new federal leadership.

NLC's annual policy process begins at the Congressional City Conference, too, with the first meeting of the 1993 Policy Committees to discuss and select priorities for the year.

All members are invited to participate in NLC's policy process in advance by submitting potential policy development topics to NLC and throughout the meeting.

Jobs and The Economy

The 1992 Presidential campaign focused on the need to create jobs and reinvigorate our economy. Nowhere is this need more apparent than in the nation's cities and towns, where daily reports of job loss and continued unemployment plague citizens and local economies.

On Sunday, March 7, a panel of President Clinton's economic advisors are invited to discuss the new administration's economic recovery proposals. This discussion will offer local officials a first-hand look at the cabinet officials responsible for formulating an economic package.

Policy Highlights

Leaders of NLC's policy units will be convening their committees and steering committees during the conference, but input is welcome from all members, whether they serve on a committee or not.

The five standing committees are: Finance, Administration and Intergovernmental Affairs (FAIR), Human Development (HD), Community and Economic Development (CED), Energy, Environment and Natural Resources (EENR), and Transportation and Communications (T&C).

Policy activities during the CCC will include workshops on Saturday morning, Policy Committee meetings on Saturday afternoon and Steering Committee business sessions on Sunday. All delegates are encouraged to attend the policy sessions, although only Committee members can vote.

Saturday morning will feature a series of workshops on policy topics of interest to the committees. The workshops will focus on public and community safety issues, infrastructure options for municipalities and telecommunications technology.

At the Saturday afternoon sessions, committee members will discuss and recommend study topics for the five Steering Committees to review over the coming year. If you or your City have policy development suggestions that you would like any of the Committees to review, please send them to NLC's Office of Policy and Federal Relations as soon as possible. Our fax number is (202) 626-3043.
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Title Annotation:National League of Cities
Author:Wollack, Leslie
Publication:Nation's Cities Weekly
Date:Feb 1, 1993
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