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Economics of contract law.


Economics of contract law.

Ed. by Douglas G. Baird.

Edward Elgar Publishing


656 pages



Economic approaches to law; 5


Baird (University of Chicago Law School) presents a collection of ideas and insights into the law and economics of contracts. Many of the articles collected here are classics that have become focal points for continuing debate; others provide an easily accessible account of particular areas. The editor's introduction provides an overview of law and economics scholarship in contracts over the past few decades. Articles, written between the 1970s and the present, are arranged in sections on contracting, efficient breach and renegotiation, expectation damages and its alternatives, default rules, and markets. Some articles titles are "Foundations of Incomplete Contracts," "Damage Measures for Breach of Contract," "The Case for Specific Performance," and "The informational Role of Warranties and Private Disclosure About Product Quality."

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Date:Aug 1, 2007
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