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Economics and the social sciences; boundaries, interaction and integration.


Economics and the social sciences; boundaries, interaction and integration.

Ed. by Stavros Ioannides and Klaus Nielsen.

Edward Elgar Publishing


302 pages




Economics is a promising but shy player in the move toward the interdisciplinary. It has become more an exercise in applied mathematics than a study of how humans interact. This collection of articles addresses relationships and boundaries of moving economics back into the social sciences, including using the example set by "serious" biology and psychology, economics and sociology working together to study the transition from industrial to post-industrial capitalization, the problem of historical specificity and a future research agenda. Articles on rationality, social relations and the environment include an innovative look at the irrationality of utility maximization compared to Death of a Salesman, methodological contrasts between economics and other social sciences, and the environmental dimension of institutional economies, while others describe a structural analysis of flexibility, a brief history of the concept of routines, and an evolutionary approach to production.

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Date:Aug 1, 2007
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