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Articles from Economics, Management, and Financial Markets (March 1, 2011)

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A standardized data base for honeybee colonies evaluation, with application in honeybee breeding programs. Cauia, Eliza; Siceanu, Adrian; Patruica, Silvia; Bura, Marian; Sapcaliu, Agripina; Magdici, Maria Report 3365
Accounting of the financial instruments: one of the most controversial fields in the financial reporting. Guni, Claudia Nicoleta; Negurita, Octav 2260
Accounting standards and financial reports, guilty for the actual crisis? Guni, Claudia Nicoleta; Negurita, Octav 2014
Apiphytotherapeutic product used for nutritional therapy in dogs with liver diseases. Savu, Vasilica; Sapcaliu, Agripina; Radoi, Ion; Mateescu, Cristina; Cauia, Eliza; Pavel, Crenguta; S Clinical report 996
Bee products--legal status health claims to be evaluated by EFSA (European Food Safety Authority). Mateescu, Cristina Report 2802
Business climate as one of the main determinant of the foreign direct investment in South. Sokoli, Ylldeze; Zaho, Lavdosh; Sokoli, Ina 4941
Challenges towards integration of Albania in European Union. Gjini, Valbona; Mehilli, Terida 2564
Changes study in the electrical energy distribution branch. Persideanu, Valentina; Rascanu, Valentin Grigore 2566
Comparative analysis of labour market's flexibility within EU. Marinas, Marius-Corneliu; Socol, Cristian; Socol, Aura Gabriela 2867
Considerations on the development of methods for absorbing uncertainty. Alecu, Ionel Ciprian 1930
Correlations between antioxidant and antimicrobial capacity of several Romanian monofloral honeys with chemical composition, color and polyphenol content. Tudor, Laurentiu; Mitranescu, Elena; Galis, Ana Maria; Ile, Lucian Report 4730
Creating a honeybee strain belonging to the hill-mountain ecotype "Horezu 15". Radoi, Cecilia; Guresoaie, Ion; Moraru, Petru; Moraru, Cristina Report 2855
Customers' satisfaction evaluation on quality of food services provided by the President Restaurant of the Black Sea Business Center Mangalia. Constandache, Mihaela; Nitu, Valetin; Nitu, Oana; Condrea, Elena 2930
Destination and strategy of Brazilian multinationals. Arbix, Glauco; Caseiro, Luiz 11078
Determinants of corporate cash holdings: evidence from Pakistani corporate sector. Rizwan, Mohammad Faisal; Javed, Tariq 4693
Determinants of domestic investment in the Libyan public manufacturing sector. Tawiri, Naser; Marinov, Marin 6353
Dynamic aspects of business process modeling. Ipate, Dragos Mihai; Parvu, Iuliana 1910
Economic crisis and labour market policy: Romania case study. Patache, Laura; Grama, Izabella Gilda 3399
Economic freedom and human development in the knowledge society. Haller, Alina-Petronela 3174
Economic liberalization and protectionism--basic processes in the knowledge society: methodological concepts. Haller, Alina-Petronela 2638
Emerging Africa: the new frontier for global trade. Peters, Sanjay Company overview 5035
Emerging economy multinationals: the role of business groups. Singh, Neelam 16042
Emerging non-OECD countries: global shifts in power and geopolitical regionalization. Scholvin, Soren 9958
Environment policy in the European Union. Case study: Romania. Draghicescu, Mirela 2547
Environmental audit, requirement of sustainable development. Alexandru, Georgiana; Spineanu-Georgescu, Luciana 2709
ESP--the learners' job analysis. Boarcas, Camelia Company overview 2569
European energy security, gas supply and demand: suppliers from Caspian region countries. Rustamov, Rufat; Stergiopoulos, Fotis 4659
Evolution of remuneration system. Grecu, Gheorghe; Grecu, Iulia 3259
Explaining corrupt behavior in emerging markets: gendered opportunity structures in corrupt exchanges. Ionescu, Luminita 2079
Exploring alternative econometric models in assessing transmission channels of fiscal deficit in Pakistan. Ahmad, Mushtaq; Sheikh, Rauf Ahmad 4287
Firm performance during global economic slowdown: a view from India. Pradhan, Jaya Prakash 9755
Flavonoid content of unifloral bee pollen harvested from Transylvania evaluated spectrophotometricaly by ZrO[Cl.sub.2] reagent. Stanciu, Oltica Giorgiana; Marghitas, Liviu Alexandru; Dezmirean, Daniel; Tamas, Mircea Report 2645
Forecasting model of working capital. Szpulak, Aleksandra 3250
Formal communication in organization. Daneci-Patrau, Daniel Company overview 2934
From the history of the Romanian apiculture. Curca, Dumitru; Andronie, Ioana Cristina; Andronie, Viorel Report 4604
General theoretical problems concerning playful behavior. Vdovi, Alexandra 1586
Good corporate governance--an essential lever for social justice. Zaharia, Constantin; Zaharia, George-Cristinel; Tudorescu, Nicolae; Zaharia, Ioana 2200
Higher education in India: emerging issues of equity and finance. Puttaswamaiah, Sanjeevaiah 6207
Identification of some biologically active compounds in the hemolymph of honey-bee (Apis mellifera carpatica) by chemical and chromatographical means. Nicolae-Daniel, Condur; Petruiga, Dumitru; Iga, Sylvia; Nicolae, Velicu; Petrut, Tanase; Duica, Flor Report 914
Impact of monetary policy impulses in an evolving debt market in India. Rao, D. Tripati; Agrawal, Ram Kishan 7144
Impact of stock splits on liquidity. Slonski, Tomasz; Rudnicki, Jozef 2578
Indian rural clusters and innovation: challenges for inclusion. Das, Keshab 6938
Informatics system for planning the pastoral beekeeping in Romania. Ion, Nicoleta; Ion, Viorel; Coman, Razvan; Fota, Grigore; Lorent, Adrian; Basa, Adrian Gheorghe; Apo Report 2990
Innovation and R&D in emerging Russian multinationals. Filippov, Sergey 9771
Inter-organizational relationships in agri-food systems and challenges to the food safety management. Zaharia, Ioana; Tudorescu, Nicolae; Zaharia, George Cristinel; Zaharia, Constantin 2039
Intrinsic liquidity value for non-profit organizations. Michalski, Grzegorz 2281
Labor cost and export behavior of firms in Indian Textile and Clothing industry. Abraham, Vinoj; Sasikumar, S.K. 9807
Laplace method development using basic rectangular fuzzy numbers. Alecu, Ionel Ciprian 1832
Manifesto for education in the age of cognitive capitalism: freedom, creativity and culture. Peters, Michael A. 5077
Melliferous characteristics of sunflower with importance for pastoral beekeeping. Ion, Viorel; Ion, Nicoleta; Stefan, Victor; Coman, Razvan; Fota, Grigore Report 3919
Method of determining warning signals based on a company's financial cycle of live using logistic and log-logistic function. Siedlecki, Rafal 1995
Methods used in planning quality management systems--quality function deployment method. Turof, Mihaela 2102
Migration from rural to urban and the role of informal sector for alleviating the poverty: the case study of Turkey. Sibel, Cengiz; Gulay, Hiz 6431
Modeling long-term electricity contracts at EEX. Flasza, Robert; Rippel, Milan; Solc, Jan 3259
Monetary policy impact on the yield curve-US case under heteregeneous economic environment (2000-2009). Aazim, Mohamed Z.M. 3820
Multinational enterprises and export performance: empirical evidence from Indian manufacturing industries. Sasidharan, Subash; Joseph, K.J. 6956
New aspects regarding grooming antivarroa behaviour of Apis mellifera carpatica. Chioveanu, Gabriela; Dobrescu, Constantin; Dobre, Gheorghe Report 2719
New tendences in European higher education. Pacuraru, Raluca Olguta 1646
Nonprofit organizations between business and uncertainty. Topor, Roxana; Boroiu, Dragomir Cristina 2117
Optimal strategy of liquidity financing for non-profit organizations. Michalski, Grzegorz Company overview 2942
Panel data analysis of Malaysian listed banks on corporate governance and risk. Adnan, Muhamad Akhyar; Rashid, Hafiz Majdi Ab.; Meera, Ahamed Kameel Mydin; Htay, Sheila Nu Nu 6153
Personality and learning styles. Alecu, Irina 2205
Physico-chemical characterization and antioxidant activity of Transylvanian propolis. Marghitas, Liviu Alexandru; Dezmirean, Daniel Severus; Margaoan, Rodica; Mihai, Cristina Manuela Report 3077
Polyphenolic content and antioxidant capacity of honeydew honey: comparison between Romanian and other south European declared honeydew honeys. Marghitas, Liviu Alexandru; Dezmirean, Daniel; Stanciu, Oltica Giorgiana; Bobis, Otilia Report 2560
Post financial crisis state in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: current economic developments and future prospects. Jabeen, Fauzia; Katsioloudes, Marios I. 5645
Prescription in tax law. Mihu, Teodor 2381
Qualitative characterization of Romanian robinia honey according to the European directive and IHC approaches. Madas, Mariana Niculina; Marghitas, Liviu Alexandru; Dezmirean, Daniel Severus; Pocol, Cristina Bian Report 3179
Quality analysis of services provided by Jolly Cafe of the Black Sea Business Center "President" Mangalia. Constandache, Mihaela; Nitu, Valentin; Nitu, Oana; Ionescu, Adriana 980
Reforming the tax code: modern principles of taxation. Mihu, Stefan 2200
Research concerning carbohydrate composition and electrical conductivity of different monofloral honeys from Romania. Tudor, Aneta Laura; Simion, Violeta-Elena; Galis, Ana Maria Report 2722
Research concerning the content of amylase and hydroxymethylfurfuraldehyde of Romanian honeys. Tudor, Laurentiu; Mitranescu, Elena; Galis, Anca Maria; Ceausi, Constantin Report 2857
Resources for new product development in Turkey: a spatial approach. Sakarya, Orcun A. 2882
SMEs: their progress in the Albanian economy. Muharremi, Oltiana; Koprencka, Luciana; Pelari, Erald Company overview 4080
Social system of pensions--present and perspectives. Utureanu, Simona; Nitu, Oana; Duhnea, Cristina; Ghita-Mitrescu, Silvia 2183
Some aspects of the current state of Romanian human resources management. Grecu, Iulia; Grecu, Gheorghe 3229
Some considerations of the management of logistics in the maritime carriage of goods. Puisor, Adina Company overview 2424
Stress testing: conservative calibration and regular verification. Seidler, Jakub; Gersl, Adam 4025
Structural components of the financial system. Spineanu-Georgescu, Luciana; Alexandru, Georgiana 2478
Studies concerning the main contaminants present in honey from Southern Romania. Zugravu, Corina; Parvu, Monica; Andronie, Ioana Cristina; Simion, Violeta- Elena; Patrascu, Daniela; Report 1129
Study on synergy effects of certain categories of pollutants on the human body. Case of study: Constanta County. Neacsu, Gabriela; Patache, Laura 3360
Study on the impact of the energy produced by CET Palas Constanta upon the environment. Neacsu, Gabriela; Anton, Alina 1947
Supporting rural centers for the functioning of regional policy in the Republic of Macedonia. Gorgievski, Blagoj; Jankulovski, Nikolche 3412
The art of deciding through costs. Ruse, Elena; Elefterie, Liana; Avrigeanu, Elena Andreea 1544
The cultural economies of the contemporary information age and emerging mass media business practices. Lazaroiu, George 2234
The determinants of bank rating changes: an analysis of global banking merger and acquisition (M&A). Chen, Jo-Hui; Hsu, Carol 3815
The economic development benefits of competition policy in emerging markets. Popescu-Cruceru, Anca; Buiga, Andrei; Samboan, Cristina; Berevoianu, Rozi Liliana 2150
The economics of food traceability in emerging markets. Berevoianu, Rozi Liliana; Buiga, Andrei; Rahoveanu, Adrian Turek; Diaconu, Amelia 1963
The EU accession negotiations and outcomes. Mecu, Dragos Gabriel; Gresoi, Sorin Gabriel; Diaconu, Auerelian; Berevoianu, Rozi Liliana 1949
The global value chains of Thai multinationals: evidence from listed firms in Thailand. Pananond, Pavida 13722
The growth of real estate market in Albania. Koprencka, Luciana; Muharremi, Oltiana 2413
The IJV effects on developing technological capacities: the case of the Tunisian firms. Slimane, Sonia Ben 8835
The importance of improvements in short sea shipping for European transport system. Grama, Izabella Gilda; Patache, Laura 3667
The influence of corruption on economic growth. Ionescu, Luminita 2017
The management of equity capital in the crisis and post-crisis periods. Mokhova, Natalia Company overview 3025
The management of knowledge through open source LCMS platforms. Isaila, Narcisa; Nicolau, Irina 1991
The particularities of public management in case of Constantza Port services. Popa, Catalin; Golea, Pompiliu 1280
The process of nationalization of U.S. banks and Romanian banks--one of the biggest stages in the process of economic crisis. Nitu, Oana; Utureanu, Simona; Duhnea, Cristina; Ghita-Mitrescu, Silvia 2591
The program: invest in people!--A way of developing human resources. Nadrag, Lavinia; Mitran, Paula Cornelia 5024
The relationship between economic development and economic freedom: the case of transition economies. Seputiene, Janina; Skuncikiene, Solveiga 2979
The role of fair value measurement in the recent financial crunch. Prochazka, David 4457
The role of higher education in a dynamic knowledge-driven economy. Paunica, Mihai; Matac, Marian Liviu; Motofei, Catalina; Manole, Alexandru 1893
The role of the political language in explaining the world. Dutu, Olga 1621
The Romanian electrical energy distribution branch--history and present. Persideanu, Valentina; Rascanu, Valentin Grigore 1097
The strategical management of port competition. Golea, Pompiliu; Popa, Catalin 1218
The strategy of internationalization of the business. Verisan, Cristina-Alina; Achimescu, Georgeta 3091
The tax audit--procedural aspects and consequences. Mihu, George 2924
The web of inter-firm networks and the impact of internationalization on firm profitability. Udrescu, Mircea; Coderie, Constantin; Nastase, Dan 2166
The worldwide methodologies for assessing living standards. Gorobievschi, Svetlana; Nadrag, Lavinia 3126
Three new Eurozone countries--Cyprus, Malta and Slovenia--macroeconomic situation "before" and "after" introduction of the Euro. Balvociute, Rasa; Sindriunas, Mantas 3346
Transformations of financial relations: the case of Lithuania. Rudyte, Dalia; Berzinskiene, Daiva 3301
Trends in European CAP: new opportunities for Romania. Marchis, Gabriela 1737
Zootechnical norms regarding the honeybee colonies evaluation, breeding and certification of genetic material in beekeeping. Cebotari, Valentina; Buzu, Ion Report 2143

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