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Articles from Economics, Management, and Financial Markets (June 1, 2011)

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"The [lingering] question of German guilt": a response to Karl Jaspers. Stringham, Christopher Report 3790
'American' perspectives on 19th century Romanian society. Mihaila, Ramona Critical essay 2158
'Slips of the tongue'--a psycholinguistic approach. Radulescu, Adina Report 1985
'The Lesson' of the phallic submission: feminine voices and sexual dynamics in Eugen Ionesco's play. Paulesc, Julieta C. Critical essay 2083
A diary of confirmed myths and debunked myths. Paunescu, Andrei Report 2032
A skin cancer model: risk perception, worry and sunscreen usage. Johnson, Mihaela M. Survey 3457
Achieving optimal business performance and the risk management system. Enescu, Maria; Enescu, Marian Report 1607
Aspects psychologiques de la comedie roumaine d'inspiration francaise pendant le XIXe siecle. Boboc, Alina Critical essay 1791
Assessing instructional methods in L2 French vocabulary acquisition: guessing-from-context method versus a word- list method. Redouane, Rabia Report 6021
Avoiding the dissemination of electronic fraud through the harmonization of international legislation in informational societies. Mutulescu, Antonio-Silviu; Bratu, Sofia; Artene, Diana Anca; Ilie, Marian; Rudareanu, Mariana Report 3103
Between Eastern roots and Western wings: (re) mapping the pursuit of happiness in Cristian Mungiu's movie Occident. Paulesc, Julie Critical essay 3950
Blog-mediated academic writing practices and new cultural meanings of reality. Deaconu, Madalina-Steliana Report 1747
Building quality culture within European and national framework: filling the gaps. Doval, Elena; Bondrea, Emilia Report 3570
Calendar anomalies: evidence from the Colombo Stock Exchange. Yatiwella, Weerakoon Banda; de Silva, J.L.N. Report 8719
Carol Popp de Szathmary, the first war photo reporter, a pioneer of photojournalism. Cojocariu, Gheorghe Biography 3551
Challenges of managing e-commerce. Sperdea, Natalita Maria; Enescu, Maria; Enescu, Marian Report 2090
Citizens and consumers in the context of mediated and networked environments. Marin, Ion; Plaesu, Ancuta; Paun, Stefan; Munteanu, Ana; Lazaroiu, George Report 1985
Comparison of economic performance among six countries in global financial crisis: the application of fuzzy TOPSIS method. Mangir, Fatih; Erdogan, Savas Report 4390
Conditions which engage personal liability of auditors in Romanian insolvency procedure. Corches, Radita Report 1052
Contemporary economic crime and corruption in Russia. Ionescu, Luminita Report 1921
Culture and television. The televisual globalization. Mitu, Bianca-Marina Report 1598
Determinants of the demand for low-cost migrant workers. Celenkocic, Ljubisav; Cojocaru, Constantin; Sperdea, Natalita Maria; Mangra, Madalina Giorgiana Report 2108
Digital and web-based technologies in the postmodern informational economy. Lazaroiu, George Report 2635
Digital technologies in psychosocial change: increasing complexities in technologies and social systems. Bratu, Sofia; Andronie, Maria; Voicu, Adela; Voloaca, Ioana Diana; Georgescu, Matei Report 3453
Disney and the butchering of Snow White. Stringham, Eniko Critical essay 7457
Disseminating, regulating, and monitoring shared practices. Goran-Bazarea, Laura; Marin, Ion; Paun, Elena; Danciu, Bogdan; Lazaroiu, George Report 2429
Double taxation avoidance: a factor of economical stability. Covrig, Georgiana Report 1476
Dwarfs in German fairy tales and legends. Stringham, Eniko Critical essay 1448
Economic applications of dynamical systems theory. Bala, Dumitru Report 1496
Effective assessment within language courses. Chisega-Negrila, Ana-Maria Report 2343
Effects of the financial crisis on the real economy. Zaharia, Constantin; Zaharia, Ioana; Tudorescu, Nicolae; Zaharia, George Cristinel Report 2101
Ethical journalism and truth. Lazaroiu, George Report 1340
Exploring the determinants of virtual community: online news as new communicative and social practices. Plaesu, Ancuta; Drumea, Mihnea Claudiu; Paun, Elena; Parlea-Buzatu, Daniela; Lazaroiu, George Report 3489
Fraud, corruption and cyber crime in a global digital network. Ionescu, Luminita; Mirea, Viorica; Blajan, Adrian Report 2718
From the Order in Christ to the Franciscans. Tita, Silvia Report 5360
Greening the knowledge economy: ecosophy, ecology and economy. Peters, Michael A. Report 11642
How does the Internet-based media restructure communication and subjectivity? Taranu, Adela-Mihaela; Danciu, Bogdan; Trasa, Lucian; Nicolae, Raluca; Lazaroiu, George Report 3471
Imitation and unity in late sixteenth century Italian sacred art. Tita, Silvia Report 3748
Integrating the environmental science and computer science in global and European policies of biodiversity. Fainisi, Florin; Rudareanu, Mariana; Artene, Diana Anca; Ilie, Marian; Blajan, Adrian Conference notes 3623
Interference in the development field of knowledge--from mathematical logic to psycho-social sciences. Georgescu, Matei; Ghencea, Flavia Lucia; Voicu, Adela; Voloaca, Ioana Diana; Blajan, Adrian Report 3334
Internal control for economic crunch. Ionescu, Luminita Report 3163
International cyber security through co-operation. Ilie, Marian; Mutulescu, Antonio-Silviu; Artene, Diana Anca; Bratu, Sofia; Fainisi, Florin Report 3973
Knowledge sharing, the credibility of web-based online news, and digitally-enabled social networks. Botezat, Onorina; Ionescu, Luminita; Paun, Stefan; Drumea, Mihnea Claudiu; Lazaroiu, George Report 3538
La guerre des etoiles: un nouveau mythe Georges Dumezil contre George Lucas: le double etat-major de la souverainete et de la force. Oktapoda, Efstratia Critical essay 3767
Le mot comme signe en francais. Ceban, Tamara Report 2767
Lecture stylistique de Beni ou le paradis prive d'Azouz Begag. Benbella, Bouchra Report 4712
Les enjeux de la mobilite sociale: La place d'Annie Ernaux. Demirel, Emine Bogenc; Kunt, Arzu Critical essay 3473
Mass communication as a determinant of social and political realities. Florea, Nadia; Chisega-Negrila, Ana-Maria; Mihaila, Ramona; Parlea-Buzatu, Daniela; Lazaroiu, George Report 1810
Mediated social interaction and the senses of the self. Chisega-Negrila, Ana-Maria; Florea, Nadia; Taranu, Adela-Mihaela; Paun, Stefan; Lazaroiu, George Report 2413
Mexico's pervasive culture of corruption. Ionescu, Luminita Report 2186
Modeling the impact of the European cohesion policy under the present crisis. Ionescu, Romeo; Tudor, Florin Report 4492
Monitoring as a component of internal control systems. Ionescu, Luminita Report 1902
National Register of Non-Profit Legal Persons. Artene, Diana Anca; Rudareanu, Mariana; Fainisi, Florin; Bratu, Sofia; Mutulescu, Antonio-Silviu Report 3536
Patronage of a theme: the Jesuit Apotheosis. Tita, Silvia Critical essay 4998
Per-driven forms of collaborative ownership and the ongoing development of systems of networked intelligence. Paun, Elena; Trasa, Lucian; Goran-Bazarea, Laura; Mihaila, Ramona; Lazaroiu, George Report 2244
Processing Internet communications, managing interactions in virtual communities, and ethical boundaries of online news content. Drumea, Mihnea Claudiu; Nicolae, Raluca; Dinu, Gheorghe; Botezat, Onorina; Lazaroiu, George Report 3369
Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI)--a new interdisciplinary science. Radulescu, Adina Report 1620
Reading in French language media articles for specific public: didactic and linguistic approaches. Bondrea, Emilia Report 2770
Response to Hartmann on political economy. Katz, Joshua; Cuneo, Michael; Block, Walter E. Report 11619
Romanian criminal law vocabulary. Botezat, Onorina Report 1849
Security and health at work regulations in Romania. Drumea, Mihnea Claudiu Report 1380
Self-images of Romanian people in pop lyrics. Botezat, Onorina Critical essay 1879
Shaffer's Amadeus: a dramatic re-writing of history. Sultan, Sabbar S. Critical essay 7353
Sirenes, Gorgones, Meduse et les monstres marins. Les evolutions d'un mythe dans la litterature et l'art. Oktapoda, Efstratia Critical essay 7827
Social computing systems, online networking, and the underlying structures of digital representation. Mihaila, Ramona; Plaesu, Ancuta; Chisega-Negrila, Ana-Maria; Dumitru, Alexandru; Lazaroiu, George Report 3604
Social networks and innovation (handicraft industry in Bantul, Yogyakarta). Brata, Aloysius Gunadi Report 5859
Sophists, the first teachers of rhetoric. Cazacu, Aurel M. Report 2587
Stopping forced labor. Drumea, Mihnea Claudiu Report 1475
Successful knowledge management strategies and global market trends. Stanciu, Marieta; Daniasa, Cora Ionela; Tomita, Vasile; Stuparu, Dragos Report 2079
Tacitus on oratory and rhetorics. Cazacu, Aurel M. Critical essay 2206
Technique, genie genetique et biotechnologies. L'ethique de la responsabilite et l'utopie de l'abondance. Oktapoda, Efstratia Report 7366
Television's impact on today's people and culture. Mitu, Bianca-Marina Report 2084
The democratization of producer-user relationships and the media's influence on citizens' politics. Munteanu, Ana; Parlea-Buzatu, Daniela; Dumitru, Alexandru; Trasa, Lucian; Lazaroiu, George Report 2550
The economic effectiveness of the flexicurity policy in the EU. Iancu, Anica; Popescu, Luminita Florentina; Popescu, Virgil Report 1850
The effects of the global economic crisis on the market economy. Zaharia, Constantin; Zaharia, George Cristinel; Tudorescu, Nicolae; Zaharia, Ioana Report 2270
The ethics of participation, sharing and collaboration in networked media cultures: new digital technologies and participatory models of knowledge production. Taranu, Adela-Mihaela; Paun, Elena; Florea, Nadia; Nicolae, Raluca; Lazaroiu, George Report 3415
The expansion of communication flows, social contagion in networks, and online news media. Parlea-Buzatu, Daniela; Marin, Ion; Goran-Bazarea, Laura; Munteanu, Ana; Lazaroiu, George Report 3700
The financial crisis as a failure of corporate governance. Ionescu, Luminita Report 1844
The financial crisis as a failure of internal audit. Ionescu, Luminita Report 1841
The guiding drivers of business conduct in the financial markets. Zaharia, Constantin; Tudorescu, Nicolae; Zaharia, Ioana Report 1928
The importance of creativity in advertising, digital technology, and social networking. Voloaca, Ioana Diana; Bratu, Sofia; Georgescu, Matei; Ghencea, Flavia Lucia; Voicu, Adela Report 3517
The importance of technological innovation to international relations. Paun, Stefan; Lazaroiu, George Report 3401
The importance of the recognition of the other in today's European society. Marinescu, Valeriu Report 1708
The Japanese legend as an interdisciplinary narrative. Nicolae, Raluca Critical essay 6676
The law and the informational society: electronic signature and electronic contract. Rudareanu, Mariana; Fainisi, Florin; Bratu, Sofia; Ilie, Marian; Mutulescu, Antonio-Silviu Report 3487
The mild aspects of colonialism in New Zealand and Australia. Paunescu, Andrei Report 1766
The power of word on the power of Internet a Romanian journalist editorial. Cojocariu, Gheorghe Editorial 4214
The psychosocial impact of digital technology on the advertising industry: the migration of advertising spending to digital technology. Bratu, Sofia; Voloaca, Ioana Diana; Ghencea, Flavia Lucia; Voicu, Adela; Georgescu, Matei Report 3601
The renewal of the public administration through the introduction of biometric techniques in the peoples' record keeping activity. Psycho-social implications upon the individual. Ghencea, Flavia Lucia; Voicu, Adela; Georgescu, Matei; Bratu, Sofia; Blajan, Adrian Report 2854
The restructuring of the energy sector in Europe: the development and use of renewable energy resources. Danescu, Tatiana; Danescu, Andreea Report 2674
The return of confidence: remembrance, looking for heroes and the complexity of recent German film. Stringham, Eniko Critical essay 4247
The role of accounting information in decision-making strategies and processes. Doinea, Ovidia; Lepadat, Gheorghe; Tomita, Vasile; Daniasa, Ionela Report 2092
The role of attitudes in building social reality. Bratu, Sofia; Voloaca, Ioana Report 2884
The role of the media in processes of democratization and consolidation. Dumitru, Alexandru; Danciu, Bogdan; Plaesu, Ancuta; Taranu, Adela-Mihaela; Lazaroiu, George Report 3029
The separation of powers as a doctrine of democratic legitimacy. Tomescu, Madalina; Trofin, Liliana Report 1966
The specifics of security management: the functions of information security required by organizations. Enescu, Marian; Enescu, Maria; Sperdea, Natalita Maria Report 1842
Thought and culture in language acquisition for bilingual children. Bacalu, Filip Report 2232
Trend following and expected return. Davidsson, Marcus Report 3081
Truth and accuracy in contemporary journalism. Lazaroiu, George Report 2116
Types d'identites chez les ecrivains francophones du Sud-Est Europeen. Iliuta, Gabriela Report 4137
Vibrational linguistics. Bacalu, Filip Report 2161
Women in Japanese society: constraint and fulfillment. Spiridon, Veronica Gabriela Report 2492

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