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Economic growth and distribution; on the nature and causes of the wealth of nation.


Economic growth and distribution; on the nature and causes of the wealth of nation.

Ed. by Neri Salvadori.

Edward Elgar Publishing


427 pages




Although interest in economic growth and distribution was the hallmark of classic economic theorizing, interest in this area of study has waned and waxed. Salvadori (economics, U. of Pisa, Italy) introduces this collection of 16 conference-based papers representing the resurgence of interest in growth theory. Contributors (the majority of whom are Italian scholars) propose various approaches to blending the classical and modern approaches to economic inequality. They set forth theories and models accounting for the effects of such factors as macroeconomic volatility, democratization, and the extension of education, the franchise, and the welfare state on the relationship between income distribution and growth. Supporting figures and table represent the effects of these factors.

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Date:Nov 1, 2006
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