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Food prices, lack of rent and debts hit households as Covid-19 bites. Jul 10, 2020 561
HEALTH-RELATED QUALITY OF LIFE AND SOCIO-ECONOMIC STATUS OF THE UNEMPLOYED. Puciato, Daniel; Rozpara, Michal; Bugdol, Marek; Olesniewicz, Piotr; Jacova, Helena Jul 1, 2020 8101
Accounting for the burden and redistribution of health care costs: Who uses care and who pays for it. Carman, Katherine Grace; Liu, Jodi; White, Chapin Apr 1, 2020 5749
Households face PS575 hit - before virus factored in; Warning 'recession in 2020 quite possible'. SAM BLEWETT Mar 13, 2020 329
Barriers to Economic Security: Disability, Employment, and Asset Disparities in Canada. Maroto, Michelle; Pettinicchio, David Feb 1, 2020 10591
Fuel poverty hitting more than 600,000 Scots households, official stats show. Jan 21, 2020 754
Martin Lewis says you could cut [pounds sterling]280 from your energy bills; The Money Saving Expert says more than 11million households are overpaying. Neil Shaw Jan 14, 2020 270
Martin Lewis says you could cut [pounds sterling]280 from your energy bills; The Money Saving Expert says more than 11million households are overpaying. Neil Shaw Jan 14, 2020 270
Martin Lewis says you could cut [pounds sterling]280 from your energy bills; The Money Saving Expert says more than 11million households are overpaying. Neil Shaw Jan 14, 2020 270
Martin Lewis says you could cut [pounds sterling]280 from your energy bills; The Money Saving Expert says more than 11million households are overpaying. Neil Shaw Jan 14, 2020 270
Inflation among poor households rises to 1.7%. Jan 7, 2020 344
Poverty reduction, economic growth, and income inequality. Dec 10, 2019 1107
Rail fares to rise by 2.7% next year for millions of passengers; Train tickets are rising again in January -with the average person set to see their ticket rise by 2.7%. It'll follow a string of inflation-busting hikes in the New Year, hitting millions of households UK-wide. By, Emma Munbodh Nov 30, 2019 516
Inflation among poor households fell to 4-year low in October. Nov 22, 2019 334
Inflation among poor households fell to 4-year low of 0.8% in October. Nov 21, 2019 327
Energy cost cap boosts households. Oct 6, 2019 277
Local-economy impacts of cash crop promotion. Taylor, J. Edward; Whitney, Edward; Zhu, Heng Oct 1, 2019 11867
UK households cut back on big purchases over economy fears. Aug 20, 2019 269
Economic Inequality: Good Info on Hard Questions. O'Leary, Mick Jun 1, 2019 1228
Assessment of Economic Burden of Concurrent Measles and Rubella Outbreaks, Romania, 2011-2012. Njau, Joseph; Janta, Denisa; Stanescu, Aurora; Pallas, Sarah L.; Pistol, Adriana; Khetsuriani, Nino; Clinical report Jun 1, 2019 6834
Provision of gas to KP's southern districts to cost over Rs9bn. May 13, 2019 619
THE EFFECT OF NONCONTRIBUTORY PENSIONS ON SAVING IN MEXICO. Amuedo-Dorantes, Catalina; Juarez, Laura; Alonso, Jorge Apr 1, 2019 16921
Households to face inflation-busting price hikes from April 1; Cost of household utilies and essentials such as stamps is going up. Mar 30, 2019 452
Households to face inflation-busting price hikes from April 1; Cost of household utilies and essentials such as stamps is going up. Mar 30, 2019 452
Households to face inflation-busting price hikes from April 1; Cost of household utilies and essentials such as stamps is going up. Mar 30, 2019 452
Households to face inflation-busting price hikes from April 1; Cost of household utilies and essentials such as stamps is going up. Mar 30, 2019 452
Households to face inflation-busting price hikes from April 1; Cost of household utilies and essentials such as stamps is going up. Mar 30, 2019 452
Households to face inflation-busting price hikes from April 1; Cost of household utilies and essentials such as stamps is going up. Mar 30, 2019 452
Households to face inflation-busting price hikes from April 1; Cost of household utilies and essentials such as stamps is going up. Mar 30, 2019 452
Households to face inflation-busting price hikes from April 1; Cost of household utilies and essentials such as stamps is going up. Mar 30, 2019 452
Households to face inflation-busting price hikes from April 1; Cost of household utilies and essentials such as stamps is going up. Mar 30, 2019 452
Encouraging Tax-Time Savings with a Low-Touch, Large-Scale Intervention: Evidence from the Refund to Savings Experiment. Roll, Stephen P.; Russell, Blair D.; Perantie, Dana C.; Grinstein-Weiss, Michal Mar 22, 2019 16507
From Residential Energy Demand to Fuel Poverty: Income-induced Non-linearities in the Reactions of Households to Energy Price Fluctuations. Charlier, Dorothee; Kahouli, Sondes Report Mar 1, 2019 19261
Households 'lose feel-good factor amid rising debt'. Feb 5, 2019 485
Roll-out of smart meters could cost households PS400. Dec 7, 2018 600
Roll-out of smart meters could cost households PS400. Nov 30, 2018 596
Slovak households fall into debt fastest in the EU. Nov 26, 2018 728
This Morning's Martin Lewis issues severe warning to households as winter weather could cost you thousands; The money-saving pundit warned viewers on This Morning. Nov 3, 2018 255
Personal Income and Its Disposition by Households and by Nonprofit Institutions Serving Households. Nov 1, 2018 5527
Households in flood-prone areas 'could see insurance costs reduced from 2019'. Oct 3, 2018 371
The socio-economic impact of extreme precipitation and flooding on forest livelihoods: evidence from the Bolivian Amazon/Impact socio-economique des precipitations extremes et des inondations sur les revenus forestiers: donnees en provenance de la Bolivie amazonienne/El impacto socioeconomico de las precipitaciones extremas y las inundaciones en los medios de vida forestales: evidencia de la Amazonia boliviana. Bauer, T.; Ingram, V.; De Jong, W.; Arts, B. Case study Sep 1, 2018 10083
Study: Nearly 1 in 5 Columbia households battle food hardship. Brief article Aug 2, 2018 219
Cards for the Poor and Funds for Villages: Jokowi's Initiatives to Reduce Poverty and Inequality. Suryahadi, Asep; Izzati, Ridho Al Report Aug 1, 2018 11324
Soaring eating-out costs weigh on households. Jul 29, 2018 527
The Lifetime Medical Spending of Retirees. Jul 1, 2018 1006
Gas higher; Households to pay extra [euro]100 on bills as Flogas blames 'unavoidable' hike on wholesale costs. Jun 30, 2018 381
20,000 city households in fuel poverty, says report. Jun 27, 2018 382
The Lifetime Medical Spending of Retirees. Jones, John Bailey; De Nardi, Mariacristina; French, Eric; McGee, Rory; Kirschner, Justin Jun 22, 2018 10040
American Family Diaries: AN ETHNOGRAPHIC APPROACH TO UNDERSTANDING BARRIERS TO OPPORTUNITY. Mathur, Aparna; Doar, Robert; Eberstadt, Nicholas; Edin, Kathryn; Meyer, Bruce D.; Moffitt, Robert A Report Jun 1, 2018 12537
Measuring socio-economic status of an urban squatter settlement in Pakistan using WAMI Index. May 31, 2018 4426
Charleston, unreal city, 'back on top' in its 349th year. Weatherly, Jack May 11, 2018 1124
The five most and least affordable places to buy a home. Mar 11, 2018 764
Warning over 'problem debts' faced by poorer households. Jan 16, 2018 246
Does the retirement saving motive foster higher savings? The evidence from the Polish household survey. Marcinkiewicz, Edyta Jan 1, 2018 5766
Plans of Economy in Persuasion. Zionkowski, Linda Critical essay Jan 1, 2018 7176
Energy Poverty and Its Implication on Standard of Living in Kirinyaga, Kenya. Njiru, Christine W.; Letema, Sammy C. Jan 1, 2018 9850
The Economic Impact of Cutaneous Leishmaniasis in Sri Lanka. Wijerathna, Tharaka; Gunathilaka, Nayana; Gunawardena, Kithsiri Jan 1, 2018 5914
Retirement Savings: One Out of Four Households Have No Retirement Savings. Jan 1, 2018 285
Housing: Housing--Key Component of Inequality Among Israeli Households. Jan 1, 2018 801
Retirement Income and Expenses. Brannon, Ike Dec 22, 2017 1811
Economy creating nouveau rich at astonishing pace. But what's it doing for everyone else? Dec 8, 2017 495
Research: Brexit Costs UK Households Over $500 Per Year. Nov 20, 2017 241
CHILD CARE COSTS AND POVERTY AMONG FAMILIES WITH YOUNG CHILDREN. Mattingly, Marybeth J.; Wemer, Christopher T.; Collyer, Sophie M. Oct 1, 2017 1865
WHY DO PER-HOUSEHOLD EXPENDITURES DIFFER BETWEEN MUNICIPALITIES? (1). Kushner, Joseph; Ogwang, Tomson Report Sep 22, 2017 8475
The impact of household credit on consumption in Laos. Ouanphilalay, Somsay Report Aug 1, 2017 12869
Taxing the 1 Percent: Raising taxes on top earners is often seen as a straightforward way to stem inequality. The trick is preserving efficient revenue generation and work incentives for the economy's most productive contributors. Nakajima, Makoto Jun 22, 2017 7009
Cash versus debit card: the role of budget control. Jonker, Lola Hernandez. Nicole; Kosse, Anneke Report Mar 22, 2017 9638
High vulnerability to household food insecurity in a sample of Canadian renter households in government-subsidized housing. St-Germain, Andree-Anne Fafard; Tarasuk, Valerie Report Mar 1, 2017 5196
Household debt adding burden to economy. Feb 28, 2017 604
Household Financial Burden and Poverty Impacts of Cancer Treatment in Vietnam. Hoang, Van Minh; Pham, Cam Phuong; Vu, Quynh Mai; Ngo, Thuy Trang; Tran, Dinh Ha; Bui, Dieu; Pham, X Report Jan 1, 2017 5102
1,13,041 households registered so far under new BISP poverty resurvey. Nov 11, 2016 326
How should we define "low-wage" work? An analysis using the current population survey. Fusaro, Vincent A.; Shaefer, H. Luke Statistical data Oct 1, 2016 4718
Violence, boys, and the labor market. Hyde, Serah Oct 1, 2016 686
Voth Nixon Group Study Suggests a Fifth of Hong-Kong Households Might be at Risk of Economic Hardship. Sep 5, 2016 504
Popular money-saving strategies prove elusive for low-income households. Carter, Shaun Sep 1, 2016 663
Loyalty to energy suppliers costs households PS18.7bn. Aug 19, 2016 426
Does fiscal stimulus work when recessions are caused by too much private debt? Demyanyk, Yuliya; Loutskina, Elena; Murphy, Daniel Aug 10, 2016 1849
High out-of-pocket medical spending among the poor and elderly in nine developed countries. Baird, Katherine Aug 1, 2016 7533
UrbanClap to send plumbers free of cost to households as part of its 'Save Water' campaign. Jun 3, 2016 341
Consumer Expenditure Survey Methods Symposium and Microdata Users' Workshop, 2015. Paulin, Geoffrey D.; To, Nhien Jun 1, 2016 4726
Does the place you grew up in shape your future as an entrepreneur? Evidence from Italy. Ivanchev, Yavor Jun 1, 2016 501
Long may they live: cities and neighborhoods over the centuries. Baker, Edith Jun 1, 2016 1062
Prospects for the UK economy. Kirby, Simon; Carreras, Oriol; Meaning, Jack; Piggott, Rebecca Statistical data May 1, 2016 17014
The Monthly Labor Review at 100--part II: the "middle years," 1930-80. Baker, Brian I. May 1, 2016 9180
HM Treasury analysis claims leaving EU will cost British households GBP4,300 per annum. Apr 19, 2016 316
HM Treasury analysis claims leaving EU will cost British households GBP4,300 per annum. Apr 19, 2016 314
The distributional effects of government responses to the 2009 recession in Thailand. Haughton, Jonathan; Jitsuchon, Somchai; Rukumnuaykit, Pungpond Apr 1, 2016 12428
The consumer expenditure survey redesign initiative. Safir, Adam; Ryan, Jay; Erhard, Laura; Jilk, Lindsay; Tan, Lucilla Statistical data Apr 1, 2016 7521
Household economic security and public policy. Dynan, Karen Apr 1, 2016 3975
Living standards inequality between migrants and local residents in urban China--a quantile decomposition. Fang, Zheng; Sakellariou, Chris Report Apr 1, 2016 12662
Learning from potentially biased statistics. Cavallo, Alberto; Cruces, Guillermo; Perez-Truglia, Ricardo Report Mar 22, 2016 17885
UK debt set to explode; CITYDESK Households could owe PS2.3tr by 2020. Feb 2, 2016 221
UK debt set to explode; Households could owe PS2.3tr by 2020. Feb 2, 2016 218
Reflections on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Monthly Labor Review. Brown, Lawrence D.; Lynch, Lisa M.; Citro, Constance F. Jan 1, 2016 925
Patterns of debt management behavior amongst low-income households. Ginghina, Alina Jan 1, 2016 5111
Out-migration in rural Pakistan: does household poverty status matter? ul Haq, Rizwan; Jahangeer, Ajmal; Ahmad, Azkar Report Dec 22, 2015 7745
Households' willingness to pay for improved tap water services in Karachi, Pakistan. Asim, Sidrat; Lohano, Heman D. Report Dec 22, 2015 8925
Food consumption patterns and implications for poverty reduction in Pakistan. Malik, Sohail Jehangir; Nazli, Hina; Whitney, Edward Report Dec 22, 2015 11511
Determinants of household poverty: empirical evidence from Pakistan. Majeed, M. Tariq; Malik, M. Nauman Report Dec 22, 2015 6800
Impact of nature-based tourism on earnings of local people: evidence from Keenjhar lake in Pakistan. Mangan, Tehmina; Lohano, Heman D. Report Dec 22, 2015 5860
Percent change from preceding period in real gross value added by sector. Statistical data Oct 1, 2015 464
Real gross value added by sector, quantity indexes. Statistical table Oct 1, 2015 501
Gross value added by sector. Statistical table Oct 1, 2015 629
Real gross value added by sector, chained dollars. Statistical table Oct 1, 2015 733
Consumer spending in World War II: the forgotten consumer expenditure surveys. Henderson, Steven W. Statistical data Aug 1, 2015 8180
Percent change from preceding period in real gross value added by sector. Statistical table Aug 1, 2015 440
Real gross value added by sector, quantity indexes. Statistical table Aug 1, 2015 436
Gross value added by sector. Statistical table Aug 1, 2015 556
Real gross value added by sector, chained dollars. Statistical table Aug 1, 2015 655
Percent change from preceding period in real gross domestic product, expanded detail. Statistical table Aug 1, 2015 1784
Net value added by sector. Statistical table Aug 1, 2015 405
Real net value added by sector, chained dollars. Statistical table Aug 1, 2015 500
Saving and investment by sector. Statistical table Aug 1, 2015 2676
Noncorporate capital consumption allowances by industry. Statistical table Aug 1, 2015 968
Markit survey finds UK households prepared for future economic restrictions. Jul 22, 2015 517
Contributions to percent change in real gross domestic product. Table Jul 1, 2015 852
Gross domestic product by major type of product. Table Jul 1, 2015 1069
Real gross domestic product by major type of product, chained dollars. Table Jul 1, 2015 1236
Percent change from preceding period in real gross value added by sector. Table Jul 1, 2015 522
Real gross value added by sector, quantity indexes. Table Jul 1, 2015 559
Real gross value added by sector, chained dollars. Table Jul 1, 2015 699
Contributions to percent change in real gross domestic product, expanded detail. Statistical table Jul 1, 2015 2391
Gross domestic product, expanded detail. Table Jul 1, 2015 2814
Real gross domestic product, expanded detail, chained dollars. Table Jul 1, 2015 4183
Value added by industry. Table Jul 1, 2015 1939
Gross output by industry. Table Jul 1, 2015 1716
Intermediate inputs by industry. Table Jul 1, 2015 1922
Northern Powerhouse questioned as report reveals transport subsidy gap between North East and London; Equality Trust says households in capital get twice as much subsidy amid fears transport costs lock North poor out of contributing to the economy. Jun 15, 2015 630
4m homes power debt; Big Six told to ramp up price cuts. Jun 3, 2015 383
Fuel poverty figures show struggle for area's families. Jun 1, 2015 464
Graduating with both the degree and the debt. Himes, Douglas May 1, 2015 558
Rural power grids. White, Rindi May 1, 2015 2064
Millennials, baby boomers, and rebounding multifamily home construction. Rappaport, Jordan Mar 22, 2015 4395
Socio-economic correlates of household solid waste generation: evidence from Lagos metropolis, Nigeria. Samuel, Ojewale Oluwole Report Mar 1, 2015 4424
EIB loans increased the production of 1,400 companies. Statistical data Feb 1, 2015 399
Here come the millennials: are they ready to rent? Goodman, Emily Jan 1, 2015 2161
The young and the restless: why don't millennials join unions? Cates, Steven V. Dec 22, 2014 5001
The Inflation Expectations of Firms: What Do They Look Like, Are They Accurate, and Do They Matter? Bryan, Michael F.; Meyer, Brent H.; Parker, Nicholas B. Dec 8, 2014 12082
Plaid's plan to battle spiralling costs of being 'off the grid' One in five households are without mains gas... and they need help say Plaid. Nov 11, 2014 653
Household financial contribution to the health system in Shiraz, Iran in 2012. Kavosi, Zahra; Keshtkaran, Ali; Hayati, Ramin; Ravangard, Ramin; Khammarnia, Mohammad Report Oct 1, 2014 5443
Household debt: a cross-country perspective. Hunt, Chris Brief article Oct 1, 2014 5593
Attitude matters. Smick, David M. Sep 22, 2014 1053
Loan guarantees for consumer credit markets. Athreya, Kartik B.; Tam, Xuan S.; Young, Eric R. Sep 22, 2014 9116
Smart meters 'will cost households far more than savings' MPs sound warning over estimated PS215-per-household cost of devices. Sep 10, 2014 436
Consumption patterns and economic status of older households in the United States. Lee, Seonglim; Sohn, Sang-Hee; Rhee, Eunyoung; Lee, Yoon G.; Zan, Hua Report Sep 1, 2014 9517
Trade Union: 1/4 of Bulgarian Households Below Poverty Threshold. Jul 28, 2014 295
Households ease up on adding new debt. Ergungor, Emre; Kolliner, Daniel Jul 1, 2014 653
A college education saddles young households with debt, but still pays off. Carroll, Daniel; Higgins, Amy Jul 1, 2014 565
How much is too much? Evidence on financial well-being and student loan debt. Akers, Beth Report May 1, 2014 6612
We'll take PS774 off energy bills; Vow as 1-in-3 households are stuck in fuel poverty. Apr 25, 2014 397
COSTS GROW Households continued; ECONOMY TODAY. Mar 29, 2014 173
750,000 surge in cost-of-living trap; INFLATION DROPS BUT 2.6M HOUSEHOLDS STRUGGLE; CITY DESK. Feb 19, 2014 359
750,000 surge in cost-of-living trap; INFLATION DROPS BUT 2.6m HOUSEHOLDS STRUGGLE. Feb 19, 2014 357
French households less pessimistic about economy in January. Jan 28, 2014 224
Most households plan to cut spending in 2014. Jan 27, 2014 512
Determinants of household savings in India: an empirical analysis using ARDL approach. Samantaraya, Amaresh; Patra, Suresh Kumar Report Jan 1, 2014 5129
What inspires electricity crises at the micro level: empirical evidence from electricity consumption pattern of households from Karachi. Naz, Lubna; Ahmad, Munir Dec 22, 2013 12286
A true recovery must aid households across the UK. Dec 6, 2013 216
Documenting the individual- and household-level cost of unsafe abortion in Uganda. Sundaram, Aparna; Vlassoff, Michael; Mugisha, Frederick; kole, Akinrinola Ban; Singh, Susheela; Aman Dec 1, 2013 9446
Women's intra-household decision making power and financial resources. Sultana, A.M.; Hed, Norhafiza; Leh, Fauziah Che Report Dec 1, 2013 3449
A comparative investigation of poverty rate based on the gender of head of household among the households of Tabriz. Irani, Saeed; Torfi, Alireza; Youzbashkandi, Fatemeh Mohammadi Report Nov 1, 2013 5807
Damage control: the Myers family struggles to make ends meet despite a six-figure household income. Spruell, Sakina P. Nov 1, 2013 1093
The U.S. Department of Energy has forecast that most households will pay more for heat this winter. Brief article Nov 1, 2013 101
Household debt outpaces income. Nov 1, 2013 603
Japanese households spending more, unemployment down. Oct 29, 2013 407
Household expenses of Emiratis on the rise, says DED. Oct 20, 2013 345
Emirati families spending less. Oct 19, 2013 1063
Energy costs are 'draining households' InBrief. Sep 25, 2013 124
Households raid savings to buy food, says survey. Sep 8, 2013 229
Still digging out: real net worth per household has rebounded 63 percent since hitting bottom in early 2009. Emmons, William R.; Noeth, Bryan J. Reprint Sep 2, 2013 700
Utilization of cocoyam in rural households in Southwestern Nigeria. Agbelemoge, Adeyanju Report Sep 1, 2013 3232
Introduction. Boshara, Ray Sep 1, 2013 637
The current state of U.S. household balance sheets. Krimmel, Jacob; Moore, Kevin B.; Sabelhaus, John; Smith, Paul Sep 1, 2013 9278
Economic vulnerability and financial fragility. Emmons, William R.; Noeth, Bryan J. Sep 1, 2013 9357
20% of Bulgarian Households Live below Poverty Line. Jul 27, 2013 343
An economic approach to household collection of gum arabic from the wild/Une approche economique a la cueillette sauvage de la gomme arabique/Analisis economico de la recoleccion familiar de goma arabica en estado silvestre. Vellema, W.; Mujawamariya, G.; D'Haese, M.; Burger, K. Report Jun 1, 2013 9526
Survey: One in Five British Families Struggle to Cover Food Costs. May 6, 2013 334
'Hot money': gender and the politics of negotiation and control over income in West African smallholder households. Some, Batamaka Case study May 1, 2013 9799
23% of Bulgarian Households Live below Poverty Line. Apr 19, 2013 411
Household financial position: households are paying down their debt, spending cautiously, and expecting the economy to get worse. Ergungor, O. Emre; Waiwood, Patricia Apr 1, 2013 660
Households are fuel of woe as energy bills ignite inflation; HIGHER PETROL COSTS ADD TO THE SQUEEZE ON BUDGETS. Mar 20, 2013 712
Households face motoring poverty. Mar 8, 2013 379
How households' bills have risen in just one year; WE HIGHLIGHT TRUE EXTENT OF SQUEEZE FAMILIES FACE AS COST OF LIVING SOARS. Feb 11, 2013 1263
National Assembly passes 2013 budget bill. Brief article Jan 1, 2013 291
Nearly half of Welsh households don't set a budget. Dec 26, 2012 375
Households still bear brunt of healthcare costs, says NSCB. Dec 22, 2012 366
Portion of households' food costs largest in 12 years: data. Dec 17, 2012 245
Two-fifths of homes below fuel poverty line. Dec 14, 2012 160
22% living in jobless households; ECONOMY. Dec 11, 2012 107
The influencing factors on volume changes of agriculture production in Moldova. Gribincea, Corina; Gribincea, Alexandru; Coretchi, Boris Report Dec 1, 2012 2250
6m WORKERS IN POVERTY TRAP; Families struggle on low wages. Nov 26, 2012 343
Households' PS100 green energy bill; Minister says measures are affordable. Nov 24, 2012 515
Eroding Wealth. Nov 1, 2012 325
HELPING HAND AS ENERGY BILLS SOAR; PS330k fund to assist families in fuel poverty. Oct 16, 2012 558
Bulgarian Households' Economic Situation Worsens - Poll. Oct 10, 2012 269
Manmohan Singh promises affordable electricity to all households in five years. Oct 9, 2012 553
Control over family cash moving from men to women; RISE OF 'MONEY MATRIARCHY' SEEN AS BENEFIT FOR ECONOMY. Oct 3, 2012 586
US consumers lift spending to pay for pricier gasoline. Sep 28, 2012 562
Households' decisions on savings accounts after negative experiences with banks during the financial crisis. Van Der Cruijsen, Carin A.B.; De Haan, Jakob; Jansen, David-Jan; Mosch, Robert H.J. Report Sep 22, 2012 8523
Household income to rise; ECONOMY TODAY WEALTH. Sep 18, 2012 179
Dealing with debt: speech to the Auckland Employers and Manufacturers Association, 6 August 2012. Bollard, Alan; Reddell, Michael Sep 1, 2012 6495
Inuit subsistence, social economy and food security in Clyde River, Nunavut. Harder, Miriam T.; Wenzel, George W. Sep 1, 2012 10543
Which households lost the most in the recession? Aug 1, 2012 397
Four bucks a gallon--ouch! Strelecky, John P. Viewpoint essay Jul 1, 2012 1786
Nexus between poverty and productive efficiency among the farming households. Adhikari, Chandra Bahadur Report Jul 1, 2012 8748
Falling incomes mean families now pounds 34 a month worse off; WEAK GROWTH AND HIGH INFLATION ARE BLAMED FOR FALL IN SPENDING POWER. Jun 18, 2012 721
The number of Welsh children in poverty at lowest for 17 years; FIGURES REFLECT FALL IN MEDIAN INCOME. Jun 15, 2012 827
A 'perfect storm' of poverty trapping families. Jun 14, 2012 391
Affordability of a nutritious diet for income assistance recipients in Nova Scotia (2002-2010). Williams, Patricia L.; Watt, Cynthia G.; Amero, Michelle; Anderson, Barbara J.; Blum, Ilya; Green-La Report May 1, 2012 5989
'It's hard to argue against dollar stores' strategy'. Apr 23, 2012 569
A third struggle with medical bills. Anderson, Jane Brief article Apr 15, 2012 116
Family decision making and resource protection adequacy. Babiarz, Patryk; Robb, Cliff A.; Woodyard, Ann Report Mar 22, 2012 15902
Why does unemployment differ persistently across metro areas? Rappaport, Jordan Statistical data Mar 22, 2012 9534
Is a household debt overhang holding back consumption? Dynan, Karen Report Mar 22, 2012 9383
Is a household debt overhang holding back consumption? Dynan, Karen Report Mar 22, 2012 15957
Cost of living? That'll be pounds 29 a day please; Shocking figures reveal daily struggle to meet financial commitments. Mar 14, 2012 719
Shrinking incomes outpace falling home ownership costs. Feb 29, 2012 640
Levels of household debt in region reaching crisis point. Feb 16, 2012 733
HOMELESS SOARING ..AS CITY FREEZES BUDGET; 30 per cent jump in the number of households needing help Huge rise in households needing help. Jan 3, 2012 535
The health of federally-insured credit unions. Koepke, Matthew; Thomson, James Jan 1, 2012 661
Grim Greece: households slash spending while further political fallout looms. Leviev-Sawyer, Clive Dec 23, 2011 714
Household balance sheets, aggregate demand and unemployment. Mian, Atif; Sufi, Amir Speech Dec 22, 2011 3457
Hunger stalks US cities as poverty rises -- study. Dec 15, 2011 428
Where our money goes; Families in the North East spend less on their household expenses than the rest of the UK, according to new research. STEPHEN CAPE adds up the figures. Nov 30, 2011 272
Counting the cost of Christmas fun; THE Christmas countdown has begun but over half of North-east households are planning on cutting back on their festive spending this year. KRYSTA EAVES looks at Teessiders' buying habits. Nov 30, 2011 698
Financial stress on households of the cost of living is worst in Wales; ALL GAINS IN PAST FIVE YEARS OVER POVERTY HAVE BEEN LOST. Nov 10, 2011 591
Expenditure and disposable income trends of UK households: evidence from micro-data. van de Ven, Justin Oct 1, 2011 6767
More Taiwanese families drop below poverty line. Li, Judy Statistical data Sep 23, 2011 648
The cost of unanticipated household financial shocks: two examples. Athreya, Kartik; Neelakantan, Urvi Sep 22, 2011 6152
1million can't afford to heat their homes; Record fuel poverty levels after energy price hikes. Sep 16, 2011 513
Average wealth of farm households tops $900,000. Sep 12, 2011 254
Taiwan households' financial assets surge in 2009. Li, Judy Brief article Sep 7, 2011 225
Households hit by rising food costs. Aug 30, 2011 161
Figures highlight squeeze on family budgets. Aug 29, 2011 350
Taiwan's lowest-income homes struggle with no savings in 2010. Li, Judy Brief article Aug 25, 2011 251
Taiwan's income gap narrows. Liu, Philip Brief article Aug 19, 2011 225
GROW SLOW; Families face 'long inflation will top 5%. Aug 11, 2011 472
Make household budgets count. Aug 6, 2011 1121
Households still feeling the squeeze but inflation inches back down again. Aug 3, 2011 372
'Instead of begging, I farm to feed my children': urban agriculture--an alternative to copper and cobalt in Lubumbashi. Tambwe, Nyumbaiza; Rudolph, Michael; Greenstein, Ran Report Aug 1, 2011 9672
Health cost shock; FAMILIES' BILLS TIME BOMB. Jun 29, 2011 301
'Home economics': the management of the household as an enterprise. Allon, Fiona Essay Jun 22, 2011 7705
Costs rise faster for poorer families. Jun 14, 2011 155
The anatomy of household debt build up in Croatia: enlisting more creditworthy households or relaxing lending standards? Herceg, Ivana; Sosic, Vedran Report Jun 1, 2011 8693
New report finds renters face record-high affordability problems: recession made matters worse and rental revival threatens to add to rent pressures. Jun 1, 2011 532
Korea to help low-income households' access to financial services. Brief article May 1, 2011 181
NSW households complain living costs are double the inflation rate. Apr 17, 2011 387
Introduction to the 2011 symposium issue of JRI on microinsurance. Churchill, Craig; Phillips, Richard D.; Reinhard, Dirk Mar 1, 2011 2323
Can rising housing prices explain China's high household saving rate? Wang, Xin; Wen, Yi Mar 1, 2011 11280
Educational attainment and household location: the case of Chicago's lakefront. Testa, William A.; Sander, William Dec 22, 2010 8440
Economic package a blow to the poor. Dec 12, 2010 596
East Europe's Economic Recovery Reaches Households, Accelerating Growth. Dec 9, 2010 597
Making clean cheaper: an update on rebates and incentives: in recent months there have been changes to rebates and incentives offered by federal and state governments to householders wanting to make environmentally friendly improvements to their homes. Here is the latest on what you can claim back when you invest in energy- and water-saving measures. Oct 1, 2010 556
What is rich? Sep 27, 2010 511
Economics of child labour among farm households in the central region of Nigeria. Audu, S.I.; Adejoh, A.C.; Adofu, I. Report Sep 1, 2010 3483
Bad Economy? Don't Tell That to Fido. Gatty, Bob Sep 1, 2010 1267
Taiwan's sub-poverty households hit record 108,000 in Q2. Li, Judy Brief article Aug 23, 2010 206
Welfare reforms affect poorest the most. Aug 1, 2010 404
Families feel the pinch; Households are worse off now than in the middle of the recession. Jul 12, 2010 442
The Economics of Household Saving. Brief article Jun 22, 2010 199
Raising VAT to 20% 'would cost households Au425'. Jun 22, 2010 301
Raising VAT to 20% 'would cost households Au425'. Jun 21, 2010 301
More households living close to poverty level. Jun 16, 2010 464
Escaping the boomerang life: if tough times have forced you to fly back to your parents' nest, take heart. B.E. shows you how you can fly back out--for good. Jefferson, Aisha I. Jun 1, 2010 2495
Taiwan's sub-poverty-line households total 100,000 in Q1. Li, Judy Brief article May 19, 2010 191
GREECE CRISIS WILL DRIVE UP COST OF LOANS IN IRELAND; Knock-on effect hits households. May 10, 2010 319
Household finances and a sustainable recovery. Ergungor, Emre.O; Cherny, Kent May 1, 2010 737
Personal savings up, national savings down. Carroll, Daniel; Mowry, Beth Apr 1, 2010 902
The impact of user fees on health costs and health burdens in Jamaica: the cases of diabetes and hypertension/El impacto de los honorarios de usuarios en los costos de salud y el peso de los costos del ssistema de salud en Jamaica: los casos de pacientes que sufren de diabetes e hipertension/ L'impact des frais payes par les usagers sur le cout et la charge du systeme de sante en Jamaique: les cas du diabete et de l'hypertension. Alleyne, Dillon Mar 1, 2010 11355
LEAD: Household spending down 1.4% in Japan last year. Feb 16, 2010 181
Nearly One in Five EU Residents Struggle to Cope Financially; Eastern European households see most impact of financial crisis. Survey Dec 29, 2009 642
Low-income households in Q3 hit record 100,000-plus in Taiwan. Brief article Dec 4, 2009 263
Global economic crisis and nutrition security in Africa. Suresh, Babu Report Dec 1, 2009 2800
Economic projections from the November FOMC meeting. Meyer, Brent Dec 1, 2009 874
Models of earning and caring: determinants of the division of work. Ravanera, Zenaida; Beaujot, Roderic; Liu, Jianye Survey Nov 1, 2009 6953
Bank on it: haves and have-nots. Brief article Sep 22, 2009 228
Child labor dynamics in Punjab. Siddiqi, Ahmed F. Essay Sep 22, 2009 6513
Nature and extent of household savings and indebtedness among the weaker sections in the rural areas of Haryana: a study of Yamunanagar District. Sharma, Neeraj Report Jul 1, 2009 3412
Record 93,059 Taiwan households rated as poor in Q1, 2009. Jun 26, 2009 349
Beyond reasonable debt: a background report on the indebtedness of New Zealand families. Legge, Jaimie; Heynes, Anne Report Jun 1, 2009 6014
Seeing results--ITC's pilot project in Ethiopia: comparative analysis shows that export-led programmes help to alleviate poverty in developing nations. Leclerc, Fabrice Apr 1, 2009 1041
Migration and life satisfaction: evidence from Latin America. Cardenas, Mauricio; Di Maro, Vincenzo; Sorkin, Isaac Report Mar 22, 2009 7811
More New Hampshire residents are seeking help heating their homes, but officials say they're confident they'll have enough money to meet the need. Brief article Dec 5, 2008 84
The impact of financial help and gifts on housing demand and cost burdens. Luea, Heather M. Report Jul 1, 2008 8835
Population pressure, migration and development. Sah, D.C.; Shah, Amita Report Jan 1, 2008 10470
Chronic and transitory poverty in Pakistan: evidence from a longitudinal household survey. Arif, G.M.; Bilquees, Faiz Report Jun 22, 2007 8702
SimplySwitch reveals broadband offers savings over dial-up. Brief article Jan 18, 2007 206
Decline in household savings rate remains a concern: 7 September 2006. Report Dec 1, 2006 636

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