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P51-B airport railway launched. Aug 3, 2020 519
'Grossly selfish' yob who caused misery for commuters and cost Network Rail more than [pounds sterling]200k jailed; Michael Foy threatened to jump from a railway bridge in a deliberate bid to cause havoc. By, Jack Evans & Paul Beard & Daniel Smith Aug 2, 2020 455
PR upgrade six railway stations at cost of Rs 1461.36 mln. Apr 13, 2020 396
PR upgrade six railway stations at cost of Rs 1461.36 mln. Apr 10, 2020 398
Will Demolition Of Port Structures For Railway Project Cripple Nation's Economy? Feb 18, 2020 1855
She's got a ticket to ride ... and it cost her PS334; presenter stunned by cost of train trip. LOTTIE GIBBONS ECHO Reporter @lottgibbons Jan 31, 2020 297
HS2 High-Speed Rail Project Could cost GBP106 billion, Says UK Review. Jan 20, 2020 310
Baltics hope to build Rail Baltica railway cheaper than usual in Europe. Jan 15, 2020 274
State audit finds Rail Baltica project risks exceeding budget and time limits. Jan 7, 2020 834
Hike in freight by Pakistan railways to raise cost of doing business. Shabbir Kazmi Nov 10, 2019 757
Surge in PR freight fares shoots up business cost. Oct 25, 2019 437
A rail sales boost; Houses near a Dart or Luas station cost additional 10%. IAN MANGAN Oct 22, 2019 319
Railways vital to achieve PM's vision of $ 5 trillion economy: Shah. ANI Oct 3, 2019 482
Funicular railway demolition comes at great cost; CAIRNGORMS BY ALISTAIR MUNRO. ALISTAIR MUNRO Oct 2, 2019 294
Freight train plan raises the stakes in economy. Ahmed, Khalil Sep 22, 2019 794
Making transport system work for N Wales economy; Special event to give businesses their say on investments. Sep 11, 2019 498
'Space lift' could transport astronauts between Earth and the Moon, scientists claim; Much like the early railroads, the space elevator could make transporting people and supplies cheaper and easier. Aug 31, 2019 405
This is when the new Warrington West station will finally open; It's already delayed and over budget. Aug 10, 2019 415
This is when the new Warrington West station will finally open; It's already delayed and over budget. Aug 10, 2019 415
Price of spending penny at rail station rises to 50p; Transport: ScotRail backtracks on previous pledge to scrap toilet charges. Aug 6, 2019 400
Price of spending a penny at rail station rises to 50p; Transport: ScotRail backtracks on previous pledge to scrap toilet charges. Aug 6, 2019 400
John McDonnell slams 'failing' Chris Grayling over HS2's [pounds sterling]30billion overspend; The Shadow Chancellor accused the Government of losing control of the high-speed rail project after reports that the project could cost up to [pounds sterling]85billion. Jul 21, 2019 381
Higher budget for Mindanao Railway approved. Jul 19, 2019 420
NEDA approves cost adjustments for Mindanao railway, Metro Manila bridges. Jul 15, 2019 432
Project costs for Mindanao railway, Metro bridges hiked. Jul 15, 2019 290
Cabinet okays project cost hike for Mindanao railway. Jul 15, 2019 461
No money yet from 'friend' China for costlier part of Mindanao railway. Jul 15, 2019 546
Kenya vs Tanzania: A tale of two railways: As Kenya and Tanzania compete to capture East Africa's inland trade, rail links from their main ports are playing an increasingly important role, as Tom Collins reports. Collins, Tom Jun 1, 2019 1080
HS2 rail project 'out of control' ? House of Lords in damning verdict over costs ? Calls to scrap project and spend cash locally. May 16, 2019 107
Central Railway to carry relief material free of cost to cyclone Fani hit states. May 5, 2019 369
Railway station cost review; Project: Report concludes overspend and time over-run 'justified' by quality of building. Apr 27, 2019 416
NJ Transit chief gives update on training of engineers, Hudson River tunnel project. Mar 13, 2019 593
Legislation would require NJ Transit study on restoring Raritan Valley/NYC rail service. Perry, Jessica Brief article Mar 12, 2019 267
Railway line would cost up to PS117m to reopen; BUT REPORT SAYS CAERNARFON TO BANGOR LINE WOULD HELP COMMUNITIES. Mar 11, 2019 670
Quiet railroad crossings in Edmond could cost $3.5 million. Mar 7, 2019 627
Azerbaijan Railways: Azerbaijan-Iran economic ties to be strengthened. Mar 6, 2019 199
Old railway stations to be opened 50 years on; New links to boost economy and create 'hub for growth'. Feb 28, 2019 664
External Costs of Transporting Petroleum Products: Evidence from Shipments of Crude Oil from North Dakota by Pipelines and Rail. Clay, Karen; Jha, Akshaya; Muller, Nicholas; Walsh, Randall Report Jan 1, 2019 8732
Railways to purchase 227 acres land in Gwadar to meet future economic activities. Dec 4, 2018 239
GCC railway project will bolster economic sector - minister. Nov 29, 2018 293
Government bumps up cost for North-South railway. Nov 10, 2018 453
Cost of railways project under CPEC cut by $2bn: minister. Oct 2, 2018 731
Cost falls for St. Paul freight rail improvements. Sep 19, 2018 844
Kerung-Kathmandu railway estimated cost Rs. 257 Billion. Aug 29, 2018 265
Bahrain's first metro rail project to cost upto $2 billion. Aug 28, 2018 459
Railways' economic condition to be improved within 120 days: Sh Rashid --Says promotion will be on merit. Aug 27, 2018 569
Railways' economic condition to be improved within 120 days: Sh Rashid --Says promotion will be on merit. Aug 27, 2018 569
Railways' economic condition to be improved within 120 days. Aug 27, 2018 561
Railways' economic condition to be improved within 120 days: Sh Rasheed. Aug 26, 2018 175
Big changes as cost of Cov Railway Station plan spirals. Jul 13, 2018 816
Big changes as cost of station masterplan spirals; Costs for the entire project have been reviewed. Jul 12, 2018 919
The London bias at the heart of railway funding allocation exposed; Rail spending decisions are inherently - and wrongly - biased towards London and the south east argue MPs. Jun 28, 2018 709
KPK govt to upgrade unmanned railway crossings at cost of Rs 87 million. Jun 11, 2018 423
How to save money getting to your job interview; Northern Railway and Middlesbrough Council offer travel packages to find route to a dream job. Jun 11, 2018 244
Railways conscious of social, economic responsibilities: Piyush Goyal. Jun 5, 2018 247
KPK govt to upgrade unmanned railway crossings at cost of Rs 87 million. May 31, 2018 364
KPK govt to upgrade unmanned railway crossings at cost of Rs 87 million. May 31, 2018 422
CPEC: CDWP clears Pakistan Railways' Mainline-I project at $3.4b cost. May 25, 2018 819
ML-I railway line faces delays amidst cost differentials. Mar 30, 2018 501
Construction design to cost EUR 5.8 bn. Mar 28, 2018 251
Repair of railway infrastructure to cost 35% more. Mar 3, 2018 550
Railway's infrastructure repair cost swells to Rs10.46 billion. Mar 3, 2018 358
PR to upgrade 30 railway stations at cost of Rs 2,972 mln. Mar 1, 2018 322
PR to upgrade 30 railway stations at cost of Rs 2,972 mln. Feb 20, 2018 322
Economic team approves two railway projects. Jan 28, 2018 415
Finance Ministry clueless about total cost of Karachi circular railway. Dec 28, 2017 334
Pakistan Railways be given precedence in Pakistan's economy. Dec 13, 2017 191
Railways reduces cost of electric traction energy bill, saves Rs 5,636 crore. Nov 23, 2017 417
Cable thefts cost railway over PS25,000; POLICE MAKE APPEAL TO FIND PAIR ON CCTV. Oct 31, 2017 285
The Ruse-Thessaloniki Railway Corridor will Cost at Least BGN 2.1 Billion. Sep 7, 2017 191
The great: Los Angeles revolt against cars. Dayen, David Jun 22, 2017 5413
Crowd and crap cost Railways ` 30k. Apr 21, 2017 446
INFRASTRUCTURE - The rising cost of Kenya's new railway. Jan 31, 2017 1140
China Launches Freight Train To Britain. Brief article Jan 11, 2017 190
The rising cost of Kenya's new railway: is Kenya's new railway line chugging along as planned, or are the mounting costs outweighing the benefits?. Constable, Harriet Jan 1, 2017 1107
Could economic growth be arriving in one town? Sep 28, 2016 440
Railways rehabilitated six stations at Rs 24.99 mln cost. Sep 6, 2016 358
Cost of national railway project stands at JD2.2 billion, minister. Aug 22, 2016 182
WEBCHAT; Ambitious plan to transform Cardif Central train station will cost millions. Aug 16, 2016 644
Railway investments to boost economic growth. Jul 1, 2016 320
AAR's State of the Industry Report focuses on impact of railroads on U.S. economy. Berman, Jeff Report Jul 1, 2016 593
6 railway stations rehabilitated at Rs 24.99 mln cost. Jun 27, 2016 367
6 railway stations rehabilitated at Rs 24.99 mln cost. Jun 27, 2016 322
Railway to restore Sibi-Khost section at cost of Rs 2 bln. Jun 8, 2016 233
6 railway stations rehabilitated at Rs 24.99 mln cost. May 28, 2016 369
6 railway stations rehabilitated at Rs24.99mn cost. May 28, 2016 369
Railways to restore Sibi-Khost section at cost Rs two bln. May 23, 2016 236
Railways to restore Sibi-Khost section at cost Rs two bln. May 23, 2016 198
Railways to restore Sibi-Khost section at cost Rs two bln. May 18, 2016 238
Railways to restore Sibi-Khost section at cost Rs two bln. May 18, 2016 238
The pride of Wales; We can't say we were too surprised to learn that the tourist industry in the Valleys and West Wales brings in millions to the Welsh economy. With attractions that include country parks, railways and even a world heritage centre there's plenty to draw in tourists from both home and abroad. May 14, 2016 1374
'Pay panel award may keep railway cost optimisation under stress'. Apr 16, 2016 308
Ships avoiding Thessaloniki, companies counting losses. Brief article Apr 1, 2016 218
Osborne will leave us in a Northern Poorhouse; AS A BRUISING BUDGET LOOMS. Editorial Mar 16, 2016 1119
A commuter train in every pot? Despite the promises, a rail project to Boston will not revitalize the state's economy or make NH more competitive. Burnett, Jamie Mar 4, 2016 616
Concerns over railway plan's cost to our wildlife. Jan 15, 2016 670
Railway projects imperatively for GCC economic development - foreign experts. Jan 13, 2016 558
RAILWAY PLAN'S COST TO WILDLIFE; Conservation experts claim that thousands of animals could be facing destruction. Jan 10, 2016 678
Research on Price of Railway Freight Based on Low-Carbon Economy. Feng, Fenling; Liu, Chengguang; Liu, Haihong; Ji, Zhizhou Jan 1, 2016 4892
When law and economics was a dangerous subject: how the early 20th century controversy over railroad regulation embarrassed the University of Chicago and ruined an economist's career. Giocoli, Nicola Dec 22, 2015 5345
Long-shut railway track could cost PS750m to re-open. Dec 15, 2015 415
Railway chief meets French economic counselor. Dec 2, 2015 191
Improvement in Railway mandatory to support economic corridor plans: PEW. Nov 30, 2015 234
PS400m L&G stake a 'growing belief' concrete proof of ' INWELSH economy. Sep 22, 2015 925
Quiet zone cost? $24 million. Jul 21, 2015 856
Agricultural transportation by rail: consolidation, competition and fuel prices. Henrickson, Kevin E.; Wilson, Wesley W. Jul 1, 2015 3731
We want west Wales back on track; Group claims a better railway network would aid economy. May 15, 2015 438
The rising cost of rail projects; FEEDBACK. Apr 20, 2015 101
Metro rail gets off the ground: financing and regulation have held back mass transit systems in Africa. Mulligan, Gabriella; Dalby, Alexa Apr 1, 2015 398
Macedonia--Part of fast transport corridor. Brief article Apr 1, 2015 283
SpiceJet offers fares cheaper than Railways. Feb 12, 2015 344
All lines clear for South Africa's Afro 4000 locos. Nevin, Tom Feb 1, 2015 1169
Priorities for modernity. Feb 1, 2015 1407
Railroads: old industry still vital in today's economy. Berridge, Scott Report Jan 1, 2015 636
A "transformational" opportunity: restructuring Ontario Northland prepares to pick up steam. Ross, Ian Jan 1, 2015 787
How the uncommon became the commonplace. Weingroff, Richard F. Jan 1, 2015 5785
Analyzing cost structures for determining possible predatory pricing. Cizinska, Romana; Krabec, Tomas Report Nov 1, 2014 753
High-speed rail link not worth the cost; Madeuthink. Oct 30, 2014 532
Construction of China-Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan railway should be expedited as part of Silk Road economic belt initiative -- Xinjiang Academy of Social Sciences. Oct 30, 2014 130
Ring of fire is test case on gov't rail policy. Gormick, Greg Aug 1, 2014 725
Eurostar to flood the market with low-cost smartphones. Jul 15, 2014 466
Railway Budget and a Common Man's Dilemma. Jul 14, 2014 662
Railways committed to meeting social service obligations despite rising costs: Gowda. Jul 8, 2014 175
Appraising railroad corridors for recreational trail use. Jones, Jeffrey K. Report Jun 22, 2014 6452
Theoretical and viable charging models for railway infrastructure access: an European survey. Arrigo, Ugo; Di Foggia, Giacomo Jun 1, 2014 8415
'Economy at risk if row over rail work goes on'. May 3, 2014 630
Nigerian railways back on track: GE and the Federal Government are working together to rehabilitate Nigeria's railways and turn the country into a regional hub for the assembly of locomotives. May 1, 2014 1195
City MP's PS2k bill for first-class rail travel; 'Saintly' millionaire welcomes scrutiny of expenses. Apr 14, 2014 342
Rows cast gloom over $15bn East African railway project. Kabukuru, Wanjohi Apr 1, 2014 1672
Eurostar brings affordable home automation device. Mar 13, 2014 406
Eversheds comment: GCC railway project estimated to cost $15.4b. Feb 23, 2014 112
GCC railway project estimated to cost $15.4b. Feb 18, 2014 319
RAIL: RISK OF CROSS-SUBSIDIES IN POLAND. Brief article Jan 27, 2014 130
Construction of highway to cost cheaper for Kyrgyzstan than construction of railway. Jan 16, 2014 182
Japan to fund Karachi Circular Railway Revival of economy, end to energy crisis priorities: PM. Jan 2, 2014 486
Snow train cancelled in Sault. Brief article Jan 1, 2014 212
Spending on rail projects to reach $79bn in 10 years. Dec 30, 2013 399
Analysis reveals no big economic impact of China-Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan railway for Kyrgyzstan. Dec 27, 2013 143
Minister acts to make rail travel 'more affordable'. Dec 24, 2013 468
HS2 boss 'must get grip' on cost of railway line; Nicholas Randall Special Correspondent Nov 20, 2013 360
HS2 boss 'must get grip' on cost of railway line. Nov 20, 2013 387
High-speed rail design work 18% over budget; Concerns as costs for new link already spiralling out of control. Nov 14, 2013 676
What will HS2 mean for Wales? Jeff Jones explores the implications of high speed two rail link on Wales and its economy. Nov 6, 2013 857
Construction of Russia-Kazakhstan-Uzbekistan-Tajikistan railway to allow Kyrgyzstan to enter Afghan market, stimulate economic growth -- expert. Oct 4, 2013 261
Axed airport rail link cost taxpayers PS30m. Oct 2, 2013 117
Pak-China Economic Corridor to get high-speed railway track. Sep 26, 2013 195
Construction of railway to be discussed on sidelines of CSTO Summit. Sep 19, 2013 143
Lucintel "PESTLE Analysis of Qatar 2013": Economy to Witness High Growth and Reach $275 Billion by 2018. Sep 15, 2013 454
MP slams HS2; 'They say we'll gain but haven't even done the work to find out'. Sep 12, 2013 347
New HS2 'important for economic future'. Sep 10, 2013 408
Now spending watchdog attacks high-speed rail; PS50 BN SCHEME FACES NEW CRITICISM OVER COSTS. Sep 9, 2013 885
Chancellor has 'passion' for rail line. Sep 3, 2013 150
Backing for HS2 rail link. Sep 2, 2013 121
Labour limits HS2 support; City MP gives warning on cost of rail link. Aug 26, 2013 385
Ex transport boss blasts HS2 plan. Aug 24, 2013 228
HS2: Darling warns on soaring costs; Ex-chancellor says facts have changed. Aug 24, 2013 557
First Minister is urged: 'Do more to help N Wales' Call for rail leadership. Aug 22, 2013 453
'White elephant'at any cost; viewpoint. Aug 22, 2013 154
'Show leadership' over delayed PS36m rail line project, First Minister urged; SENEDD WATCHDOG IN CALL FOR ACTION. Aug 22, 2013 575
Put HS2 on hold as costs sure to rise. Aug 21, 2013 254
Study shows cost of HS2 could rocket to PS80bn. Aug 19, 2013 196
Cost of HS2 could almost double. Aug 19, 2013 216
Cost of HS2 'may soar to PS80bn'. Aug 19, 2013 241
HIGH-SPEED RAIL MAY COST PS80bn. Aug 19, 2013 146
COST OF HSS 'TO ALMOST DOUBLE' PS80bn rail bill report claim. Aug 19, 2013 384
HS2 COST DOUBLES TO PS80BN; Spiralling price fuels calls to scrap North-South rail link. Aug 18, 2013 258
HS2 COST DOUBLES TO PS80BN; Spiralling price fuels calls to scrap North-South rail link; EXCLUSIVE. Aug 18, 2013 256
'Union Train' plan in top gear. Aug 13, 2013 164
Rail upgrades invest PS46m in region. Aug 9, 2013 191
My excellent plan for the ring of fire. Robinson, David Aug 1, 2013 710
Economic Corridors along Pakistan-China road, rail link to Change region's destiny: PM. Jun 22, 2013 459
Economic Corridors along Pakistan-China road, rail link to Change region's destiny: PM. Jun 22, 2013 459
Royal visit to Oujda: important rail projects to support the region's economic boom. Jun 19, 2013 267
HS2 ruling taken to appeal court; Rail project under attack over costs. Jun 11, 2013 503
2013 Rail/Intermodal Roundtable: staying ahead of the pack: rail and intermodal continue to improve service and create value for shippers despite an uneven economy engulfed in an atmosphere of political uncertainty. Our panel of top analysts maintains that the railroads are only looking at extending their lead. Berman, Jeff Interview Jun 1, 2013 2357
Cargo & Shipping News - Asia / Pacific. May 13, 2013 1768
Take the train to economic growth: most of Africa's rail network is dilapidated and in urgent need of modernisation. While the costs involved are high, the economic benefits across the board can be enormous. Richard Seymour reports. Seymour, Richard May 1, 2013 1341
On-day rail travel costs over the odds; PASSENGERS PAYING 30% MORE ON SOME TRIPS. Apr 29, 2013 452
Cost of China -- Kyrgyzstan -- Uzbekistan railway construction raises from $2 bln to $6.5 bln -- expert. Mar 18, 2013 318
A new rail master plan. Brief article Feb 1, 2013 154
Construction of China-Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan railway, hydropower plants among big hopes for economic recovery of Kyrgyzstan -- Economy Minister. Jan 25, 2013 464
FirstGroup hopes for bus recovery; business Business briefing business Business briefing. Jan 25, 2013 108
FirstGroup points to positive signs as road to recovery continues. Jan 25, 2013 350
Critics question PS800m Heads of Valleys upgrade; CALL FOR SPENDING ON BUS AND RAIL LINKS AND ON M4. Jan 21, 2013 923
Laos Could Bear Cost Of Chinese Railroad. Brief article Jan 8, 2013 216
HOW TO GET THE ECONOMY MOVING; Radically improved railway links would help reverse years of economic decline Following the UK Government's decision to electrify the Valley Lines, transport expert MARK BARRY and Pontypridd AM MICK ANTONIW say the next project should be a Circle Line for the Valleys. Oct 24, 2012 833
Economic boost from transport investment; Minister hails rail project. Travel narrative Sep 13, 2012 599
China To Boost Growth With $127B Of Infrastructure Spending. Sep 6, 2012 502
Faster electric trains to cut costs of extending rail routes. Aug 27, 2012 644
Cheaper barrier could prevent accidents from occurring at level crossings; SCOTLAND SUCCESSFULLY TRIALS RELIABLE ALTERNATIVE. Aug 20, 2012 713
Online and on the railways, it's been a great week for the Welsh economy; Western Mail. Jul 20, 2012 431
Improvements to main line vital to keep Wales' economy on track; 25-YEAR PLAN TO UPGRADE SOUTH WALES RAIL LINKS. Jun 27, 2012 749
Underground Railway Section to Business Park Sofia to Cost EUR 72 M. Jun 7, 2012 207
Official: Khaf-Herat Railway to Start Economic Revolution in Afghanistan. May 27, 2012 206
Fury over pounds 1.1bn rail snub to Wales; STATION COSTS MORE THAN ELECTRIFYING MAIN LINE. May 26, 2012 722
Wales is losing out on railway spending. May 26, 2012 437
PR sick, not quite Track rehab goes on. Brief article Apr 15, 2012 223
Haramain railway main station in Makkah to cost SR3.2bn. Apr 9, 2012 405
Makkah railway station to cost $853m. Apr 9, 2012 151
Green transportation for a green earth: the transportation industry and consumers alike are concerned about the environment, energy resources, efficiencies, and economics. Katsioloudis, Petros J.; Jones, Mildred V. Apr 1, 2012 3962
UK plans hi-speed rail. Brief article Mar 31, 2012 266
Reopening railway would cost pounds 25.1m; Supporters say figure 'plucked out of air'. Mar 21, 2012 406
Airport rail link plan 'expensive white elephant' CAMPAIGNERS SAYS MONEY COULD BE SPENT ELSEWHERE. Mar 15, 2012 591
General Budget to be presented on March 16, Railway Budget on March 14. Feb 7, 2012 652
Rail recovery should drive second half at Stagecoach. Dec 8, 2011 381
BNSF Railway exec hopeful for an economic recovery by 2013. Berman, Jeff Dec 1, 2011 515
Back to business: funds in place, short-line reconstruction begins. Ross, Ian Sep 1, 2011 789
Make rail costs work; COMMENT The policy of honesty. The might of right. The expediency of principle. Aug 18, 2011 176
Railway-port connections: rising importance for state economy. White, Rindi Aug 1, 2011 1918
Under construction high-speed rails in China may cost over 849 billion yuan. Jul 27, 2011 230
Pakistan, Turkey to work on economic integration through rail connectivity. Jul 21, 2011 386
Costs of construction of Kyrgyzstan's section of China-Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan railway rise from $1.35 bln to $2 bln. Jul 18, 2011 155
RAIL LINK 'MAY CLOSE WEALTH DIVIDE' High-speed train plan described as 'last chance' to heal economically split Britain. Jun 24, 2011 310
Destination News - North America. Jun 20, 2011 2732
Will we learn anything China, USA for new, faster trains. Brief article May 15, 2011 298
Reviving historic rail link 'can boost Welsh economy' CLAIM MOVE COULD IMPROVE TRAVEL IN WEST OF COUNTRY. Apr 30, 2011 702
Gulf railway project to cost $15.5b. Apr 11, 2011 273
Rail links, economic zone projects to be completed soon. Mar 8, 2011 275
4 train stations to cost SR9bn. Feb 17, 2011 371
Bail-out for Pakistan Railways. Jan 1, 2011 810
Economic Cooperation Organization calls for early implementation of road, railway, communication projects. Dec 23, 2010 1429
Ringing the changes with new vision of a high-speed future for UK; As the plans for a new high-speed rail link between London and the North East: begin to take shape, one expert offers a different perspective on the proposal: High-speed rail has the potential to benefit the economies of cities across the UK, but the proposed route is premised on a misleading and very London-centric view, argues MICHAEL BELL. Dec 16, 2010 1219
Rail link to 'spread wealth'. Dec 16, 2010 202
Expansion on track. Dec 1, 2010 713
Improving railways 'vital to economy'. Nov 24, 2010 115
-Credit Rating upgrades Odessa Railways bonds to uaA. Nov 16, 2010 269
-Credit Rating upgrades Odessa Railways bonds to uaA. Nov 16, 2010 265
-Credit Rating upgrades Donetsk Railways bonds to uaA. Nov 15, 2010 255
-Credit Rating upgrades Donetsk Railways bonds to uaA. Nov 15, 2010 253
-Credit Rating upgrades South Railways' bonds to uaA. Nov 11, 2010 267
-Credit Rating upgrades South Railways' bonds to uaA. Nov 11, 2010 263
Rail link 'risk' to economy. Oct 28, 2010 639
Pakistan Railways - Umm-ul-Engg on deathbed. Oct 15, 2010 1325
Rail/intermodal roundtable: full head of steam: the nation's railroads have pulled out of the downturn in solid fiscal shape, proving that they've mastered the art of cost management. To offer a comprehensive look at the new state of the rails, we've gathered four top analysts to share how volumes, rates, and game-changing regulation could alter how shippers manage the mode. Burnson, Patrick Discussion Oct 1, 2010 2100
Railroads, Robber Barons, and unbridled Capitalism: the term "Robber Baron" is many times used in history books to be synonymous with "unrestrained capitalist," but such a definition is overly general and misleading. Adelmann, Bob Critical essay Jul 19, 2010 2464
Tracking costs. Bottoms, Glen Jul 2, 2010 511
Investigating railroad crossing fees. Jul 1, 2010 1030
pounds 25 CHARGE TO GET YOUR LOST PROPERTY BACK; Fury at train station costs. May 2, 2010 302
Waiting on a train. McCommons, James May 1, 2010 2843
Since we came out of recession, why not build a funicular railway to the moon? Mar 30, 2010 300
RICOH RAIL SCHEME COST SOARS BY pounds 4m. Mar 6, 2010 403
Has Africa's manufacturing revolution started? while most developing regions were laying the foundations of a manufacturing-driven economy, Africa continued to rely on the export of low-value raw materials. But it now seems that the trend is changing and local value addition is increasing--from cutting and polishing diamonds to exporting finished manufactured products. Sarah Rundell reports. Rundell, Sarah Mar 1, 2010 1389
Cuba's neglected rail infrastructure needs lots of work. Portela, Armando H. Mar 1, 2010 1738
GCC rail project to cost $25bn. Jan 31, 2010 510
Groundbreaking move: Cliffs Natural Resources' mine plans could open up Ontario's Far North. Ross, Ian Jan 1, 2010 1245
We'll reopen island rail link 45 years on; SECRET TRANSPORT PLAN REVEALED: Hourly service on line shut since 60s to boost economy says council. Dec 8, 2009 476
THSRC's US$300m. bond re-rated 'twCCC+' on refinancing pressure. Brief article Dec 4, 2009 229
Predesign cost estimation of urban railway projects with parametric modeling/Miestu gelezinkeliu projektu priesprojektiniu islaidu skaiciavimas, taikant parametrini modeliavima. Sonmez, Rifat; Ontepeli, Bahadir Report Dec 1, 2009 3029
Railway wins top economic honour. Nov 26, 2009 150
Alaska Railbelt: where most Alaskans live. Barbour, Tracy City overview Oct 1, 2009 1565
No time to waste; Caroline Spelman MP explains why a high-speed rail link is essential for the Midland economy. Sep 8, 2009 699
Railways and AP state govt to share project costs. Sep 1, 2009 111
Electric trains cheaper to buy and to run. Brief article Jul 29, 2009 166
BEML all set to roll out indigenous low cost coaches for metro railways. Jul 10, 2009 202
Shearer answers United's SOS call INSIDE TODAY Tragic schoolgirl given 'no warning' Man is found dead in his home days after blaze New era of rail travel is promised by train bosses TWO FOR ONE AT NEWCASTLE RACECOURSE An extravagant life funded by a scam Lotto rapist to lose pounds 1m of fortune One North East praised in value for money study. Obituary Apr 1, 2009 391
The JEC revisited: did debt undermine stability? Grossman, Peter Z.; Gjerde, Kathy Paulson Mar 1, 2009 2870
Merseyrail cut-price offer to upgrade railway line; Lib-Dems call for inquiry into costs. Dec 10, 2008 523
Savings of pounds 95m in the US give First a fillip. Nov 6, 2008 305
Back on the rails: the government and EU are keen to shift more freight from road to rail, writes Ben Hargreaves. But capacity constraints on the network mean the change will be slow in coming. Hargreaves, Ben Oct 1, 2008 1659
Cheaper railway fares signalled by money guru; Train users told of legal way to save cash on prices. Jun 14, 2008 412
High speed rail link would boost city's economy - but it might not happen. Jun 7, 2008 449
FUTURE OF NEW STREET: Pallasades holds key to success; The budget for New Street Station is mind-boggling, but you can't build a 21st century railway station under a 1960s shopping centre, writes Arts Editor Terry Grimley. Feb 13, 2008 949
NORTH LOSES OUT - AGAIN; Region counts cost of inadequate road and rail links to capital. Nov 13, 2007 254
Union Pacific begins construction of $90 million state-of-the-art intermodal terminal in San Antonio: new facility expected to generate $2.48 billion in cumulative economic impact over 20 years. Oct 1, 2007 257
Into Tibet: trade and illusions: Fraser Newham finds a connection running from the East India Company's first mission to Tibet to the completion of the Golmud to Lhasa railway by the Chinese today. Newham, Fraser Jan 1, 2007 2531
Professional program tracks: 2005 NDTA Forum--partnering for solutions. Dec 1, 2005 4237
Light rail: boon or boondoggle? Castelazo, Molly D.; Garrett, Thomas A. Jul 26, 2004 1663
State of forest industry stalls rail extension plan in Timmins. Wareing, Andrew Mar 1, 2004 501
Finnish transport minister wants Finland's railways opened to competition. Brief Article Apr 9, 2002 119
Sequential Estimation of Railroad Costs for Specific Traffic. BERESKIN, C. GREGORY Statistical Data Included Mar 22, 2001 7786
The experience with new small and regional railroads - 1993-1997. Due, John F.; Leever, Suzanne D. Dec 22, 1997 6018
Railways means business. Sep 1, 1997 347
The dynamics of a stable cartel: the railroad express 1851-1913. Grossman, Peter Z. Apr 1, 1996 10246
Ready for the long haul: Alaska truck and rail review. Tyson, Ray Jun 1, 1994 1583
Competition and regulation: the railroad model. Klein, Maury Jun 22, 1990 6266

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