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Kenya's economy to grow 2% on stable agriculture - report. Oct 16, 2020 513
Does Pakistan need to look for mines and minerals sector to boost its economy? Oct 4, 2020 1004
Secretary asks AMRI to design low cost agriculture machinery. Sep 23, 2020 249
Agriculture support bill closer to final approval; Economy: Legislation to ease transition to post-Brexit policy passes stage. NANCY NICOLSON Aug 28, 2020 300
Agriculture to play major role in economic recovery NEDA. Aug 27, 2020 428
Focus on agriculture vital to improve economic growth says Fakhar Imam. Aug 17, 2020 228
Focus on agriculture vital to improve economic growth: Fakhar Imam. Aug 17, 2020 242
Focus on agriculture vital to improve economic growth: Fakhar Imam. Aug 17, 2020 242
Agriculture serves as back bone for national economy: Fakhar Imam. Aug 12, 2020 153
Agriculture can have a headstart in Pakistan's economy: Fakhar Imam. Aug 12, 2020 235
Fakhar for modernising agriculture sector to achieve set economic goals. Aug 12, 2020 238
Fakhar for modernising agriculture sector to achieve set economic goals. Aug 12, 2020 286
Agriculture serves as back bone for national economy: Fakhar Imam. Aug 12, 2020 161
Consider blue economy, livestock farming in formula debate, Senate told. Aug 9, 2020 393
Davao garden resort turns to farming amid COVID-19 economic blow. Jul 18, 2020 712
AbdulRazaq pledgess to revamp Kwara economy through agriculture. Jul 18, 2020 440
COVID-19: Agriculture Has Sustained Our Economy During Pandemic- Fashion Influencer, Mordecai. Jul 2, 2020 191
Artificial Intelligence in agriculture only way to strengthen country's economy:. Jun 29, 2020 806
Agriculture will help economy recover from Covid - economist. Jun 25, 2020 500
Agriculture, domestic tourism and SMEs are the catalysts to restore the economy. Jun 20, 2020 303
Food security experts fault slash in agriculture budget. Jun 18, 2020 448
A radical new vision for the future of agriculture; Terry Marsden, of Cardiff University's Sustainable Places Research Institute, calls on farmers to embrace the 'green new deal' offered by the ecological economy. Jun 16, 2020 1009
Agriculture, silver lining of economy. Jun 13, 2020 717
Agriculture credit disbursement grew 13.3 percent: Economic Survey. Jun 12, 2020 247
Agriculture sector grew by 2.67% in 2019-20: Economic Survey. Jun 12, 2020 390
if nutrients are poor," he said. to minimise competition. fungicides comes from this timing. Giving barley a second chance to of; CUTTING BEEF FINISHING COSTS. ANDREW FORGRAVE Jun 11, 2020 479
A changing landscape; KATE THICK looks at the future of North East farming - especially smaller mixed farms - and finds that farmers have a mass of uncertainties to deal with over the next few years as the rural economy undergoes major changes. KATE THICK Jun 11, 2020 2004
Southern Focal Economic Zone benefits from smart farming. Jun 10, 2020 367
ZTBL working for promotion of agriculture sector, economic uplift of rural community. Jun 6, 2020 343
COVID-19: Focus on agriculture to rebuild Nigeria's economy, agripreneur tells Buhari. May 25, 2020 300
Buhari has made Agriculture main stay of Nigeria Economy- Finangwai, Plateau Agric Commissioner. May 19, 2020 443
Govt moves to modernise agro-sector to face any economic crisis. May 3, 2020 525
Shift focus to manufacturing and food agriculture post-MCO, says economist. May 1, 2020 458
Smart Farming Technology Trends: Economic and Environmental Effects, Labor Impact, and Adoption Readiness. Balafoutis, Athanasios T.; Van Evert, Frits K.; Fountas, Spyros May 1, 2020 13673
Rural Economy at the crossroads. Dr Babar Shahbaz Apr 30, 2020 1063
Agriculture to be a key pillar for economy. Apr 21, 2020 899
Agriculture stakeholders discuss ways to deal with rising export costs. Apr 13, 2020 211
What drives the economy worldwide? Agriculture. Metro Creative Content Apr 8, 2020 289
Agriculture and economy. metro llc Mar 18, 2020 284
African Economic Research Consortium Partners CBN To Host Seminar On Agriculture. Mar 3, 2020 429
Farming chief's fury after government aide says industry isn't 'important' to UK; NFU president Minette Batters lashed out at 'out-of-touch' Dr Tim Leunig, an economic advisor to the Chancellor, after he said Britain could simply import its food like Singapore. By, Richard Wheeler & Dan Bloom Mar 1, 2020 735
Impact of Irrigation on India's Dairy Economy. Rajan, Abhishek; Shah, Tushaar Mar 1, 2020 5481
To Boost Nigerian Economy, Govts Need To Prioritise Rubber Farming a NARPPMAN. Feb 25, 2020 517
Economy and agriculture. IQRA MUNIR - Turbat Feb 19, 2020 179
Promoting agriculture will help sustain East Africa's economic growth. Feb 19, 2020 835
Subsidised solar irrigation system to reduce energy cost for pulse growers. Hassan Naqvi Feb 7, 2020 619
Somaliland's Blue Economy: A combination of serendipity and necessity is creating a powerful force propelling economic growth in the tiny, semi-autonomous state of Somaliland. Amy Guttman reports on the entrepreneurs benefitting from the state's new, sustainable food supply. Guttman, Amy Feb 1, 2020 1942
Agriculture has key role in making India $ 5 trillion economy: PM Modi. ANI Jan 2, 2020 441
We Are Boosting Our Economy Through Agriculture a Fayemi. Dec 15, 2019 509
Boosting Farm Productivity is the Key to Unlocking the Full Economic Value of Ethiopia’s Agricultural Sector. Dec 12, 2019 843
Generational Changes in Agriculture: The Influence of Farm Characteristics and Socio-Economic Factors. Sroka, Wojciech; Dudek, Michal; Wojewodzic, Tomasz; Krol, Karol Dec 1, 2019 13456
Two-horse race between contrasting ideologies; ?GENERAL ELECTION 2019 Daniel O'Donoghue looks at the battle for hearts and minds as the SNP and Scottish Conservatives vie for West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine PROFILE: The largely affluent area is home to the town of Stonehaven, above, and has an economy driven by the oil industry, agriculture, fishing and tourism. Nov 29, 2019 832
Agriculture is backbone of economy : experts. Nov 21, 2019 324
Agriculture can ensure Pakistan's economic stability. Nov 21, 2019 680
Agriculture is backbone of economy : experts. Nov 21, 2019 381
Invest more in animal husbandry to boost economic growth -Nana Kofi Drobo. Nov 21, 2019 272
Entrepreneur ditches economics for farming. Nov 19, 2019 1281
Smart Irrigation Market Growth is Driven by Cost-Effectiveness & Real-Time Problem-Tracking. Nov 18, 2019 812
PM's vision to boost agriculture will help strengthen economy: KP CM. Oct 15, 2019 209
Conference highlights vital role of food and agriculture in Lebanese economy. Zoe Dutton Conference notes Oct 3, 2019 567
Useful Failures: Pitfalls and slip-ups can be instructive teachers when you're learning how to operate a profitable business. Salatin, Joel Oct 1, 2019 1442
Commercial level production of Olive will go a long way in strengthening country's economy: Experts. Sep 20, 2019 314
Brazilian agriculture minister hails multibillion-dollar trade bond with Saudi Arabia. Sep 18, 2019 753
Global Agriculture Sensor Market Analysis, 2019-2024 - The High Cost of Sensor Technology is Restraining Growth. Sep 17, 2019 731
Agriculture main engine of economic growth, says Hafeez Shaikh. Sep 7, 2019 372
Agriculture main engine of economic growth :. Hafeez Sheikh. Sep 6, 2019 348
Agriculture main engine of economic growth: Hafeez. Sep 6, 2019 249
US ag producers paying cost of retaliatory tariffs. Aug 28, 2019 257
US ag producers paying cost of retaliatory tariffs. Aug 28, 2019 255
Agriculture can diversify economy. Aug 25, 2019 309
Agriculture can advance economic growth. Aug 11, 2019 555
Global Powered Agriculture Equipment Markets, 2016-2018 & 2019-2027 - Growing Usage of Cost-Cutting Strategies for Designing Farm Equipment. Aug 9, 2019 714
Pick the right grasses to reduce farm costs. Jul 11, 2019 363
Lakkis from Mid Bekaa: Agriculture was not given priority in the State's economic policies. Jul 7, 2019 276
Agriculture backbone of national economy: Asif Nakai. Jun 23, 2019 130
DSR farming process reduces 45pc production cost. Jun 23, 2019 477
Agriculture backbone of national economy: Asif Nakai. Jun 23, 2019 133
Farming vital to boost economy, say 86% of Scots; Research: Public support for sector is growing. Jun 18, 2019 257
VC MNSUA hails allocations for agriculture sector in budget. Jun 12, 2019 135
BUY LOCAL: It's good for your health and the economy. Miller, Derek B. Jun 1, 2019 601
Economics of Research and Innovation in Agriculture. Jun 1, 2019 237
ICCI demands more incentives for agriculture sector in budget. May 30, 2019 296
2019/20 budget: Govt commits funds to industrialise agriculture. May 18, 2019 950
Agriculture economy. May 1, 2019 195
Agriculture helps economy bounce back to 6.3pc. Apr 25, 2019 274
Agriculture helps economy bounce back to 6.3pc. Apr 25, 2019 244
The arts surpass farming on value to UK economy. Apr 17, 2019 567
Arts outstrip agriculture in UK economic impact. Apr 17, 2019 552
Why we need to rethink how and why we manage uplands; RSPB Cymru Land Use Manager Arfon Williams on why farming needs to work for nature, not just the economy. Apr 9, 2019 744
Choucair, Bulgarian agriculture minister tackle economic relations. Apr 2, 2019 169
El Lakkis, Bulgarian agriculture minister tackle economic relations. Apr 2, 2019 216
Newhouse joins President in signing ceremony. Viewpoint essay Apr 1, 2019 437
Adequate focus needed on agriculture to improve rural economy. Mar 7, 2019 431
Adequate focus needed on agriculture to improve rural economy. Mar 7, 2019 230
'Adequate focus needed on agriculture to improve rural economy'. Mar 6, 2019 426
Agriculture promotion must to resolve economic crisis: minister. Mar 4, 2019 172
Agriculture promotion to resolve economic crisis: Akhtar Malik. Mar 4, 2019 208
Agriculture promotion must to resolve economic crisis: minister. Mar 4, 2019 210
Agriculture promotion must to resolve economic crisis: minister. Mar 4, 2019 210
Economic Dialogue Forum affirms need for developing agriculture and industrial sectors. Feb 27, 2019 220
Cooperative societies to be encouraged for agriculture, economic development: Minister. Feb 12, 2019 271
Excellent investment opportunities are available in Agriculture, Livestock, Dairy, Furniture and Tourism in Jhelum district. Hussain, Mian Zahid Jan 13, 2019 519
Only agriculture can rid Pakistan of economic crises: Jahangir Tareen. Jan 7, 2019 247
P67-M completed farm road spurs economic activities. Nov 6, 2018 173
Bassil, Polish Ministers of Economy and Agriculture discuss possibility of exporting Lebanese products to Poland. Oct 26, 2018 224
Drip irrigation project could not achieve success due to higher cost. Oct 19, 2018 272
Minister of agriculture agrees to strengthen economic cooperation with Polish delegation accompanying 'Time for Apple from Europe' campaign. Sep 17, 2018 354
Agriculture is back bone of economy. Sep 14, 2018 160
Agriculture Ministry drafting framework to improve fishermen's cost of living allowance. Sep 8, 2018 195
Agriculture is the backbone of the country's economy: Mohammad Ismail Rahu. Sep 6, 2018 163
CBN keen on reviving agriculture, manufacturing sectors via credit policy. Sep 4, 2018 1771
DBCC: Boosting farm productivity, strategic trade to help curb inflation. Aug 7, 2018 637
India Ka DNA 2019 Conclave: What the business leaders and experts said on Indian economy. Jun 23, 2018 623
By the numbers: Impact of agriculture on Whatcom's economy. Jun 1, 2018 459
Eat Outside the Box. Noyes, Lydia Brief article Jun 1, 2018 249
Infant industries to get boost after implementation of budget's agricultural reforms: Experts. May 23, 2018 917
Turkmenistan, Slovakia stand for partnership in agriculture, trade, economy. May 21, 2018 232
Economy grows on strength of exports, tourism and agriculture. May 11, 2018 567
Brexit deal threatens to undermine Wales' rural economy; Simon Thomas, Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Energy, Climate Change and Rural Affairs, reflects on the continuing uncertainties facing the Welsh farming sector with Brexit looming - and argues that the Welsh Government was wrong to strike a deal with the UK Government on the EU Withdrawal Bill. May 8, 2018 639
News Blaze: Azerbaijan has enormous economic potential. May 8, 2018 668
Dairy farming boosts local economy in Petshelnang. May 5, 2018 538
Agricultural reforms in budget 2018-19 leap step forward to achieve autarky in food: Experts. May 4, 2018 822
How African universities and research institutions can facilitate agricultural development. May 1, 2018 915
Agriculture sector grew by 3.81 percent in 2017-18: Economic Survey. Apr 27, 2018 305
Economic Survey 2017-18: Agriculture sector records growth of 3.81 percent. Apr 27, 2018 397
DA offers affordable loans to mechanize farm sector. Apr 24, 2018 314
What happens in the ag economy doesn't stay in the ag economy. Apr 20, 2018 844
General Interest - How the gig economy can transform farms in the developing world. Apr 1, 2018 1178
The Stalin question. Callaghan, John Mar 22, 2018 6957
Agriculture major contributor to national economy: Ayesha. Mar 14, 2018 377
Higher yields and lower input costs helping ag. Gillette, Becky Mar 9, 2018 847
Agriculture sector lifeline of national economy, needs more attention: Daniyal. Feb 14, 2018 467
'Agriculture is a business that can transform rural economies': The President of the AfDB explains why agriculture should be viewed as a business and the importance of employing the latest technologies to develop it. Interview Feb 1, 2018 992
Agriculture Ministry to request lower electricity costs for farmers. Jan 4, 2018 469
From the Oral History of WILLIAM W. WOOD, JR.: Program Director, Agricultural Economist, UC Riverside Cooperative Extension. Li, Robin Interview Jan 1, 2018 3197
Low-cost farm wins RWAS prize. Nov 16, 2017 134
The Farm Bill, Conservation, and the Environment. Lichtenberg, Erik Essay Nov 1, 2017 10063
Conservation Programs Can Accomplish More with Less by Improving Cost-Effectiveness. Ribaudo, Marc O. Report Oct 1, 2017 2947
Agriculture, services contributed to upturn in economic growth (INS). Aug 16, 2017 335
The benefits of developing Africa's smallholder sector: the green revolution was a game-changer for Asian economies and there is great potential to improve the lot of African smallholders by bringing Asian experience to bear. Abdullah, Mahbob Aug 1, 2017 494
Economic perspectives on nitrogen in farming systems: managing trade-offs between production, risk and the environment. Pannell, David J. Report Aug 1, 2017 5573
Free of cost seed distributed among poor farmers in Kurram Agency. Jul 11, 2017 303
Growth efficiency, productivity and economics of direct seeded rice as influenced by nitrogen level and weed management. Tiwari, R.K.; Mahajan, Gaurav; Jha, Amit; Singh, S.K.; Tripathi, S.K. Report Jun 1, 2017 2614
Experts, farmers laud incentives for agriculture uplift in budget. May 30, 2017 519
Digitising the agriculture value chain for the benefit of East Africa's economies. Elliott, Michael May 1, 2017 799
Governor stresses importance of agriculture in strengthening country's economy. Apr 27, 2017 338
Production costs for alternative winegrowing farming systems. McGourty, Glenn Apr 1, 2017 1596
Experts: subsidies are very important to Macedonia's economy: the economic measurements of the State Statistical Office show that agricultural production climbed up by 10 percent. Apr 1, 2017 164
"It's terrible, terrible, terrible.". Brief article Nov 1, 2016 190
Quantifying the costs of soil constraints to Australian agriculture: a case study of wheat in north-eastern Australia. Dang, Y.P.; Moody, P.W. Case study Sep 1, 2016 6196
Youth movement: farm credit lending to beginning farmers up more than 45 percent in past decade. Sep 1, 2016 836
Adding a CAP to your farming plan: low-cost resources are available to help you get more out of your grazing management plans. Thomas, Heather Smith Aug 13, 2016 537
Economic powerhouse at the very heart of the countryside; Chris Kelsey reports on an event that highlighted the contribution of agriculture to Wales' wider economy - and the potential repercussions of a downturn. Jun 7, 2016 1201
Bosan welcomes package for agriculture in budget 2016-17. Jun 7, 2016 165
Million euro for young farmers: potential users of this grant are young farmers from 18 to 40 years of age, holders of agricultural business registered in the Single Registry of Agricultural Businesses at the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy, which meets the requirements from the program for rural development. Jun 1, 2016 337
Leaving EU 'negative impact' on agriculture; Exiting Europe'would have wider and profound effect on the Welsh economy and communities'. May 26, 2016 437
Recovering ag economy. Henderson, Lynn May 1, 2016 183
Ag economy barometer. Statistical table May 1, 2016 112
Lecture on Agriculture, Economic Growth at UAF on Tuesday. Apr 26, 2016 145
'Profitable farms bring prosperity to rural economies'. Mar 22, 2016 636
MAJOR PROBLEMS TO AGRICULTURE AND THEIR SOLUTIONS. Zulfiqar, Usman; Maqsood, Dr. Muhammad; Munir, Dr. Hassan; Ahmad, Aftab Feb 21, 2016 1203
MODERN AGRICULTURE: PRACTICES, CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES. Zulfiqar, Usman; Maqsood, Muhammad; Munir, Hassan; Ahmad, Muhammad Jan 10, 2016 929
Year of challenges for North East agriculture strengthens fight to back British farming; Falling farmgate prices and rising costs have continued to trouble an increasingly turbulent farming industry in the region. Jan 1, 2016 933
Agriculture backbone of country economy: Baligh. Nov 13, 2015 159
Govt gives priority to reduce cost of agriculture outputs: PM. Nov 7, 2015 283
Responding to a down ag economy. Guse, Greg; Jacob, Clara Nov 1, 2015 802
Salam meets Ministers of Agriculture and Economy over rubbish crisis. Oct 29, 2015 382
Farm credit's 100th anniversary! Gustafson, Mike Oct 1, 2015 2214
Farmers package to boost agri economy: legislators. Sep 18, 2015 452
Northern Europeans: don't farm on me. Aug 1, 2015 368
We are the 70%. Cover story Aug 1, 2015 145
Agrocorridors to boost agricultural growth: farming projects along lines of transportation are being promoted as opportunities to attract investment and increase food security. Jackson, Tom Brief article Aug 1, 2015 1003
The food chain. Waine, Toby Jul 1, 2015 826
Ministers open up 'data goldmine' to UK farmers; Defra will make vast amounts of data available in a bid to spur growth in farming and the rural economy. Jun 25, 2015 523
Construction sector lags behind agriculture and industry in the economic growth of Armenia. Jun 7, 2015 187
Kyrgyz Ministry of Economy expects investments in agriculture sector after joining EEU. Jun 5, 2015 107
Food price inflation in India: The growing economy with sluggish agriculture/Inflacion de los precios de los alimentos en India: crecimiento economico y letargo agricola. Sasmal, Joydeb Jun 1, 2015 9580
Zimbabwe: land issue done and dusted. Mbakwe, Tom Column May 1, 2015 1232
Climate Change to leave large cost on agriculture productivity in Pakistan: WWF. Apr 16, 2015 678
Solid performer welcomes investment. Apr 1, 2015 754
Analysis of India's revealed comparative advantage in agro-processed products. Ashish, Andhale; Kannan, Elumalai Report Apr 1, 2015 5992
Kiir says farming will address economic hardship. Mar 20, 2015 251
Technical committee of economic development secotr reviews performance of agriculture ministry for 2014. Feb 8, 2015 180
Precision agriculture its process and vitality. Kamran, Muhammad; Khan, Imran Dr.; Anjum, Shakeel Dr.; Chattha, Umer Dr. Brief article Feb 8, 2015 771
Rising water stress in Pakistan. Ahmed, Waseem; Ahmad, Saeed Dr.; Hussain, Imtiaz; Ahmed, Rasheed; Ali, Liaqat Dr. Brief article Feb 8, 2015 1063
Clustered mapping of agriculture sector for rural economy growth called for. Feb 6, 2015 309
Katanga is more than just mining! Feb 1, 2015 1537
Fixing food: ecological agriculture is chicken soup for the soil. Entz, Martin Jan 1, 2015 1108
A mathematical approach to Malthus's criticism of Adam Smith in 1798. Hisamatsu, Taro Column Jan 1, 2015 5816
The Challenges to Social and Economic Development in Rural Settlements Coroa Verde, Barra do Rocha Municipality South of Bahia State, Brazil/Desafios ao desenvolvimento do assentamento rural Coroa Verde, Municipio de Barra do Rocha, Estado da Bahia, Brasil. Bahia de Aguiar, Paulo Cesar; Bruno, Nelma Lima; Sampaio, Luiz Augusto Grimaldi; do Bomfim Costa, La Jan 1, 2015 10443
Comparison of Barley-based Intercropping System for Productivity and Net Economic Return. Abu-Bakar, Muhammad; Ehsanullah, Riaz Ahmad; Zahir, Zahir A. Report Dec 31, 2014 4585
Agriculture is backbone of country's economy: PM. Nov 20, 2014 176
Estimation of factors affecting rice import in Iran. Feizabadi, Yaser Report Nov 1, 2014 2875
One hand washes the other. Versi, Anver Oct 1, 2014 697
Climate smart, not climate change. Ahmed, Farhiya Ali Oct 1, 2014 1226
Rural economy is about more than just farming. Sep 29, 2014 565
IMF negative report. Brief article Sep 28, 2014 108
Indigenous Appropriation Mechanisms of Irrigation in Eastern Hindu Kush: A Study of Village Kushum Chitral Northern Pakistan. Tabassum, Fazlur-Rahman Iffat; Ahmad, Zahir Report Aug 31, 2014 5651
A glimpse of Senegal's growing economy. Aug 17, 2014 736
Frackinng dangerous; Experts' report rejects economic boost of shale Jobs may be lost in tourism & agriculture Study claims drilling also poses health risk. Aug 5, 2014 781
De-risking agriculture: international commercial banks overstated perceptions of risk are hindering the deepening of agricultural economies in Africa, says Jean-Louis Ekra, President of the African Export-Import Bank. Interview Aug 1, 2014 1248
CYPRUS: Agriculture can play an important role in economic recovery. Jul 31, 2014 1390
The agriculture app revolution. Jul 1, 2014 528
ICCI for more focus on agriculture to improve the economy. Jun 8, 2014 374
Can agricultre be revived. Brief article Jun 1, 2014 196
An analysis of energy use, CO2 emissions and economic indices of tea industry in Iran country. Azarpour, Ebrahim; Moraditochaee, Maral; Bozorgi, Hamid Reza Report Jun 1, 2014 3941
Economic role of cotton in national agriculture. May 25, 2014 939
Yemeni Minister of Agriculture Meets with Delegation from Kuwait Fund for Economic Development. May 18, 2014 190
Tajikistan to direct $34 mln for projects on management of economy and agriculture. May 6, 2014 153
Strategies to minimise post-weaning stress. Fatima, Dr. Tabassam May 4, 2014 1116
Industrialization is an illusion. Farshid, Nasim Report Apr 15, 2014 4371
Heavy rainfall washing out honey production. Brown, Desmond Apr 1, 2014 959
Beyond the fence line: the benefits of connecting farms to natural ecosystems. Murray, Dugald Apr 1, 2014 601
A history of legal exclusion: labour relations laws and British Columbia's agricultural workers, 1937-1975. Jensen, Heather Essay Mar 22, 2014 14111
Agriculture catching up the modern era: most of Ghana's agricultural output is produced by small-scale farmers, although a few large estates are also important players. This sector not only provides employment and broad-based income, it has tremendous potential for expansion and diversification. But the country is still lagging behind African best practice in the industry and needs to catch up rapidly. Report by Neil Ford. Ford, Neil Mar 1, 2014 1307
Farming sector adds PS8bn to economy. Feb 25, 2014 202
Canada ready to help develop farm sector. Brief article Feb 16, 2014 149
Fertile ground. Dhrolia, Rahim Interview Feb 1, 2014 1362
U.S. farm income. Schnepf, Randy Report Feb 1, 2014 8770
Investment in seeds market to boost farm yields. Brief article Jan 26, 2014 215
Still a major player. Jan 1, 2014 1639
Cuba's other revolution. Ruiz-Marrero, Carmelo Essay Jan 1, 2014 2055
Basic industry. Jan 1, 2014 650
Opportunities for rural development in cooperative extension's second century. Loveridge, Scott; Albrecht, Don; Welborn, Rachel; Goetz, Stephan Essay Jan 1, 2014 2997
Customer attitudes towards short food supply chain in Albania. Llazo, Edlira Report Jan 1, 2014 7591
DOES AGRICULTURE CREDIT AFFECT PRODUCTION EFFICIENCY? Frontier Production Function Approach. Dec 31, 2013 3638
Poverty and rural development in Pakistan. Iqbal, Muhammad Junaid; Khan, Ghazanfar Ali Dec 29, 2013 1304
Role of agriculture sector in Brazil's economy. Dec 20, 2013 896
Rural economy continues to grow, says CLA; Rural and Farming in association with (0191) 226 7878. Dec 16, 2013 339
Banking on agriculture for recovery. Nov 20, 2013 462
Vermicompost is becoming a commercial product. Ashraf, Umair; Anjum, Shakeel A. Nov 17, 2013 778
Withstanding the climate change impacts. Nov 17, 2013 382
Economy Minister of Kyrgyzstan, IDB mission discuss projects in agriculture sector within national development strategy. Nov 12, 2013 207
Economic Development Sector Reviews Plan of Ministry of Agriculture. Nov 3, 2013 109
Farm promotion vital for stronger economy. Brief article Oct 27, 2013 189
Adapting to survive - the climate challenge. Brief article Oct 21, 2013 727
Valuing nature. Deveney, Deborah Oct 1, 2013 761
Gomal Zam Dam to have positive impact on agriculture: Ghalib. Sep 14, 2013 160
Contribution of agriculture in Kyrgyzstan economy lowers from 28.7% to 17.5% over 7 years. Sep 6, 2013 146
The first Romanian agriculture fund to provide farmers with financial compensation for economic losses. Sep 3, 2013 455
Kluai Homthong Banlad: (banana production in Banlad) production cost and economic rent. Nujnetra, Adhisiddhi; Boonarong, Lakana Report Sep 1, 2013 2421
Growth of agriculture makes 1.9% despite huge resources invested -- Economy Minister. Jul 17, 2013 320
Crafting economic independence for women. Seltier, Evelyn Jul 1, 2013 864
Imagining the Midwest in Latin America: US advisors and the envisioning of an agricultural middle class in Colombia's Caeca Valley, 1943-1946. Lorek, Timothy W. Essay Jun 22, 2013 9398
Agriculture, livestock mainstay of Nangarhar economy. Jun 13, 2013 1540
Nangarhar's economy depends on progress of agriculture, livestock sectors. Jun 12, 2013 1543
Dry farming economics: Grapegrowers discuss practices for quality and water conservation. Tourney, Jon Jun 1, 2013 340
Economic performance of sunflower in family farming systems of southeastern Parana, southern Brazil/Desempenho economico da cultura do girassol em sistemas de agricultura familiar do sudeste Paranaense. Ribeiro, Maria de Fatima dos Santos; Raiher, Augusta Pelinski Report May 1, 2013 2961
Yield and Quality Response of Maize Hybrids to Composted Poultry Manure at Three Irrigation Levels. Farhad, Wajid; Cheema, Mumtaz Akhtar; Saleem, Muhammad Farrukh; Radovich, Theodore; Abbas, Farhat; H Report Apr 30, 2013 8975
Devolution of agri subject still hanging. Brief article Apr 28, 2013 242
Resource conserving agri technologies. Ullah, Habib; Anjum, Shakeel Ahmad Apr 28, 2013 1729
Banks have small credits in the agricultural sector. Apr 1, 2013 2234
Environmental disaster in the making or can Hemp be the solution? Ahmad, Helga Mar 17, 2013 1260
Budget With Thrust On Agriculture: SSLL. Mar 3, 2013 239
The economics of agriculture. Mar 1, 2013 208
Focus will be put on dairy farm production economics; milk matters DELYTH DAVIES. Feb 12, 2013 309
Counting cost of extreme weather; After the driest spring for more than a century and almost the wettest year on record in the UK, plus temperature records broken across North America, Europe and Asia, NFU president PETER KENDALL calls for fresh thinking from the Government on farm policy. Jan 5, 2013 732
The economy of family farming production/La economia de la produccion de la agricultura familiar/L'economie sur la production de l'agriculture familiale. Forero-Alvarez, Jaime Jan 1, 2013 6178
Agriculture: Humic acid as a remedy. Mehmood, Khalid Dec 30, 2012 613
Growth in farm yield to boost economy. Brief article Dec 16, 2012 222
The challenges of rural development in Europe. Iancu, Anica Report Dec 1, 2012 2285
Food paradox - a microeconomic concept. Comanescu, Adina Cristina; Marinescu, Cristian Report Dec 1, 2012 3463
Big profits possible thru hydroponic vegetable farming. Brief article Nov 25, 2012 223
Obama's game of chicken: the untold story of how the administration tried to stand up to big agricultural companies on behalf of independent farmers, and lost. Khan, Lina Nov 1, 2012 5275
Agriculture is linchpin of economy. Saif, Khalid Abbas Oct 28, 2012 742
Economy - Agriculture Minister, Egyptian envoy take up bilateral cooperation. Oct 23, 2012 110
Africa is growing green. Oct 1, 2012 630
Nexus between poverty and productive efficiency among the farming households. Adhikari, Chandra Bahadur Report Jul 1, 2012 8748
Economy - Hajj Hassan: Preservative agriculture paves the way before sustainable development. Jun 19, 2012 244
Agriculture plays pivotal role in Pakistan's economy. Jun 12, 2012 414
Agreement Signed between Ministries of Agriculture and Culture to Push ahead with Social and Economic Development in Rural Areas. May 27, 2012 317
Citation analysis of dissertations and theses submitted to the department of agricultural economics and extension, Federal University of Technology Akure, Nigeria. Fasae, Joseph Kehinde Report May 1, 2012 4158
Economy - Hajj Hassan chides officials with laxity over agriculture, industry. Apr 23, 2012 218
Report on OIL EXTRACTION UNIT - I (IAR-175 ). Report Jan 15, 2012 6696
Economy - Spain signs an agreement on Consultancy and Technical Assistance with the Lebanese Ministry of Agriculture. Jan 13, 2012 329
Agri-Marketers very f bullish. Brief article Jan 1, 2012 125
Impact of urbanization on the livelihood of farming communities of Lubhoo settlements the case of Luboo VDC, Nepai. Karki, Madhura Report Jan 1, 2012 8240
Farming can harvest a lift for economy, union says. Dec 30, 2011 343
Welsh agriculture 'well placed to lead economic fightback' FARMERS' LEADERS DELIVER BULLISH MESSAGE FOR 2012. Dec 30, 2011 568
The myths of wealth. Goss, Jeffery, Jr. Nov 1, 2011 2367
Costs of U.K. agriculture outweigh value of total production, says FAO official. Sep 12, 2011 230
The effects of water transfer via the man-made river project on agricultural activity in the plain of Benghazi, Libya. Mansor, Gadalmola Salem; Toriman, Mohd Ekhwan Report Sep 1, 2011 3705
Unintended consequences: US budget fight threatens world food security as agriculture research could be casualty in debate over borrowing limit. Baragona, Steve Aug 5, 2011 717
Our home on foreign-owned land. Roberts, Dylan Jul 1, 2011 573
Ploughing a lonely furrow. Kanashkevich, Mitchell Jul 1, 2011 1115
Family farming: economic vulnerability in the province of Cordoba, Argentine/ Agricultura familiar: vulnerabilidad economica en la provincia de Cordoba (Argentina)/ Agriculture familiale: vulnerabilite economique dans la province de Cordoba, Argentine. Becerra, Victor-Hugo; Issaly, Liliana Cristina; Ricotto, Alcides; Bergamin, Gerardo; Ryan, Silvia Jul 1, 2011 9528
Federal farm programs included in spending cuts targeted by republicans. Apr 11, 2011 442
Are economic fundamentals driving farmland values? Gloy, Brent A.; Boehlje, Michael D.; Dobbins, Craig L.; Hurt, Christopher; Baker, Timothy G. Apr 1, 2011 2773
A representative farm approach to outreach with beginning farmers and ranchers. Zimmel, Peter; Wilcox, Lori Apr 1, 2011 3906
Agriculture sector vital for stable economy: Khushdil. Mar 20, 2011 209
Agriculture beats economic blues. Arellano, Jonah Mar 1, 2011 106
The threshing ring: community tradition built bonds of iron. McManus, Leslie C. Mar 1, 2011 1589
Florida agriculture: still in the crosshairs. Crispin, William K.; Olexa, Michael T.; Lingle, R. Benjamin Mar 1, 2011 3680
Vilsack optimistic about present, future U.S. farm economy. Feb 28, 2011 561
Economy at crossroads. Aazim, Mohiuddin Jan 1, 2011 984

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