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How Increasing M&As Will Reshape P/C Insurance. Zukerman, Alex Mar 1, 2021 817
Choggiung Makes a Striking 49er Debut: A new CEO and a significant acquisition lead to positive momentum. Oct 1, 2019 1590
Mergers, acquisitionsoffer pet food sector growth; M&A activity provides opportunities for expansion, international growth and diversification of a pet food company's portfolio. Beaton, Lindsay Aug 1, 2019 1067
SPEAKING OF... Aug 1, 2019 329
Provident Financial restarts interim dividend as profits rise despite hostile bid costs. Jul 30, 2019 731
UniCredit CEO says mergers need to be accompanied by cost cuts. May 28, 2019 154
UniCredit CEO says mergers need to be accompanied by cost cuts. May 28, 2019 152
The Myth of Agency Multiples. Tralka, David W. Feb 18, 2019 793
DoD Contractor Mergers Increased Use of No-Bid, Cost-Plus Deals. Sussman, Anna Louie Jan 1, 2019 557
The Revolving Door: Why the regulators went soft on monopolies. Tepper, Jonathan Jan 1, 2019 4378
Economic concerns seen as damper on bank MA. Barstow, Thomas A. Dec 7, 2018 1131
A RECIPE FOR RISING COSTS; Currency swings, supply shortages and mergers are escalating commodity volatility. How can the supply chain cope? James Halliwell Oct 20, 2018 2620
Merger process of Fata in KPK to be made smooth, successful at all cost: Ali Zafar. Jun 24, 2018 309
Will health system mergers cut costs? May 11, 2018 1064
Will health system mergers cut costs? May 7, 2018 1045
Exploring the Double-Sided Effect of Information Asymmetry and Uncertainty in Mergers and Acquisitions. Luypaert, Mathieu; Van Caneghem, Tom Report Dec 6, 2017 22495
Efficiency and market power gains in bank megamergers: evidence from value line forecasts. Devos, Erik; Krishnamurthy, Srinivasan; Narayanan, Rajesh Report Dec 22, 2016 14397
Mergers in the UAE: Opportunities to Rationalise and to Reduce Costs. Dec 4, 2016 1977
Deal info, merger mania, and acquisition avenues. Kirkwood, Hal P. Nov 1, 2016 1899
Seed prices, proposed mergers and acquisitions among biotech firms. Maisashvili, Aleksandre; Bryant, Henry; Raulston, J. Marc; Knapek, George; Outlaw, Joe; Richard, Jam Oct 1, 2016 4838
New Hampshire health care mergers and affiliations continue to accelerate. Best, Robert L. Aug 5, 2016 597
Mergers and acquisitions in continental European economies reflected in the economy. Mackenzie, Iveta Report May 1, 2016 749
Cultural change following international acquisitions: cohabiting the tension between espoused and practiced cultures. Teerikangas, Satu; Irrmann, Olivier Abstract Mar 1, 2016 12764
Can contrary opinions ensure M&A success? Epstein, Marc J. Jan 1, 2016 4082
How to combine RIM programs after a merger. Richardson, Blake Nov 1, 2015 2075
Growing Alaska: family of Alaska brands boost state economy by encouraging local shopping. Resz, Heather A. Nov 1, 2015 2387
The shape of things to come: six megatrends will reshape the global insurance industry. Hollander, Dave Oct 1, 2015 563
Do poorly governed acquirers transfer wealth to targets in cross-border acquisitions? Chang, Charles; Choi, Paul Moon Sub; Huang, Seth H. Report Sep 22, 2015 13241
The role of institutional environments in cross-border mergers: a perspective from bidders' earnings management behavior. Baik, Bok; Cho, Kwanghee; Choi, Wooseok; Kang, Jun-Koo Sep 1, 2015 14977
The role of outgroups in constructing a shared identity: a longitudinal study of a subsidiary merger in Mexico. Lupina-Wegener, Anna; Schneider, Susan C.; van Dick, Rolf Sep 1, 2015 12732
Targeted M&A will be a fundamental adjustment strategy as economy shifts to bussiness investment and exports... Senior partner with Cardiff-based Gambit Corporate Finance, Frank Holmes, on frenzy activity mergers and acquisitions globally. Aug 12, 2015 637
Does ITV buying spree include escape plan? Clarke, Steve Jul 22, 2015 893
School of hard knocks: when WME outbid rivals for IMG Worldwide, the agency thought it was gaining a sporting advantage with its College unit; instead the percentery has found itself scrambling to reach its goals. Rainey, James Jul 14, 2015 1796
Proposed merger of cotton, commerce ministries opposed. Brief article May 31, 2015 255
Unblocking African deal flow: a new technology platform hopes to streamline mergers and acquisitions in Africa. Matthews, Chris Apr 1, 2015 962
Recent trends in the study of mergers and acquisitions. Achim, Sorin Adrian Jan 1, 2015 5889
Buyout binge: consolidation sweeps reality TV: looking for scale, global conglomerates buy production companies. Littleton, Cynthia Dec 9, 2014 1207
The high roller's rollercoaster ride: big win, big loss and big win again: the author of Billions to Bust - and Back on what it's like to receive, relinquish and regain a king's ransom. Column Dec 1, 2014 386
Private equity's effect on information professionals and their institutions. Hulser, Richard P. Nov 1, 2014 4084
Does regional integration change the effects of country-level institutional barriers on M&A? The case of the European Union. Moschieri, Caterina; Ragozzino, Roberto; Campa, Jose Manuel Nov 1, 2014 13588
Mergers & acquisitions: signs of a strengthening economy: the merger trend is a great signal for economic expansion. Hobson, Mellody Oct 1, 2014 643
Bidder earnings management, cynical targets and acquisition premia. Gleason, Kimberly C.; Alsharairi, Malek A.; Kannan, Yezen H. Statistical data Sep 22, 2014 12849
An examination of the long-term results of acquired carve-out/spin-off combinations. Thompson, Thomas H. Statistical table Sep 22, 2014 10238
Blocparty. Amini, Maren Aug 1, 2014 1499
Deals under microscope as economy improves; Partner with Cardiff law Acuity Legal, Paul Lowe on merger and acquisition activity in the Welsh market place this year. May 28, 2014 672
Is big-game hunting paying off for Disney? Spangler, Todd Apr 1, 2014 1001
Mergers and acquisitions: termination fees and acquisition deal completion. Butler, Frank C.; Sauska, Peter Statistical table Mar 22, 2014 4528
An analysis of characteristics of mutual fund mergers and takeovers in India. Banga, Charu; Gupta, Amitabh Statistical table Mar 22, 2014 8767
Government to ease M&A regulations. Brief article Mar 1, 2014 162
Buying spree: the recovering economy has unleashed acquisition activity. Sutherland, Spencer Jan 1, 2014 960
Economic efficiency of mergers in the Czech republic 2001-2010. Sedlacek, Jaroslav; Valouch, Petr; Kralova, Maria Dec 1, 2013 6927
Determining a practice's value in the 2013 M&A market. Adamson, Gary Dec 1, 2013 1022
Measuring Mamages When a Partner leaves a CPA firm. Barr, Eric J.; Feldman, Samuel Statistical data Dec 1, 2013 2040
Volksbanken's regional banks owners plan mergers to cut costs. Aug 13, 2013 166
Volksbanken's regional banks owners plan mergers to cut costs. Aug 13, 2013 145
Cross-border Transactions Drop on Global Economic Crisis and Political Uncertainty. Aug 6, 2013 321
The impact of mergers on fares structure: evidence from European low-cost airlines. Dobson, Paul W.; Piga, Claudio A. Company overview Apr 1, 2013 15421
M&A: a banner year for 2012. Brynko, Barbara Feb 1, 2013 380
Enabler of corporate strategic objectives. Girardi, Thomas Jan 1, 2013 1549
Anxiety & optimism: Colorado M&A activity solid in 2012 but not roaring. Lewis, David Dec 1, 2012 1434
New drive to cut cardiac death toll; OUR BIGGEST KILLER STILL COSTS NHS pounds 459M A YEAR. Aug 9, 2012 404
Dairy farmers take milk price protest to Parliament; 'CUTS WILL COST WELSH DAIRY INDUSTRY SOME pounds 80M A YEAR'. Jul 17, 2012 717
The wallet. Dec 1, 2011 420
BLACKSPOT CRASHES COST pounds 10M A MONTH; But human cost is much higher, warn road safety experts. Sep 13, 2011 462
Vee time to acquire 58% stake in VMax telecom. Chuang, Steve Aug 8, 2011 331
Merger and acquisition economics. Van Doren, Peter Book review Jun 22, 2011 214
Some mergers just don't make sense. Bourque, Ron Apr 8, 2011 618
HBCU merger proposals persist despite fervent opposition: now, some advocates and leaders are warming to partnerships and other alternatives. Stewart, Pearl Mar 3, 2011 1102
pounds 400m uni campus 'a step closer' DEVELOPMENT COULD PUMP pounds 37M A YEAR INTO ECONOMY. Feb 23, 2011 588
Control premiums in acquisition transactions: a natural experiment. Komiak, Paul J. Dec 22, 2010 6701
VAT rise to add pounds 3.5m to universities' costs; MERGERS ARE MORE LIKELY. Nov 25, 2010 607
The state of the M&A market: deals are being completed at an increasing pace, but only by the strong. Petersen, Barry Jun 22, 2010 655
Middle East And Africa Core Areas For TMT Transactions By 2013. Jun 14, 2010 772
Acquisition costs lead to loss. Jun 7, 2010 533
New! Report on M&A Plans released. Jun 1, 2010 316
Takeover immunity, takeovers, and the market for nonexecutive directors. Ashraf, Rasha; Chakrabarti, Rajesh; Fu, Richard; Jayaraman, Narayanan Mar 22, 2010 25182
The age of global mergers. Jan 1, 2010 1276
ABC inventory control to boost profit and carve out tax-free cash. Jan 1, 2010 1317
Biogen launches hostile $355 million bid for Facet. Brief article Sep 28, 2009 271
Time to exercise your option to buy out a partner? Brief article Jul 1, 2009 116
Buyers and sellers can leverage the economic crisis: as turbulent economic indicators create a difficult M&A climate, this can be a good time for financial executives to assess their core business and explore positioning options--but incredible due diligence is essential. Hagaman, William R., Jr. Apr 1, 2009 982
Study finds upstream oil and gas transaction value fell 32%. Apr 1, 2009 394
Teva EPS beats forecast, sees growth in 2009. Financial report Feb 23, 2009 216
Acquisitions boost sales 208% for Pinguin Group this year. Brief article Oct 1, 2008 215
When the honeymoon is over: acquiree's face challenges to fit their new mold. Dayton, Mark Oct 1, 2008 2086
Economic winds gusting from the North: Canadian companies are finding new value in the U.S. market, and more deals are being done in a broader range of industries. But the sour U.S. economy may be keeping some Canadian buyers on the sidelines. Maher, Matt Jun 1, 2008 1938
Survival mode. Woodard, Marcia Reed Brief article Apr 1, 2008 228
BANG the Drum Slowly?: Buyouts Offered at Bay Area Papers. Staff, E&P Feb 19, 2008 531
Private equity buyouts can be bad, ugly or good. Sanders, Bob Feb 15, 2008 2088
Leading and merging: convex costs, Stackelberg, and the merger paradox. Heywood, John S.; McGinty, Matthew Jan 1, 2008 7041
Merger expenses take a toll on Pathmark's bottom line. Nov 5, 2007 574
San Francisco news blues: layoffs and buyouts have become commonplace at newspapers throughout the country. But few regions have been hit as hard as the San Francisco Bay Area. Farhi, Paul Oct 1, 2007 3311
Market definition in crude oil: estimating the effects of the BP/ARCO merger. Hayes, John; Shapiro, Carl; Town, Robert J. Jun 22, 2007 8093
Elite law firm mergers and reputational competition: is bigger really better? An international comparison. Aronson, Bruce E. May 1, 2007 34543
J&J profit plummets 22% after acquisitions. Brief article Apr 23, 2007 192
Caught up in the dealmakers' wake. Bart, Peter Apr 9, 2007 735
Stocks at Other Companies Mostly Lower After Tribune Deal. Brief article Apr 2, 2007 297
Analysts Weigh in On Tribune Deal: Employee Ownership a Good Thing? Saba, Jennifer Apr 2, 2007 433
On private equity: 2000 vs. 2006. Rees, Matthew Brief article Mar 22, 2007 133
On M&A among BRIC countries. Rees, Matthew Brief article Mar 22, 2007 193
On companies going private. Rees, Matthew Brief article Mar 22, 2007 232
The RIM manager's role in supporting major business changes: during major organizational changes--mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and closings--quality recordkeeping should never be an organizational afterthought. Phillips, John T. Report Mar 1, 2007 2314
O-T-C makers not immune from consolidation craze. Jan 1, 2007 245
A huge year for M & A. White, Brenda B. Column Jan 1, 2007 2151
Jordan, Edmiston reports M&A activity "vibrant". Brief article Oct 17, 2006 277
Corporate governance and the abnormal returns to acquisition announcements. Swanstrom, Mark Report Sep 22, 2006 5658
What's your company worth? Understanding the industry's value drivers. Smigocki, Michael Jun 30, 2006 774
Name game: it's getting hard for ordinary folks to know whom their 'providers' are. Koco, Linda Column Jun 5, 2006 740
Ordering Chinese takeout: can far east management turn failing U.S. companies around? Queenan, Joe Aug 1, 2005 716
How not to engage in the global economy. Aug 1, 2005 380
Merger of Bertrand competitors can decrease price. Higgins, Richard S.; Johnson, Paul A.; Sullivan, John T. Jun 22, 2005 3608
The wrong kind of sequel: the loggerheads over Warren Lieberfarb's exit from Time Warner conjures up the ghost of Katzenberg vs. Disney. Bart, Peter Column May 30, 2005 299
Big deals in Arkansas picked up speed in 2004. Henry, John Jan 31, 2005 1518
International mergers and acquisitions and competitiveness of Croatian enterprises. Lazibat, T.; Bakovic, T.; Vouk, R. Jan 1, 2005 1593
Financing the acquisition of a franchise business. Anders, Todd Cover Story Oct 1, 2004 979
The urge to merge: more small to mid-sized companies consider M&A as a growth strategy. McCrea, Bridget Aug 1, 2004 657
The real governance challenges. Niskanen, William A. Dec 1, 2003 1026
A life without restrictions. Fitzgerald, Mark; Shields, Todd Jun 9, 2003 802
Whatever happened to the $14.8bn enterprise portal market? Industry Overview May 27, 2003 7222
Retailers vie for right to buy Safeway. (Global). Brief Article May 26, 2003 120
Costs of consolidation. (Scrap Industry News). Mar 1, 2003 350
News Corp.'s power play: two years after the Chris-Craft purchase, consolidation is now the name of the game. Greco, Melissa Feb 10, 2003 926
Merger Success: what's communication got to do with it? Oct 1, 2002 2062
Market multiples: don't let them bite you! Edmunds, Karl; DesMarteau, Bryan Jul 22, 2002 1419
Engulf and devour? (Economics, Labor & Business). Brief Article Jun 22, 2002 336
Successfully integrating mergers and acquisitions. Jones, Pat Brief Article May 13, 2002 775
Chemical industry 'super-hub' may be on horizon. Brief Article Feb 10, 2002 258
CGEY goes in search of refreshed agenda. Brief Article Feb 10, 2002 874
Urge to merge. Potts, Adriana Brief Article Feb 1, 2002 666
Canadian foreign direct investment in the United States by type: mergers and acquisitions, greenfield, real estate, joint ventures and investment increases. Meyer, Stephen P. Statistical Data Included Dec 22, 2001 9615
Mergers, welfare, and concentration: Results from a model of Stackelberg-Cournot oligopoly. Feltovich, Nick Dec 1, 2001 5949
Cablers comfy with EchoStar. (Inside Moves). Goldsmith, Jill; McClintock, Pamela Brief Article Nov 5, 2001 475
Behavioral finance. (Bureau News). Sep 22, 2001 1022
Takeovers of technology firms: Expectations vs. reality. Kohers, Ninon; Kohers, Theodor Statistical Data Included Sep 22, 2001 10262
Intra-Industry Signals Resulting From Insurance Company Mergers. Akhigbe, Aigbe; Madura, Jeff Statistical Data Included Sep 1, 2001 7756
Watchdogs dizzy over bid. Goldsmith, Jill Brief Article Aug 13, 2001 252
Critical loss analysis in evaluating mergers. Langenfeld, James; Li, Wenqing Jun 22, 2001 12841
Critical thinking about "critical loss" in antitrust. Danger, Kenneth L.; Frech, H.E., III Jun 22, 2001 4674
from the EDITOR. Brief Article Jun 1, 2001 500
Incompatible IT scuppers mergers. Brief Article Mar 1, 2001 213
A Side Effect of the Mergers and Acquisitions and the Consolidation of Credit Departments: Missing Bar Dates to File Proofs of Claims and Losing Your Dividend. Blakeley, Scott Feb 1, 2001 1710
The Source of Gains to Targets and Their Industry Rivals: Evidence Based on Terminated Merger Proposals. Akhigbe, Aigbe; Borde, Stephen F.; Whyte, Ann Marie Brief Article Dec 22, 2000 9409
Market Volatility Could Help Life Insurers, Impede M&As. Brief Article Jul 1, 2000 158
MERGERS THREATEN LOCALITIES. Brief Article May 1, 2000 166
Mergers & Disquisitions. Gillespie, Nick Apr 1, 2000 1371
"Financial Industry Megamergers and Policy Challenges". Feb 1, 2000 250
Rough Seas Ahead. FABEY, MICHAEL Brief Article Feb 1, 2000 1056
AOL deal adds luster to newspaper stocks. Moses, Lucia Brief Article Jan 17, 2000 597
Merger accounting MAGIC may disappear. KING, ALFRED M.; KELLY, NEIL Jan 1, 2000 1834
Mega-Mergers Mark the 1990s. ADAMS, LARRY Dec 1, 1999 1910
15 Trends to Watch. DOSSENBACH, TOM Dec 1, 1999 2302
There's a method to merger madness. Cintron, Ivan Brief Article Nov 1, 1999 928
Mergers and acquisitions in the global chemical industry. Weston, J. Fred; Johnson, Brian A.; Siu, Juan A. Oct 1, 1999 5078
Coping with consolidation. Kuhn, Mary Ellen Aug 1, 1999 1051
Bigger Groups Boost Clout, but Decrease Control. FRIEDEN, JOYCE Jul 15, 1999 539
Consolidation Heightens Excess Capacity. Keller, Maryann Apr 1, 1999 638
Petroleum: after the megamergers. Ernst, David; Steinhubl, Andrew M. J. Mar 22, 1999 3263
Bank M&A: historic opportunities, but not for the fainthearted. Leung, Nicolas; Poullet, Jean-Marc; Shavers, Timothy Mar 22, 1999 3062
European defense catching merger-mania. Jan 1, 1999 600
The bagel debacle. Wieneke, Heidi Prescott Cover Story Jan 1, 1999 2687
Drinking it all in. Hoch, G. Jeffrey Nov 1, 1998 1132
Insurer mergers put on hold. EDWARDS, NICK Sep 30, 1998 224
Korea's `big deals' a recipe for pain. Sep 21, 1998 294
The 'C' word: consolidation. Editorial Jun 1, 1998 323
On the welfare effects of mergers: short run vs. long run. Polasky, Stephen; Mason, Charles S. Mar 22, 1998 10834
Manager incentive ad returns to shareholders of acquiring firms. Ueng, C. Joe Mar 22, 1998 2944
Mergers make sense: publishing companies focus on vertical integration. Edmunds, Marlene Feb 9, 1998 705
Tchibo's growth fueled by acquisitions: profits increase despite fierce competition. Mehta, Manik Sep 1, 1997 664
Is bigger better? Fabric buyers weigh pros, cons of acquisitions. Bernard, Sharyn Jul 7, 1997 1453
The dangers of blending: when companies meld, special brand traits can be lost. Rush, Amy Joyce Column May 5, 1997 491
A company with a pedigree. England, Robert Stowe Cover Story Feb 1, 1997 6073
In TV, the big get bigger. Gomery, Douglas Oct 1, 1996 759
Antitrust and banking. Ludwig, Eugene A. Jun 22, 1996 1762
A time to return to competition goals in banking policy and antitrust enforcement: a memorandum to the Antitrust Division. Carstensen, Peter C. Jun 22, 1996 5267
Mergers and macro-economic factors. Yagil, Joseph Mar 22, 1996 4809
Pharmaceuticals - the consolidation isn't over. Pursche, William R. Mar 22, 1996 3130
The impacts of distributor consolidation. Seckman, Lamont Jan 29, 1996 1476
Current research: the new value creators in healthcare. Goh, Yethun; Pritula, Mike Jan 1, 1996 1539
Mega-mergers create multiple risks. Nov 1, 1995 369
Union rents as a source of takeover gains among target shareholders. Becker, Brian E. Oct 1, 1995 8015
The Herfindahl-Hirschman index: a concentration measure taking the consumer's point of view. Laine, Charles R. Jun 22, 1995 2319
Scale elasticity versus scale efficiency in banking. Israilevich, Philip R. Apr 1, 1995 4377
Merger mania revisited. Mar 22, 1995 987
Chain drug industry finds that less is more. Pinto, Dave Industry Overview Jun 6, 1994 718
Buying a pig when both buyer and seller are in pokes. Pfouts, Ralph W. Jun 1, 1994 2946
Corporate consolidations hamper Westchester recovery. Jan 26, 1994 965
Mergers and acquisitions: special dangers and opportunities. Collier, Steve Dec 22, 1993 5645
Acquisitions: opportunity or victim? Hedberg, David; Lyzinski, Daniel Dec 22, 1993 2014
Mergerphobia. Baker, C. Edwin Editorial Nov 8, 1993 1172
When should a management company merge? Grant, Jeffrey D. Column Jun 23, 1993 787
Wealth effects from acquiring failed thrifts since FIRREA. Madura, Jeff; Whyte, Ann Marie Sep 22, 1992 4961
M&A opportunities for U.S. companies. Toll, Maynard Sep 22, 1992 1108
Financial characteristics of acquiring firms: an industry specific approach. Trahan, Emery A.; Shawky, Hany A. Mar 22, 1992 4910
Using the efficiencies defense in horizontal mergers. Weiss, Avi Mar 22, 1992 1985
Indopco v. Commissioner: the Supreme Court takes National Starch to the cleaners. Chinnis, Cabell, Jr. Mar 1, 1992 8917
How Haworth beats a recession. Derning, Sean Company Profile Feb 1, 1992 1525
Optimistic outlook; attendance is up as INAME holds its last conference; execs get pep talks, details of impending ANPA-Ad Bureau merger. Kerwin, Ann Marie Jan 25, 1992 788
Effects of asset transfers in oligopoly. McElroy, F.W. Dec 1, 1991 3042
Reflections 1991: the year that was. Jacobsen, Michael Dec 1, 1991 5264
APB 16: time to reconsider; acquisitions disguised as poolings can lead to misleading improvements in earnings. Davis, Michael Oct 1, 1991 2099
Merger mania: human and economic effects. Abbasi, Sami M.; Hollman, Kenneth W.; Murrey, Joe H., Jr. Jun 22, 1991 4584
Changes in the European M&A scene. Best, Chris F. column Nov 1, 1990 779
Recent developments in corporate finance. Prowse, Stephen D. Aug 1, 1990 5769
When internal growth is the goal. Duberman, Lewis D. Mar 1, 1990 1928
Rite Aid income advances 7.4%. Nov 6, 1989 759
Cruel October. editorial Nov 6, 1989 622
The decline of public equity: the return to private enterprise? Kensinger, John W.; Martin, John D. Nov 1, 1989 8304
Rx stocks outpace the Dow. Oct 23, 1989 675
The changing face of southern California: a flood of supermarket mergers and acquisitions has thrown the southern California market into turmoil. Weinstein, Steve Oct 1, 1989 1541
Consolidations: the urge to merge continues. Weinstein, Steve Aug 1, 1989 2644
American Drug operating profits hampered. Jul 3, 1989 565
Pay'n Save boosts revenues at Thrifty. Jun 19, 1989 425
Impact of mergers and acquisitions discussed at ASIDIC. Hogan, Tom Apr 1, 1989 630
Actions speak louder than raiders. Mazer, Richard L. column May 1, 1988 1598
Bearing up the market. Weinstein, Steve Jan 1, 1988 3060
Big is not better. editorial Dec 28, 1985 850

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