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Globe ramps up spending to provide care for its customers. Mar 4, 2021 540
How to improve Affordable Care Act. Feb 28, 2021 643
How To Improve The Affordable Care Act. Feb 25, 2021 656
Health insurance, medical debt, and financial well-being. Batty, Michael; Gibbs, Christa; Ippolito, Benedic N. Feb 1, 2021 14323
Understanding the Difference Between a Health Plan, Cost Sharing, and Other Ways to Fund Coverage. Gross, Adria Goldman Viewpoint essay Dec 1, 2020 832
LASG partners FirstBank to promote access to affordable healthcare. Nov 27, 2020 256
Lagos Partners FirstBank To Promote Access To Affordable Healthcare. Nov 27, 2020 478
Vigt Nam gears towards digital government and economy. Nov 25, 2020 527
Affordable Care Act open enrollment runs through Dec. 15. Submitted by State Sen. Laura Fine Nov 25, 2020 233
Cost of health care seen rising at slower pace. Nov 3, 2020 468
Both candidates want to preserve, improve the Affordable Care Act. Russell Lissau Oct 1, 2020 679
'No 'palakasan' in PhilHealth's reimbursement scheme; no P154-B 'loss due to fraud' says Duque in Senate hearing. Aug 18, 2020 1051
PhilHealth should shoulder testing cost of workers -- Villanueva. Aug 17, 2020 377
SPMC dismisses PhilHealth controversy involving P326 M in compensation as 'baseless'. Aug 13, 2020 729
'Transfer PhilHealth funds to hospitals with high number of COVID-19 cases' --- Roque. Aug 13, 2020 519
Government issues Brexit travel insurance warning to holidaymakers; The loss of European Health Insurance Cards, which help Brits get either free or reduced cost healthcare, means holidaymakers could see travel costs skyrocket next year. By, Rosaleen Fenton Jul 14, 2020 459
Vegetarians May Have Lower Healthcare Costs. Mangels, Reed Jul 1, 2020 291
These conditions necessary for insurance to cover COVID-19 test cost. Times News Service Jun 30, 2020 161
Easing lockdown measures too soon will hurt the economy. CM Reader's View Jun 14, 2020 207
Go commends PhilHealth for slashing cost of COVID-19 tests. Jun 7, 2020 323
Tax Policy and the Economy, Volume 34. Moffitt, Robert A. Jun 1, 2020 190
Recovery providers worry about meeting needs. Duggan, Emily May 22, 2020 589
COVID-19 pandemic costs Croatian health care system 100 million Kuna at least. May 12, 2020 246
Eastern Mediterranean struggles to balance medical benefits against economics. Daily News Egypt Apr 14, 2020 766
Otsuka America Pharmaceutical Provides Eligible, Newly Uninsured Patients in the US with No-Cost Access to Its Medicines. Apr 13, 2020 304
PhilHealth asked to restore no cost limit for COVID-19 patients. Apr 9, 2020 538
Financing Your Access (AMSA-SINGAPORE). Quek, Chrystie; Shen, Grace; Chan, Sarah Report Apr 1, 2020 307
Accounting for the burden and redistribution of health care costs: Who uses care and who pays for it. Carman, Katherine Grace; Liu, Jodi; White, Chapin Apr 1, 2020 5749 survey reveals 4 in 10 Americans would think twice about seeking medical care for coronavirus due to cost. Mar 27, 2020 202
Micro Health Insurance lifting economic burden off of the poorest in Sindh. Mavra Bari Mar 16, 2020 559
Insurance firms agree to cover coronavirus costs. Mar 13, 2020 365
New York Insurers Required to Waive Cost-Sharing for Coronavirus Testing. Mar 3, 2020 890
Higher Quality, Lower Costs: The Pacific Health Coalition brings together healthcare providers and self-insured businesses for a healthier Alaska. Anderson, Tasha Mar 1, 2020 2552
CVS PBM ends out-of-pocket costs for diabetes drugs. Feb 17, 2020 548
Louisiana Medicaid Members Able to Access Healthcare via Telehealth at No Cost. Feb 10, 2020 319
Louisiana Medicaid Members Able to Access Healthcare via Telehealth at No Cost. Feb 10, 2020 303
Louisiana Medicaid Members Able to Access Healthcare via Telehealth at No Cost. Feb 10, 2020 319
Out-of-Pocket Medical Costs Average $4,500 for Many New U.S. Parents. Serena Gordon, HealthDay Reporter Medical condition overview Jan 6, 2020 669
Australians cancelling health insurance due to increasing costs. Dec 30, 2019 136
Australians cancelling health insurance due to increasing costs. Dec 30, 2019 134
Enrollment in Affordable Care Act Holds Steady for Third Straight Year; However, fate of the program remains uncertain. Dec 23, 2019 247
Proposed Medicaid Block Grants and Spending Caps Threaten Enrollees' Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights. Sonfield, Adam; Keller, Leah H. Dec 18, 2019 2524
New Dubai plans to lower healthcare cost, reduce burden on parents. Web Report Dec 11, 2019 269
Fiscal Council warns of internal and external risks to the economy. Peter Michael Nov 13, 2019 358
Extra 15-minutes daily walk could boost global economy: New research. Nov 7, 2019 341
Extra 15-minutes daily walk could boost global economy: New research. Nov 6, 2019 345
Many Cancer Docs Don't Discuss Costs of Pricey Gene Tests. Nov 1, 2019 389
Emergency Assistance Plus can protect against unexpected air ambulance costs. Oct 23, 2019 217
Ministry of Economy offers to combine forms of patents and health insurance cards. Oct 12, 2019 135
Ministry of Economy offers to combine forms of patents and health insurance cards. Oct 12, 2019 171
Australian millennials ditching insurance to save money. Sep 30, 2019 140
Affordable Care Act Insured Millions of Uninsured Diabetics. Sep 27, 2019 264
New Mexico teachers to face increased insurance costs. Sep 5, 2019 136
New Mexico teachers to face increased insurance costs. Sep 5, 2019 134
Amerigroup Texas allows consumers to access healthcare via telehealth at no cost. Aug 23, 2019 349
Amerigroup Texas allows consumers to access healthcare via telehealth at no cost. Aug 23, 2019 333
Amerigroup Texas allows consumers to access healthcare via telehealth at no cost. Aug 23, 2019 349
Individual market health plan affordability after cost-sharing reduction subsidy cuts. Drake, Coleman; Abraham, Jean M. Aug 1, 2019 6896
Families describe challenges from rising cost of insulin. Jul 16, 2019 743
Affordable Care Act reversal faces federal appeals court, New York Times reports. Jul 9, 2019 219
Bill would strengthen Affordable Care Act. Barna, Mark Jun 1, 2019 190
BREXIT HOLS BLOW; No-deal to add PS100 insurance costs to over-70s' trip to Europe; My children come first.. not the way I now look; EXCLUSIVE. Jun 1, 2019 186
Survey: High costs lead to skipped or postponed health care. Franki, Richard Jun 1, 2019 376
Soy Protein Hydrolysate Market Assessment High Points Role of Developed Economies in Motivating Dema. Apr 25, 2019 705
Cigna, Express Scripts announce Patient Assurance Program to cap insulin costs. Apr 3, 2019 209
Changes in pediatric dental coverage and visits following the implementation of the affordable care act. Kranz, Ashley M.; Dick, Andrew W. Apr 1, 2019 6899
"Clean Care for All--It's in Your Hands": 5th May 2019 World Health Organization SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands Campaign/"Herkes Icin Guvenli Saglik Bakimi Sizin Ellerinizde": 5 Mayis 2019 Dunya Saglik Orgutu YASAM KURTARIN: Elinizi Temizleyin Kampanyasi. Peters, Alexandra; Timurkaynak, Funda; Borzykowski, Tcheun; Tartari, Ermira; Kilpatrick, Claire; Mai Report Apr 1, 2019 978
Reflections on Health Workforce Development: Comment on "Health Professional Training and Capacity Strengthening Through International Academic Partnerships: The First Five Years of the Human Resources for Health Program in Rwanda". Dussault, Gilles Report Apr 1, 2019 1491
The Value of Engaging the Public in CHATing About Healthcare Priorities: A Response to Recent Commentaries. Danis, Marion; Goold, Susan D.; Schindler, Melinee; Hurst, Samia A. Report Apr 1, 2019 2145
Lawmakers vote to limit out-of-pocket prescription drug costs. Perry , Jessica Brief article Mar 26, 2019 215
Bill capping out-of-pocket prescription costs ready for assembly vote. Perry, Jessica Brief article Mar 19, 2019 231
Timber Firm Seeks to Chop Health Costs. Friedman, Mark Mar 18, 2019 719
Ford expects health care costs to top $1 billion in 2020. Mar 15, 2019 832
'Cry for affordable healthcare': NH SENATE PANEL WEIGHS COMPETING ASSOCIATION HEALTH PLAN BILLS. Sanders, Bob Mar 1, 2019 259
Bills of health: Gov.'s plan targets high-cost areas. Jackson, Margaret Mar 1, 2019 810
Privately-insured patients left on trolleys charged [euro]813 for a night; HSE slammed over 'unfair' bill 10 times public cost. Feb 24, 2019 713
The real Trump economy: Help the rich. Feb 22, 2019 343
The real Trump economy: Help the rich. Feb 22, 2019 205
Former WB Economist: Macron Not to Fulfill "Government of People, for People". Feb 5, 2019 1680
Sweeney blocks bill to lower public worker health care costs, boost benefits. Perry, Jessica Feb 5, 2019 458
Texas judge strikes down Obama's Affordable Care Act. Dec 15, 2018 841
Costs of PH healthcare benefits expected to increase in 2019. Dec 8, 2018 435
3 Ways To Save On Healthcare Expenses. Dec 5, 2018 932
Impact of "Sambhav" Program (Financial Assistance and Counselor Services) on Hepatitis C Pegylated Interferon Alpha Treatment Initiation in India. Sood, Ajit; Midha, Vandana; Halli, Shivalingappa S.; Narang, Vikram; Mahajan, Ramit; Mehta, Varun; K Report Dec 1, 2018 4847
Lucina Health Reduces Early Delivery Rates & is On-Track to Reduce Millions in Medicaid Costs for Passport Health Plan. Nov 7, 2018 676
Faced with record-low unemployment, more employers are investing in employee benefits rather than reducing costs. Nov 6, 2018 721
"You Travel Faster Alone, but Further Together": Learning From a Cross Country Research Collaboration From a British Council Newton Fund Grant. Reddy, Priscilla; Desai, Rachana; Sifunda, Sibusiso; Chalkidou, Kalipso; Hongoro, Charles; Macharia, Report Nov 1, 2018 3494
Predictors of Enrolment in the National Health Insurance Scheme Among Women of Reproductive Age in Nigeria. Aregbeshola, Bolaji Samson; Khan, Samina Mohsin Report Nov 1, 2018 7758
Facing challenges from Texas and D.C., a new Affordable Care Act enrollment period begins. Nov 1, 2018 1099
Study Claims Medical Savings Accounts Could Reduce Health Care Costs $558b In 5 Years. Oct 29, 2018 653
Health insurance costs for dependent parents in Dubai soar. Oct 23, 2018 748
K-P assembly session: 'Change in finance bill will hike inflation'. Oct 21, 2018 657
Employer health plan costs and employee cost sharing both rising. Oct 3, 2018 581
Healthcare Priority-Setting: Chat-Ting Is Not Enough: Comment on "Swiss-CHAT: Citizens Discuss Priorities for Swiss Health Insurance Coverage". Fleck, Leonard M. Oct 1, 2018 2472
Smart Practices for Self-Funded Employee Health Insurance. Kavanagh, Shayne Oct 1, 2018 4342
The Exorbitant Cost of Healthcare in Alaska: Health insurance and the bottom line. Barbour, Tracy Oct 1, 2018 2074
NextHealth Hosts Executive Advisory Council to Explore Ways to Improve Health Outcomes While Reducing Costs. Sep 24, 2018 495
Suit prompts recovery of lost federal health funds. Sep 11, 2018 714
Disease Control Priorities Third Edition Is Published: A Theory of Change Is Needed for Translating Evidence to Health Policy. Norheim, Ole F. Sep 1, 2018 5859
In Stroke Survivors, Cost-Related Non-Adherence Down After ACA; Among adult survivors of stroke, Medicaid increased, non-adherence decreased after ACA implementation. Aug 30, 2018 254
Feds approve NJ reinsurance program. Munoz, Daniel J. Aug 17, 2018 357
Swiss-CHAT: Citizens Discuss Priorities for Swiss Health Insurance Coverage. Hurst, Samia A.; Schindler, Melinee; Goold, Susan D.; Danis, Marion Aug 1, 2018 6486
Simulating Variation in Families' Spending across Marketplace Plans. Zhang, Yuting; Baik, Seo Hyon; Zuvekas, Samuel H. Report Aug 1, 2018 5405
Interim study to scrutinize teacher health insurance costs. Jul 23, 2018 407
HSAs and healthcare expenses: In retirement, health savings accounts can offer tax-free savings and peace of mind. Bonfiglio, Bob Jul 6, 2018 599
CVS helps patients fight high Rx costs. Apr 23, 2018 757
Employers worried about high spending on 'sickly' staff. Apr 19, 2018 463
Egypt's social spending strives to curb negative effects of reforms. Apr 15, 2018 492
Number of IUD Insertions Up After ACA Contraceptive Mandate; Increase in use depends on the amount of reduction in out-of-pocket costs. Apr 10, 2018 243
CHILDREN'S UNINSURED RATE IN FLORIDA IS IMPROVING BUT STILL LAGS U.S. Alker, Joan; Wagnerman, Karina Report Apr 1, 2018 3257
CVS is taking aim at the high cost of Rxs. Bossetta, Brian Mar 19, 2018 243
Government to bear costs of health insurance fee for Bahrainis. Mar 19, 2018 683
No Benefit for MRI After Normal Cervical CT in Blunt Trauma; MRI had lower health benefit and higher cost compared with no follow-up after normal CT findings. Mar 16, 2018 278
Saving money on life and non-life insurance premiums. Mar 11, 2018 337
How to save money on life and non-life insurance premiums? Mar 10, 2018 837
UAE tightens use of antibiotics amid superbug fears and rising health insurance costs. Mar 2, 2018 877
With elimination of cost sharing under ACA, more mammograms were done. Gallegos, Alicia Mar 1, 2018 500
Medicaid's share of state budgets continues to grow. Franki, Richard Mar 1, 2018 271
Rauner: Shift costs to schools. Feb 15, 2018 625
Rauner: Shift costs to schools Shift: Democrats say Rauner's budget creates no greater equity. Feb 15, 2018 625
India's budget focuses on rural economy. Feb 8, 2018 728
Pharmacists: Reimbursement Rates Can't Go On: Druggists tell legislators Blue Cross schedule pays less than cost of generics. Moritz, Gwen; Bigger, Graycen Colbert Feb 5, 2018 1203
HEALTH REIMBURSEMENT ARRANGEMENTS IN SMALL BUSINESSES: Small businesses that use HRAs to help their employees with the costs of health insurance need to stay abreast of any changes in relevant legislation and regulatory guidance. Harden, William; Upton, David Feb 1, 2018 1179
STUDY: More mammograms after cost-sharing elimination. Gallegos, Alicia Feb 1, 2018 508
Saline County budget on display -- money is tight Budget: Proposal includes cuts to clerk, sheriff, EMA. Jan 31, 2018 635
Catasys says OnTrak program delivers 54% savings for health plans. Jan 24, 2018 111
Health Idea Gets Second Chance: Few agree on the best way to increase competition in the health insurance marketplace as an old idea gets a second look. Cauchi, Dick Jan 1, 2018 1028
Inequality in Health Insurance. Jan 1, 2018 959
Health Insurance and National Farm Policy. Inwood, Shoshanah; Knudson, Alana; Becot, Florence A.; Braun, Bonnie; Goetz, Stephan J.; Kolodinsky, Report Jan 1, 2018 3921
The economic riddle for 2018 Will the middle and working classes see any gains from the big tax cut. Dec 30, 2017 1504
Health costs the key to Dist. 94 deal? Costs: School board hopes money can be freed for other concerns. Dec 22, 2017 528
EGP 9bn cost of comprehensive health insurance next FY: Moait. Dec 20, 2017 535
Americans Credit ACA on Access, but Mixed About Costs. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Nov 27, 2017 864
Repealing Affordable Care Act Mandate Could Save $338 Billion: CBO. Nov 8, 2017 423
Salary is just one element in cost behind a teacher. Nov 3, 2017 493
US Employer Health Insurance Premiums Rise Nearly 7% in 2017, with US Employees Absorbing More of Health Insurance Cost. Oct 30, 2017 553
Sudden Cost-Sharing Reduction End Could Thump Florida Blue. Oct 18, 2017 524
Is 2017 the year of the 1332 waiver? The D.C. policy shift away from higher Medicaid spending will push many states, including NH, to turn to waivers. Lanton, Ron Oct 13, 2017 745
Reducing young adults' health care spending through the aca expansion of dependent coverage. Chen, Jie; Vargas-Bustamante, Arturo; Novak, Priscilla Oct 1, 2017 8704
NH's unhealthy confusion: Rising costs, hamstring state's health market. Sanders, Bob Sep 29, 2017 2056
ACA Subsidies Are Much Cheaper Than Expected: CBO. Sep 14, 2017 344
Stubbing out the economic cost of smoking. Sep 4, 2017 898
Market socialism and community rating in health insurance. Frech, H.E., III; Zweifel, Peter Report Sep 1, 2017 10129
What International Health Insurance Really Costs. Sep 1, 2017 276
Average U.S. Kidney Transplant Cost Soars: Milliman. Aug 16, 2017 431
Is the HSA the Ideal Retirement Savings Vehicle? Jul 31, 2017 1099
How the Survival of the Affordable Care Act Could Affect You. Jul 13, 2017 1854
5 Top Affordable Care Act Fixer Comments From Producers. Jul 13, 2017 846
Feds OK Alaska Affordable Care Act Waiver Plan. Jul 12, 2017 227
Trump's Health Chief Asks for Affordable Care Act Repair Ideas. Jun 9, 2017 384
Robbing the middle class. Eck, Alieta May 1, 2017 1418
Descriptive study of the need and gap in enrollment within the existing health insurance structure in slums of city Ahmedabad. Martolia, Kuldeep Singh; Lala, Mrudula K.; Ninama, Kartik M.; Pangtey, Ruchira Report Apr 1, 2017 2489
The affordable care act and consumer well-being: knowns and unknowns. Fitzgerald, M. Paula; Bias, Thomas K.; Gurley-Calvez, Tami Report Mar 22, 2017 11104
Healthcare: which fix should we follow? Williamsen, Kurt Mar 20, 2017 598
Does single-payer: signal a solution? Single-payer healthcare--such as Canada has--is sold with promises of low costs, abundant care, and high quality. But do the claims stack up to scrutiny? Williamsen, Kurt Mar 20, 2017 3779
Free market: healthcare reform: with health insurance companies being the bane of Americans, it seems silly to suggest that the private sector play a role in fixing the healthcare system, but it must be done. Williamsen, Kurt Mar 20, 2017 4498
Three Republicans reject AHCA at House Budget markup. Mar 16, 2017 644
Private health insurance spending might rise 5.7%. Feb 16, 2017 394
Screening mammography for free: Impact of eliminating cost sharing on cancer screening rates. Jena, Anupam B.; Huang, Jie; Fireman, Bruce; Fung, Vicki; Gazelle, Scott; Landrum, Mary Beth; Cherne Feb 1, 2017 5838
Nailed it: Paul Ryan's perfect answer to why planned parenthood should be defunded. Chretien, Claire Jan 1, 2017 512
Health cost council rates ACA component life expectancy. Dec 14, 2016 409
Private health insurers face ACA money squeeze. Dec 2, 2016 680
ACA subsidies cut many Connecticut exchange users' net costs. Nov 25, 2016 731
Consumers: Rx Costs No. 1 Health Care Issue. Nov 14, 2016 227
Health and Wellness In-Store. Driggs, Joan Nov 1, 2016 1412
Insurance tax hike set to push up policy costs; PERSONAL FINANCE. Oct 6, 2016 613
Insurance tax rise will hit millions of people; MONEY, MONEY, MONEY. Oct 1, 2016 525
Colorado Springs District 11 rethinks health care. Gustafson, Glenn E.; Reijgers, Jessica Oct 1, 2016 988
Satisfaction and repurchase intentions for health insurance marketplaces: evidence from a partnership state. Fitzgerald, M. Paula; Bias, Thomas K. Report Sep 22, 2016 4562
Oregon faces $1.2 billion hole in health care budget [br][br]. Sep 7, 2016 924
HSAs rising: unintended consequence of the Affordable Care Act. Lang, Ron Sep 1, 2016 761
The effect of health insurance on out-of-pocket payments, catastrophic expenditures and healthcare utilization in Ghana: case of Ga South Municipality. Aidam, Patricia W.; Nketiah-Amponsah, Edward; Kutame, Richard Report Jul 1, 2016 8837
HIAA proposal for affordable health coverage to small business groups is viewed as guarantee of coverage. Jun 13, 2016 1265
The effect of the Affordable Care Act's Medicaid expansion on health insurance coverage in 2014. Works, Richard Jun 1, 2016 438
The cognitive dissonance of tax treatment of health care. Miller, Thomas P. Report Jun 1, 2016 5223
Friends without benefits. Saltzman, David A. Interview Jun 1, 2016 666
Subsidizing healthcare hurts, drives up costs. Hoar, William R. May 23, 2016 2064
The ACA's 30-hour threshold: federal courts consider whether employers can avoid cost of health care. Rich, John E., Jr. Apr 15, 2016 712
Expanded Medicaid boosts community health centers: more insured patients means drop in uncompensated care. McCord, Michael Apr 1, 2016 1414
Looking at the burden of OPEB benefits. Brief article Apr 1, 2016 255
Reforming the tax treatment of health insurance. Antos, Joseph R. Apr 1, 2016 3565
Why did the Affordable Care Act raise coverage? Apr 1, 2016 945
While passage of the Affordable Care Act (i.e, Obamacare) has helped 15 million Americans get health Insurance, many low-income people still face challenges in affording the health care they need. Mar 1, 2016 187
ABA's HSA Council Applauds Introduction of the Health Savings Act (S. 2499 and H.R. 4469). Feb 26, 2016 227
Tufts Health Freedom Plan's innovative approach: quality care, local providers at heart of initiative. Wells, Brian; Rowe, Rachel Feb 5, 2016 523
ObamaCare costs bite small businesses. Brief article Feb 1, 2016 137
Consumer-Driven Health Plans Drive Cost Consciousness: EBRI. Jan 13, 2016 638
Organization and finance of China's health sector: Historical antecedents for macroeconomic structural adjustment. Li, Hui; Hilsenrath, Peter Abstract Jan 1, 2016 5721
The time for telemedicine is now! skyrocketing costs will force patients to find workarounds. Van Alstin, Chad Michael Editorial Jan 1, 2016 598
Cost-effectiveness. Klotter, Jule Jan 1, 2016 655
Percentage of uninsured persons aged <65 years with no health insurance coverage because of cost, by race/ethnicity--National Health Interview Survey, United States, 2004 and 2014. Adams, Patricia F.; Martinez, Michael E. Dec 4, 2015 152
Some projected net health insurance costs go poof. Dec 3, 2015 350
The affordable care act: what employers need to know for 2016. Curtice, Melanie K. Dec 1, 2015 1237
The effects of Medicaid eligibility on mental health services and out-of-pocket spending for mental health services. Golberstein, Ezra; Gonzales, Gilbert Dec 1, 2015 6284
How To Get Cheaper Health Insurance For 2016. Nov 18, 2015 582
On the Third Hand: Deadbeat Sam, Part 2. Bell, Allison Nov 1, 2015 469
Census: US adult uninsurance rate has dropped to new low: Affordable Care Act credited for decline. McGill, Natalie Nov 1, 2015 1005
Regional quarterly report. Report Oct 1, 2015 9477
Acceptance of new Medicaid patients by primary care physicians and experiences with physician availability among children on Medicaid or the Children's Health Insurance Program. Decker, Sandra L. Oct 1, 2015 8117
Is PPACA a form of organized crime? Oct 1, 2015 706
New Website Assists with Enrollment in Affordable Care Act Health Plans. Website overview Sep 6, 2015 292
Leading a mission for equitable, affordable access to health in US.: Q&A with HHS Secretary Sylvia Burwell. McGill, Natalie Interview Aug 1, 2015 1429
Spillover effects of the Affordable Care Act? Exploring the impact on young adult dental insurance coverage. Shane, Dan M.; Ayyagari, Padmaja Aug 1, 2015 5622
State of Birth Control Coverage: Health Plan Violations of the Affordable Care Act. Jun 22, 2015 200
Scaling and splitting: new approaches to health insurance: how can we cut health care costs while expanding access to care? Robertson, Christopher T.; Joiner, Keith A. Jun 22, 2015 4726
With Federal Funds in Question, Budget Writers Consider Health Safety Net. May 7, 2015 970
Reimbursement, networks and debt: navigating the health insurance marketplace. Boerner, Heather May 1, 2015 1536
The ObamaCare dilemma. Tanner, Michael D. May 1, 2015 1211
The Cadillac of Taxes: Not Just for Luxury Health Savings Vehicles. Apr 21, 2015 616
Patient protection and affordable care act: transition relief for employers and individual mandate. Mucenski-Keck, Lynn; Smoker, Kari A. Apr 1, 2015 4413
Self-employed insurance deduction under the Affordable Care Act. Mar 1, 2015 160
Universal health cover cost details in four weeks. Feb 26, 2015 219
ObamaCare: you ain't seen nothin' yet. Orient, Jane M. Feb 1, 2015 761
Ahead: a year of health transition: several Affordable Care Act provisions are set to kick off over the next several months. Chordas, Lori Jan 1, 2015 1959
Healthy Utah plan. Dicou, Natalie Kaye Jan 1, 2015 748
Abortion coverage under the Affordable Care Act: advancing transparency, ensuring choice and facilitating access. Hasstedt, Kinsey Jan 1, 2015 3785
Success in resolutions. Holbrook, Emily Editorial Jan 1, 2015 436
Racial differences in awareness of the Affordable Care Act and application assistance among low-income adults in three southern states. Mosqueira, Adrian Garcia; Hua, Lynn M.; Sommers, Benjamin D. Statistical data Jan 1, 2015 2486
Being uninsured in the US will cost you more in 2015. Alonso-Zaldivar, R. Dec 30, 2014 715
Credit Unions Spared CoOportunity Disruption. Dec 29, 2014 305
Website of the month: Affordable Care Act websites--Part I. Anders, Susan B. Dec 1, 2014 1577
Health benefit plan costs trends to decrease slightly, but not for drugs. Dec 1, 2014 525
Once a troubled Rust-Belt City, Duluth turns its finances around. Ruff, Mark Dec 1, 2014 3148
Pressure drop: competition pushes average N.H. health insurance premiums down. Brooks, David Brief article Nov 28, 2014 304
ACA's small business credit can be a real benefit. McGrath, Pat Nov 28, 2014 694
Chaney: ACA for business not all bad: businesses are facing higher costs for Obamacare compliance in 2015. Gillette, Becky Nov 7, 2014 762
Affordable Care Act impacting Alaska businesses in significant ways. Barbour, Tracy Nov 1, 2014 2494
Poll: Insured are losing faith; Health coverage seen lacking while up-front costs are high. Alonso-Zaldivar, Ricardo; Agiesta, Jennifer Oct 14, 2014 855
Health benefits cut for part-timers at Wal-Mart; Move aims to control costs; 30,000 affected. D'Innocenzio, Anne Oct 8, 2014 469
The early impact of the Affordable Care Act, state by state. Kowalski, Amanda E. Sep 22, 2014 12129
Open season move proposed. Anderson, Jane Brief article Aug 1, 2014 133
Open season move proposed. Anderson, Jane Brief article Aug 1, 2014 121
Hoodwinked Millenials finally are waking up. Aug 1, 2014 642
Healthcare costs Canadian families $11,000: new study reveals yearly costs of public healthcare. Jul 10, 2014 717
Healthcare costs Canadian families $11,000: new study reveals yearly costs of public healthcare. Jul 10, 2014 525
Success in affordable care act enrollment 'just the beginning'. Currie, Donya Jul 1, 2014 760
Contraceptive coverage under the Affordable Care Act: the bishops' battle against the common good. Smith, Meghan Jun 22, 2014 5017
Why health care costs are high. Singer, Jeffrey A. Jun 19, 2014 703
Coverage costs rise: Obamacare costs. Suderman, Peter Brief article May 25, 2014 248
Why are Dems vulnerable? Obamacare. Horn, Jennifer May 16, 2014 691
Businesses voice support of Medicaid expansion. Mar 7, 2014 638
Million-dollar babies. Coffin, Bill Mar 1, 2014 597
Obamacare to the rescue? Riczo, Steve Mar 1, 2014 1384
A better way to measure pay differentials among industries. Gittleman, Maury Mar 1, 2014 738
ACA website woes blocked 1 million from insurance: Congressional Budget Office report blames technical problems at for shortfall. Schneider, Mary Ellen Feb 15, 2014 416
Do you hear that ticking sound? Webber, Brian C. Feb 1, 2014 871
Wal-Mart to fill one-month prescriptions at no upfront cost to enrolees in public health insurance schemes. Jan 2, 2014 155
What fraction of Medicaid enrollees have private insurance coverage at the time of enrollment? Estimates from administrative data. Dague, Laura; DeLeire, Thomas; Friedsam, Donna; Leininger, Lindsey; Meier, Sarah; Voskuil, Kristen Statistical data Jan 1, 2014 10810
Abortion coverage under the affordable care act: the laws tell only half the story. Hasstedt, Kinsey Jan 1, 2014 4031
ObamaCare business blues: what? So what? Now what? Eoyang, Glenda Jan 1, 2014 1560
The Affordable Care Act: what every franchise needs to know: mall employers can lower their costs by pooling the risk of providing health insurance with other small businesses buying plans in the "marketplace.". Olafson, Meredith Jan 1, 2014 936
The economics of health care and health insurance. Schansberg, D. Eric Essay Jan 1, 2014 9426
The Affordable Care Act: a planned transition to socialized medicine. Huntoon, Lawrence R. Editorial Dec 22, 2013 2509
Rite Aid ready for onset of Affordable Care Act. Dec 16, 2013 576
Confusion reigns when it comes to online health insurance marketplace, tax credit for small businesses. Sanders, Bob Dec 13, 2013 1932
Obamacare and me. Lennon, J. Mark Dec 13, 2013 717
Retiree health-care coverage can save money, report argues. Dec 1, 2013 433
Delta vs. ObamaCare: friendly skies, unfriendly rules. Suderman, Peter Brief article Dec 1, 2013 245
New wrinkle adds even more ACA uncertainty: little-known 'list billing' could increase premiums of older workers. Sanders, Bob Nov 29, 2013 1696
Study: More Than 2 Million Texans Qualify for Insurance Tax Credit. Report Nov 5, 2013 746
Economic impact of depression. Tuttle, Hilary Brief article Nov 1, 2013 191
Boondoggle of boondoggles. Emord, Jonathan W. Nov 1, 2013 1014
6 Things you need to know about insurance: here's what the Affordable Care Act means for your family's coverage. Krueger, Anne Nov 1, 2013 616
Report: Affordable Care Act to Raise Premiums in Texas. Oct 28, 2013 973
Scaling up affordable health insurance; staying the course. Book review Oct 1, 2013 165
Affordable Care Act exactly the opposite. Oct 1, 2013 382
ObamaCare as Ponzi scheme. Oct 1, 2013 510
Brokers vital for cheaper health coverage. Mayer, Kathryn Oct 1, 2013 252
Health care reform in Tennessee: an economic and health care crisis. How did this happen? What is next? Kinch, Jill Sep 22, 2013 573
We can't afford alternative Medicaid plan: the state needs a sensible, quality, affordable system for uninsured low-income residents. Kuenning, Tess Stack Sep 20, 2013 580
Health coverage law may shift cost; Low premiums; pay more if sick. Alonso-Zaldivar, Ricardo Sep 6, 2013 714
Health care update: Affordable Care Act. Ezarik, Melissa Sep 1, 2013 453
The Obamacare dilemma: institutions grapple with the costs of providing health insurance to adjunct faculty under the Affordable Care Act. Cooper, Kenneth J. Aug 29, 2013 1181
The affordable care act--tax implications for employers. Reno, Juliana Aug 12, 2013 928
ACA may hike out-of-pocket expenses. Aug 5, 2013 338
Affordable Care Act's employer mandate to be delayed until 2015. Aug 1, 2013 260
Financial burden of medical out-of-pocket spending by state and the implications of the 2014 Medicaid expansions. Caswell, Kyle J.; Waidmann, Timothy; Blumberg, Linda J. Abstract Aug 1, 2013 14676
Healthcare reform features tax credits for businesses offering health insurance. Jun 24, 2013 455
Understanding the impact of health reform on the states: expansion of coverage through Medicaid and exchanges. Richardson, Lilliard E.; Yilmazer, Tansel Report Jun 22, 2013 12694
Out-of-network physicians: how prevalent are involuntary use and cost transparency? Kyanko, Kelly A.; Curry, Leslie A.; Busch, Susan H. Jun 1, 2013 6609
Employers worry about health plan costs. May 1, 2013 310
Stemming with critical illness insurance: rising health care costs: today's employees, faced with high-deductible health plans and increasingly expensive medical bills, need supplemental coverage that goes beyond disability insurance. Patience, Bob May 1, 2013 978
The expansion of Medicaid coverage under the ACA: implications for health care access, use, and spending for vulnerable low-income adults. Clemans-Cope, Lisa; Long, Sharon K.; Coughlin, Teresa A.; Yemane, Alshadye; Resnick, Dean May 1, 2013 9547
"The best health care system in the world"? Miller, Gary Viewpoint essay Apr 1, 2013 2204
Mandates push city health costs; Projected $4.8M increase for FY 2014. Apr 1, 2013 465
Making sense of health care law implementation: franchise owners should begin preparing now for implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Thorman, Judith Apr 1, 2013 899
O-T-Cs improve patient access, limit health care costs. Feb 11, 2013 794
Self-insured health benefit plans: a new benefits solution shows promise for cutting costs and making employees happy. Gallion, Mari Feb 1, 2013 1514
CDHP, HDHP participants are more cost-conscious. Jan 7, 2013 361
ACA gifts consumers $1.5 billion. Anderson, Jane Brief article Jan 1, 2013 145
Longitudinal changes in the government-certified index stage and requisite costs for long-term care insurance system among the community-dwelling demented elderly in Japan. Shinagawa, Shunichiro; Nakamura, Shiori; Iwamoto, Makoto; Tsuno, Norifumi; Shigeta, Masahiro; Nakaya Report Jan 1, 2013 4615
Essential health benefits; balancing coverage and cost. Book review Dec 1, 2012 329
CBO: Agent comp bill could add $1.1 billion to deficits. Nov 8, 2012 865
The health and wealth of a nation; employer-based health insurance and the Affordable Care Act. Book review Oct 1, 2012 206
Employer survey: economy affects employers' benefits decisions. McGrory, Amanda K. Cover story Oct 1, 2012 2386
U.S. Employer Healthcare Premiums Outpace Inflation, Wages. Sep 11, 2012 729

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