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Free movies for seniors cost Makati P38.5 million in 2017. Jan 27, 2018 850
Cost of care to rise; council to scrap adult care pay cap. Jan 26, 2018 623
Cost burden weighs on older Americans. Jan 1, 2018 262
The New Tax Bill Will Make Americans Less Healthy 6 And That's Bad For The Economy. Reprint Dec 7, 2017 628
United States : Heitkamp: North Dakotans Deserve Better Than a Budget That Punishes Our Families, Seniors, and Rural Communities. Oct 21, 2017 258
Australia : Palaszczuk Government reducing seniors cost of living. Oct 12, 2017 470
The costs of fall-related injuries among older adults: Annual per-faller, service component, and patient out-of-pocket costs. Hoffman, Geoffrey J.; Hays, Ron D.; Shapiro, Martin F.; Wallace, Steven P.; Ettner, Susan L. Oct 1, 2017 8995
Study confirms Juniper Communities' Connect4Life model decreases hospital admission rates and could cut $15.3 billion in Medicare spending. Sep 25, 2017 803
Providing And Fixing Of 1 No Rain Shelter In Park Near Senior Citizen Club In Sector 6 Part Jhajjar With One Year Mtc. And Defect Liability Period Free Of Cost. Sep 14, 2017 164
Providing And Fixing Of 1 No Rain Shelter In Park Near Senior Citizen Club In Sector 6 Part Jhajjar With One Year Mtc. And Defect Liability Period Free Of Cost. Aug 22, 2017 158
New Site Spotlights PBM Fees that Raise Medicare Costs on Seniors Seeking Lifesaving Medications. Aug 14, 2017 864
Supervision Of Shelters For Dependent Elderly People In The Context Of A National Cost Study For Atih. Aug 2, 2017 236
'Low-cost social care is leaving elderly isolated'. Jul 13, 2017 517
United States : Governor Cuomo Announces $9.3 Million Energy-Efficient Affordable Housing Development for Seniors in Hornell. Jun 12, 2017 909
Buy Affordable Car Insurance for Senior Citizens by Using Online Quotes. Jun 6, 2017 468
United States : Trumps Budget Does Nothing to Help Housing Needs of Low-income Families, Seniors and the Homeless. Jun 3, 2017 405
Short Term Care Insurance Policies Can Aid Seniors Facing Surging Drug Costs Shares Center Director. Jun 1, 2017 373
Bernie Sanders Blasts Trump's Budget. Mar 16, 2017 368
AARP: Branded drug costs remain burden. Jan 2, 2017 1087
An "age"-old problem: graying societies in the U.S., Germany, and Italy each come with their own set of dilemmas. Parker, Kim; Horowitz, Juliana Jan 1, 2017 2345
Pre-retirees are terrified about health care costs. Survey Dec 7, 2016 946
TD Bank Invests in Affordable Housing for Seniors and Homeless Veterans with HELP USA. Nov 14, 2016 785
Supervision Institutions Accommodation For The Elderly As Part Of A National Cost Study. Oct 26, 2016 101
Tiny Social Security COLA to Pinch Seniors as Medicare Costs Surge. Oct 18, 2016 1340
October Issue of AARP Bulletin Features Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and their Stance on Social Security, Health Care, Fixing the Economy and Terrorism. Oct 3, 2016 1030
Assessing the retirement income prospects of Canada future elderly: a review of five studies. Baldwin, Bob Sep 1, 2016 8579
Australia : Sustainable seniors soak-up savings at Queensland retirement village. Aug 29, 2016 283
Development Of L/s Work In Senior Citizen Club Building In Sector-17, Jagadhari .(providing And Fixing Of M.s Fancy Tree Guard With Three Years Mtc And Defect Liability Period Free Of Cost.). Aug 11, 2016 149
Study on APEC Member Economies Experiences in Providing Long-Term Public Care for Senior Citizens. Aug 2, 2016 258
Australia : Cost of Living Rebate benefits WA seniors. Jul 28, 2016 268
Affordable Care Service for Seniors Arrives in San Antonio. Jun 15, 2016 558
CalPACE Supports Budget Measures to Boost Care Program for Frail Elderly. Jun 14, 2016 823
Investing in affordable housing for the elderly. Jun 2, 2016 485
Canada : Ontario lowers drug costs for over 170,000 more low-income seniors. Apr 5, 2016 298
No 16v029pa - insertion per share of economic activity in the context of the establishment of a meal delivery service at home in favor of toulouse seniors. Mar 8, 2016 283
N O 16V029pa - Insertion Per Share Of Economic Activity In The Context Of The Establishment Of A Meal Delivery Service Has Toulouse Home For The Elderly. Mar 5, 2016 170
Debt of Older Americans Surges: New York Fed. Feb 24, 2016 535
United States : Wolf Administration Announces Grant to Assist Affordable Housing Project for Veterans, Seniors in Chester County. Feb 23, 2016 240
Wolf Administration Announces Grant to Assist Affordable Housing Project for Veterans, Seniors in Chester County. Feb 22, 2016 371
Suicidology. Cosman, Doina Report Dec 22, 2015 22800
Supervision of accommodation facilities for dependent older people as part of a national study costs. Nov 18, 2015 283
The relationship between local economic conditions and acute myocardial infarction hospital utilization by adults and seniors in the United States, 1995-2011. Carls, Ginger Smith; Henke, Rachel Mosher; Karaca, Zeynal; Marder, William D.; Wong, Herberts. Oct 1, 2015 8451
Proposed Budget Cuts To Supportive Living Threaten Livelihood Of 3,000 Seniors And Persons With Disabilities. Aug 11, 2015 904
Elderly punished over care costs [...]. Jul 28, 2015 159
We owe a debt to our elderly. Jun 19, 2015 118
Medical spending of the elderly. Apr 1, 2015 858
Privatisation fears over council bid to cut elderly care costs. Mar 12, 2015 506
More elderly go hungry. Mendoza, Gilberto Mar 1, 2015 397
A growing market affordable senior housing: when care and assistance is needed, where can low-income seniors go? Hewitt, Maureen Mar 1, 2015 1283
Senior Citizens Get More Plastic Surgery Procedures, Particularly Tummy Tucks, Given Improving Economy. Feb 17, 2015 265
Protecting Your Clients' Portfolios From Unpredictable Expenses. Feb 4, 2015 1541
PCMA: Lower Cost, Preferred Pharmacies Popular with Seniors in Medicare Part D. Dec 11, 2014 604
Supervision of hosting dependent elderly facilities (nursing homes) as part of a national study of costs (enc). Oct 9, 2014 203
Demographic change and the economics of an aging society: key findings on the theoretical positioning of economics of aging in science. Meiners, Norbert H. Report Sep 22, 2014 7063
Government to promote private pension plans. Sep 1, 2014 652
Study Reveals Shift To 340B Hospitals Increases Costs Of Cancer Treatment For Seniors And Medicare. Report Jun 10, 2014 1033
Getting rich off the aged. Brief article Jun 1, 2014 289
HelpCare Plus Saves Seniors and Their Families Thousands of Dollars on Medical Services. May 6, 2014 863
New Legislation Could Increase Prescription Drug Costs Over $12 Billion For Florida Employers, Seniors, and Consumers. Mar 25, 2014 346
Stepping on the third rail of politics. Weidenbaum, Murray Jan 1, 2014 2434
National Non-Profit Offers Eye Exams at No Cost to Virginia Seniors. Dec 18, 2013 632
Cost of Living Crisis? Elderly and Disabled Pay '[pounds sterling]740 a Year More' for Services. Dec 16, 2013 376
Home Health Leaders Commend Governor Martin O'Malley for Supporting Affordable Home Healthcare for Maryland Seniors. Dec 6, 2013 648
National Poll: American Seniors Overwhelmingly Reject Medicare Cuts and Cost-Sharing in Favor of Medicare Program Integrity Reform. Jul 10, 2013 909
State Budget Means Good News For Illinois Seniors. May 31, 2013 311
Report: Further Austerity Will Subject Seniors in US to Even Deeper Poverty. May 22, 2013 504
Survey: 85% of Part D Seniors in Preferred Pharmacy Plans are Satisfied With Costs, Pharmacy Choices. May 20, 2013 643
Sequestration Cuts Threaten Seniors' Cancer Care While Increasing Medicare Costs. May 9, 2013 879
Marketing to seniors is a "booming" opportunity. Goodman, Emily May 1, 2013 1480
Behavioral economics, part 2: why smart seniors make stupid mistakes with their money. Johnson, Kerry Mar 1, 2013 503
Behavioral economics, part 1: why smart seniors make stupid mistakes with their money. Johnson, Kerry Jan 26, 2013 476
Drugstore Lobby Poll of Seniors: Mail-Service Pharmacies Cost Less than Community Drugstores. Jan 24, 2013 454
Netherlands : Identifying best practices for care-dependent elderly by Benchmarking Costs and outcomes of community care. Jan 17, 2013 441
Research and Markets: 2013 U.S. Community Care Facilities for the Elderly Industry - Capital & Expenses Report. Report Dec 20, 2012 383
Cost Of Elderly Care Challenging Military Families, First Command Reports. Dec 11, 2012 826
Red Cross fears budget cuts increase risk to elderly people. Dec 10, 2012 366
AARP Volunteers Take Message to Lame Duck: Don't Throw Older Americans Over Economic Cliff. Dec 5, 2012 792
AARP Pennsylvania Volunteers Take Message to Washington: Don't Throw Older Americans Over Economic Cliff. Dec 5, 2012 956
Subjective well-being of the elderly in Xi Cheng district, Beijing. Li, Shuo; Xie, Zhaohui; Shao, Jun; Xiao, Cunli; Tian, Liang; Zhao, Rongfeng; Gong, Jiakai; Han, Jinx Report Dec 1, 2012 9589
How end-stage renal disease patients manage the Medicare Part D coverage gap. Kovacs, Pamela J.; Perkins, Nathan; Nuschke, Elizabeth; Carroll, Norman Report Nov 1, 2012 6049
Greedy Geezers reconsidered: in the current downturn, the vast majority of the elderly are suffering along with the young. The right cure would help both generations. Kuttner, Robert Essay Nov 1, 2012 2524
New PDP gives seniors a low-cost option. Oct 22, 2012 327
Political action to solve aged-care funding issues. Oct 1, 2012 764
Seniors housing outlook: road to recovery: investors adapt portfolios to the new realities of seniors housing. Hoban, Sandra Sep 1, 2012 740
A longitudinal analysis of the lifetime cost of dementia. Yang, Zhou; Zhang, Kun; Lin, Pei-Jung; Clevenger, Carolyn; Atherly, Adam Aug 1, 2012 6989
In hard times, old people will have to share the pain of reducing the budget deficit. Jul 16, 2012 985
Stretching Program Can Reduce Injury, Cut Hospital Readmission Costs For Seniors. Jul 6, 2012 623
Big cost of caring for elderly leaves tough budget decision. Jun 19, 2012 215
HOME CARE CUTS CRISIS PUTS ELDERLY IN DANGER; Red Cross slams 'false economy'. Jun 11, 2012 348
Elderly facing big care cost rise. Feb 20, 2012 183
Functioning falters faster among poor. Brief article Feb 1, 2012 270
Seniors Housing Experts to Share Key Strategies for Gaining Market Share During Economic Recovery. Industry overview Jan 17, 2012 505
Festive debt fear for many elderly. Dec 8, 2011 168
'Social care benefits from social housing' BETTER HOMES FOR ELDERLY COULD SAVE NHS MONEY. Clinical report Nov 4, 2011 520
Older adults more willing to wait for financial rewards. Brief article Sep 22, 2011 106
New data: Affordable Care Act delivers lower costs to more seniors with Medicare. Sep 8, 2011 699
Will fees use up savings? 2 Ask DEBS ADVICE FOR THE OVER 50s Financial and personal advice for the over 50s with Deborah Smith, engagement manager for the older people's charity Age Cymru. Jul 27, 2011 369
As Budget Debate Continues, New Video Urges Government Not to Cut Solutions That Help Millions of Seniors. Jul 12, 2011 983
Lansley warns over elderly care costs; Commission backs pounds 35,000 bill ceiling. Jul 5, 2011 585
Care costs for the elderly to be capped; Move to save pensioners having to sell their houses. Jul 4, 2011 518
How to Profit from the Growing Affordable Seniors Housing Market. Jun 30, 2011 532
A world of hurt over health care: rising medical expenses and confusion over coverage have left many seniors grasping for answers. Williams, Melanie Jun 21, 2011 1726
Inflation, Interest Rates and Rising Healthcare Costs Top List of Retiree & Pre-Retirees' Concerns. May 16, 2011 1239
Coalition Fears That San Francisco Ban on Yellow Pages Hurts Labor, Small Businesses, Seniors, Ethnic Community and Economy. May 10, 2011 912
Partnership to Improve the Economic Security of Older Adults with Limited Resources. Apr 12, 2011 1185
Barack Obama, Social Security and the final irrelevance of the Black Misleadership Class. Dixon, Bruce A. Mar 22, 2011 1102
Senate Refuses to Balance the Budget on the Backs of Vulnerable Older Americans. Mar 10, 2011 805
Volunteering after retiring works for me[...]; Research found elderly volunteers help keep the economy afloat. RUTH LAWSON talks to a grandmother who has dedicated 17 years of her life to volunteer work. Mar 7, 2011 581
Deep Proposed Budget Cuts Would Weaken Programs Targeted to Low-Income Older Americans. Feb 14, 2011 1124
New Analysis: U.S. Skilled Nursing Sector, America's 2nd Largest Health Employer, Caught in State-Federal Funding Squeeze Jeopardizing Seniors' Care and Fragile Economic Recovery. Feb 8, 2011 1107
One in Six Seniors Lives in Poverty, New Analysis Finds. Jan 24, 2011 1080
The empty nest: unvoiced concerns of the elderly. Valdehuesa-Mahilum, Jofi Report Jan 1, 2011 4932
Many elderly in US will face poverty: study. Dec 19, 2010 315
Strength training for seniors offers cognitive, economic benefits: Study. Dec 14, 2010 477
Older people said to be losing up to pounds 710 a year due to inflation. Nov 17, 2010 557
Fears over cost of future care for city's elderly. Nov 4, 2010 689
The Hartford Lowers the Cost of Life Insurance for Many Older Americans with Heart Disease. Oct 21, 2010 877
New Study Finds Remote Monitoring Technology Enables the Elderly to Remain Independent Longer, Reduces Care Costs for Providers. Sep 29, 2010 1059
Counting the cost of caring for the elderly. Sep 25, 2010 381
Social Security not measuring seniors' true cost of living. Sep 7, 2010 764
Pelosi: Seniors Protection Act Will Provide Economic Security for Our Nation's Seniors. Jul 30, 2010 240
The high cost of free bus travel for the elderly - on the young; Western Mail. Jul 26, 2010 458
Most Seniors Misinformed, Unaware of Key Provisions of the Affordable Care Act, New Poll from the National Council on Aging Reveals. Jul 26, 2010 1603
Helping hand extended to seniors. Brief article Jul 19, 2010 247
Targeting seniors? Their spending power is on the decline. Jul 1, 2010 205
Economic hardship among older people in New Zealand: the effects of low living standards on social support, loneliness, and mental health. Stephens, Christine; Alpass, Fiona; Towers, Andy Report Jul 1, 2010 5520
FALLS among elderly people cost [...]. Jun 28, 2010 239
With FMAP Delay, Recession, Pressure on State Medicaid Programs, African-American and Hispanic Seniors More Likely to Face Problem Accessing Quality Nursing Home Care. Jun 9, 2010 837
Pelosi: Health Reform Will Lower Costs, Strengthen Medicare, Give Seniors More Control Over Their Health Care. Jun 8, 2010 381
Studies Report Nocturia Was Associated With Risk of Death and Represented a Significant Economic Burden to U.S. Society. Jun 1, 2010 1478
Kiwisaver in your '60s. Gawith, Andrew Jun 1, 2010 410
The impact of user fees on health costs and health burdens in Jamaica: the cases of diabetes and hypertension/El impacto de los honorarios de usuarios en los costos de salud y el peso de los costos del ssistema de salud en Jamaica: los casos de pacientes que sufren de diabetes e hipertension/ L'impact des frais payes par les usagers sur le cout et la charge du systeme de sante en Jamaique: les cas du diabete et de l'hypertension. Alleyne, Dillon Mar 1, 2010 11355
'Delay state pensions to 70' debt bid; ELDERLY. Feb 25, 2010 145
NCOA Offers Free Counseling for Older Adults Seeking to Tap Home Equity During Economic Downturn. Jan 20, 2010 350
New Study Confirms Inappropriate Use of Sedative Hypnotics by Elderly May Increase Adverse Events, Health Care Costs. Jan 12, 2010 1054
New Year's Resolution for Older Adults: Take Advantage of New Changes to Programs that Help with Medicare Costs. Jan 11, 2010 576
Covering seniors now would save money later: "providing health insurance coverage to older uninsured adults may not cost as much as previously thought.". Williams, Daniel D. Dec 1, 2009 447
Free care for elderly fears; POLITICS: City council in row over cost of home scheme. Nov 19, 2009 468
The differential importance of personal and environmental resources to older Canadians. Low, Gail; Keating, Norah; Gao, Zhiwei Essay Nov 1, 2009 9915
Medical aid costs to rocket. Bateman, Chris Brief article Nov 1, 2009 314
Seniors Helping Seniors[R] Loving, Caring, Compassionate Services for Seniors by Seniors Continues Steady Growth Despite A Tough Economy. Sep 22, 2009 481
Seniors are offered a helping hand. Aug 3, 2009 392
Risk of Poverty Six Times Greater for Older Americans Lacking Pensions, New Study Finds. Jul 30, 2009 673
Cyprus has worst record in EU on elderly poverty risk. Jul 28, 2009 431
Senior citizens missing out on benefit; MORE SHOULD GET PENSION CREDIT. Jul 18, 2009 454
2009 senior survey: after months and months of worsening economic news, America's seniors still have a cautious optimistism about their financial futures. Learn how a talented advisor can help them find the light at the end of the tunnel. Stonehouse, Andy Jul 1, 2009 1979
Elderly left to count cost of care price hike; CHARGES: Inflation-busting costs could see pensioners lose independence. Apr 16, 2009 373
Matrix Home Care Offers Tips on Helping Seniors Stay Healthy in a 'Down' Economy. Mar 4, 2009 381
Aging Population in Seattle/King County Expected to Double by 2025: Action Needed to Prevent Affordable Housing Crisis for Low-Income Seniors. Feb 19, 2009 1026
Diseases of aging: high costs. High risks. Stomierowski, Peg Jan 1, 2009 1913
Lowa report: aging population could strain state budgets. Brief article Dec 1, 2008 195
pounds 100 a week cap to go as elderly face charges rise; CARE Anyone with pounds 22,250 savings will pay full cost of care. Oct 27, 2008 502
Current U.S. Economy Causes Seniors to Give Less, the Young to Give More. Sep 2, 2008 1178
OAP CARE BILL SOARS BY pounds 100m; Costs rise as more of our elderly opt to stay at home. Aug 27, 2008 324
Mid-year analysis of LTC financing: expert financiers discuss potential economic impacts on seniors housing, care. Aug 1, 2008 1940
Wesley Enhanced Living Survey Reveals That the Economy and Iraq War Are Top Election Concerns for Senior Citizens. Jul 21, 2008 511
Defeat for care home battlers; CAMPAIGN: Costs force old people's families to give up over closures programme. May 21, 2008 307
300,000 MORE ELDERLY IN FUEL POVERTY TRAP; New price hike piles on the misery. May 4, 2008 275
300,000 MORE ELDERLY IN FUEL POVERTY TRAP. May 4, 2008 158
Cost of hospital care for older adults with heart failure: medical, pharmaceutical, and nursing costs. Titler, Marita G.; Jensen, Gwenneth A.; Dochterman, Joanne McCloskey; Xie, Xian-Jin; Kanak, Mary; Re Report Apr 1, 2008 7635
Your MONEY: Elderly left out in the cold; CASHPOINT BUDGET SPECIAL. Mar 13, 2008 326
Elderly care costs to double. Feb 19, 2008 142
Alameda County Seniors and Disabled People Get Affordable and Convenient Health Care. Jan 31, 2008 507
Tax break plan studied; Seniors would benefit; costs questioned. Aug 14, 2007 506
Cost of living rate rising higher for the elderly; PERSONAL FINANCE. Jul 28, 2007 352
Cost of living for elderly rises; ELDERLY. Jul 25, 2007 119
Elderly bear the brunt of inflation. Jul 25, 2007 189
Aging trends. Brief article Jul 1, 2007 203
The economics of aging. Wise, David A. Jul 1, 2007 7848
Vigorous Seniors Good for Economy, Social Security, Says New KLRI Report. May 15, 2007 703
Study finds state seniors struggling; Many unable to afford basics because of costs. Mar 28, 2007 717
Handling details for seniors could be coming opportunity, exec says. Thomas, Trevor Mar 19, 2007 744
Metro hikes travel cost for elderly. Feb 16, 2007 479
How does Cash and Counseling affect costs? Dale, Stacy B.; Brown, Randall S. Author abstract Feb 1, 2007 8159
Over-50s can bring billions to economy. Oct 23, 2006 188
Social Security con job. Hoar, William P. Sep 4, 2006 1013
Law firm says elderly may not need to meet cost of their own care. Sep 1, 2006 688
Protecting vulnerable adults financially. Snyder, Joseph Jun 1, 2006 686
Part D: no help for poor seniors. Frieden, Joyce Brief article Jun 1, 2006 142
STEALS ON WHEELS; EXCLUSIVE Cost of daily meals for needy seniors soars by 52% Meagre lunch was pounds 2.30 Now it's rocketed to pounds 3.50 AND BESSIE, 96, HAS TO EAT IT OUT OF A TINFOIL TRAY CAMPAIGN RESPECT. Apr 9, 2006 751
Higher taxes are needed to prevent old people living in poverty, warns pensions supremo. Apr 5, 2006 937
Growing old the hard way: China, Russia, India. Eberstadt, Nicholas Apr 1, 2006 10311
pounds 200M BILL FOR CARE OF ELDERLY; Record costs but still no end to waiting lists. Mar 30, 2006 129
'Ebenezer Scrooge Budget does little for pensioner poverty'. Mar 23, 2006 455
Senile justice? Mar 22, 2006 425
What needs to be put right at drug chains. Pinto, David Feb 27, 2006 834
Studies Indicate a Change in Sedentary Behavior Reduces Health Care Costs. Dec 7, 2005 329
Cost of hospital care for elderly at risk of falling. Titler, Marita; Dochterman, Joanne; Picone, Debra M.; Everett, Linda; Xie, Xian-Jin; Kanak, Mary; Fe Nov 1, 2005 11801
Million dollar study of seniors housing in Atlantic provinces. Brief Article Apr 18, 2005 286
Reverse mortgages help seniors improve their financial situation. Haber, Dennis Dec 1, 2004 515
SINGAPORE IS AGING FAST. Brief Article Dec 1, 2004 225
Educate seniors about Medicare discount cards: questions coming your way. Schneider, Mary Ellen May 1, 2004 925
Might not always right: size often does matter when it comes to securing rights, but little voices can shout too, and sometimes they're heard. Oct 1, 2003 3302
Kobe's quandary: robots versus revolution: Japan must welcome future foreigners--or face a fractious future. Al-Badri, Dominic Oct 1, 2003 1180
Drug disparity. Silverman, Jennifer Brief Article Sep 15, 2003 119
Generational equity, generational interdependence, and the framing of the debate over social security reform. Howling, Stephanie A. Sep 1, 2003 4236
The holistic future of aging: baby boomers will put a new, active, empowered face on aging. Shahar, Aviv Sep 1, 2003 519
Labor supply of older men: does Social Security matter? Vanderhart, Michel J. Apr 1, 2003 7620
Drug assistance gap. (Policy & Practice). Silverman, Jennifer; Peters, Sally Brief Article Jan 15, 2003 145
Cost of drugs most used by seniors rising rapidly. (RX/News). Brief Article Aug 5, 2002 306
Peacock, eye graying. (Television). Kissell, Rick Industry Overview Jul 15, 2002 2470
How should Norway respond to ageing? Feb 1, 2001 14203
Methodological Biases in Estimating the Burden of Out-of-Pocket Expenses. Goldman, Dana P.; Smith, James P. Feb 1, 2001 5213
CareQuest LTC Introduces Prescription Plan for Elderly. Brief Article Sep 1, 2000 110
Differences in net worth between elderly black people and elderly white people. Ozawa, Martha N.; Tseng, Huan-yui Statistical Data Included Jun 1, 2000 8048
Expenditure patterns of older Americans, 1984-97. Paulin, Geoffrey D. Statistical Data Included May 1, 2000 18853
California Adopts Pricing Law. Brief Article Feb 28, 2000 788
Old and Young Make Impulsive Decisions. Brief Article Dec 1, 1999 518
Congress Considers Discounting Medicare Drugs. FRIEDEN, JOYCE Brief Article Jun 15, 1999 599
The economic well-being of elderly people and children in a changing society. Ozawa, Martha N. Jan 1, 1999 5613
Coping with population ageing. Dec 1, 1998 17062
Trends in retirement age in four countries, 1965-95. Gendell, Murray Aug 1, 1998 9899
The rise of grey power. May 1, 1998 1409
Marketplace 2000: riding the wave of population change. Dychtwald, Maddy Kent Sep 22, 1997 2647
Aging consumers and their effects on the marketplace. Leventhal, Richard C. Sep 22, 1997 2895
Targeting the mature market: opportunities and challenges. Moschis, George P.; Euehun, Lee; Mathur, Anil Sep 22, 1997 4482
Elderly and nonelderly expenditures on necessities in the 1980s. Rubin, Rose M.; Koelin, Kenneth Sep 1, 1996 4900
D.C.-area cog: region's elderly at high risk of poverty. Zimmerman, Joseph F. Sep 22, 1994 450
Ageing population and the pension system. Aug 1, 1992 4110
When gray is golden: business in an aging America. Doka, Kenneth J. Jul 1, 1992 2279
Social Security is for everybody. Hess, John L. Jan 16, 1988 1726
Older shoppers: a super market. Donegan, Priscilla Aug 1, 1986 2371
Age-related reductions in workers' life insurance. Miller, Michael A. Sep 1, 1985 2469

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