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SNP hails record small business numbers; ECONOMY. Jan 2, 2020 258
Here's how to win the small business vote this election; OFFICE POLITICS Politicians are trying to woo the backbone of the UK economy before next week's vote. Michelle Ovens Dec 6, 2019 527
Shop local On Black Friday and Small Business Saturday, you can help the local economy. Nov 29, 2019 443
Small business focuses on economic growth. Nov 12, 2019 328
FedEx Trade Index: Small Businesses See U.S. Trade As Driver Of Overall Economic Growth. Oct 25, 2019 451
Half of small firms badly hit by Brexit; Businesses struggle amid competition and rising material costs. Aug 5, 2019 339
Trade Credit Accounts Make Life Easier for Small Business Owners. Aug 1, 2019 426
Strategy for Auto Repair Loans Can Save Valuable Money for Small Businesses. Aug 1, 2019 376
Helping Your Hometown: Why You Need to Buy Into Buying Local. Brunelle, Bill May 1, 2019 667
Business Ledger to host Small Business Economic Forum. Apr 17, 2019 225
Labour plans to stop RBS being sold off as new strategy for economy is unveiled; EXCLUSIVE: Shadow Chancellor reveals Labour wants easier access to capital for small firms and more money for public facilities and manufacturing. Mar 31, 2019 396
A fundamental education: A firsthand account of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program. Cookson, Matt Mar 29, 2019 759
Report: Immigrant-owned small businesses generate $1B in annual NJ economic activity. Perry, Jessica Mar 18, 2019 532
Oklahoma House Passes Bill to Help Small Businesses Grow. Jones, Stephanie K. Brief article Mar 14, 2019 355
TAKE 5. Mar 1, 2019 311
Economic development offices are positioned to help small businesses. Feb 18, 2019 768
53% Of Small Businesses Believe Recession Is Coming. Feb 13, 2019 554
How Collateral Registry Opened N1.2trn Credit To Small Businesses. Feb 11, 2019 1725
MGA/Carrier Partnerships Enable Cost-Effective InsurTech Automation for Small Business Risks. Feb 4, 2019 1067
MGA/Carrier Partnerships Enable Cost-Effective InsurTech Automation for Small Business Risks. Burgess, Hugh Feb 4, 2019 1060
Micro-loans boost small businesses in Nigeria. Unah, Linus Feb 1, 2019 1028
The things you think about with a new year. Atkins, Michael Jan 1, 2019 659
Grant program helping small businesses STEP up. Dec 3, 2018 909
Small Firms in Puerto Rico. Liard-Muriente, Carlos; Schenck, Samantha M. Report Nov 1, 2018 827
2018 e.Builders Forum in Detroit to Share Best Small Business Economic Development Practices. Sep 4, 2018 615
NJ more foe than friend to small businesses, annual survey says. Saulsbery, Gabrielle Aug 14, 2018 335
Dubious distinction NJ has highest cost for doing business. Ehlbeck, Laurie Aug 6, 2018 426
Labor Department Rule Expands Small Business Health Plan Options: AFS APPLAUDED THE DECISION, WHICH EXPANDS ACCESS TO AFFORDABLE HEALTH COVERAGE AND LOWERS THE COST OF HEALTH CARE FOR SMALL MANUFACTURERS. Salmon, Stephanie; Hannapel, Jeff; Richter, Christian Jul 1, 2018 217
Aiding the poor with self-employment and small-business ownership. Leith, Lawrence H. Jul 1, 2018 617
Business confidence Positive feelings about economy compensate for higher loan rates. Lang, Christopher Jun 18, 2018 834
Money Talk: Tips for scaling your small business. May 29, 2018 580
CMM Ingenieria Updates Its Technology to Make Biodiesel Fuel at Low Cost in Farms and Small Business. May 16, 2018 216
Let's continue to help small businesses, the backbone of our economy. May 3, 2018 605
FASTER PAYMENTS: THE IMPACT FOR SMALL BUSINESSES: Financial and regulatory changes are making it easier for small businesses to transfer, send, or receive funds quicker and more efficiently. Phillips, Mike Apr 1, 2018 1158
SBA offers economic injury disaster loans. Mar 19, 2018 213
Aykley Heads masterplan could 'become the beating heart of the County Durham economy'; Small business leader Simon Hanson hails new business park that aims to create up to 6,000 jobs and attract [pounds sterling]400m worth of investment. Mar 15, 2018 553
Government is always unfair to someone--it has to be. Cirtwill, Charles Mar 1, 2018 669
Affordable Marketing Solutions LLC Now Offering Customer Experience Training to Small Businesses. Feb 21, 2018 344
HEALTH REIMBURSEMENT ARRANGEMENTS IN SMALL BUSINESSES: Small businesses that use HRAs to help their employees with the costs of health insurance need to stay abreast of any changes in relevant legislation and regulatory guidance. Harden, William; Upton, David Feb 1, 2018 1179
Age appropriate: BUSINESSES SOUGHT FOR 'BECOMING AGE-FRIENDLY' INITIATIVE. Brief article Jan 19, 2018 277
State economy healthy: Federal regulations hurt small business. Dec 1, 2017 625
Modi's big economic changes have hit India's small businesses. Oct 20, 2017 1089
Budget must offer help to small businesses. Oct 4, 2017 456
The Hunt for the Local Ad Dollar: As Main Street evolves, the value of small businesses remains strong for newspapers. Oct 1, 2017 2824
State captain update: FAN State Captains and all franchise owners are being rallied to write opinion editorials for publications across the nation to voice concerns of small-business owners on issues, such as the joint-employer standard, and what Congress can do to lower barriers to growth and jumpstart the economy. Kennedy, Ryan; Murtaza, Haider Editorial Sep 1, 2017 458
Tax Credit Boost Could Increase Small-Business Retirement Plans: LPL. Aug 8, 2017 514
The Role of Organizational Culture in Knowledge Management in Small Companies. Prystupa, Kaja Abstract Jul 1, 2017 8214
Predicting Growth of Micro and Small Business Using Neural Networks. Vidal, Gelmar Garcia; Campdesuner, Reyner Perez; Rodriguez, Alexander Sanchez; Vivar, Rodobaldo Mart Abstract Jul 1, 2017 5981
Deeper and wider trade integration more beneficial for small businesses. Brief article Jul 1, 2017 153
Making trade more inclusive and sustainable for the 99%: Why ITC programmes have become game-changers for small business. Hetland, Jarle; Wilson, Matthew Jul 1, 2017 909
Business ambition from the bottom up; Small businesses are the backbone of the Welsh economy and here are four SMEs, operating in a variety of sectors, all showing there is no lack of ambition for growth in the Welsh private sector. Jun 28, 2017 1033
Small-business owners have record high confidence in economy. Jun 1, 2017 103
Workforce development must be a budget priority: small businesses are having a difficult time finding employees to fill open positions. Hamshaw, Ken; Voter, John May 26, 2017 417
Local Small Business Drives Economic Growth for East Metro Atlanta. Oct 16, 2016 466
Small firms downbeat on UK economy's prospects. Sep 22, 2016 600
Small firms increasingly worried about UK economy, new report says; Survey by the Federation of Small Businesses sees big drop in business confidence after the EU referendum. Sep 22, 2016 588
WILL BREXIT'S ECONOMIC CONSEQUENCES BE TRANSITORY? The majority of small firms said at the time they were less inclined to vote to remain because they didn't really see at that point any great advantage of us being in Europe Liz Cameron, Scottish Chambers of Commerce. Sep 6, 2016 1009
USDOT earns top grade for small business support. Brief article Sep 1, 2016 179
Small businesses paying the cost of cyber-crime. Aug 17, 2016 752
The importance of legal form of organization on small corporation external financing. Chen, Daphne; Qi, Shi Abstract Jul 1, 2016 8423
HIAA proposal for affordable health coverage to small business groups is viewed as guarantee of coverage. Jun 13, 2016 1265
Statement before the House Small Business Committee on S is for savings: Pro-growth benefits of employee-owned S corporations. Brill, Alex Apr 1, 2016 2886
State Small Business Credit Inititative Report: Over $1.3 Billion Issued for Small Businesses. Report Mar 25, 2016 330
Growing small businesses in an economic downturn. Mar 24, 2016 600
Win-win: use online contests to promote your small business. Lesonsky, Rieva Jan 1, 2016 196
Align your business goals: coordinate in three areas to multiply your success. Jeary, Tony Jan 1, 2016 280
Holiday Gift = No Cost ezCheckprinting in House Check Writer for Small Businesses. Dec 23, 2015 565
When the company pivots, make sure the culture pivots with it: for an organization facing a significant strategic shift, the degree of the board's involvement in overseeing culture may determine success or failure. Hart, Jim; Wood, John Dec 22, 2015 1434
Build a strong economy on a foundation of small businesses. Dec 16, 2015 645
Top 10 cities for black-owned small businesses. Brown, Carolyn M. Dec 1, 2015 363
Emerging leaders. Brief article Nov 30, 2015 254
NH's new tech opportunity: we need to figure out how to attract and keep micro and small firms. Norton, Bill Oct 30, 2015 676
Small firms in North East could go under cause of National Living Wage, says Vince Cable; Former Business Secretary, who predicted the financial crash, says impact of wage rise on region's economy will be "exceptionally negative". Oct 12, 2015 608
Where are the women entrepreneurs? Business ownership growth by gender across the American urban landscape. Conroy, Tessa; Weiler, Stephan Abstract Oct 1, 2015 13614
Halliday brothers planning to take family firm to the next level; Prenton coffin maker is flourishing, despite tough economic times, writes Neil Hodgson HALLIDAY FUNERAL SUPPLIES SMALL BUSINESS OF THE WEEK. Sep 24, 2015 1032
Bank of the West survey finds signs of recovery, growth in small business sector. Sep 17, 2015 414
Bank of the West survey finds signs of recovery, growth in small business sector. Sep 17, 2015 412
Small business owners concerned about economy, optimistic about their businesses. Sep 16, 2015 330
Small business owners concerned about economy, optimistic about their businesses. Sep 16, 2015 328
Forming a culture of security: if the bad guys' can hack into the federal government, Home Depot and Target, what hope do small businesses have? Victor, Adam Sep 4, 2015 590
US Media Studios' Programming Covers Small Business Budgeting. Sep 2, 2015 255
ezPaycheck Payroll Application Helps Small Businesses Grow with Low Cost Solution. Aug 14, 2015 434
Northumberland College's new enterprise hub boosts rural economy - sponsored feature; Small business owners and home workers are being helped to thrive with hot desks at Northumberland College's new enterprise hub and business centre - sponsored feature. Aug 12, 2015 1172
Bring long-term highway bill to vote. Kuster, Ann Jul 24, 2015 620
Step-Ko Products is an up and comer. Jul 1, 2015 453
An untapped market. Carney, Maureen; Knoepke, Chris Jul 1, 2015 1221
BMO Introduces New Simple and Cost-Effective Banking Plan for Small Business Owners. Jun 30, 2015 304
Rural Northumberland gives [pounds sterling]4 million to foresters, farmers, small businesses and communities; Applications for the LEADER Programme for rural Northumberland are open until 2019 and will support the county's economy. Jun 25, 2015 376
Small firms see rise in profits as costs stay low. Jun 23, 2015 583
Google alert: online giant measures its economic impact in NH. Rajala, Liisa Brief article Jun 12, 2015 281
Proof of the pudding is truly in the eating; Afters are no longer an after-thought, with a string of small businesses setting up around the North East to tempt the North East's sweet tooth. TOM KEIGHLEY reports on the "pudding economy". Jun 2, 2015 1769
Take a real vacation. Motavalli, Jim Jun 1, 2015 1947
Start small win big challenge: four additional tactics for boosting your business as you compete in our contest. Lesonsky, Rieva Jun 1, 2015 2413
Local Credit Union Helps Small Businesses Grow with Seminar Series. May 15, 2015 394
Small firms need to know government backs them; Entrepreneurs and small business owners drive our economy and need a government that supports them, says James Taylor. May 6, 2015 637
Attracting and engaging seven-figure net-worth candidates: keeping them engaged through the franchise development process takes experience and expertise. Buzza, Dave May 1, 2015 1278
Creating a consistent franchisee hiring process. Robinson, Adam May 1, 2015 1139
Economy Ministry proposes to release newly created small businesses from inspections for 3 years. Apr 22, 2015 214
Stop spinning yarns about N.H. tax cut proposals. Colony, Chick Apr 3, 2015 658
Bittersweet success: the cocoa industry faces a long-term supply shortfall, unless it invests in productivity improvements throughout its value chain. Guest, Peter Apr 1, 2015 2452
West African iron boom turns to bust: a slump in the price of iron ore has forced several junior miners to the wall. Morgan, M.J.; Cross, Richard Apr 1, 2015 802
Entrepreneurship: a microenterprise perspective. Ahmad, Moid U. Report Apr 1, 2015 6650
Go solo: is it time for you to quit your day job? Johnson, Emma Apr 1, 2015 1837
Tax tips 2015. Sutter, Brian Apr 1, 2015 194
Low inflation in UK helps small businesses take on more staff and increase wages. Mar 9, 2015 586
New SBA partnership boosts small-dollar lending. Goodall, Seth A. Mar 6, 2015 389
Growing my career. Hancock, Jerry Feb 1, 2015 513
Get involved: for many small businesses, community outreach is a vital step. Lesomky, Rieva Brief article Jan 1, 2015 214
Osborne looking to small business vote in statement; Labour: Bid to rebuild economy on low pay has failed. Dec 3, 2014 458
Planning for and navigating an IRS audit. Johnson, Jaclyn; Heafield, Karl A. Nov 28, 2014 843
ACA's small business credit can be a real benefit. McGrath, Pat Nov 28, 2014 694
EzPaycheck 2014 & 2015 Combo Version Offers Small Businesses Cost Effective Payroll Solution. Nov 22, 2014 426
Fast-growing small businesses powering economic growth. Nov 19, 2014 662
Go lean on expenses: implementing systems to limit necessary expenditures can make a huge difference. Lesonsky, Rieva Nov 1, 2014 1439
Size matters in Alaska: firm size, industry big factors in private-sector employment. Miller, Amy Statistical data Oct 1, 2014 350
NAM releases study on cost of federal regulations. Brief article Oct 1, 2014 165
Small business credit. Sep 27, 2014 140
Can crowdfunding work for your business? A look at the two--and soon to be three ways a company can raise money. Perkins, Rebecca Sep 5, 2014 697
Sometimes you need a macroscope: whether for a startup or established firm, business models that take a macroscopic view can lead to a shared understanding and vision of the company's operations and direction. Kuba, Jim Aug 1, 2014 1161
N.H. BFA responds to federal credit initiative. Jul 11, 2014 332
HOPE ON RISE AS ECONOMY STARTS TO GROW; Neil Hodgson talks to Hope St restaurateur Colin Manning Small Business Of The Week 60 HOPE STREET. Jul 10, 2014 1011
5 things you should know about getting a small business loan: insights from a banking executive to improve your odds. Brown, Carolyn M. Jun 1, 2014 571
Contingency planning and disaster recovery after Hurricane Sandy: surveys of Staten Island accounting firms and small businesses. Scarinci, Cynthia A. Jun 1, 2014 3567
Early marriage as a strategy for economic survival: a case study of "Alfath" area in Omdurman/Sudan. Izeldeen, Mai Jun 1, 2014 5315
Remittances, an economic lifeline for some Peruvian households, small businesses. Jana, Elsa Chanduvi May 30, 2014 1306
To build better economy, nurture small businesses. May 15, 2014 752
Apples and oranges: financial reporting for a sale or merger: small businesses facing a potential sale or merger need to ensure that their accounting methodologies and reporting can withstand intense scrutiny by prospective partners and provide the clearest, most effective financial picture of the organization. Subramaniam, Rohit May 1, 2014 1136
Japanese Culture and Small Business - One Key to the Economy. Apr 30, 2014 1409
A handful of ideas can help your small business save money. McCullough, Tricia Apr 1, 2014 640
DON'T FORGET VALUE OF UK'S SMALL FIRMS; FPB outlines its Budget wishlist. Mar 13, 2014 465
Business breakthroughs by the editors. Brown, Carolyn M.; Martinez, Janell; Robinson, Tennille M. Mar 1, 2014 1449
SBDC highlights local impacts. Brief article Mar 1, 2014 160
Small firms banking on good relationship; In our latest FSB/Western Mail economic seminar series leading banking academic and member of the shadow MPC, Kent Matthews, assesses the impact of relationship banking on small firms. Feb 27, 2014 537
Small businesses prosper as Libya economy slumps. Feb 16, 2014 574
Professor to question role of small businesses in economy. Feb 7, 2014 243
More than one path to economic resilience; In the first of our series of round table seminars organised by the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) in association with the Western Mail, Dr Adrian Healy, of Cardiff University, discusses the theories of economic recovery and why some areas are more affected by economic crisis than others. Jan 25, 2014 864
British Chambers of Commerce director general calls for more investment in small businesses to help UK economic recovery. Jan 2, 2014 181
British Chambers of Commerce director general calls for more investment in small businesses to help UK economic recovery. Jan 2, 2014 179
The Affordable Care Act: what every franchise needs to know: mall employers can lower their costs by pooling the risk of providing health insurance with other small businesses buying plans in the "marketplace.". Olafson, Meredith Jan 1, 2014 936
Savings supporting small businesses; ROUNDUP. Jan 1, 2014 127
Confusion reigns when it comes to online health insurance marketplace, tax credit for small businesses. Sanders, Bob Dec 13, 2013 1932
Brady's small business boost; IN BRIEF ;ECONOMY. Dec 2, 2013 140
Optimism not matching last year. Brief article Dec 1, 2013 172
Government affairs and your business. Lanton, Ron, III Nov 1, 2013 692
Peaceful parks 'can also boost new businesses' The Federation of Small Business recently reported the difficulties its members in national parks faced with planning issues . Lead officer for the national parks Aneurin Phillips says the parks in Wales support the local economy and encourage planning applications. Oct 16, 2013 504
As economic recovery takes hold, small biz is having big impact on office leasing. Putzier, Konrad Oct 2, 2013 564
US small businesses vulnerable to extreme weather and climate change. Oct 1, 2013 499
Small business borrowing and the bifurcated economy: why quantitative easing has been ineffective for small business. Chow, Michael J.; Dunkelberg, William C. Oct 1, 2013 6259
N.H. and the region need Northern Pass: there are compelling reasons why the project should be approved. Heath, David Sep 20, 2013 578
CUs go viral to tout small biz success. Samaad, Michelle A. Sep 11, 2013 433
Lending to small firms shrinking according to new figures. Sep 3, 2013 170
Boom for North's micro businesses; Figures show region at forefront of new small firms. Aug 28, 2013 518
Azalea Health Named as One of Georgia's "Small Business Rock Stars". Aug 28, 2013 583
-UBS inks small business financing pact with Chicagoland Business Opportunity Fund. Aug 20, 2013 324
-UBS inks small business financing pact with Chicagoland Business Opportunity Fund. Aug 20, 2013 320
West Coast Franchise Expo Gears Up to Spotlight Small Business, Economic Growth. Aug 8, 2013 528
8 reasons to tare the entrepreneurial plunge. Jul 1, 2013 558
Equipping franchisees for the financing race: despite increases in lending activity, small business is not yet out of the woods. Zhang, Kate; Schwarzer, Peter Jul 1, 2013 1740
Cutting remarks: proposed U.S. budget reduction could add to NHSBDC pain. Callahan, Kathleen Jun 14, 2013 430
Total capital spending by councils to fall by PS120.9m; SMALL FIRMS SHOCKED BY ROAD BUDGET CUTS. May 30, 2013 661
Small businesses find costs tough to judge. May 14, 2013 1308
Saving the Economy One Small Business at a Time. May 11, 2013 462
-Why small business manufacturing is driving US economic growth. May 1, 2013 351
-Why small business manufacturing is driving US economic growth. May 1, 2013 347
Egypt's Failing Economy: Western Corporations Are Awaiting A Real Economic Plan From The Morsi Government While Small Businesses Wither. Apr 20, 2013 1334
The affordable care act and affordability. Paradiso, Tony Apr 19, 2013 598
Focus new planning system on the economy, says think tank; SMALL BUSINESS FEDERATION COMMISSIONED THE RESEARCH. Apr 15, 2013 651
Small businesses need support to drive the Welsh economy forward; THEFSBVIEW. Apr 10, 2013 816
Franchise industry could create more jobs with meaningful regulatory changes: franchising and small businesses can make great strides, despite the recent economic downturn. Apr 1, 2013 470
Credit cards spell 'crown jewels' for business hackers; SMALL FIRMS WITHOUT SECURE SYSTEMS FOR DATA TARGETED. Mar 28, 2013 571
Hyperweb Communications Offers Professional & Affordable Web Design for Small Businesses. Mar 17, 2013 372
Big numbers: small business impact on N.H. Economy reviewed in SBA report. Feingold, Jeff Brief article Mar 8, 2013 289
Making your own luck in a difficult economy. Forhan, Bill Viewpoint essay Mar 1, 2013 766
Campbell Newman's power grab: the Queensland state government's attempt to seize industrial relations powers from the federal government, and return almost 300,000 small business employees to the state IR system, will leave Queensland workers worse off says the ACTU. Brief article Mar 1, 2013 148
Heroes on the Homefront. Feb 1, 2013 415
Small firms needs EU support for growth; ECONOMY Karen Dent ? 0191 201 6243 ? Jan 22, 2013 421
Beacon Insurance Group Partners for Seminar on the Affordable Care Act and the Affects on Small Business. Jan 17, 2013 212
PS21m rates aid for small firms; Government's PS21.5m bid to boost economy. Jan 16, 2013 618
CES 2013: Dell offers cheaper tablet for schools and small biz. Jan 10, 2013 359
Small Business Owners Have Virtually Zero Confidence In Economy: National Federation Of Independent Business. Jan 8, 2013 669
5 things you need to know before going global: how to avoid an international incident when taking your business abroad. Hughes, Alan Jan 1, 2013 597
Demise of Hostess is a lesson for small businesses. Paradiso, Tony Nov 30, 2012 608
In Washington, small isn't beautiful. Paradiso, Tony Nov 16, 2012 609
No website? Local Growth Strategy Firm Offers Low Cost Websites to Small Businesses.. Nov 13, 2012 400
Small firms attend low-carbon economy expo. Nov 6, 2012 297
Lasher Sport. Gallion, Mari Brief article Nov 1, 2012 107
Only One-Third of Small Business Owners Optimistic About Economy. Oct 25, 2012 251
End uncertainty on rate relief, FSB urges; BUSINESS RATES A MAJOR COST FOR MANY SMALL FIRMS. Oct 5, 2012 632
Do minority businesses face credit market bias? Oct 1, 2012 371
Supercomputers can spark growth for our small firms; Supercomputing technology has the potential to grow the Welsh economy and create jobs. David Craddock, chief executive of High Performance Computing (HPC) Wales, explains why Wales needs to out-compute to out-compete. Sep 24, 2012 955
Reviving The Economy and Our Communities, One Small Business at a time. Sep 17, 2012 428
New representation for "small business majority". Sep 1, 2012 610
Good news for small businesses, sort of. Paradiso, Tony Aug 24, 2012 618
The rules are changing for operating agreements. Cunningham, John Legislation Aug 24, 2012 718
Cost of red tape puts small firms off training. Aug 21, 2012 423
One in six small firms in the North consider closing down; ECONOMY. Jul 30, 2012 397
Investing in downtown Nashua. Tamposi, Michael Jun 15, 2012 657
America's small-business fetish: when it comes to job creation, size doesn't matter. de Rugy, Veronique Column Jun 1, 2012 1333
Small firms are urged to work together to cut costs. May 8, 2012 423
Regulation affects your profits. Warfield, Tonia; Stark-Jones, Cindy May 1, 2012 787
Hiring locally in Alaska: rules and regulations for resident hire. Saade, Renea I.; Tavella, Anne Marie May 1, 2012 1799
Second-order gender effects: the case of U.S. small business borrowing cost. Wu, Zhenyu; Chua, Jess H. May 1, 2012 11789
Smaller businesses hit hard by rising costs. Apr 24, 2012 412
Small Business Award; The small business award shines the spotlight on firms with fewer than 75 staff, highlighting the impact that these firms have on the region's economic health. Apr 18, 2012 576
Small firms face impact of postal cost rise. Apr 2, 2012 433
Competition heats up in a rapidly decentralizing economy. Amuchastegui, Domingo Apr 1, 2012 642
Do little engines really do big things? Essay Apr 1, 2012 515
Advocacy small business economy report. Mar 28, 2012 259
Help for small firms, tax cuts and reduced duty ... the wish list for Welsh businesses; With Chancellor George Osborne to unveil his Budget this afternoon we asked Welsh businesspeople what they wanted from the red box. Mar 21, 2012 1357
New effort offers business aid in North Country. Brief article Mar 9, 2012 222
Small businesses in call for capital investment to be made a priority; INFRASTRUCTURE SPENDING 'KEY TO ECONOMIC RECOVERY'. Mar 5, 2012 597
The credit drought. Goozner, Merrill Mar 1, 2012 2963
Free Small Business Sources of Capital Class - Show Me the Money!. Feb 25, 2012 630
Parboiled economics. Brief article Feb 24, 2012 274
New insurance tax to increase the cost of providing health coverage: taxing the nation's job creators is hardly sound policy as our economy continues to struggle to recover. Perron, Jay B. Feb 1, 2012 654
Legislative roadmap: the 2012 session will tackle issues that impact your business. Smith, Wesley Jan 1, 2012 834
A perspective on leadership in small businesses: is the need for achievement a motive in predicting success? Fahed-Sreih, Josiane; Morin-Delerm, Sophie Report Jan 1, 2012 7403
Small businesses and international entrepreneurship in the economic hard time: a global strategic perspective. Yang, Nini Report Jan 1, 2012 8413
Stem: a path to self-employment & jobs? Benedict, Mary Ellen; McClough, David; Hoag, John Report Jan 1, 2012 8814
Correlates of gender and credit behavior in small firms: evidence from a small, developing economy. Williams, Densil A.; KnIfe, Kadamawe A.K. Report Jan 1, 2012 6812
Zuma's grand economic design: president Jacob Zuma appears to have taken the economic bull by the horns by overseeing several new measures aimed at reviving economic growth and, most critically, creating new jobs. Tom Nevin reports from Johannesburg. Nevin, Tom Dec 1, 2011 1293
New Options to Refinance Commercial Real Estate Loans; SBA Now Offering Low Rates for Certain Working Capital Costs. Nov 3, 2011 486
What's holding down small business? Nov 1, 2011 694
Your next big customer. Nov 1, 2011 348
Small firms lobby for relief over sickness costs. Nov 1, 2011 409
MEP plea to boost small firms; economy. Oct 8, 2011 102
Experts debate whether new OFAC regs will really help small business in Cuba. Echevarria, Vito Oct 1, 2011 1080
Big dreams for T-Bay entrepreneur: inventor's reusable high chair covers embraced by parents. Ross, Ian Oct 1, 2011 811
People place: Market Square offers venue for small businesses. Cowan, Liz Oct 1, 2011 874
In up to your neck: avoid the debt trap and protect personal assets. Haraldsen, Tom Oct 1, 2011 749
Ad campaign showcases franchise small businesses as proven job creators: IFA public awareness campaign aims to educate members of Congress about the economic impact of franchising. Harrison, Alisa Oct 1, 2011 549
The small business sector in recent recoveries. Chow, Michael J.; Dunkelberg, William C. Oct 1, 2011 8495
A patchwork quilt of policies which leaves no-one happy; The Welsh Government this week added three more sectors to its list of favoured industries, and identified five new enterprise zones. But is giving special treatment to some businesses and districts really the right way to re-energise the economy? Iestyn Davies of the Federation of Small Businesses has his doubts. Sep 28, 2011 685
During Tough Economic Time, Increase Small Business Productivity with New Improved EzTimeSheet Employee Attendance and Time Tracker. Sep 25, 2011 366
SBA disaster loans available to businesses. Brief article Sep 23, 2011 245
Two more banks join small business lending fund. Feingold, Jeff Sep 23, 2011 366
One third of small business owners think about moving; MAJOR COSTS PRESSURES 'PUT RELOCATION ON THE TABLE'. Sep 21, 2011 431
Spiralling consultants' fees hit UK small firms with almost $10 billion in annual compliance costs. Sep 4, 2011 591
An inspiration: Mainstreet Delicatessen and Bakery: instructors' note.[Special Issue Number 2: Instructor's Notes] Santos, Annette Taijeron; Santos, Melanie Cayabyab Case study Sep 1, 2011 2494
Small firms rethink business plans amid fears on economy. Aug 8, 2011 189
Coverlux to Expand Offerings of Free Technology Webinars to Assist Small Businesses with Cost Effective IT Solutions Aimed at Reducing Overhead Costs. Aug 8, 2011 317
Calling first-time franchisee attendees to premiere advocacy event: the franchise community's biggest grassroots advocacy event of the year encourages strong franchisee participation. Nethercutt, Meredith Aug 1, 2011 1119
Improving the environment for franchise lending: banks want to make as many good loans as they can, but continued economic uncertainty has hit the bottom line of many small businesses and led to what may appear as tighter lending standards. Hunt, Richard Aug 1, 2011 1469
Business relocations made less taxing: The Small Business Jobs act passed last September included an extension of the previously approved bonus depreciation, which allows businesses to recover qualifying capital expenditures much more quickly than ordinary depreciation schedules. But since it expires Dec. 31, companies should act quickly to take advantage of its benefits. Kilkelly, Tim Jul 1, 2011 1201
The market mechanism in reality and myth: corporate business overlordship of small business. Jones, Evan Essay Jun 22, 2011 7471
Post-recession, the evolution of risk management capabilities for evaluating small business credit. Fingersh, Adam Jun 1, 2011 1353
Silver linings at a time of lagging optimism. Alter, Michael Jun 1, 2011 717
Small business lending summit: how lenders and franchising can accelerate the economic recovery. May 1, 2011 4693
Pakistan Business Council should also represent medium and small businesses: Pakistan Economy Watch. May 1, 2011 283
SBA Calls for especial Economic Relations with South Sudan State. Apr 7, 2011 122
A progressive model: despite stormy economic times, Denise Cerreta and a growing cadre of pioneers champion a pay-as-you-can philosophy in eateries that are here to stay. Horn, Tom Apr 1, 2011 1196
Optimism Index. Brief article Apr 1, 2011 110
NFIB research foundation small business economic survey. Apr 1, 2011 571
Small businesses remain critical to the growth of UK economy. Mar 30, 2011 371
Most small business owners still looking for recovery signs. Mar 30, 2011 720
Cash delay hits 44% small firms; ECONOMY. Mar 28, 2011 130
Big impact: SBA study weighs importance of N.H. small businesses. Feingold, Jeff Brief article Mar 25, 2011 253
Can the supply of small business loans be increased? Wilkinson, Jim; Christensson, Jan Mar 22, 2011 7935
Buying local: does it work? Some swear by the slogan, while others say the economic impact may be overstated. Mihalovich, Michele Mar 1, 2011 1504
Small firms help recovery. Feb 25, 2011 108
Budget cut, SBA will press on; CDFI faces FY 2011 funding ax. Samaad, Michelle A. Feb 23, 2011 966
How to get the greatest return on your NLC membership. Mitchell, James E., Jr. Feb 14, 2011 1160
Advocacy releases 2009 Small Biz economy report. Feb 2, 2011 280
Small firms call for fuel stabiliser as soaring costs threaten lay-offs. Jan 26, 2011 260
'Tough year ahead for small business'' ECONOMY TODAY: ECONOMY. Jan 18, 2011 131
Gender differences in entrepreneurs' perceived problems, profits and plans. Robinson, Sherry; Stubberud, Hans Anton Jan 1, 2011 7248
Regulations hamper small firm's progress; ECONOMY TODAY: ECONOMY. Dec 17, 2010 138
Guidance on small biz health care tax credits. Dec 8, 2010 233
Now that the 2010 midterm elections are over, it's time to plan for 2012. Caldeira, Stephen J. Dec 1, 2010 786
Pensions ticking time bomb will cost small firms $3627. Nov 15, 2010 413
Economic development outlook for the 112th Congress. Nov 4, 2010 812
Participants in SBA's Microloan Program Could Provide Additional Information to Enhance the Public's Understanding of Recovery Act Fund Uses and Expected Outcomes. Nov 1, 2010 1379
Backing for federal small-business programs. Varrasi, John Brief article Nov 1, 2010 258
The state of our media: truthless or toothless. Peters, Charles Brief article Nov 1, 2010 242
Small firms face pounds 7k maternity leave cost. Oct 28, 2010 575
My life as a Russian diplomat in Africa. Kokorev, Vladimir Oct 4, 2010 1186
Small business bill. Williams, Katy Brief article Oct 1, 2010 275
Small business services surge: GEODE, Sudbury Chamber increase their efforts. Stewart, Nick Oct 1, 2010 817
New reg cost report and RFA anniversary. Sep 22, 2010 525
Sustainability must be made to make economic sense; The Government needs to harness small firms' potential in climate change fight. Sep 15, 2010 777
New Small Business Tax Credit Calculator[TM] Calculates, Not Estimates, Actual, Guaranteed Numerical Data for Health Care Reform Small Businesses' Tax Credit Filing. Sep 4, 2010 599
Think small: today's new wave of entrepreneurs can translate to more business for property/casualty carriers and agents. Stacy, Kelly J. Sep 1, 2010 1378
Small businesses see slow gains in credit. Brief article Sep 1, 2010 179
Health-care tax credit report shows high number of small businesses eligible. Aug 1, 2010 239
NSBA releases Economic Report: outlook dismal. Report Jul 28, 2010 340
United States : Tax credits available for small businesses' health plans. Jul 26, 2010 359
Constant contact's Gail Goodman. Morin, Mike Interview Jul 16, 2010 590
Moving on up: it's time the U.S. rethink the term "disadvantaged business". Romero, Edward O. Column Jul 1, 2010 709
Figuratively speaking. MacIntyre, John Brief article Jul 1, 2010 167
Fed Chairman, Governor address small business credit. Jul 1, 2010 468
Debt recovery is crucial for small businesses; HAY & Kilner Solicitors offers advice on ways businesses can improve cash flow. Jun 23, 2010 589
Disaster preparedness: always a good business practice. Jones, Witmer H. Jun 18, 2010 451
Positioning health plans to small business in a tough economy: help employers see health insurance as a productivity booster. Weimer, Kurt Jun 1, 2010 630
Small-business risk may be an inside job: when times get tough, workers seem more prone to filing discrimination claims. O'Shaughnessy, Jeffrey Jun 1, 2010 493

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