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Inflation risk in GCC low despite surging food costs: Oxford Economics. Feb 23, 2021 562
Business Community says strengthen Rupee much needed to boost economy. Jan 4, 2021 221
Egyptian pound appreciates 30 piasters against US dollar in 2020 despite COVID-19. Daily News Egypt Jan 2, 2021 409
Economic integration and exchange rate arrangements in the post-soviet period. The Baltic states in comparative perspective. Ljungberg, Jonas Dec 1, 2020 8530
FPCCI for controlling rupee volatility vs dollar. Aug 12, 2020 186
Peso breaks through near 4-year peak on economic weakness. Aug 11, 2020 577
Exchange Rate Misalignment and Economic Growth in Pakistan: The Role of Financial Development. Jehan, Zainab; Irshad, Iffat Mar 22, 2020 7998
Hot money. Mar 15, 2020 428
Abu Ghazaleh denies a recording attributed to him: Lebanon's economy, banking system and Lira have my complete trust. Jan 6, 2020 140
Rupee gains against the dollar in outgoing week. Dec 23, 2019 191
Sri Lanka economy boosted after election by local investor activity : ICRA. LBO Dec 17, 2019 469
Economy paid a heavy price for exchange rate volatility. Dec 17, 2019 186
Rupee recovers against dollar in open market. Oct 31, 2019 222
Rupee recovers against dollar in open market. Oct 31, 2019 232
Rupee appreciates to four-month high against US dollar. Oct 15, 2019 326
CARIBBEAN-ECONOMY - IMF Working Paper examines relationship between monetary autonomy and inflation dynamics in Caribbean countries. Sep 22, 2019 1096
Economy on the mend: SBP governor. Sep 8, 2019 346
Economy on the mend: SBP governor. Sep 3, 2019 345
Global traders shorting US Dollar, emerging European economies could benefit. Aug 28, 2019 587
Exchange rate of dinar improving in spite of economic, financial hardships, says BCT Governor. Aug 1, 2019 114
July inflation seen settling lower at range of 2%-2.8%. Aug 1, 2019 422
BSP sees inflation staying within target in July. Jul 31, 2019 289
Diversificacion productiva y cambio estructural en economias cerradas y abiertas/ Diversificacion productiva y cambio estructural en economias cerradas y abiertas/ Productive diversification and structural change in closed and open economies/ Diversification productive et changement structurel dans les economies fermees et ouvertes. Ortiz, Carlos Humberto; Jimenez, Diana Marcela; Jaramillo, Maria Liliam Jul 1, 2019 8545
'Economy at the verge of total collapse': Maryam reacts to rupee depreciation. Jun 27, 2019 148
Bar where a pint costs a sobering [euro]26.. Jun 26, 2019 119
Bundesbank head decries digital currencies for their ability to destabilise economies. Jun 5, 2019 133
Bundesbank head decries digital currencies for their ability to destabilise economies. Jun 5, 2019 131
Junaid Makda dismayed over hike in petroleum prices, devaluing rupee, unbearable inflation. Jun 2, 2019 488
Inflation jumps to 8.21pc. Mar 2, 2019 527
Azerbaijani president: Inflation in country fell to lowest level. Feb 26, 2019 173
Azerbaijani President: The inflation fell to lowest level. Feb 25, 2019 162
K-IV project cost rises to Rs75bn because of design change, rupee fall. Oct 31, 2018 783
Weaker rupee to increase cost of business: RCCI. Oct 11, 2018 442
Stock, peso tumbles as inflation spikes. Sep 5, 2018 645
For BSP, expect a tapering after August inflation hit high of 5.9%. Sep 1, 2018 406
Weakening economy and deficit weigh on Pakistani rupee. Jul 21, 2018 279
Weakening economy and deficit weigh on Pak rupee. Jul 20, 2018 290
Cost of steel, construction rises with falling rupee. Jul 19, 2018 418
Floating exchange rate was most effective for Kyrgyzstan allowing to overcome crisis, national economy changes u central bank chair. May 11, 2018 184
S&P raises Egypt's soverign credit rating to 'B' from 'B-", lowers outlook to stable. May 11, 2018 148
Ringgit opens lower against US dollar. May 3, 2018 219
20 Years of Real Plan: an analysis of the relationship between exchange rate, inflation, interest rate and the Ibovespa/20 Anos de Plano Real: uma analise da relacao entre cambio, inflacao, taxa de juros e o Ibovespa/20 Anos de Real: un analisis de la relacion entre cambio, inflacion, tasa de interes y el Ibovespa. Santana, Henrique Nogueira; de Lima e Silva, Sabrina Amelia; Ferreira, Bruno Perez May 1, 2018 7837
Work: How We are Redefining it (and everything else in life). Priesnitz, Wendy Jan 1, 2018 1368
India likely to be $6.5-7 tn economy by 2030: Debroy. Dec 23, 2017 193
Impact of readjusted exchange rate devastating for economy: Mian Zahid Hussain. Dec 19, 2017 295
Trade: (Impact of readjusted exchange rate devastating for economy: PBIF). Dec 19, 2017 295
Impact of readjusted exchange rate devastating for economy. Dec 19, 2017 293
Exchange rate erosion to unleash economic disaster. May 12, 2017 321
Salameh at Arab Economic Forum: The Lebanese pound will remain pillar of trust. May 2, 2017 117
India Shocks Economy By Ditching 500 And 1,000 Rupee Notes. Nov 9, 2016 552
Currency invoicing and the implications for prices. Hernandez, Richard Jul 1, 2016 622
Calling out China's mercantilism: American jobs are at risk. Nager, Adams Mar 22, 2016 1482
Are there swift transitions in the smooth transition regressions of the exchange rate volatility of dollarized versus non-dollarized economies? Mengesha, Lula G. Report Mar 1, 2016 6531
TriOptima expands its triReduce compression catalog with its first inflation swap compression cycle. Feb 19, 2016 221
Changes in yearend positions. Statistical table Sep 1, 2015 3458
Claims on and liabilities to unaffiliated foreigners reported by U.S. nonbanking concerns. Statistical table Sep 1, 2015 2378
Real personal consumption expenditures by type of product, chained dollars. Statistical data Sep 1, 2015 21176
Why was a face of the Assad family just removed from Syrian currency? Jul 8, 2015 603
Syria's new currency note leaves speculation about the image change, from Assad to Daraa. Brief article Jul 1, 2015 257
Official reserve assets and foreign official assets in the United States. Table Jun 1, 2015 1060
Selected U.S. Government transactions. Table Jun 1, 2015 3632
Americans' Money Worries Unchanged From 2014. Saad, Lydia Apr 20, 2015 842
A cabinet full of bitter pills. Kwame, Eric Nov 1, 2014 1161
Measures for addressing weak yen. Brief article Oct 1, 2014 132
BSP downplays impact of peso slide - Tetangco says inflation to remain in check. Oct 1, 2014 432
Rupee stages smart recovery. Aug 26, 2014 105
Revolution road: nervous Ukrainian money en route to New York's safe haven. Putzier, Konrad Mar 12, 2014 890
PM instructs economy ministry, central bank to increase funding of imports to protect stability of exchange rate. Feb 18, 2014 233
Indian weak rupee squeezing size of Indian economy in global front. Feb 1, 2014 161
Global effects of U.S. monetary policy: is unconventional policy different? Berge, Travis J.; Cao, Guangye Jan 1, 2014 8530
Afghani dips versus US dollar, gas up. Nov 28, 2013 484
Uncertainties loom over Cuba's plans to eliminate its dual-currency system. Hemlock, Doreen Nov 1, 2013 1145
Cuba hints at how it might end its dual-currency system. Alejandro, Pavel Vidal Nov 1, 2013 980
Threat to BD textile export. Brief article Oct 31, 2013 273
In their own words... Oct 1, 2013 660
Are central bankers currency manipulators? Makinen, Gail E. Sep 1, 2013 4350
Korea-China currency swap to be extended. Brief article Jul 1, 2013 118
Peso slides to 42-to-dollar level as US economy improves. Jun 6, 2013 195
Full of holes. Windmer, Lori Dec 1, 2012 1996
Rupee falls on economic woes. Jun 12, 2012 436
Egyptian economy continues to pay the price. Brief article Nov 23, 2011 308
Energized: rebates return for wind and solar. Brooks, David Oct 21, 2011 324
A foreign exchange intervention in an era of restraint. Neely, Christopher J. Sep 1, 2011 8187
Recent trends and developments in currency--2010/2011. Flavall, Kristin Sep 1, 2011 3892
Expert: Changing currency will not affect value of Iraqi dinar, economy. Jul 2, 2011 182
The case against cash: alternatives to cash would not only reduce violent crime, but also deter underground economic activity that goes untaxed. An advocate for a cash-free economy asks why the U.S. government Isn't promoting it. Warwick, David R. Jul 1, 2011 1364
Roubini: "The Eurozone Heads for Break Up". Column Jun 15, 2011 836
Kuwaiti dinar stands at KD 0.278 against US dollar. Mar 1, 2011 119
Kuwaiti dinar settles at KD 0.279 against US dollar. Feb 14, 2011 112
Kuwaiti dinar exchange up at 0.282 fils against US dollar. Jan 10, 2011 132
Kuwaiti dinar decreases to 0.280 fils against US dollar. Dec 28, 2010 123
Kuwaiti dinar stands at 0.281 fils against US dollar. Dec 12, 2010 204
Kuwaiti dinar stands at KD 0.280 against US dollar. Dec 6, 2010 149
Kuwaiti dinar stands at 0.280 against US dollar. Nov 7, 2010 231
Currencies of emerging economies should appreciate: ADB's Kuroda. Oct 4, 2010 274
Sound money: key to prosperity: because sound money is a key to having financial security and enjoying the benefits of liberty, it should never be taken for granted and never be allowed to disappear. McManus, John F. Apr 14, 2008 1434
Inflation turns a serious threat to regional economies. Mar 2, 2008 631
Why they just can't print more: money supply and prices. Schreur, Greg Mar 1, 2008 1912
What is (not) money? Medium of exchange [not equal to] means of payment. Yang, Bill Z. Sep 22, 2007 2228
A fresh look at the merits of a currency union. Hunt, Chris Dec 1, 2005 8324
UK business gets behind euro: Cathy Hayward reports on a lively debate on the merits of the single currency. (Single European Currency). Hayward, Cathy Jun 1, 2003 420
Crystal clearance: one of the most obvious effects of the single currency has been to increase price transparency in the eurozone. Although this has been good news for consumers, it has forced many businesses to rethink their pricing strategies. Gavin Reid and Julia Smith explain some of the new approaches. (EU Price Transparency). Reid, Gavin; Smith, Julia Apr 1, 2003 1665
Exchange and mart: it's still too soon to assess the single currency's long-term effects on trade among the eurozone nations. But research by Geoff Pugh and David Tyrrall into the ERM shows that the elimination of exchange rate fluctuations offers a significant boost to import and export activity. (EU Exchange Rate Variability). Pugh, Geoff; Tyrrall, David Apr 1, 2003 1712
Dollar depreciation and the current account. Brief Article Feb 1, 2003 312
The yen solution: why dramatic currency depreciation and the resulting market resurgence are Tokyo's only way out. Nakamae, Tadashi Jan 1, 2003 1791
5 The foundations of commerce: money, weights, and measures. de Mariana, Jesus Excerpt Sep 22, 2002 441
Rising dollar hits the farm. (Australian Export Awards). Brief Article Jun 1, 2002 318
Why is stable money such a big deal? Altig, David E. May 1, 2002 2804
Keynes' Theory of Money and His Attack on the Classical Model. Johnson, L. E.; Ley, Robert; Cate, Thomas Statistical Data Included Nov 1, 2001 5067
A new look at prices and money: The Kelsonian binary model for achieving rapid growth without inflation. Kurland, Norman G. Nov 1, 2001 9542
MONEY MONEY MONEY. Gorvett, Jon May 1, 2001 1005
Money Reform. HANKE, STEVE H. Sep 1, 2000 1619
Monetary economics. Mankiw, G. Gregory Mar 22, 1999 1746
International economic implications of the euro. Jun 1, 1997 4782
The privatization of currency and seigniorage. DePrince, Albert E., Jr.; Ford, William F. Jan 1, 1997 6264
More evidence on the money-output relationship. Hafer, R.W.; Kutan, A.M. Jan 1, 1997 6237
International currency substitution and seigniorage in a simple model of money. Imrohoroglu, Selahattin Jul 1, 1996 4742
The changing influence of money and monetary policy on exchange rates. Kearney, Adrienne A. Apr 1, 1995 7321
Banking, corporate finance and monetary policy: an empirical perspective. Davis, E. Philip Dec 22, 1994 13203
Adjusted P and F tests and the Keynesian-classical debate. Bischoff, Charles W. Oct 1, 1994 7817
On the disappearing money-to-inflation connection. Schnitzel, Paul Sep 1, 1994 4106
Is there a paradox of indirect convertibility? Yeager, Leland B. Jul 1, 1994 6155
Zaire: the currency is new, but the habits are old. Misser, Francois Jan 1, 1994 1181
The value of time and recent U.S. money demand instability. Darrat, Ali F. Jan 1, 1994 7497
The triumph of capitalism in East New Britain? A contemporary Papua New Guinean rhetoric of motives. Errington, Frederick; Gewertz, Deborah Sep 1, 1993 9861
The substitutability of monetary assets in Taiwan. Charles Lin Shun-Ying Apr 1, 1992 5285

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