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Nyali Golf Club embraces clean, cheaper solar power. Mar 16, 2021 299
Trina Solar Vertex 210mm modules 'cost-effective'. Dec 20, 2020 359
Batavia factory wants to add solar power, but city officials worry about cost impact on its utility. Susan Sarkauskas Oct 22, 2020 411
PAY-AS-YOU-GO SOLAR REAPS REWARDS: PAYG off-grid solar is bringing electricity to millions. Lewis, Ian Jul 1, 2020 759
Vitafoam cuts power cost by 40% with solar energy. Jan 1, 2020 279
Photovoltaic Solar Technologies: Solution to Affordable, Sustainable, and Reliable Energy Access for All in Rwanda. Bimenyimana, Samuel; Asemota, Godwin Norense Osarumwense; Niyonteze, Jean de Dieu; Nsengimana, Cypri Dec 31, 2019 17510
Investigation of Daytime Peak Loads to Improve the Power Generation Costs of Solar-Integrated Power Systems. Afonaa-Mensah, Stephen; Wang, Qian; Uzoejinwa, Benjamin B. Nov 30, 2019 6896
Innovations in Solar Cells, Battery Storage, Waste Heat Recovery, and Carbon Capture, 2019 Report. Report Nov 6, 2019 452
India now has the lowest cost for producing solar power. Jun 9, 2019 250
Data insight helps renewables weather the market. Hand, Aaron Mar 18, 2019 2388
Solar to revamp Egypt's electricity mix. Collins, Tom Feb 1, 2019 1095
SolarCraft Completes Installation of Solar Power System at Anette's Chocolates Production Facility - Napa Valley Chocolate Factory Goes Solar & Enjoys Reduced Energy Cost. Sep 19, 2018 298
Solar retrofits prove functional and cost-efficient. Apr 28, 2018 641
Solar energy: consumers decry high cost of installation equipment. Apr 11, 2018 887
Solar import tariff: pain without benefit. Morrison, Roy Feb 16, 2018 597
When mobile meets modular: Pay-as-you-go solar in rural Africa: An innovative approach to finance is helping to bring off-grid solar energy to low-income households and businesses without access to electricity. Wakeford, Jeremy Feb 1, 2018 835
Renewable costs falling, solar to halve by 2020: Irena. Jan 14, 2018 692
Renewable Costs Falling, Solar to Halve by 2020: Irena. Jan 14, 2018 684
Economic Feasibility of Hybrid Solar-Combined Cooling, Heating and Power (CCHP) Systems for a Large Office in California. Ahn, Hyeunguk; Rim, Donghyun; Freihaut, James D. Report Jan 1, 2018 3729
Fabrication of Affordable and Sustainable Solar Cells Using NiO/Ti[O.sub.2] P-N Heterojunction. Ukoba, Kingsley O.; Inambao, Freddie L.; Eloka-Eboka, Andrew C. Jan 1, 2018 3890
Economic Assessment and Business Models of Rooftop Photovoltaic Systems in Multiapartment Buildings: Case Studies for Austria and Germany. Fina, Bernadette; Fleischhacker, Andreas; Auer, Hans; Lettner, Georg Jan 1, 2018 9129
Low-Cost SCADA System Using Arduino and Reliance SCADA for a Stand-Alone Photovoltaic System. Allafi, Ibrahim; Iqbal, Tariq Jan 1, 2018 2832
Characteristics of Nanocrystallite-CdS Produced by Low-Cost Electrochemical Technique for Thin Film Photovoltaic Application: The Influence of Deposition Voltage. Echendu, Obi Kingsley; Dejene, Francis Birhanu; Dharmadasa, Imyhamy Mudiy; Eze, Francis Chukwuemeka Jan 1, 2017 7972
Economic Feasibility for Recycling of Waste Crystalline Silicon Photovoltaic Modules. D'Adamo, Idiano; Miliacca, Michela; Rosa, Paolo Jan 1, 2017 3673
Sunny outlook for solar growth. Stonebrook, Shelley Brief article Dec 1, 2016 295
Falling solar costs offer new hopes for generation. Nov 8, 2016 520
New solar cell more efficient and cost-effective. Oct 1, 2016 167
SolarCraft Completes Solar Panel Install at Marin Tennis Club - San Rafael Tennis Club Goes Solar and Saves Money. Aug 25, 2016 448
PDO Miraah Solar Project Cost Reduced by 46 Percent. Jul 30, 2016 599
Solar, wind power costs set to fall 59pc. Jun 21, 2016 253
Solar FlexRack Announces Webinar: Insider's Secrets to Reducing Project Costs Through Racking Services and Solutions. May 11, 2016 401
Masdar drives new affordable solar initiative. Feb 16, 2016 658
Putting solar power centre stage: arguably the most successful industry in Africa today, the ICT sector is entering a new phase of more mature, competitive, growth. Ford, Neil Dec 1, 2015 993
East Africa's off-grid revolution: small-scale solar energy projects are springing up in Kenya and Tanzania to meet the booming consumer demand for electricity for mobile telecoms and banking. Ford, Neil Dec 1, 2015 1137
The rise of the 'solarpreneurs': combining mobile phone and solar power technology could provide the solution to the problem of affordable domestic electricity in Africa. Pembroke, Charles Nov 1, 2015 950
Call for expanded NH net metering gains steam: alternative energy firms, solar advocates seek legislative action. McCord, Michael Oct 30, 2015 651
Dewa will increase solar project capacity at a cost of Dh1.2b. Jan 16, 2015 303
Saudi to offer lowest solar energy costs. Aug 18, 2014 358
Saudi to offer lowest solar energy costs. Aug 11, 2014 502
Saudi to offer lowest solar energy costs. Aug 11, 2014 436
First two photovoltaic parks in Cyprus to produce lower-cost energy. May 2, 2014 247
NhSolarGarden founder Andrew Kellar. McCord, Michael Interview Mar 7, 2014 630
Solar insurance costs drop by half. Mar 1, 2014 121
Solar Insurance Costs Drop by Half Since 2010. Feb 4, 2014 140
Minister of Industry: spreading solar energy use will reduce cost of power production. Sep 7, 2013 225
Pakistan seeks India's cooperation in renewable energy sector. Brief article Jul 28, 2013 211
NWA pizzeria prepares to install solar panels: incentives, credits make it 'no-brainer,' Eureka owner says. Bahn, Chris May 27, 2013 751
Why more solar companies should fail: solar manufacturers like Suntech are struggling. Hundreds need to die for the industry to recover. Bullis, Kevin Industry overview May 1, 2013 523
Progress report: six years after its introduction as a major job generator, what's become of the New Energy Economy?". Best, Allen Nov 1, 2012 2179
Solar energy costs decrease by 60% in 2 years. Oct 17, 2012 254
Glut Of Solar Panels Poses A New Threat To China. Brief article Oct 5, 2012 208
Fusing East and West leads a way to global competitiveness in emerging economy: source of China's conspicuous strength in solar industry. Srikanth, Narasimalu; Watanabe, Chihiro Report Oct 1, 2012 13649
So vital to the local economy; FEARS FOR THE FUTURE OF SHARP FACTORY. Sep 29, 2012 435
State fund approves multibillion to foster Taiwan's PV industry. Liu, Ken Sep 26, 2012 331
It's the system that needs fixing. Paradiso, Tony Sep 7, 2012 621
New solar cells could reduce cost of solar energy by 75pc. Sep 2, 2012 409
Reports on Potential of Solar Energy - II (IAR 190). Report Aug 31, 2012 7316
Reports on Potential of Solar Energy - I (IAR 189). Report Aug 15, 2012 9023
Chasing a solar market in Japan. Brief article Jul 1, 2012 176
Solar cell towers. Thilmany, Jean Jul 1, 2012 489
GTAT CEO: protectionism only hurts U.S. solar industry. Sanders, Bob Jun 15, 2012 699
Alternatives now a viable option. Ford, Neil Jun 1, 2012 1218
New ink-based solar cells might be low cost and efficient. May 1, 2012 527
South Africa to build world's biggest solar energy system. Nevin, Tom May 1, 2012 1387
Solar energy set-ups 'on lease'. Anum, Sadiqa Brief article Apr 29, 2012 253
Masood Khan briefs PM on Pak-China economic cooperation. Apr 22, 2012 304
Ambassador Masood Khan briefs PM about Pak-China economic cooperation. Apr 22, 2012 302
Masood Khan briefs PM on Pak-China economic cooperation. Apr 22, 2012 304
Masood briefs PM about Pak-China economic cooperation. Apr 22, 2012 329
Shedding light on solar technologies. Paradiso, Tony Apr 20, 2012 601
MP backing solar to energise economy. Feb 22, 2012 291
Solar power: Khyber leads. Jan 31, 2012 527
Golf Cart Solar to Introduce New "Zero Cost" Thin Film Solar Golf Cart Kit at 2012 PGA Show in Orlando. Dec 13, 2011 357
Economy, energy, and entrepreneurship: federally funded research can be a solution to some of the nation's top challenges, say government laboratory executives. Dec 1, 2011 3523
Following trend in green economy. Nov 15, 2011 264
Solar power cut to cost economy dear; Projects likely to be halted after changes. Nov 8, 2011 637
Cheaper options for solar power. Siddiqui, Hussain Ahmed Oct 1, 2011 1081
Strategies to offset the rising cost of silver: design changes can mitigate skyrocketing metals prices. Falcon, Tom Sep 1, 2011 876
The Energy Industry's holy grail; cost, design, and efficiency remain barriers to storing renewable energy affordably. Penny, Janelle Sep 1, 2011 728
'Cling-film' method to make cheaper, efficient polymer solar panels. Jul 6, 2011 285
N. Korean leader Kim visits China''s economic zone. May 23, 2011 272
Green light given to a green bright idea; Solar panel programme will cut costs. May 11, 2011 483
Solar-cell manufacturers lower capacity utilization rates. Liu, Philip Brief article May 3, 2011 289
Taiwanese solar cell makers to benefit from China's move to build more solar plants. Chuang, Steve Apr 6, 2011 365
DOE works to cut solar costs by 75%. Apr 1, 2011 260
Light bright idea. Davis, Crystal D. Brief article Mar 31, 2011 264
Ultrafast laser to make solar cells more affordable, efficient. Mar 10, 2011 289
Clouds form over the solar power industry; ECONOMY TODAY: ENERGY. Feb 8, 2011 105
DOE pursues SunShot initiative to achieve cost competitive solar energy by 2020. Feb 8, 2011 525
Go solar to save money and preserve the planet. Jan 25, 2011 317
Solar power cost to equal fossil fuel expense says BP. Dec 28, 2010 543
Cost of going green. Oct 7, 2010 564
SunRun Expands to Hawaii as Islands' First Affordable Home Solar Option. Sep 17, 2010 716
Solar-power craze sweeping Taiwan. Liu, Philip Aug 30, 2010 359
Credit Suisse initiates China's Jinko Solar with "outperform" rating. Aug 6, 2010 164
Consider roof loads for solar energy: learn to calculate the costs of pre-designing a roof to support a photovoltaic system. Trant, James E. Jul 1, 2010 741
Taiwan's PV makers seen to benefit from outsourcings by Sharp, Sanyo. Liu, Ken Jun 15, 2010 340
Handing you the power; SOLAR Photovoltaic offers you clean energy and the opportunity to make money. May 18, 2010 704
The rocky road to grid parity: the economy and (over)capacity are driving down pricing. May 1, 2010 775
Handing you power - Solar Photovoltaics offer you clean energy and the opportunity to make money; ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE. Apr 21, 2010 711
Advancement in thin-film solar cell technology could reduce cost, material waste. Apr 21, 2010 428
New Technique Developed for Lowering Cost of Solar Panels. Apr 4, 2010 666
Solar energy cutting costs. Apr 2, 2010 148
Carpet of silicon whiskers could make solar cells cheaper. Feb 15, 2010 431
Cost of installing and owning solar panels all set to fall. Dec 2, 2009 395
Google plans new mirror for cheaper solar power. Sep 11, 2009 640
Power glide: Bill Ritter has bet his future on the new energy economy. He's about to find out how much political clout it really can generate. Schwab, Robert Sep 1, 2009 3027
Dear EarthTalk: I'd like to know the relative electricity cost of utility scale solar and wind plants versus rooftop residential solar. In other words, how can I know whether to subsidize my utility's alternative energy plant or renovate my own home?. Aug 16, 2009 590
Cell efficiency is key to success of photovoltaics: the iNEMI roadmap spells out the plan for lowest cost per watt. Harrus, Alain; Handy, Jim Jun 1, 2009 1712
SolarCity Unveils New Solar Array at Affordable Housing Community in South Los Angeles. Mar 23, 2009 324
Solar energy plan to combat rising energy costs. Mar 1, 2009 307
STUDY: Cost Decreases in PV Installations Linked to State Incentive Programs. Feb 19, 2009 438
Schools target energy costs; Audits in works; solar panels eyed. Nov 6, 2008 480
As energy costs soar, the solar energy market offers opportunities. Savastano, David Oct 1, 2008 414
N.H. can lead in boosting solar energy: but federal solar investment tax credits are essential. Callihan, Jim; Gromer, Paul Sep 26, 2008 584
Sun is setting on solar panel savings. Sep 4, 2008 197
Pool in bid to cool its costs; SOLAR PANELS TO HEAT WATER. Aug 21, 2008 312
Solar panel savings add up to small fortune; in association with Environment Agency. May 20, 2008 719
Bid to make solar power cheaper. Jan 15, 2008 389
Q&A: shedding light on solar tax credits. Leslie, Maggie Aug 1, 2006 844

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