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The digital economy: challenges for global taxation. Sep 15, 2019 639
Effects of business with US companies on Pakistan's economy. Nisar, Ahsan Aug 26, 2019 652
The Role of Non-market Strategies in Establishing Legitimacy: The Case of Service MNEs in Emerging Economies. Rodgers, Peter; Stokes, Peter; Tarba, Shlomo; Khan, Zaheer Aug 1, 2019 11950
'2R-Based View' on the Internationalization of Service MNEs from Emerging Economies: Evidence from China. Xiao, Shufeng Simon; Lew, Yong Kyu; Park, Byung Il Aug 1, 2019 14581
It's time for global businesses to accept local responsibility. Lochbihler, Peter Report Jun 23, 2019 764
Age Matters: The Contingency of Economic Distance and Economic Freedom in Emerging Market Firm's Cross-Border M&A Performance. Liou, Ru-Shiun; Rao-Nicholson, Rekha Jun 1, 2019 13825
Qatari Diar sera lance en juillet 2019. Brief article Dec 1, 2018 191
The Economies and Diseconomies of Industrial Clustering: Multinational Enterprises versus Uninational Enterprises. Pandit, Naresh R.; Cook, Gary A.S.; Wan, Feng; Beaverstock, Jonathan V.; Ghauri, Pervez N. Report Dec 1, 2018 14438
Antecedents and Innovation Performance Implications of MNC Political Ties in the Chinese Automotive Supply Chain. Jean, Ruey-Jer'Bryan'; Sinkovics, Rudolf R.; Zagelmeyer, Stefan Report Dec 1, 2018 14194
Feeling the Squeeze: Nonmarket Institutional Pressures and Firm Nonmarket Strategies. Voinea, Cosmina Lelia; van Kranenburg, Hans Statistical data Sep 1, 2018 17543
The charter for corporate champions of Africa: Declaration to Advance Africa's Transformation and Economic Integration by African Multinational Enterprises. Aug 1, 2018 546
The Theory of International Business: The Role of Economic Models. Casson, Mark Report May 1, 2018 9922
Capital Structure of Foreign Direct Investments: A Transaction Cost Analysis. Rygh, Asmund; Benito, Gabriel R.G. May 1, 2018 10228
Global Mindset and Entry Mode Decisions: Moderating Roles of Managers' Decision-Making Style and Managerial Experience. Jiang, Fuming; Ananthram, Subramaniam; Li, Jizhong Report May 1, 2018 16803
Effective Strategies to Catch Up in the Era of Globalization Experiences of Local Chinese Telecom Equipment Firms: Chinese telecom equipment firms illustrate successful models for local firms in emerging economies to catch up to and compete with multinationals. Gao, Xudong May 1, 2018 4765
Buying to be Socially Responsible: Emerging Market Multinational Corporations' Cross-border Acquisitions and Corporate Social Performance. Liou, Rushiun; Lamb, Nai H. Abstract Mar 22, 2018 6710
Labor market effects of offshoring. Works, Richard Report Feb 1, 2018 462
Amazon's ambition to overhaul UK's rural economy; RURAL. Oct 11, 2017 417
Economic substance requirements and multinational firm behavior. Singh, Kartikeya; Mathur, Aparna Report Feb 1, 2017 9862
The role of multinational corporations in global environmental politics. Popescu, Gheorghe H.; Huru, Dragos Report Sep 1, 2016 1711
Effects of foreign direct investment on firm-level technical efficiency: stochastic frontier model evidence from Chinese manufacturing firms. Wang, Miao; Wong, M.C. Sunny Report Sep 1, 2016 12909
Learning from others: the impact of vicarious experience on the psychic distance and FDI relationship. Jimenez, Alfredo; de la Fuente, David Abstract Sep 1, 2016 13704
Tackling malnutrition is key to a healthy economy: Ahsan Iqbal. Aug 3, 2016 477
Communication for socially responsible initiatives. Sharma, Seema; Mann, Deepa Jul 1, 2016 5296
The strategic location of regional headquarters for multinationals in Africa: South Africa as a host country. Luiz, John M.; Radebe, Busi Jul 1, 2016 9241
Russian firms in the Visegrad countries/Visegrad ulkelerinde rus sirketleri. Kalotay, Kalman; Elteto, Andrea; Sass, Magdolna; Weiner, Csaba Report Jun 22, 2016 12863
Russian firms in the Visegrad countries/Visegrad ulkelerinde Rus sirketleri. Kalotay, Kalman; Elteto, Andrea; Sass, Magdolna; Weiner, Csaba Report Mar 22, 2016 12850
Industrial relations in the transnational business scenario: an overview. Bose, Indranil; Mudgal, R.K. Jan 1, 2016 3172
Do we need to distance ourselves from the distance concept? Why home and host country context might matter more than (cultural) distance. Harzing, Anne-Wil; Pudelko, Markus Statistical data Jan 1, 2016 16748
BEA study explores MNE knowledge flows. Jan 1, 2016 547
Outward foreign direct investment from BRIC countries: comparing strategies of Brazilian, Russian, Indian and Chinese multinational companies. Andreff, Wladimir Report Dec 1, 2015 7307
Outward foreign direct investment from BRIC countries: Comparing strategies of Brazilian, Russian, Indian and Chinese multinational companies. Andreff, Wladimir Report Dec 1, 2015 16567
The role of outgroups in constructing a shared identity: a longitudinal study of a subsidiary merger in Mexico. Lupina-Wegener, Anna; Schneider, Susan C.; van Dick, Rolf Sep 1, 2015 12732
Learning from risky environments: global diversification strategies of Spanish MNEs. Jimenez, Alfredo; Benito-Osorio, Diana; Palmero-Camara, Carmen Jul 1, 2015 11742
The viability of sustained growth by India's MNEs: India's dual economy and constraints from location assets. Narula, Rajneesh Mar 1, 2015 6629
Economic nationalism and globalization in South Korea: a critical insight. Lee, You-il; Lee, Kyung Tae Jan 1, 2015 9051
Inter-country exchange rates and intra-firm trade flow within global network of multinational corporations. Song, Sangcheol Abstract Jan 1, 2015 10103
The internal audit contribution to the governance of the entity. Badea, Georgiana; Elefterie, Liana; Spineanu-Georgescu, Luciana Report Dec 1, 2014 1614
Banks Cash In On Inversion Deals Intended To Elude Taxes. Brief article Aug 6, 2014 227
Is the Black Star losing its lustre? Amesimeku, Erik Kwame Aug 1, 2014 1398
Externalizing, internalizing and fostering commitment: the case of born-global firms in emerging economies. Glaister, Alison J.; Liu, Yipeng; Sahadev, Sunil; Gomes, Emanuel Jul 1, 2014 11202
High-performance work systems and organizational performance in emerging economies: evidence from MNEs in Turkey. Demirbag, Mehmet; Codings, David G.; Tatoglu, Ekrem; Mellahi, Kamel; Wood, Geoffrey May 1, 2014 17390
Human resource management in multinational enterprises: evidence from a late industrializing economy. McDonnell, Anthony; Lavelle, Jonathan; Gunnigle, Patrick May 1, 2014 9750
Does multinational ownership affect firm survival in Italy? Ferragina, Anna Maria; Pittiglio, Rosanna; Reganati, Filippo Report Apr 1, 2014 8822
Simultaneous impact of the presence of foreign MNEs on indigenous firms' exports and domestic sales. Wang, Jue; Wei, Yingqi; Liu, Xiaming; Wang, Chengang; Lin, Hua Mar 1, 2014 13974
Govindarajan, V., Trimble, C., Reverse Innovation: Create Far from Home, Win Everywhere, Harvard Business Review Press, 2012. Schuster, Tassilo Mar 1, 2014 2621
Solving the great conundrum ... How Africa can own its natural resources. Ankomah, Baffour Cover story Feb 1, 2014 5466
How much do technological gap, firm size, and regional characteristics matter for the absorptive capacity of ltalian enterprises? Imbriani, C.; Pittiglio, R.; Reganati, F.; Sica, E. Report Feb 1, 2014 7638
Exploring modes of entry into international markets: direct investment or contractual relations. Fernandes, Rui; Gouveia, Borges; Pinho, Carlos Feb 1, 2014 6977
International entrepreneurship and the theory of the (long-lived) international firm: a capabilities perspective. Al-Aali, Abdulrahman; Teece, David J. Abstract Jan 1, 2014 11095
Subsidiary divestment: the role of multinational flexibility. Song, Sangcheol Jan 1, 2014 10957
50 years of kenya--risks and rewards. Thorpe, Conrad Statistical data Dec 1, 2013 585
FDI structure, investment specificity, and multinationality value under host market uncertainty. Song, Sangcheol Nov 1, 2013 10799
Dual-option subsidiaries and exit decisions during times of economic crisis. Chung, Chris Changwha; Lee, Seung-Hyun; Lee, Jeoung-Yul Jul 1, 2013 13019
Leveling leviathans: the dimensions of fairness. Bates, Stephen Jun 22, 2013 523
Adoption of ISO 9000 management standard in EU's transition economies: the case of the Baltic States. Heras-Saizarbitoria, Inaki; Arana, German; Cilleruelo, Ernesto Jun 1, 2013 7746
Summary estimates of 2011 MNC activity released. May 1, 2013 483
Multinationals drive growth in Kenya. Brief article Apr 1, 2013 234
The impact of Multinational Corporations (MNCs) on sustainable development of Nigerian economy (a case study of Shell B.P.). Ajayi, Ezekiel Oluwole; Omolekan, Olushola Joshua Report Jan 1, 2013 5014
MPs: Make global firms pay fair tax; economy. Nov 6, 2012 151
Multinationals 'steal' $50bn per year from Africa. Versi, Anver Aug 1, 2012 737
Knowledge capital, international trade, and foreign direct investment: a sectoral analysis. Awokuse, Titus O.; Maskus, Keith E.; An, Yiting Report Jul 1, 2012 9885
Has globalization increased the synchronicity of international business cycles? Berge, Travis J. Statistical data Jun 22, 2012 8347
Emerging markets: concept evolution and business environment particularities. Serban, Elena; Borisov, Daniela; Dobrea, Razvan Catalin Report Jun 1, 2012 6211
Breaking up the euro: multinationals would be wise to prepare for the possibility that Europe's single currency may undergo a transformation. Brace, Rebecca Oct 1, 2011 433
Measuring foreign exchange exposure in us multinationals: measurement errors. Lee, Baeyong Sep 22, 2011 4809
The effects of currency translation: increasing profit margins with declining earnings. Sorensen, Susan M.; Kyle, Donald L. Sep 1, 2011 4708
Mia Motors: the arrival of an international firm into the American economy.(Instructor's Note) Brent, William; Jeong, Jin-Gil Report Aug 1, 2011 3647
Empirical examination of wealth effects of mergers and acquisitions: the U.S. economy in perspective. Subeniotis, Demetres N.; Kroustalis, Ioannis G.; Tampakoudis, Ioannis A.; Poulios, Markos Report Jul 1, 2011 5581
A commentary on Peter Buckley's writings on the global factory. Yamin, Mohammad Mar 1, 2011 3990
Effective strategies to catch up in the era of globalization: experiences of local Chinese telecom equipment firms: Chinese telecom equipment firms illustrate successful models for local firms in emerging economies to catch up to and compete with multinationals. Gao, Xudong Company overview Jan 1, 2011 4736
Geographic orientation and performance: evidence from British exporters. Beleska-Spasova, Elena; Glaister, Keith W. Case study Sep 1, 2010 10976
According to an FM Global study of more than 500 multinational companies, businesses with weak risk management practices, compared to those with strong programs, face a 55 times greater risk of property loss due to fire and fire-related losses 4 times as costly (an average of $3.2 million per loss as opposed to S 750,000). Brief article Jul 1, 2010 104
Good governance in developing and emerging host countries and reinvestment of retained earnings by united states multinationals: a pooled cross-sectional time-series analysis. Oseghale, Braimoh D. Jul 1, 2010 7168
Foreign direct investment, exchange rate, and their roles in economic growth of developing countries: empirical evidence from Kazakhstan. Lee, Jung-Wan; Baimukhamedova, Gulzada; Akhmetova, Sharzada Jul 1, 2010 6143
Assessing HIV/aids economic challenges and marketing opportunities in sub-Saharan Africa: exploratory study. Koudou, A. Nicolas; Smereka, Lyudmyla Report Jun 22, 2010 2833
The party gets started in Brazil: multinational corporations are increasingly attracted to Brazil, which has surmounted political instability and hyperinflation to become one of the hottest emerging market economies. Banham, Russ Mar 1, 2010 2048
The boardroom vacuum. Wagner, Daniel Dec 1, 2009 716
Structural change and economic development in China and India. Valli, Vittorio; Saccone, Donatella Report Jun 1, 2009 10584
Technology sourcing and performance of foreign subsidiaries in Greece: the impact of MNE and local environmental contexts. Manolopoulos, Dimitris; Dimitratos, Pavlos; Young, Stephen; Lioukas, Spyros Jan 1, 2009 7897
Measuring the technology diffusion from multinational enterprises. Elmawazini, Khaled Sep 1, 2008 815
Remember foreign exchange fluctuations when reporting and analyzing operating results. DeCristofaro, John Jan 1, 2008 2004
The trade development path and export spillovers in China: a missing link? Buck, Trevor; Liu, Xiaohui; Wei, Yingqi; Liu, Xiaming Nov 1, 2007 9203
FDI effects on national competitiveness: a cluster approach. Gugler, Philippe; Brunner, Serge Aug 1, 2007 8286
The effect of context-related moderators on the internationalization-performance relationship: evidence from meta-analysis. Bausch, Andreas; Krist, Mario Report Jul 1, 2007 12971
The internationalization-performance relationship at Swiss firms: a test of the S-Shape and extreme degrees of internationalization. Ruigrok, Winfried; Amann, Wolfgang; Wagner, Hardy Report Jul 1, 2007 7570
The theoretical rationale for a multinationality-performance relationship. Hennart, Jean-Francois Report Jul 1, 2007 14093
Is international business good for companies? The evolutionary or multi-stage theory of internationalization vs. the transaction cost perspective. Contractor, Farok J. Report Jul 1, 2007 9780
Emerging economies coming on strong: the global economic landscape is changing dramatically, but the United States can continue to prosper as long as it capitalizes on its strength in diversity and creativity. Wince-Smith, Deborah L. Mar 22, 2007 1113
Determinants of employment growth at MNEs: evidence from Egypt, India, South Africa and Vietnam. Bhaumik, Sumon Kumar; Estrin, Saul; Meyer, Klaus E. Mar 1, 2007 7871
The internal markets of multinational firms. Desai, Mihir A.; Foley, C. Fritz; Hines, James R., Jr. Mar 1, 2007 4366
Reconsidering the concentration of US MNE activity: is it global, regional or national? Hejazi, Walid Report Jan 1, 2007 10442
Exploring the global marketplace: succeeding locally involves thinking globally. Jones, Susan Oct 1, 2005 1371
The global justice movement. Editorial Jul 1, 2005 730
A kinder, gentler globalization: 1992. Tyson, Laura D'Andrea Jun 1, 2005 471
The Role of Vocational Education and Training in Attracting Foreign Investment from Multinational Companies. Toner, Phillip Abstract Jan 1, 2004 172
Debt relief, or more grief: attempts to improve the living standards for the majority of people in the developing world seem doomed to fail as long as their nations carry the huge debt burdens they have built up. Sep 1, 2003 1898
Engulf and devour? (Economics, Labor & Business). Brief Article Jun 22, 2002 336
The multilaterals. Quinlivan, Gary M. Nov 1, 2000 6553
Hungary for reinvestment. Coppe, Bruno; Lamb, Jason M.; Radev, Anthony Brief Article Mar 22, 2000 622
Japan Project. Brief Article Dec 22, 1999 794
Proposed Foreign Trade Zones Need Niche Market. Brief Article Oct 4, 1999 485
Retailing in a smaller world. Seligman, Richard A. Brief Article Sep 1, 1999 598
Spoilt for choice: multinational corporations and the geography of international production. Kozul-Wright, Richard; Rowthorn, Robert Jun 22, 1998 9706
Will the U.S. catch the Asian flu? Beese, J. Carter. Jr. Mar 1, 1998 2315
Banking on the euro. Shephard, Simon Nov 1, 1997 1225
Taming the new multinational beast. Weissman, Robert Editorial Sep 1, 1997 821
Sewing discontent in Nicaragua: the harsh regime of Asian garment companies in Nicaragua. Raphaelidis, Leia Sep 1, 1997 1809
Around the world at home: Globalt's Bill Roach has a new way to play international markets. Anderson, James A. Sep 1, 1997 638
William Greider. Press, Eyal Interview Jun 1, 1997 3093
Multinational firms and the diffusion of skills and technology. Blomstrom, Magnus; Lipsey, Robert E. Jun 22, 1996 1447
India & China: Asia's non-identical twins. Turcq, Dominique Mar 22, 1995 3699
Role of multinational companies in Pakistan economy. Haque, Ansarul Cover Story Nov 1, 1994 1835
The globalization of world financial markets. Resnick, Bruce G. Nov 1, 1989 7131

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