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Goal of economic development linked with women empowerment: DC. Mar 17, 2021 324
Some States Not Benefitting From US Economic Growth. Wesley Dockery Jan 11, 2020 492
Thar coal mine can be a game changer for Pakistani economy, Chamber of small Traders. Mar 25, 2019 172
Thar coal mine can be a game changer for Pakistani economy, Chamber of small Traders. Mar 25, 2019 164
'Run down car industry like steel to drive UK progress post-Brexit' Political editor David Williamson examines a university economist's vision of the future of the motor industry, and discovers a surprising train of thought... Oct 26, 2018 1025
This is the man Brexit campaigners want the public to listen to... Economist Patrick Minford is the Cardiff University professor who has become the doyen of Brexiteers. Here, political editor David Williamson looks at the arguments put forward by the man who once controversially championed the economic policies of Margaret Thatcher. Oct 26, 2018 984
Clean growth in Wales the new Industrial Revolution; This week is Green GB Week. Here, UK government Energy and Clean Growth Minister Claire Perry argues that setting more ambitious targets to tackle climate change could also be a huge economic opportunity TgMa. Oct 18, 2018 771
Fitch Ratings affirms 'BBB-' rating on DBCT senior secured debt. Aug 17, 2018 355
Daguma touts economic benefits of coal project. Jul 5, 2018 484
Despite political rhetoric, coal plants keep closing Coal: Regulatory official says plant retirements are 'pure economics'. Jun 19, 2018 754
Mongolia's economic growth to remain solid. Apr 14, 2018 211
High coal, fuel prices impacting cement industry cost. Feb 22, 2018 321
Strength and Cost Analysis of New Steel Sets as Roadway Support Project in Coal Mines. Li, Qinghai; Yang, Renshu; Li, Jingkai; Wang, He; Wen, Zhijie Jan 1, 2018 5694
Adani cancels 2.6 bn dollar contract with Australian mining giant. Dec 23, 2017 468
ADB approves loan to help catalyze economic diversification. Dec 21, 2017 235
Optimization of PCI coal usage in coke making: a cost control initiative. Mathai, Reji; Theepan, T.K.; Srinivasan, M.; Kumar, S.M. Jun 1, 2017 2035
Can we help the I losers in climate change? The demise of the coal industry should start a discussion of how we will respond to the economic upheaval caused by global warming. Martin, Richard Sep 1, 2016 1724
Local union says Karaman miners, families trapped in debt. Nov 4, 2014 474
GIVE [euro]200 CARBON TAX THE COAL SHOULDER... Concern as hard-hit consumers to face hike in fuel costs. Apr 29, 2014 423
Sunshine is the new coalmine: open cut mines and coal ports are one option for the Great Barrier Reef, or we can look up and see the light. Borrelle, Jessie Jan 1, 2014 1878
Alaska's coal clean burning and abundant. West, Gail Nov 1, 2013 1781
Coal terminals' study will not include broader impacts. Brief article Jul 1, 2013 148
Jobs in a ripple-out economy come from oil, gas, coal, and then the cloud. Mills, Mark P. Jan 1, 2013 1800
Montana's energy industries: a real boom? Johnson, Terry; Polzin, Paul E. Statistical data Dec 22, 2012 974
Can CHP replace coal and lower kWh cost? Nov 1, 2012 220
Kyrgyzstan exports coal to Tajikistan, Uzbekistan -- Economy Ministry. Oct 18, 2012 133
No coal dividend for health services: nurses and patients in the Upper Hunter Valley are still waiting to see the benefits of the mining boom. Oct 1, 2012 423
h coal Region's rich reserves con ntinue to yield wea alth through ope encast; ECONOMY n the North East may well be The days when coal was king i ays an important part in the over but the black stuff still pl wth in surface mining. region's economy with the grow KAREN DENT reports. Aug 15, 2012 1530
Churning Oil And Coal, Essar Group's Growth Mirrors Indian Economy. Jun 12, 2012 647
No Coal, No Hope: Mine Cutbacks Kill Recovery In Appalachia. Jun 9, 2012 1089
International link's formed by digging for coal and the truth; With Euro 2012 about to kick off in Ukraine, Ian Johnson recalls a Welshman who transformed that country's economy and another who exposed one of the greatest atrocities of the 20th century. Jun 6, 2012 715
RAIL THIEVES THREATEN MORE JOBS AT DAW MILL; Coal train delays caused by raids cost pit pounds 150,000 in lost business. May 11, 2012 438
Coal: the rock that burns: in America, coal is useful, plentiful, and accessible, but it is also on the federal governments hit list - namely the EPA's. The EPA's actions threaten to shutter the coal industry. Hiserodt, Ed Cover story Mar 19, 2012 4038
Learning from errors. Feb 1, 2012 740
Thar coal and energy security. Feb 1, 2012 1059
Gaborone sorts out coal strategy. Oct 1, 2011 902
Australia floods may cost coal business $8 bn. Apr 2, 2011 520
Death of a coal town: Massey Energy offers communities like Twilight a devil's bargain: get a few decent jobs--and watch your homes be wiped off the map. Harkinson, Josh Mar 1, 2011 1069
Ignoring Thar Coal not an option: Pakistan Economy Watch (PEW). Oct 25, 2010 301
Coal, politics and the new-energy economy: Xcel energy's Comanche 3 coal-fired plant underscores the debate between "cheap," reliable energy and its costs to the environment. Best, Allen Sep 1, 2010 2667
Government committed to utilize coal reserves to boost economy. Jul 2, 2010 229
Stepping up Africa's success story. Ford, Neil Jul 1, 2010 2552
Mozambique's massive offshore gas find: Mozambique, which is already a producer of gas, has now discovered what may well prove very significant reserves of offshore gas. There is still a way to go before the gas can be tapped but this means that with its coal resources, the country will have a powerful tool with which to accelerate its economic development. Mar 1, 2010 768
Undiscovered pearl has more to offer than rugby and coal; ST HELENS: Public art and laser tagging to help boost borough economy. Nov 24, 2009 619
Thar Coal deposits of over 170 billion tons should be explored at all costs: PM. Jun 11, 2009 480
Economic Benefits of Clean Coal Technology Topic of Panel Discussion. Discussion Feb 10, 2009 205
Indiana Utility Commission OKs Cost Increase for New Coal Plant. Jan 7, 2009 489
'Heavy cost' of China coal use. Nov 3, 2008 481
'Heavy cost' of China coal use. Nov 2, 2008 481
'Heavy cost' of China coal use. Nov 1, 2008 481
What about the dirty jobs? Memo to the sustainability prophets: coal miners have to eat, too. Lehmann, Chris Nov 1, 2008 1505
'Heavy cost' of China coal use. Oct 29, 2008 481
'Heavy cost' of China coal use. Oct 28, 2008 482
Study Points Out Cost Benefits of Using Coal as Energy Source. Mar 25, 2008 392
Coal could fuel the economy once again. Aug 15, 2007 103
Thar coal power project: an unrealized dream. Siddiqui, Engr Hussain Ahmad May 1, 2006 1155
Mining, environment, and development in southern Santa Catarina, Brazil: non-governmental organization, "Terra Verde" and its ideas for sustainability. Milioli, Geraldo Aug 1, 2005 5918
The world's most dangerous job? Li, Qiang May 1, 2005 622
COAL INDUSTRY: EU OUTPUT DOWN 6.6 MILLION TONNES IN 2001. Brief Article Nov 16, 2002 180
ECSC: COMMISSION ADOPTS REPORT ON AID FOR SMALL FIRMS. (European Coal and Steel Community Treaty, European Commission). Brief Article Apr 13, 2002 445
Mixed Russian and Ukraine results. (Europe). Brief Article Feb 1, 2002 399
Coal central to US energy policy. Brief Article Apr 1, 2001 199
Lignite is coal as well. Chadwick, John Jun 1, 1999 757
Economics of coal preparation. Osborne, D.G.; Hughes-Narborough, C. Aug 1, 1997 1335
King coal. Ross, Priscilla Cover Story Jun 1, 1996 715
Coal RSA. Chadwick, John Industry Overview Jun 1, 1996 4529
Reconstruction and development in South Africa. Industry Overview Sep 1, 1994 1122
After coal - a future for Britain's mining communities? Turner, Royce Feb 1, 1993 3535
Government fiasco over British Coal. Dec 1, 1992 965
Steam coal growth continues. Industry Overview Dec 1, 1992 2692
Camberwell coal mine. Kennedy, Alan Jul 1, 1991 2087
Further analysis of the theory of economic regulation: the case of the 1969 Coal Mine and Health and Safety Act. Fuess, Scott M., Jr.; Loewenstein, Mark A. Apr 1, 1990 9032

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