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Plastic bag charge: why the price of carrier bags will rise in Scotland - and how much they will cost; The price of a plastic bag is set to double from April. Jenna Macfarlane Jan 13, 2021 692
Villar Turns Coconut Wastes into a Viable Source of Income, Sustainable Waste Management Initiative. Nov 12, 2020 941
Entrepreneurs warn of economic consequences due to municipal waste in Mostar. Mar 10, 2020 239
North America Glue-Laminated Timber Market, 2019-2024: Helps Waste Reduction by Minimizing the Disposable Costs & Product Damage. Jan 6, 2020 899
Food waste reduction to spur economic growth pushed. Jan 2, 2020 361
ADDED Organizes Workshop to Shed Light on Abu Dhabi's Circular Economy in Industrial Sector. Nov 3, 2019 1078
ADDED organises workshop to shed light on Abu Dhabi's circular economy in industrial sector. Nov 1, 2019 978
Research on the Degree of Coupling between the Urban Public Infrastructure System and the Urban Economic, Social, and Environmental System: A Case Study in Beijing, China. Tao, ZhiMei Case study Oct 31, 2019 14046
Recycling project bill set to top PS30m; Report outlines spending on council waste plan. Sep 6, 2019 433
SCG pushes mainstreaming of circular economy. Sep 4, 2019 987
NPO jointly organizes 'Training of Trainers in Material Flow Cost Accounting'. Sep 3, 2019 454
NPO jointly organizes "Training of Trainers in Material Flow Cost Accounting". Sep 3, 2019 395
Costs lay waste to Biffa's profit as revenue rises. Jun 6, 2019 355
Landfill Search For Missing Colorado Mom Costs City $80,000. May 7, 2019 220
Lagos Governor-Elect Targets Asphalt Plants, Waste Management To Boost Economic Activities. Mar 20, 2019 719
Fee doubles for single item waste collection; COUNCIL SAYS IT IS TO ENSURE ITS COSTS ARE COVERED... Mar 16, 2019 517
Rubbish management costs rocket after landfill closure. Mar 13, 2019 479
Cost-Benefit Analysis of Medium-Density Fiberboard Production by Adding Fiber from Recycled Medium-Density Fiberboard. Adeeb, Ehsan; Kim, Tae Woo; Sohn, Chang Hyun Dec 22, 2018 3590
Waste management and circular economy. Nov 16, 2018 799
Waste management can reduce import costs: Study. Nov 5, 2018 488
The great issues of the green & circular economy at the center of international events at the 22nd edition of ECOMONDO. Oct 18, 2018 832
Counting the cost of changes to bins. May 23, 2018 382
How to cut waste of time, cost and resource in construction. May 22, 2018 1051
Bulky waste collection price cut to tackle fly tipping; It will cost just [pounds sterling]15 to have three bulky waste items taken away by Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council. Mar 29, 2018 743
EU Mission Representative Took Part, in Workshop on Circular Economy, Held by Ministry of Economy. Feb 12, 2018 304
Changing waste management scene in Nigeria has economic, social benefits - Wagland. Jan 2, 2018 954
Fracking may be limited by waste costs. Dec 18, 2017 281
du Organizes Waste Management Forum in Support of the UAE's Green Economy Vision. Nov 9, 2017 460
Solid wastes flowing into sea be included in WB's blue economy project: Mushahidullah. Sep 20, 2017 402
A plastic fit for a circular economy: Aquapak Polymers gives PVOH resin a makeover, and says the material could push plastics a step closer to the circular economy. Williams, John Sep 1, 2017 1703
The Circular Economy of E-Waste in the Netherlands: Optimizing Material Recycling and Energy Recovery. Golsteijn, Laura; Martinez, Elsa Valencia Report Jan 1, 2017 3249
CDR annuls landfill contract citing excessive cost. Jun 25, 2016 498
Investigative reporting team questions overtime expenses of Tampa Solid Waste. Feb 23, 2016 598
Landfill costs slashed. Jan 31, 2016 768
Avon Park sees savings on tipping fees from trucking waste. Nov 2, 2015 255
Fixing wastage. Column Nov 1, 2015 754
Changes in Solid Waste Department narrow budget shortfall in Walker County. Sep 7, 2015 386
While others raise a stink, Jbeil manages waste with little fuss and at half the cost. Jul 23, 2015 806
Breaking stereotypes in Ugandan agriculture: entrepreneur Prudence Ukkonika is inspiring her fellow women to build careers in agribusiness. Akumu, Patience Apr 1, 2015 921
Iowa solid waste agency tightens budget as trash landscape changes. Dec 11, 2014 677
Imdaad to set up $27mn recyclables recovery plant. May 26, 2014 565
Landfill ban would boost economy. Mar 24, 2014 105
A world without waste? Docksai, Rick Mar 1, 2014 3799
Portsmouth, OH still searching for cheaper garbage disposal. Feb 27, 2014 593
DOE assesses cost of new radioactive waste landfill in Tennessee. Oct 24, 2013 289
New interpretation of landfill laws could cost Wyoming county millions. Oct 9, 2013 341
UN Chief Urged Tourism Establishments to Cut Consumption, Improve Waste Management. Sep 28, 2013 143
Abu Dhabi waste to hit 30 million tonnes per year by 2030. Sep 10, 2013 486
Abu Dhabi waste to hit 30mn tonnes. Sep 10, 2013 396
UK AD & Biogas 2013. Jul 1, 2013 519
Cooper Square draws green line on energy savings, waste reduction. Jun 12, 2013 445
Brown goes green: Eco-enterprising Steve Brankle streamlines waste and expenses to turn John Brown University into the first zero-landfill campus in Arkansas. Friedman, Mark Mar 18, 2013 1043
Turning trash into cash. Seymour, Richard Feb 1, 2013 983
Garden bins charge has cost PS25,000; Council may have to pay PS140,000 for extra landfill. Jan 8, 2013 570
Cut waste to feed the starving: IMechE report highlights key role for engineering in feeding a growing population. Jan 1, 2013 582
E-waste disposal is target of bill; Manufacturers would bear cost. Jul 28, 2012 641
Study cites economic, green benefits of conversion technologies. May 5, 2012 208
Waste incinerator delays 'will cost taxpayer pounds 16m'. Apr 26, 2012 493
Landfill could put Beaufort, Jasper at odds; increase consumer costs. Mar 26, 2012 437
Study indicates increased potential revenue for New Mexico economy. Mar 12, 2012 238
This rubbish cost us thousands savings. Feb 21, 2012 433
Landfill seepage, costs up says BoH chairman; Alternative model sought in leachate disposal. Jan 22, 2012 650
Taking out the trash: Chicago Tribune reinvents waste management to save cash. Rosini, Tim Jan 1, 2011 399
Introducing a series on hazard mitigation R&D. Pagan-Ortiz, Jorge E. Guest editorial May 1, 2010 565
Recession caused a fall in collected waste. Feb 6, 2010 378
Ten forces driving business futures: in a struggling economy. The forces of change are putting more pressures on businesses and from more directions. Success requires both staying on top of current trends and spotting new ones over the horizon. Richarme, Michael Jul 1, 2009 2684
Relearning to recycle: streamlining the process (and reaping rewards) with RecycleBank. Telker, Kimberly Aug 11, 2008 1181
Save money while saving the world: going green and staying economical. Henderson, Shirley Jul 1, 2008 1621
Price and substitution in residential SOLID WASTE. Isely, Paul; Lowen, Aaron Report Jul 1, 2007 7155
Lighten up: dematerializing everyday life is easier than you would think, and smaller footprints bring bigger benefits. Paehlke, Robert Jan 1, 2006 1856
Reaching for more: affordable demolition & hauling works its way into Northern Ohio's demolition market. Taylor, Brian Cover Story Sep 1, 2005 1639
Gains and losses from transfers of solid waste. Highfill, Jannett; Mcasey, Michael May 1, 2004 5266

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