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The New Tax Bill Will Make Americans Less Healthy 6 And That's Bad For The Economy. Reprint Dec 7, 2017 628
Americans' Confidence in the Economy Falls Slightly. Dugan, Andrew Survey Nov 21, 2017 320
Mentions of Economic Issues as Top Problem Lowest Since 1999. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Nov 15, 2017 614
U.S. Economic Confidence Unchanged in October, at +3. McCarthy, Justin Survey Nov 7, 2017 491
The American Investor is Losing Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars to Confusing and Hidden Fees. Oct 25, 2017 1057
The Great American Economy. Brief article Oct 1, 2017 151
The Great American Economy. Book review Oct 1, 2017 140
U.S. Economic Confidence Continues to Rise in August. Dugan, Andrew Survey Aug 22, 2017 515
Inflation Is Americans' Top Economic Worry: Allianz Life. Aug 14, 2017 431
Half Of Americans Plan To Use Sharing Economy Services Like Airbnb, Uber And Lyft For Summer Travel In 2017. Aug 3, 2017 2204
Americans' Confidence in Economy Positive, but Near 2017 Low. Dugan, Andrew Survey Aug 1, 2017 720
United States : On Senate Floor, Portman Discusses Health Care, New Effort to Help Low-Income Americans Get Affordable Care. Jul 26, 2017 978
Confidence in Economy Remains Slightly Positive in U.S. Dugan, Andrew Survey Jul 25, 2017 606
Americans' Confidence in the Economy Unmoved. Dugan, Andrew Survey Jul 11, 2017 522
United States : Unpredictable, Insufficient Universal Service Budget Chilling Network Investment and Hurting Rural America. Jun 22, 2017 649
Nine out of ten Americans and Canadians call for affordable housing solutions. Jun 20, 2017 1268
United States : Americans Want to Know Who Pays for Prescription Drugs and Where That Money Goes. Jun 14, 2017 987
United States : On Eve of Rule Implementation, Isakson Continues Fight for Affordable Retirement Planning for Hardworking Americans. Jun 10, 2017 775
The Economy Is Headed In The Right Direction, Most Americans Say. Jun 6, 2017 673
Here's How Much Money You Might Have When You Die. May 30, 2017 825
Americans With Financial Advisors Feel Significantly More Prepared For Retirement, Optimistic about the Economy and Less Stressed. May 23, 2017 1053
Americans' Confidence in Economy at Post-Election Low. Dugan, Andrew Survey May 16, 2017 449
Manufacturing Industry Critical to Economic Prosperity: Deloitte Survey of U.S. Public. May 11, 2017 1257
'Gig Economy' Is Just Jargon to Most Americans. May 9, 2017 509
Trump takes chainsaw to Obamas "Climate" schemes: though President Donald Trump didn't undo all of Obama's "global-warming" provisions, he has made a good start, freeing the economy from onerous rules. Newman, Alex May 8, 2017 2271
US Economic Confidence Falls in April, but Still Positive. Dugan, Andrew Survey May 2, 2017 641
Americans' Confidence in Economy Stable, Positive. Dugan, Andrew Survey Apr 25, 2017 687
Affordable Care Act Gains Majority Approval for First Time. Norman, Jim Survey Apr 4, 2017 643
Regulatory budgets. Williams, Richard A. Mar 22, 2017 1051
Nearly Half Of Americans Approve Of Trump's Handling Of The Economy. Feb 24, 2017 444
What's the point? Earning and redeeming credit card travel rewards are not always the same thing. Feb 17, 2017 698
Americans Turn Overseas For Affordable Medication. Dec 21, 2016 362
Affordable Care Act Not Working For All Americans. Nov 15, 2016 394
Can consumers keep propping up the economy? Blackburn, Brad Nov 1, 2016 469
Economic Anxiety Peaks as Election Approaches. Oct 14, 2016 576
While U.S. Economy Grows, Housing Confidence Remains Flat. Oct 13, 2016 959
Despite economic recovery affordable health care is still out of reach for many Americans. Oct 12, 2016 558
United States : New analysis shows 2.5 million Americans currently buying individual health coverage off-Marketplace may be eligible for Affordable Care Act premium tax credits. Oct 5, 2016 708
Voters Predict Significant Military, Economic, Civil Risks From Trump Election, SurveyMonkey Poll Finds. Sep 23, 2016 1000
Harvard Study: Political Dysfunction Threatens U.S. Economy. Sep 16, 2016 893
Americans Say the Presidential Election is the Biggest Threat to the U.S. Economy. Sep 13, 2016 698
Survey: Most Americans concerned about healthcare expenses in retirement. Aug 18, 2016 616
Most Americans are Concerned about Healthcare Expenses in Retirement, Finds Edward Jones Study. Aug 16, 2016 956
High out-of-pocket medical spending among the poor and elderly in nine developed countries. Baird, Katherine Aug 1, 2016 7533
Awareness and usage of the sharing economy. Galley, Jacob Aug 1, 2016 577
U.S. Economic Confidence Unchanged Despite Positive Signs. Dugan, Andrew Survey Jul 12, 2016 745
Economy Remains Top Priority for Next President. Newport, Frank Survey Jun 1, 2016 830
Economic fairness and America's presidential election. May 26, 2016 603
The Financial States of America: More Than Two Thirds of US Adults Believe They Will Outlive their Savings. May 24, 2016 1102
Americans More Optimistic About Selves Than Economy. May 18, 2016 389
3 out of 4 Americans Still Do Not Know What a 529 College Savings Plan is, according to Edward Jones Study. May 17, 2016 1138
Americans Slowly Embracing Affordable Care Act More. Swift, Art Survey May 13, 2016 1017
Americans Agree: Healthcare and Social Security Rank as Top Political Issues, Regardless of Financial Standing, According to Credit Karma. May 12, 2016 1052
Understanding Obama's Economic Legacy. Apr 28, 2016 886
Americans Most Confident in Sanders, Kasich on Economy. McCarthy, Justin Survey Apr 18, 2016 978
The Consequences of Debt in America (Part Two). Survey Apr 14, 2016 1415
Economy, Government Top U.S. Problem List. Auter, Zac Survey Apr 14, 2016 767
The Consequences of Debt in America. Survey Apr 13, 2016 1616
Article on Decreasing U.S. Economic Confidence Highlights Many Americans' Need for Emergency Cash. Mar 14, 2016 634
Country Financial finds Americans unsure of economic conditions on personal finances. Mar 3, 2016 360
Country Financial finds Americans unsure of economic conditions on personal finances. Mar 3, 2016 358
Two-Thirds of Americans Think Economic System Favors the Powerful. Feb 11, 2016 303
Green America: State Of The Union Address Is Starting Point For Green Economy Benefitting All Americans. Jan 13, 2016 1077
U.S. Economic Confidence Index Averages -11 in December. McCarthy, Justin Survey Jan 5, 2016 857
Terrorism, Economy and Immigration Top Issues Americans Want Government to Address. Dec 23, 2015 1404
Americans' Economic Optimism Tapers Off. Dec 23, 2015 573
Americans Torn Between Saving for Retirement & Helping Their Kids Through College: RBC Wealth Management Poll. Dec 17, 2015 723
United States : Americans Optimistic that Presidential Election Will Boost Economy and Personal Investments: RBC Wealth Management Poll. Oct 30, 2015 629
Americans Optimistic that Presidential Election Will Boost Economy and Personal Investments: RBC Wealth Management Poll. Oct 28, 2015 809
How Alaskans grow their wealth. Goforth, J. Pennelope Oct 1, 2015 1509
St. Louis--For Americans, the likelihood of experiencing poverty at least once in their lifetime is surprisingly high, a new study finds. Oct 1, 2015 127
Government, Economy, Immigration Seen as Top U.S. Problems. Riffkin, Rebecca Survey Sep 17, 2015 953
Leading a mission for equitable, affordable access to health in US.: Q&A with HHS Secretary Sylvia Burwell. McGill, Natalie Interview Aug 1, 2015 1433
Pew Finds Complex Relationship Between Debt and Financial Security and Mobility. Jul 29, 2015 946
Poll: Greek Debt Crisis Shakes US Citizens' Confidence in National Economy. Jul 22, 2015 231
In U.S., Economic Confidence Index Drops Slightly to -7. Survey May 19, 2015 586
Economy Trumps Foreign Affairs as Key 2016 Election Issue. Survey May 15, 2015 1030
New Yorkers need to educate themselves on Airbnb issues. Lycoyannis, Alexander May 13, 2015 799
Confidence in Obama's Economic Decisions Rises in U.S. Dugan, Andrew Apr 24, 2015 999
Americans Slightly More Positive Toward Affordable Care Act. Newport, Frank Apr 8, 2015 803
Looking to succeed? First, remember where you came from. Friedman, Hershey H.; Lewis, Barbara Jo Apr 1, 2015 4291
American Consumers and Regional State Economies the Ultimate Victims of U.S. Carriers' Protectionist Campaign, Cautions Emirates Airline President. Mar 17, 2015 1896
Americans Split on Worth of U.S. Being No. 1 Economically. McCarthy, Justin Mar 2, 2015 807
American Psychological Association Survey Shows Money Stress Weighing on Americans' Health Nationwide. Feb 4, 2015 1093
From love affair to open relationship. Webber, Michael E. Feb 1, 2015 787
Americans' Satisfaction With Federal Taxes on Low Side. Saad, Lydia Jan 22, 2015 763
U.S. Mood on Economy Up, Race Relations Sharply Down. Saad, Lydia Jan 19, 2015 956
Americans' Life Outlook Best in Seven Years. Brown, Alyssa Jan 16, 2015 763
Americans Become More Positive About Jobs in January. Newport, Frank Jan 12, 2015 835
U.S. Standard of Living Index Climbs to Highest in 7 Years. McCarthy, Justin Jan 8, 2015 761
Strong Dollar Makes 2015 The Best Year For Americans To Travel Across The World. Jan 7, 2015 539
Transformation in action: what does the affordable care act mean for you as a consumer and as a CMHC? Miller, Joel E. Dec 1, 2014 1715
NMA's Quinn: Americans look forward to "a fresh start, common sense approaches to move the economy forward to benefit all Americans". Nov 5, 2014 310
Is disability insurance used as a form of extended unemployment insurance? Hyde, Serah Nov 1, 2014 424
Since 9/11, Fewer Americans Say Terrorism Top Problem; Government and the economy most commonly cited problems now. Riffkin, Rebecca Sep 10, 2014 945
U.S. Economic Confidence Index Stable in August at -16; Current conditions index unchanged at -14 for fifth month. Riffkin, Rebecca Sep 2, 2014 1041
Opportunity scorecards rank U.S. States. O'Leary, Mick Sep 1, 2014 1330
Americans Worried About Basic Financial Necessities Such as Health Care and Having Money for More Than Basic Things. Jul 28, 2014 1311
Three-Quarters of Americans Worry About Having Enough Money to Retire. Jul 10, 2014 1075
Fewer Americans Letting Their Outlook on the Economy Impact Summer Travel Plans. Jun 2, 2014 1553
Conservative Lead on Social and Economic Ideology Shrinking; On social issues, 34% identify as conservative and 30% as liberal. Jones, Jeffrey M. May 28, 2014 1065
U.S. Economic Confidence Flat, Still Below Last May's Levels; Economic Confidence Index at -15, unchanged from beginning of April. Riffkin, Rebecca May 27, 2014 730
U.S. Economic Confidence Stays Flat; Optimism about economy's future takes small hit. McCarthy, Justin May 20, 2014 766
PulteGroup Home Index Survey: Americans' Appetite To Buy New Homes Increases As View On Economy Trends More Positive. Survey May 1, 2014 1016
Two-Thirds of Americans Want Government Policies Introduced to Reduce Economic Inequality. Apr 22, 2014 1651
Two-Thirds of Americans See Long-Term Effects on the Planet as More Important than Short Term Economic Effects. Apr 10, 2014 1439
Americans Again Pick Environment Over Economic Growth; Partisan gap over priority largest recorded. Swift, Art Mar 20, 2014 1008
Americans' Satisfaction With Economy Sours Most Since 2001; Public more satisfied on most other issues today than 13 years ago. Wilke, Joy; Newport, Frank Jan 16, 2014 1241
Americans Rate Economy as Top Priority for Government; Other high-priority issues include education, healthcare policy. Newport, Frank; Wilke, Joy Jan 16, 2014 1091
BBVA Compass economists predict more Americans will benefit from the recovery in 2014. Jan 9, 2014 781
Healthcare Worry Scale: Americans' Concern for Healthcare Equal to that of Economy, Ahead of Terrorism and Government Shutdown. Jan 7, 2014 738
U.S. Consumer Spending in December Highest Since 2008; Americans spent $96 per day on average in December. Newport, Frank Jan 6, 2014 829
Affordable care act brings new benefits as marketplace enrollment progresses. McGill, Natalie Jan 1, 2014 1381
Americans Slowly Regaining Confidence in the Economy; Economic Confidence Index, at -20, nearly back to pre-shutdown level of -15. Survey Dec 17, 2013 823
Obamacare and me. Lennon, J. Mark Dec 13, 2013 717
Americans Cite Gov't, Economy, Healthcare as Top Problems; Fewer mention government since shutdown ended. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Dec 12, 2013 876
Americans' Life Ratings Improve in November; Uptick mirrors improved economic confidence and standard of living perceptions. Sharpe, Lindsey Survey Dec 9, 2013 775
A freedom budget for all Americans; recapturing the promise of the civil rights movement in the struggle for economic justice today. Book review Dec 1, 2013 150
Economy and Politicians Put Americans in Sour Mood. Nov 26, 2013 591
What are Americans Thankful for this Thanksgiving? Not the Economy. Nov 21, 2013 1219
Almost One in Two Americans Plan To Trim Their Holiday Spending This Year. Nov 20, 2013 928
New Survey: Americans Likely To Diversify Investments To Weather Ongoing Economic Recovery. Nov 19, 2013 741
American Consumers' Financial Stress Grows In Spite Of Recovery. Nov 13, 2013 695
Obama's Image as "Strong and Decisive Leader" Takes a Hit; Public approval of his handling of the economy and healthcare largely steady. Saad, Lydia Survey Nov 13, 2013 902
New Survey: 35% Of Americans Think China Will Be Dominant Economic Power In Five To Seven Years. Nov 4, 2013 668
The productive middle: it's time to move beyond rhetoric and find common ground. Gochnour, Natalie Nov 1, 2013 745
Many Americans Predict Short-Lived Housing Recovery, but Don't Care. Oct 22, 2013 994
Rough road to recovery: president Obama has claimed that America is well on its way to economic recovery, but if job figures, incomes, inflation, and debt are any indication, he's wrong. Scaliger, Charles Oct 21, 2013 4242
Since End of U.S. Recession, More Seniors in Workforce; Fewer Americans aged 18 to 29 in the labor pool. Moore, Brendan Survey Oct 17, 2013 1078
3 Americans win Nobel Prize for economics. Oct 15, 2013 206
Americans Don't Know Who to Trust on Money Matters: TIAA-CREF Survey. Oct 1, 2013 541
Americans accept "collaborative economy" in travel, according to Demeure. Sep 26, 2013 411
Americans accept "collaborative economy" in travel, according to Demeure. Sep 26, 2013 422
40% of Americans Spending More on Health Care This Year. Sep 11, 2013 698
More Than 11.3 Million Americans Are Unemployed. Sep 10, 2013 1163
U.S. Economic Confidence Lingers at Lower Level in August; Gallup's Economic Confidence Index registers -13, similar to -12 in July. Brown, Alyssa Survey Sep 3, 2013 941
-Americans show lack of understanding about health savings accounts. Aug 21, 2013 493
-Americans show lack of understanding about health savings accounts. Aug 21, 2013 489
Economy Easily Most Important Driver of Obama Approval; Obama approval rating on economy relatively weak at 35%. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Aug 20, 2013 1060
Malcolm X's legacy lives! Forty-eight years after the assassination of Malcolm X, his legacy of pan-Africanism and black nationalism permeates the lives of the over 40 million African-Americans in the USA. Today, one of the leading organisations continuing his work is the New York-based December 12th Movement. Ajamu, Amadi Aug 1, 2013 2020
6 in 10 Americans continue to say US economy in bad shape. Jul 25, 2013 238
Americans Say Economy Is Top Worry for Nation's Future; Federal debt ranks as second-most common worry. Brown, Alyssa Survey Jun 28, 2013 814
Six in Ten Americans Give President Obama Negative Ratings Overall while Two-thirds Give Him Negative Ratings on the Economy. Jun 24, 2013 1293
In U.S., Economy Still Top Issue, but Its Dominance Lessens; Mentions of unemployment as top problem are lowest since 2009. Newport, Frank Survey Jun 10, 2013 776
Opinion Briefing: U.S. vs. China -- Strengths and Weaknesses; Chinese boast more economic optimism than Americans, but rate lives worse. Dugan, Andrew Survey Jun 7, 2013 1460
Americans' optimism about future of country's economy highest in years: Poll. Jun 7, 2013 192
U.S. Economic Confidence Continues to Improve in May; Upper-income Americans' confidence enters positive territory. Brown, Alyssa Survey Jun 4, 2013 1232
"529 Day" is Around the Corner and 69 Percent of Americans Don't Know a 529 Plan is a College Savings Tool. May 22, 2013 1077
U.S. Economic Confidence Reaches Five-Year Weekly High; More Americans now say economy is getting better than say it is getting worse. Brown, Alyssa Survey May 21, 2013 980
Americans Unite To Help Small Businesses Break Through And Grow The Nation's Economy. May 1, 2013 1246
Report: Ethnic Americans in Poverty Due to Discrimination. Apr 22, 2013 215
Few in U.S. See Guns, Immigration as Nation's Top Problems; The economy and jobs continue to be named as most important U.S. problems. Newport, Frank Survey Apr 15, 2013 1233
Majority of Americans have 'fair amount' of trust in Obama's handling of economy. Apr 11, 2013 170
Where (mis)fortune resides? Forst, Chritopher Mar 22, 2013 356
2013 Retirement Confidence Survey: Retirement Confidence Remains at Historic Lows as Americans Grasp Reality of Savings Needs. Mar 19, 2013 1180
Americans Express Mixed Feelings About the Job Market and Economy. Feb 26, 2013 13549
Americans for Common Cents: Obama Misses Economic Benefits of Penny in President's Day Remarks. Feb 19, 2013 427
TD Ameritrade Survey: Americans Want the Government to Spend Their Tax Dollars on Affordable Health Care and Job Creation. Feb 12, 2013 1451
Americans remain deeply pessimistic about country's economic future. Feb 7, 2013 435
US Unemployment Rises in Another Indication of Weak Economy. Feb 2, 2013 585
The cost of an additional disability-free life year for older Americans: 1992-2005. Cai, Liming Feb 1, 2013 6993
The Affordable Care Act: what is in store for US consumers. McGill, Natalie Feb 1, 2013 1361
Three in 10 put off treatment. Anderson, Jane Brief article Feb 1, 2013 126
Americans Most Satisfied With Military, Least With Economy; Satisfaction with acceptance of homosexuality has increased the most since 2005. Newport, Frank Survey Jan 29, 2013 1076
Prices of Energy, Food Hurt Americans' Finances Most; Immigration policies and credit least hurtful. Newport, Frank Survey Jan 25, 2013 853
More Americans optimistic about Obama's second term; pessimistic about economy: Poll. Jan 20, 2013 251
77 pc Americans want Congress to raise debt ceiling. Jan 19, 2013 290
U.S. Economic Confidence Index Inches Up; Slightly less negative than the prior week. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Jan 15, 2013 876
Americans Say Pre-Recession Economy Gone for Good. Jan 15, 2013 1118
Most Americans predict 2013 to be 'year of economic difficulty', finds poll. Jan 3, 2013 244
So, are we done with 'cliff' talk? Jan 1, 2013 554
Principal survey: more Americans foresee economic gains in 2013. Dec 11, 2012 322
Obama warns fiscal cliff jump 'would sink economy and hurt Americans'. Dec 9, 2012 389
U.S. Satisfaction Remains Above 30%; Economic concerns continue to rank as most important problem. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Nov 23, 2012 799
Despite Economy, Razoo Survey Finds Half of Americans Will Donate to Charity This Holiday - Including the Unemployed. Nov 20, 2012 771
Economy, Entitlements, Iran Are Americans' Top Priorities; Partisans agree on many top goals, but disagree on taxes and immigration. Survey Nov 15, 2012 1068
October U.S. Consumer Spending: Americans Reeled Back On Buying Stuff Last Month. Nov 14, 2012 574
Improving National Outlook Key to Obama Victory in 2012; U.S. satisfaction, economic confidence, job approval up in recent months. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Nov 8, 2012 979
Economy Is Dominant Issue for Americans as Election Nears; Total mentions of economic issues are as high today as in October 2008. Saad, Lydia Survey Oct 22, 2012 1002
-Study: 20% of U.S. workers think that economic recovery will bypass them. Oct 15, 2012 266
-Study: 20% of U.S. workers think that economic recovery will bypass them. Oct 15, 2012 262
One in Five American Workers Expect US Economic Recovery to Bypass Them -- GfK Study. Oct 12, 2012 476
Commerce Appropriator Fattah Says the American People Are Right: The Economy is Improving and Jobs Numbers Prove It. Oct 5, 2012 243
Half of Americans in Poverty Are Politically Independent; Those in poverty slightly more likely to approve of President Obama. Mendes, Elizabeth; McGeeney, Kyley Survey Sep 21, 2012 1212
Consumers Feel Personal Finances and National Economy on an Upswing, New Chase Survey Says. Survey Sep 18, 2012 1047
Americans' confidence in economy sees largest weekly jump with 11 percentage points. Sep 12, 2012 203
Guaranteed universal life: the retirement saver: Americans' financial priorities are changing in this uncertain economy, and guaranteed universal life might be the solution to their new-found retirement and estate planning worries. Deremo, John Sep 1, 2012 1215
Republicans Have Greater Access to Basic Necessities; Democrats, independents twice as likely to lack money for food, shelter. Witters, Dan; Agrawal, Sangeeta; Newport, Frank Survey Aug 30, 2012 954
Poll: Most Americans Remain Pessimistic About Direction of U.S. Economy. Aug 29, 2012 385
In U.S., Exercise Has Bigger Emotional Payoff for Low-Income; Low-income Americans also reap more gains from healthy eating. Cochrane, Megan; Witters, Dan Survey Aug 28, 2012 964
60 pc Americans disapprove of Obama's handling of economy: Poll. Aug 17, 2012 182
Americans Continue to Give Obama Low Marks on the Economy; Low rating on the economy may be more problematic than even lower deficit rating. Saad, Lydia Survey Aug 16, 2012 1101
Hawaii, Utah, South Dakota Lead in "Thriving"; West Virginia and Maine fare worst overall. Morales, Lymari Survey Aug 14, 2012 917
Americans hopeful of US progress despite seeing no signs of economic recovery: Poll. Aug 11, 2012 227
Edward Jones: 9 in 10 Americans Plan to Change Savings and Investment Strategies. Aug 9, 2012 458
Consumer Expectations on Housing Remain Upbeat Amid Cautious Economic and Financial Outlook. Aug 7, 2012 1108
Americans Focus on Jobs as Best Way to Improve U.S. Economy; Many suggestions involve the government in one way or the other. Newport, Frank Survey Jul 19, 2012 873
Americans' Optimism About the Economy and Personal Finances Stalling Despite Underlying Continued Confidence in the Housing Market. Jul 9, 2012 1073
Americans See More Economic Harm Than Good in Health Law; Independents help tilt the balance to the negative. Newport, Frank Survey Jul 5, 2012 808
Americans growing more optimistic about economy: Poll. Jul 5, 2012 180
Americans feel neither Obama nor Romney has plans to improve economy: Poll. Jun 28, 2012 102
RetailMeNot Shoppers Trend Report Reveals More Than 1 in 4 Americans Pay for Vacation Using Credit. Jun 28, 2012 1481
Affordable Care Act survives Supreme Court test, but Medicaid expansion placed in peril. Sonfield, Adam Jun 22, 2012 3742
U.S. Satisfaction Slips Slightly to 20%; Economy, unemployment still viewed as most important problems. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Jun 13, 2012 877
From boomers to bust. Buchanan, Patrick J. Jun 1, 2012 746
Twice as many Americans 'conservative' on economic issues than 'liberal'. May 26, 2012 194
New Citi Survey Reveals Most Americans Consider Themselves Financially Stable but Only Half Have the Savings They Say They Need. Apr 23, 2012 1435
Americans have more confidence in Obama than Romney on economy: Survey. Apr 21, 2012 312
Obama Trusted More Than Romney, Other Leaders on Economy; By a 50% to 42% margin, more Americans have confidence in Obama than in Romney on economy. Jacobe, Dennis Survey Apr 20, 2012 1227
U.S. Satisfaction Levels Off at 24%; Americans continue to name the economy as the nation's most important problem. Survey Apr 18, 2012 880
Americans' Life Ratings Up in Early 2012; Life evaluation up along with standard of living, U.S. satisfaction. Brown, Alyssa Survey Apr 13, 2012 961
Americans Split on Whether China's Economy Is Good for U.S. Trade imbalance seen as a major barrier to strong U.S.-China relations. Survey Apr 12, 2012 954
Consumer Reports Index: Average Americans Not Showing Signs They Feel Economy Is Improving. Apr 11, 2012 995
Americans Still Prioritize Economic Growth Over Environment; But eight-percentage-point gap in favor of economic growth is smaller than last year's gap. Jacobe, Dennis Survey Mar 29, 2012 965
Economic Issues Still Dominate Americans' National Worries; Few worry about race relations, illegal immigration, or terrorism. Saad, Lydia Survey Mar 28, 2012 1014
Obama's Job Approval Tied to Economic Confidence in 2012; Presidents' job ratings don't always reflect consumer views of the economy. Saad, Lydia; Newport, Frank Survey Mar 19, 2012 1279
Bankrate: Just Half of Americans Confident Economic Recovery to Continue. Mar 19, 2012 935
Shifting the Economic Burden: New Survey Finds Americans Recognize and Accept Responsibility for Their Own Financial Security, but Still Want Government Safety Net. Mar 14, 2012 1192
Americans Fear Impact of Foreign-Held Debt on Economy; Least concerned about the impact of the financial situation in Europe. Mendes, Elizabeth Survey Mar 9, 2012 807
Consumer Attitudes About Personal Finances and Housing Stabilize Alongside Positive Economic News. Mar 7, 2012 1055
Consumer Attitudes About Personal Finances and Housing Stabilize Alongside Positive Economic News. Mar 7, 2012 1049
Schwab Survey Finds Nearly Half of Americans Are Changing Their IRA Saving Behavior in Current Economic Environment. Mar 6, 2012 1435
Four in 10 Americans Now Say Economy Is Growing; But nearly half still believe the economy is in a recession or even a depression. Saad, Lydia Survey Mar 5, 2012 899
Expedia Study Outlines Economic Impact on Travel in America: Americans Today Likelier to Traverse the Country Than the World. Report Mar 2, 2012 1107
Hotwire Survey Reveals 41 Percent of Americans Who Travel Spend the Majority of their Vacation Budget on Obligation Trips. Feb 21, 2012 1171
44 percent Americans say economy will be better in 2013. Feb 17, 2012 196
Dollar Coin = Bad for America. Feb 16, 2012 618
President's Budget Shreds Hope for Low-Income Americans. Feb 14, 2012 485
U.S. Satisfaction Up to 22%; Economy, jobs continue to rank as most important problems. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Feb 9, 2012 801
Visa Inc. Survey: No Economic Recovery for Valentine's Day - Americans Spending Less this Year. Feb 9, 2012 544
U.S. Economic Confidence Climbs for Fifth Straight Month; Americans' optimism about future direction of economy pushes index higher. Mendes, Elizabeth Survey Feb 7, 2012 878
Americans Divided on Whether U.S. Economic System Is Unfair; More than 6 in 10 say it is fair to them personally. Newport, Frank Survey Jan 25, 2012 818
U.S. Economy Most Toxic of 24 Issues; Scope of government and U.S. morality also rankle Americans. Saad, Lydia Survey Jan 23, 2012 1102
Just 3 in 10 Americans view economy unfavourably. Jan 12, 2012 255
U.S. Economic Confidence Rises to Seven-Month High; Americans' outlook for the economy is improving faster than their ratings of current conditions. Saad, Lydia Survey Jan 10, 2012 716
Americans getting poorer as Fed-Gov spending soars. Jan 9, 2012 387
Americans Can Save More Money at Walmart This Tax Season. Jan 9, 2012 1013
U.S. Economic Confidence in December Best Since June; Gallup's Economic Confidence Index improves to -38. Jacobe, Dennis Survey Jan 3, 2012 1268
Even in these tough economic times, more than half of Americans. Jan 1, 2012 244
Americans Sour on Finances, Future vs. 1998, but Only Slightly; Majority still satisfied with finances and family life, despite tougher economy. Brown, Alyssa Survey Dec 22, 2011 829
Americans Prioritize Economy Over Reducing Wealth Gap; Fifty-two percent say having rich and poor is an acceptable part of the system. Newport, Frank Survey Dec 16, 2011 991
Over five in ten Americans disapprove of Obama, 94 percent view economy negatively: Poll. Dec 10, 2011 264
Americans Set "Rich" Threshold at $150,000 in Annual Income; Half believe $1 million in net worth would make them rich. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Dec 8, 2011 1000
Americans' Spending Up 7.6% From Last November; Self-reported spending averaged $71 per day in November, compared with $70 in October. Jacobe, Dennis Survey Dec 7, 2011 1016
No Labels Poll: 94 Percent of Americans Say Congressional Inaction Harming Economy. Dec 1, 2011 415
Survey says: Keynes is dead a new Reason-Rupe poll finds that Americans are willing to cut spending of all kinds, even in times of crisis. Survey Nov 29, 2011 1279
Is Another Recession Looming? 9 in 10 Americans Say 'Yes'. Nov 15, 2011 821
Jobs, Economy Remain Dominant Concerns for Americans; Satisfaction with way things are going in U.S. remains near historical low. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Nov 14, 2011 765
Americans' Ability to Afford Food Nears Three-Year Low; Overall access to basic needs also declines to a new low. Morales, Lymari Survey Nov 10, 2011 1034
Obama Improves on Foreign Affairs, Struggles on Fiscal Matters; Approval on the economy, creating jobs, and the federal budget deficit is stuck near record lows. Saad, Lydia Survey Nov 9, 2011 1008
35m Americans hate Jews as US economy continues to stall. Nov 4, 2011 199
Americans Waiting For Economic Uncertainty to Clear; 2012 New Year's Resolutions are All About "Me". Nov 2, 2011 809
Republicans Nationwide Are Similar in Composition to 2008; Remain more likely to be conservative, married, and religious. Survey Oct 28, 2011 1167
U.S. Satisfaction Remains Low, Economic Concerns High; Could present challenge to President Obama's re-election. Mendes, Elizabeth Survey Oct 12, 2011 807
Economic Confidence Stabilizes at Low Levels; Three-quarters of Americans continue to say U.S. economy is getting worse. Newport, Frank Survey Oct 11, 2011 851
Americans Sargent, Sims win economics Nobel. Oct 10, 2011 176
Obama's September Approval Rating Remains at Term-Low 41%; Obama loses disproportionate support among high-income Americans and Hispanics. Newport, Frank; Bertane, Clancy Survey Oct 7, 2011 1087
75 percent Americans blame poor leadership, not luck for nation's bleak economy. Oct 1, 2011 208
Affordable Care Act to support quality improvement and access to primary care for more Americans. Sep 29, 2011 561
In U.S., 6 in 10 Do Not Expect Economy to Improve Soon; Eight in 10 say U.S. is in recession. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Sep 21, 2011 857
Poll: 57 per cent of Americans say spending cuts will help the economy. Sep 21, 2011 586
One in six Americans living below poverty line: Census. Sep 15, 2011 237
Unemployment Re-Emerges as Most Important Problem in U.S. Overtakes the economy in September. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Sep 15, 2011 892
Record Levels of Americans Living in Poverty. Sep 13, 2011 558
Upper-Income Americans' Economic Confidence Shaken; Gallup's Economic Confidence measure is at -52, down sharply from -42 in July. Jacobe, Dennis Survey Sep 13, 2011 938
Americans worry about economy after job report. Sep 3, 2011 699
Reason-Rupe Poll: 57 Percent of Americans Say Spending Cuts Will Help the Economy. Aug 30, 2011 836
Economy Trumps Terrorism as Top Concern. Aug 30, 2011 625
/C O R R E C T I O N -- MTV/. Aug 29, 2011 2418
Bankrate Financial Security Index Plunges to 2011 Low; Consumers' Job Security, Savings and Net Worth Hit Hard. Aug 22, 2011 798
Americans' Satisfaction With National Conditions Dips to 11%; Economy, jobs top "most important problem" list. Survey Aug 18, 2011 910
Transit TV Airs One Economy's Groundbreaking Web Series, Los Americans on LA County Metro Bus Routes. Aug 15, 2011 845
Generation America Poll: Collapse of Confidence in Economy, Wall Street and Washington. Aug 11, 2011 625
Debt ceiling, weak economy has damaged Obama, political parties: Washington Post poll. Aug 11, 2011 491
Six n 10 Americans say economy getting worse. Aug 9, 2011 161
Nearly half of Americans believe new debt ceiling plan will make economy worse. Aug 5, 2011 241
Double-Dip Recession Now Reality for Most Middle-Class Americans, First Command Reports. Jul 28, 2011 859
Amid Debt Battle, More Americans Say Economy Getting Worse; Gallup's Economic Confidence Index falls to -46 in the three days ending July 24. Jacobe, Dennis Jul 26, 2011 851
Lack of Money Tops List of Americans' Financial Worries; But specific financial concerns vary depending on social group. Rheault, Magali Survey Jul 22, 2011 903
Americans Still Wary about the Economy, First Command Reports. Jul 21, 2011 984
Concerns About Economy, Jobs Outweigh Worries About Deficit; Almost 9 in 10 Americans say now is not a good time to find quality job. Newport, Frank Survey Jul 20, 2011 789
Obama: Americans Back Me, Not GOP, on Debt Deal. Jul 15, 2011 424
More than 5 in 10 Americans approve Obama's role on economy, debt. Jul 15, 2011 262
U.S. Debt Ceiling Increase Remains Unpopular With Americans; More are concerned about higher level of spending than risk of economic crisis. Saad, Lydia Survey Jul 12, 2011 870
Most Americans say space shuttle program expenses 'worthwhile': Poll. Jul 9, 2011 241
U.S. Economic Confidence Remains Near 2011 Low in June; Weekly economic confidence is at -33 -- worse than a year ago. Jacobe, Dennis Jun 28, 2011 891
Less than 25 percent Americans see economy improving: Poll. Jun 24, 2011 192
U.S. Satisfaction Dips to 20% in June; Economy continues to be named nation's top problem. Saad, Lydia Survey Jun 16, 2011 773
The Solution to High Gas Prices; America should adopt a rational, orderly shift from cheap energy to clean energy, says Gallup's chief economist. (And yes, it involves drilling.). Survey Jun 16, 2011 2491
Economic Crisis Putting More Americans in Peril, Say Nurses. Jun 6, 2011 1010
Americans Increasingly Dour on Economic Recovery, According to AlixPartners Survey. Jun 3, 2011 947
Paying the Bank: Majority of Americans Unaware of Which Bank Services Charge Them Money. May 24, 2011 1210
Americans' Economic Concerns Reach Two-Year High; Economy in general and unemployment are top specific economic concerns. Mendes, Elizabeth Survey May 16, 2011 815
Fannie Mae's National Housing Survey Shows Uptick in Consumer Attitudes Since December, But Rising Household Expenses May Be Cause for Concern. May 11, 2011 1211
Fannie Mae's National Housing Survey Shows Uptick in Consumer Attitudes Since December, But Rising Household Expenses May Be Cause for Concern. May 11, 2011 1224
Americans hopeful but cautious on housing market, economic recovery. May 11, 2011 263
Americans' economic confidence declines further; Americans' declining confidence contrasts with the improving trend at this time a year ago. Jacobe, Dennis Survey Apr 26, 2011 907
Budget Rises as Most Important Problem to Highest Since '96; Mentions of unemployment decrease; economy remains the top problem. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Apr 13, 2011 1013
U.S. Economic Optimism Plummets in March; Confidence drops across income, gender, age, and political party categories. Jacobe, Dennis Survey Apr 12, 2011 983
AICPA Survey: Rising Gas, Food Prices Blunt Gains From Economic Recovery. Apr 5, 2011 1103

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