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Khairy: Industries under Pikas volunteered to absorb operational cost, initiative not to make profit. Jun 21, 2021 403
Top UAE banks see profitability growth as economy recovers. Arab News Jun 8, 2021 244
ViacomCBS Proffers Solutions To Issues Of Sustainability, Profitability In Nigeria's Creative Economy. May 22, 2021 282
What a dip in banks' profits mean for economy. May 11, 2021 1715
RBS owner NatWest banks bigger profits as economy weathers pandemic; Royal Bank of Scotland parent NatWest Group has become the latest big lender to report a surge in profits after cutting reserves for debts that may turn sour due to the pandemic. Scott Reid Apr 29, 2021 591
Egyptian banks sustain profits as economy grows. DHAFER SAEADANE Dec 31, 2019 1114
Economy protests bring small profit for some. Sahar Houri Oct 21, 2019 535
Corporate News - High costs and unfavourable product mix impact profitability at Krones in first half of 2019. Aug 31, 2019 764
Profitability of Developing Economies for White Spirits Producers Remains Intact. Jul 16, 2019 663
Economy minister says Brazilian banks are reaping excessive profits. Jun 5, 2019 137
Economy minister says Brazilian banks are reaping excessive profits. Jun 5, 2019 135
What Safaricom's Sh63.4bn profit can do for economy. May 4, 2019 734
Profitability in Disruptive Times: Automotive Industry Focuses on Product Costs. Apr 3, 2019 606
THE GIG ECONOMY: Utahns reflect on the profits and pitfalls of the gig economy. Peterson, Eric S. Feb 1, 2019 773
Economic recovery expected to improve profitability of GCC banks in 2019. Dec 9, 2018 719
Drivers being 'taken for ride' over soaring petrol prices - while wholesale costs fall; Millions of drivers who fill up with unleaded are paying [pounds sterling]1 a tank over the odds "as the industry profits", the AA has warned. Oct 20, 2018 446
Recovery in 2017 net profits is a credit positive for Saudi banking sector. Mar 11, 2018 664
Stagnating yields, unyielding profits: The political economy of Malaysia's rice sector. Davidson, Jamie S. Feb 1, 2018 12817
A Novel Intensive Distribution Logistics Network Design and Profit Allocation Problem considering Sharing Economy. Gan, Mi; Yang, Shuai; Li, Dandan; Wang, Mingfei; Chen, Si; Xie, Ronghui; Liu, Jiyang Jan 1, 2018 10198
Credit Suisse surprise profit falls flat on long recovery road. Nov 3, 2016 440
Moody's: Expected gradual economic recovery in Egypt to drive profit growth for insurers. Sep 27, 2016 382
Sharing economy: Blue Marble seeks profitability through cost sharing. Smith, Kate Jan 1, 2016 1438
The role of institutional environments in cross-border mergers: a perspective from bidders' earnings management behavior. Baik, Bok; Cho, Kwanghee; Choi, Wooseok; Kang, Jun-Koo Sep 1, 2015 14977
Resilient economy supports bank profits and asset growth in first half 2015. Aug 10, 2015 664
The nuts and bolts of establishing a benefit corporation: a way to generate profit and do some good at the same time. Grosvenor, Andrew Aug 7, 2015 758
Regional quarterly report state personal income and more. Jul 1, 2015 4727
Arena delivers PS137m boost for city economy; Waterfront centre profits leap 25% as record year saluted. Dec 16, 2014 493
Stronger economy boosts major UAE banks' profits. Nov 11, 2014 564
'Economy is reviving' as bank records [euro]399m profit. Aug 2, 2014 221
Vice little earner; Prostitution and drugs profits helping to fuel Irish economy. Jul 4, 2014 402
ADIB offers homebuyers profit rate-free financing to help with transaction costs. Apr 22, 2014 252
Resilient Asia profits from recovery in richer economies. Feb 25, 2014 902
Strong economy to support Emirates NBD's profit and asset growth. Feb 24, 2014 2408
IKEA posts record profit, sees consumer recovery worldwide. Company overview Jan 28, 2014 2000
Investment Managers Optimistic About U.S. Economy and Profit Growth. Survey Jan 16, 2014 528
Bankia Profits Lift Despite Troubled Spain Economy. Oct 28, 2013 439
Chinese State-Owned Firms Post Higher Profits as Economy Recovers from Slowdown. Oct 19, 2013 417
MP: OUR FAILED CHRIS WHITE MP ECONOMY; Tory's plea to business and ministers for firms to plough profits into communities. Sep 5, 2013 465
Economy Ministry to Finance Developmental Projects with Short-Term Profits. Aug 22, 2013 355
Investors are attracted by profit and not patriotism. Jul 29, 2013 161
Strong Saudi economy spurs biggest banks to profits rise. Jul 11, 2013 430
Strong Saudi economy spurs banks to profit rise. Jul 11, 2013 422
Analyst Says AIG Profit Growth May Take Hit from Costs of Technology Investments. Apr 2, 2013 254
For higher profits, pay workers more? Apr 1, 2013 525
Evidence on the growing profit disconnect between the public's views of corporate America. Beauchamp, Charles F.; Ford, William F.; Tatum, Douglas M. Apr 1, 2013 1972
Corporate profits a silver lining in economy. Mar 12, 2013 3561
Solicitors see profit growth in difficult economy. Feb 18, 2013 305
McDonald's Profits Fall on Slowing Global Economy and Rising Competition. Oct 20, 2012 318
Sharp rise in profits fails to cheer construction firm boss; CONCERNS ON ECONOMY AND LACK OF HOUSE LOANS. Sep 20, 2012 665
80% leap in profits sees shareholders rewarded; ECONOMY. Sep 19, 2012 424
Go-Ahead's profits hit by weak UK economy; ECONOMY. Sep 3, 2012 565
Taylor Wimpey's recovery continues as builder's profits double. Aug 2, 2012 328
London Olympics could net British economy [pounds sterling]4bn profit. Jul 26, 2012 197
What Happened To Corporate America's Mountain Of Unused Cash? Jun 12, 2012 603
Chinese industry profits dip as economy slows. Apr 2, 2012 142
JPMorgan profit falls, but sees hope in economy. Jan 13, 2012 310
Agency staff to profit from new status; ECONOMY TODAY EMPLOYMENT. Dec 24, 2011 130
Recruitment firm sees its profits rise with recovery. Financial report Aug 1, 2011 358
Royal Mint profits tumble as weak economy cuts demand; YEAR AHEAD 'MOST EXCITING IN OUR 1,000 YEAR HISTORY'. Jul 23, 2011 749
Regional airline Flybe lifted by bookings recovery after profits hit. Jul 1, 2011 336
No vacancies: this May, citizens of many former-Eastern Bloc EU countries gained unlimited access to Switzerland's labour market, when final restrictions were lifted as part of the Bilateral II treaty with the EU. While the Swiss economy profits from this freedom of movement act, many Swiss are concerned about the consequences of unlimited migration. Gallinelli, Sven Jul 1, 2011 1371
Surviving a company-wrecking economy and its CEO's illness, Bridgewater Interiors retools for future growth and profitability. Hughes, Alan Company overview Jun 1, 2011 1945
Strong economy raises ADCB profit by more than double. Apr 27, 2011 592
ECONOMY -Sisecam declares 484.3 mln TL net profit. Mar 25, 2011 126
ECONOMY -Aygaz declares 239 mln TL net profit. Mar 10, 2011 193
ECONOMY -Tupras declares 737 mln TL profit. Mar 9, 2011 217
Ready for a rebound: coming off a "brutal" three-year survival test, the LTL sector is just now beginning to earn enough profit to recapitalize. However, analysts and carrier executives agree that the pace of this rebound will be determined by three unstable factors: the economy, unresolved regulation, and a looming capacity crisis. Schulz, John D. Mar 1, 2011 2371
ECONOMY: BANK ASYA PROFIT -Turkey's Bank Asya posts 260 mln TL of net profit in 2010. Feb 15, 2011 207
ECONOMY: IS BANKASI PROFIT -Turkey's Is Bankasi posts 2 bln USD of net profit in 2010. Feb 15, 2011 179
ECONOMY: IS BANKASI PROFIT -Turkey's Is Bankasi posts 2 bln USD of net profit in 2010. Feb 14, 2011 179
Economy Minister: Both Bulgaria and Romania Might Profit from South Stream. Oct 16, 2010 309
DP World H1 net profit up 10 pct on volume recovery. Financial report Aug 18, 2010 329
Economic analysis - Corporate Profits Do Not Alleviate Unemployment Levels. Aug 2, 2010 1048
Lufthansa Group profits from recovery in demand and cost discipline. Jul 29, 2010 797
Upbeat Q2 profits give investors nice respite from negative economic data: S&P. Financial report Jul 28, 2010 304
Calculation of missed profits of entrepreneurs is as much important as calculation of damage - WB economist. Jul 9, 2010 165
M&S profits grow again on a mix of quality and economy; Rise in sales of 5% was better than expected. May 26, 2010 644
BP profits soar as world economy bounces back. Apr 28, 2010 506
US banking giant justifies hopes of a 'strong recovery' with 54% leap in profits. Financial report Apr 15, 2010 399
Bumper year for store group as profits surge; ECONOMY TODAY: RETAIL. Mar 12, 2010 109
Outcome uncertain? A combo platter of economic factors has damaged insurers' confidence in the industry's ability to achieve greater underwriting profitability. Hyle, Robert Regis Conference notes Nov 1, 2009 800
GDP and the economy: final estimates for the third quarter of 2006. Swann, Christopher Jan 1, 2007 4037
Stochastic trends and fluctuations in national income, wages, and profits. Palivos, Theodore Apr 1, 1996 6756
Current research: growing in the food industry. Cook, John; McGrath, Mark Jan 1, 1996 1304
Backlash: the view from Wall Street. Roach, Stephen Jan 1, 1996 351
The case against quality. Schilit, W. Keith Nov 1, 1994 5550
Virtual prices and a general theory of the owner operated firm. Eakin, B. Kelly Apr 1, 1992 7041
Duopoly conjectures. Shaffer, Sherrill Jun 1, 1991 525
The profit-maximizing markup formula with linear demand. Rives, J.M. Sep 1, 1990 510
Developments affecting the profitability of commercial banks. McLaughlin, Mary M. Jul 1, 1990 5346

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