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Molina Healthcare Extends COVID-19 Testing and Treatment Cost Waivers. Jun 8, 2020 249
Trump's $4.8 trillion budget proposal revisits rejected cuts. Andrew Taylor Associated Press Feb 11, 2020 695
Louisiana Medicaid Members Able to Access Healthcare via Telehealth at No Cost. Feb 10, 2020 319
Louisiana Medicaid Members Able to Access Healthcare via Telehealth at No Cost. Feb 10, 2020 303
Louisiana Medicaid Members Able to Access Healthcare via Telehealth at No Cost. Feb 10, 2020 319
Proposed Medicaid Block Grants and Spending Caps Threaten Enrollees' Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights. Sonfield, Adam; Keller, Leah H. Dec 18, 2019 2524
RENEWED MEDICAID EXPANSION GROWS MONTANA'S ECONOMY: Could New Requirements Hurt Low-Income Residents? Sonora, Robert Sep 22, 2019 1163
All Medicaid Expansions Are Not Created Equal: The Geography and Targeting of the Affordable Care Act. Garthwaite, Craig; Graves, John; Gross, Tal; Karaca, Zeynal; Marone, Victoria; Notowidigdo, Matthew Report Sep 22, 2019 29383
Amerigroup Texas allows consumers to access healthcare via telehealth at no cost. Aug 23, 2019 349
Amerigroup Texas allows consumers to access healthcare via telehealth at no cost. Aug 23, 2019 333
Amerigroup Texas allows consumers to access healthcare via telehealth at no cost. Aug 23, 2019 349
Changes in hospital service demand, cost, and patient illness severity following health reform. Pickens, Gary; Karaca, Zeynal; Gibson, Teresa B.; Cutler, Eli; Dworsky, Michael; Moore, Brian; Wong, Aug 1, 2019 8541
Maryland Hospitals Go All-in on Reducing Total Cost of Care: What impact does Maryland's experience in the state's unique All-Payer model have on being able to tie payment to quality in the future? Leventhal, Rajiv Jul 1, 2019 1591
CMS targets 'spread pricing' to help lower drug costs. Gregory Twachtman Jun 1, 2019 262
Health spending: Baby Boomers will spike costs. Twachtman, Gregory May 1, 2019 724
Rx's share of health spending to remain steady. Apr 29, 2019 348
MIPS: Nearly 20% of small/solo practices took a pay cut in first year. Twachtman, Gregory Report Apr 1, 2019 440
Gov. J.B. Pritzker's Proposed FY 2020 Budget. Feb 22, 2019 206
Sky-high health care costs expected to keep rising. Cacciotti, Jerry Feb 18, 2019 1001
Assessing the social determinants of health care costs for Medicaid-enrolled adolescents in Washington State using administrative data. Patton, Deleena A.; Liu, Qinghua; Adelson, Jaimie D.; Lucenko, Barbara A. Statistical data Feb 1, 2019 8851
Identifying high-cost episodes in lower extremity joint replacement. Philpot, Lindsey M.; Swanson, Kristi M.; Inselman, Jonathan; Schoellkopf, William J.; Naessens, Jame Report Feb 1, 2019 7374
HEALTH CARE ATE AMERICA. Suderman, Peter Dec 1, 2018 753
Lucina Health Reduces Early Delivery Rates & is On-Track to Reduce Millions in Medicaid Costs for Passport Health Plan. Nov 7, 2018 676
Fitch: Medicaid Waiver Actions Limit US States' Cost Controls. Oct 15, 2018 490
Estimating the Cost Savings of Preventive Dental Services Delivered to Medicaid-Enrolled Children in Six Southeastern States. Lee, Ilbin; Monahan, Sean; Serban, Nicoleta; Griffin, Paul M.; Tomar, Scott L. Oct 1, 2018 9388
Early Impact of the Affordable Care Act Coverage Expansion on Safety-Net Hospital Inpatient Payer Mix and Market Shares. Wu, Vivian Y.; Fingar, Kathryn R; Jiang, H. Joanna; Washington, Raynard; Mulcahy, Andrew W.; Cutler, Oct 1, 2018 7374
More Non-Elderly Americans Uninsured in 2017 Versus 2016; More than 700,000 Americans uninsured in 2017 versus 2016, despite broad economic improvement. Oct 1, 2018 244
Disease Control Priorities Third Edition Is Published: A Theory of Change Is Needed for Translating Evidence to Health Policy. Norheim, Ole F. Sep 1, 2018 5859
In Stroke Survivors, Cost-Related Non-Adherence Down After ACA; Among adult survivors of stroke, Medicaid increased, non-adherence decreased after ACA implementation. Aug 30, 2018 254
With Medicaid and Other Entitlements Going Bust, Adding Dependents Would Hasten the Collapse. Hoar, William P. Jul 23, 2018 2231
The Lifetime Medical Spending of Retirees. Jul 1, 2018 1006
MEDICAID EXPANSION A HUGE SUCCESS IN MONTANA: A Health Care Program That Grows the Economy and Pays for Itself. Ward, Bryce; Bridge, Brandon Jun 22, 2018 1179
AMA Seeks to Make Long-Term Care Services More Affordable; Delegates recognize soaring costs threaten both Medicaid and family budgets. Jun 20, 2018 236
Novel Purchasing Strategy Could Cut Medicaid Costs for HCV Meds; Strategy involves making deal with manufacturer for a lump-sum payment in return for 100 percent rebate. May 15, 2018 245
Medical school money looks like a long shot. Apr 18, 2018 581
The Affordable Care Act, the Medicaid Coverage Gap, and Hispanic Consumers: A Phenomenology of Obamacare. Schembri, Sharon; Ghaddar, Suad Mar 22, 2018 13038
Medicaid's share of state budgets continues to grow. Franki, Richard Mar 1, 2018 271
Lactation Support Services and Breastfeeding Initiation: Evidence from the Affordable Care Act. Kapinos, Kandice A.; Bullinger, Lindsey; Gurley-Calvez, Tami Dec 1, 2017 8345
Early Impact of the Affordable Care Act's Medicaid Expansion on Dental Care Use. Nasseh, Kamyar; Vujicic, Marko Dec 1, 2017 4382
Is 2017 the year of the 1332 waiver? The D.C. policy shift away from higher Medicaid spending will push many states, including NH, to turn to waivers. Lanton, Ron Oct 13, 2017 745
Community health centers face uncertainty: ACA repeal efforts, Trump budget plan add to unease. McCord, Michael Jul 7, 2017 1420
Oh, what a tangled web we weave ... Eck, Alieta Jul 1, 2017 1539
Wearing out your welcome: Examining differential medicaid eligibility of new entrants and continuing recipients. Hamersma, Sarah; Unel, Burcin Report Jul 1, 2017 12283
Trump $4tn budget 'dead on arrival', insist critics. May 24, 2017 709
CMS spending projections come with a caveat. Twachtman, Gregory May 1, 2017 317
Rise in health care spending projected to accelerate. Mar 13, 2017 580
Rise in health care spending outpaces economic growth. Jan 2, 2017 851
Linda's list: Linda Rosenberg, president and CEO of the National Council for Behavioral Health, cautions against Medicaid changes. Miller, Julie Jan 1, 2017 1332
Liability costs drive up long-term care bills. Dec 20, 2016 534
Private health insurers face ACA money squeeze. Dec 2, 2016 680
How you're driving down costs--and improving lives. Oct 1, 2016 1952
Oregon faces $1.2 billion hole in health care budget [br][br]. Sep 7, 2016 924
Medicaid expansion leads to better access to care. Twachtman, Gregory Sep 1, 2016 646
The effect of the Affordable Care Act's Medicaid expansion on health insurance coverage in 2014. Works, Richard Jun 1, 2016 438
California's early coverage expansion under the Affordable Care Act: a county-level analysis. Sommers, Benjamin D.; Chua, Kao-Ping; Kenney, Genevieve M.; Long, Sharon K.; McMorrow, Stacey Report Jun 1, 2016 7284
PBM has ability to limit costs, improve outcomes. May 23, 2016 473
How Obamacare Helps Cut Debt Of Low-Income Americans. Apr 21, 2016 801
Why did the Affordable Care Act raise coverage? Apr 1, 2016 945
Expanded Medicaid boosts community health centers: more insured patients means drop in uncompensated care. McCord, Michael Apr 1, 2016 1414
Medicaid tallies savings. Feb 22, 2016 510
Why Medicaid expansion should be supported. Roberts, Beth Feb 19, 2016 602
Health spending soars after years of low growth. McKnight, Whitney Feb 1, 2016 546
Avoid financial mistakes in the era of accountable care: cost management and quality management will be critical for staying in the black. Albright, Brian Jan 1, 2016 1584
Health spending growth soars after years of low growth. McKnight, Whitney Jan 1, 2016 392
Health spending growth climbs, driven by ACA. McKnight, Whitney Jan 1, 2016 652
'Free' federal money costs Arkansas. Fruits, Eric; Greenberg, Dan Dec 21, 2015 666
Education, health, prisons face cuts in FY17 budget draft: detailed budget discussions will take place starting in January, once members of the House, Senate begin a new four-year term. Dec 18, 2015 492
Healthcare Spending Grows At Its Fastest Rate In 7 Years. Dec 3, 2015 460
The effects of Medicaid eligibility on mental health services and out-of-pocket spending for mental health services. Golberstein, Ezra; Gonzales, Gilbert Dec 1, 2015 6284
Acceptance of new Medicaid patients by primary care physicians and experiences with physician availability among children on Medicaid or the Children's Health Insurance Program. Decker, Sandra L. Oct 1, 2015 8117
Where you live matters: quality and racial/ethnic disparities in schizophrenia care in four state Medicaid programs. Horvitz-Lennon, Marcela; Volya, Rita; Garfield, Rachel; Donohue, Julie M.; Lave, Judith R.; Normand, Oct 1, 2015 5927
The top 10 questions about Medicaid planning in New York. Fatoullah, Ronald A.; Forspan, Elizabeth Sep 1, 2015 2064
Time for a cure? This homespun remedy for healthcare cost inflammation could help reduce errors and fraudulent billings. Byrd, James, Jr.; Smith, Douglas L.; Helms, Marilyn M. Sep 1, 2015 2780
The changing nature of the long-run federal budget problem. Penner, Rudolph G. Jul 1, 2015 5298
Medicaid savings fund affordable homes. Jul 1, 2015 520
End-of-life medical costs of Medicaid cancer patients. Tangka, Florence K.L.; Subramanian, Sujha; Sabatino, Susan A.; Howard, David H.; Haber, Susan; Hoove Statistical data Jun 1, 2015 7444
Public LTC costs may threaten states' credit ratings. May 22, 2015 309
With Federal Funds in Question, Budget Writers Consider Health Safety Net. May 7, 2015 970
Medicaid expansion is a boon for NH economy: it creates and protects jobs and provides health security to working families. Bunnell, Tom May 1, 2015 527
The impact of Massachusetts Health Care Reform on access, quality, and costs of care for the already-insured. Joynt, Karen E.; Chan, David C.; Zheng, Jie; Orav, E. John; Jha, Ashish K. Report Apr 1, 2015 5081
Identifying policy approaches to reduce Medicaid births and costs by examining cross county variation in Michigan. Smith, Patricia K. Report Mar 22, 2015 5927
N.H. risks reneging on mental health commitment. Couture, Jay Mar 6, 2015 623
Medicaid's share of state budgets nearly 26% in 2014. Franki, Richard Mar 1, 2015 198
$5.7 billion drop in hospital uncompensated care costs projected. Mar 1, 2015 154
Medicaid's share of state budgets rose to nearly 26%. Franki, Richard Feb 15, 2015 218
Taking ICD-10 from burden to strategic opportunity. Quammen, Becky Feb 1, 2015 778
The Health Care Budget: Four Things to Know. Jan 27, 2015 1177
Medication cost-cutting plans burden patients and clinicians: prescription restrictions adversely affect outcomes, swamping psychiatrists with extra paperwork. Albright, Brian Jan 1, 2015 1649
Republican states bolstered their health insurance rate review programs using incentives from the affordable care act. Fulton, Brent D.; Hollingshead, Ann; Karaca-Mandic, Pinar; Scheffler, Richard M. Survey Jan 1, 2015 6654
Racial differences in awareness of the Affordable Care Act and application assistance among low-income adults in three southern states. Mosqueira, Adrian Garcia; Hua, Lynn M.; Sommers, Benjamin D. Statistical data Jan 1, 2015 2486
Changes in payer mix and physician reimbursement after the affordable care act and medicaid expansion. Jones, Christine D.; Scott, Serena J.; Anoff, Debra L.; Pierce, Read G.; Glasheen, Jeffrey J. Report Jan 1, 2015 1574
Length of stay and inpatient costs under Medicaid managed care in Florida. Park, Jungwon Statistical data Jan 1, 2015 5183
Health care spending growth restrained by economy. Dec 8, 2014 456
Facing the recession: how did safety-net hospitals fare financially compared with their peers. Reiter, Kristin L.; Jiang, H. Joanna; Wang, Jia Dec 1, 2014 7027
Income dynamics and the affordable care act. Shore-Sheppard, Lara D. Statistical data Dec 1, 2014 8595
High cost of new drugs weighs on medicaid. Friedman, Mark Nov 24, 2014 1015
Gaining a potential financial windfall from the Affordable Care Act. Sep 12, 2014 791
School district finds $1 million budget surprise; Restricted spending leads to surplus. Meindersma, Sandy Aug 19, 2014 205
The hidden costs of rebalancing long-term care. Konetzka, R. Tamara Editorial Jun 1, 2014 2646
Do provider service networks result in lower expenditures compared with HMOs or primary care case management in Florida's Medicaid program? Harman, Jeffrey S.; Hall, Allyson G.; Lemak, Christy H.; Duncan, R. Paul Jun 1, 2014 6748
Factors associated with prolonged observation services stays and the impact of long stays on patient cost. Hockenberry, Jason M.; Mutter, Ryan; Barrett, Marguerite; Parlato, Judy; Ross, Michael A. Jun 1, 2014 7116
Medicaid use triggering new cost concerns. Alonso-Zaldivar, Ricardo May 27, 2014 740
Cost of New Hepatitis Drug Raises Questions About Equal Access. May 26, 2014 793
Coverage costs rise: Obamacare costs. Suderman, Peter Brief article May 25, 2014 248
Surgery patients on Medicaid in worse health; Costs higher than for privately insured. Pear, Robert May 18, 2014 619
Rx has much at stake in federal budget. Apr 28, 2014 170
Obama 2015 budget would extend Medicaid pay bump. Schneider, Mary Ellen Apr 1, 2014 576
Since passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Brief article Apr 1, 2014 102
Businesses voice support of Medicaid expansion. Mar 7, 2014 638
Depot antipsychotics may improve outcomes, lower cost. Jancin, Bruce Mar 1, 2014 719
Unpaid medical bills are the number-one cause of bankruptcies in this country. Mar 1, 2014 1111
Emergency room visits skyrocket. Feb 1, 2014 371
Patients paid most of 2012 uptick in spending on MDs. Ault, Alicia Feb 1, 2014 756
Managing Medicaid costs. Jan 7, 2014 686
Whealthcare law high potential the affordable care act for individuals with special needs: the hope is that lessons learned in the coming months will provide the basis for ongoing enhancement of the quality of life and independence of individuals with special needs. Jan 1, 2014 2309
Patients paid most of 2012 uptick in spending on MDs. Ault, Alicia Jan 1, 2014 715
The impact of Medicaid peer support utilization on cost. Landers, Glenn; Zhou, Mei Report Jan 1, 2014 6037
Texas, California diverge on Medicaid expansion: California accepted federal money; Texas has opted out of Medicaid expansion. Schneider, Mary Ellen; Ault, Alicia Jan 1, 2014 1555
Examining expansion: study finds growing Medicaid would benefit thousands of employees in N.H. Sanders, Bob Nov 15, 2013 449
Common ground on Medicaid: a difficult task: compromise should involve reasonable enrollment, cost restraints. Arlinghaus, Charles Nov 1, 2013 646
What you hear versus what you see. Oct 1, 2013 619
Modeling per capita state health expenditure variation: state-level characteristics matter. Cuckler, Gigi; Sisko, Andrea Report Oct 1, 2013 9227
Is this time different? The slowdown in health care spending. Chandra, Amitabh; Holmes, Jonathan; Skinner, Jonathan Sep 22, 2013 7555
We can't afford alternative Medicaid plan: the state needs a sensible, quality, affordable system for uninsured low-income residents. Kuenning, Tess Stack Sep 20, 2013 580
Effect of Medicaid disease management programs on emergency admissions and inpatient costs. Conti, Matthew S. Aug 1, 2013 4965
Financial burden of medical out-of-pocket spending by state and the implications of the 2014 Medicaid expansions. Caswell, Kyle J.; Waidmann, Timothy; Blumberg, Linda J. Abstract Aug 1, 2013 14676
Impact of CPOE usage on medication management process costs and quality outcomes. Spaulding, Trent J.; Raghu, T.S. Abstract Aug 1, 2013 11417
Understanding the impact of health reform on the states: expansion of coverage through Medicaid and exchanges. Richardson, Lilliard E.; Yilmazer, Tansel Report Jun 22, 2013 12694
Budget Rider Could Lay Out Terms for Medicaid Reform. May 13, 2013 755
The expansion of Medicaid coverage under the ACA: implications for health care access, use, and spending for vulnerable low-income adults. Clemans-Cope, Lisa; Long, Sharon K.; Coughlin, Teresa A.; Yemane, Alshadye; Resnick, Dean May 1, 2013 9547
The road ahead: the graying of America and its implications for finance and the economy. Ferguson, Roger W., Jr. Apr 1, 2013 3480
Health care costs continue when children with special health care needs become adults. Waldman, H. Barry; Perlman, Steven P. Apr 1, 2013 1621
States' commitment to Medicaid before the Affordable Care Act: trends and implications. Cantor, Joel C.; Thompson, Frank J.; Farnham, Jennifer Mar 22, 2013 7633
Paul Ryan Budget: 2014 'Path To Prosperity' Cuts Obamacare, But Maintains Cost-Saving Measures. Mar 12, 2013 1282
Affordable Care Act marks anniversary. Currie, Donya Mar 1, 2013 186
Senate Panel Discusses Reforms to Curb Medicaid Costs. Feb 26, 2013 1296
Interactive: Economic Impact of Medicaid Expansion by District. Feb 20, 2013 126
Abortion providers' experiences with Medicaid abortion coverage policies: a qualitative multistate study. Dennis, Amanda; Blanchard, Kelly Feb 1, 2013 5933
Physician spending a top driver of health costs in 2011. Ault, Alicia Feb 1, 2013 814
Senators Take On Health Care Costs, Medicaid Expansion. Jan 31, 2013 683
Senate Finance Committee Tackles Health Budget. Jan 30, 2013 935
Dewhurst, Nelson Tout Proposals to Curb Medicaid Costs. Jan 16, 2013 871
Social spending dominates budgets. Jan 15, 2013 394
Outlook for 2013: permanent action on SGR is possible. Schneider, Mary Ellen Jan 1, 2013 1689
The heat is on: a new way to identify areas with large numbers of high-cost Medicaid patients may improve their health while saving states money. Hansen, Melissa Dec 1, 2012 911
A snapshot of a hotspot. Brief article Dec 1, 2012 177
Cost analysis: HHS releases report on Medicaid expansion. Brief article Nov 30, 2012 310
Medicaid and the affordable care act after the supreme court decision. Gorin, Stephen H.; Moniz, Cynthia Nov 1, 2012 1356
Healthcare law delivers higher payments to primary care physicians. Brief article Nov 1, 2012 108
Doubts about Medicaid expansion: practical or political? Like everything else in an election year, it depends whom you ask. Knopf, Alison Sep 1, 2012 3295
Concord: The New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services is facing a projected $25 million budget shortfall this fiscal year, largely due to a settlement with the federal government over Medicaid funds that were used improperly in 2004. Aug 24, 2012 113
A longitudinal analysis of the lifetime cost of dementia. Yang, Zhou; Zhang, Kun; Lin, Pei-Jung; Clevenger, Carolyn; Atherly, Adam Aug 1, 2012 6989
High court rules, questions remain: the Supreme Court upholds the vast majority of the Affordable Care Act, but its decision raises new questions about Medicaid expansion. Bush, Haydh; Weinstock, Matthew Jul 1, 2012 519
Medication days' supply, adherence, wastage, and cost among chronic patients in medicaid. Taitel, Michael; Fensterheim, Leonard; Kirkham, Heather; Sekula, Ryan; Duncan, Ian Report Jul 1, 2012 4925
Affordable Care Act survives Supreme Court test, but Medicaid expansion placed in peril. Sonfield, Adam Jun 22, 2012 3742
New Hampshire Finds No Hospital Medicaid Cost Shifting. Jun 7, 2012 460
Confronting costs: medicaid spending is at the top of many legislative agendas. Hansen, Melissa Jun 1, 2012 2057
Struggling with Medicaid limits on care for incarcerated persons: counties take steps to manage the costs of the inmate exception, even as they hope for change. Grantham, Dennis May 1, 2012 1456
Prescription drug spending growth projected to escalate. Apr 23, 2012 271
Reducing the drug war's damage to government budgets. Kopel, David B.; Burrus, Trevor Mar 22, 2012 9873
Marketing medicaid: health care costs. Suderman, Peter Brief article Feb 18, 2012 215
Why do we always react only after a tragedy? Deamonte's death following a toothache was the consequence of poverty and a system that did not fulfill its obligations. In this instance, it was largely a question of poverty. Would it be any different if it was primarily a question of a child with special health care needs? Waldman, Barry H.; Perlman, Steven P. Feb 1, 2012 1103
One-two punch: CLASS demise and budget cuts. Gatty, Bob Nov 1, 2011 926
Health spending by state of residence, 1991-2009. Cuckler, Gigi; Martin, Anne; Whittle, Lekha; Heffler, Stephen; Sisko, Andrea; Lassman, Dave; Benson, Author abstract Oct 1, 2011 12442
Implementing the affordable care act: enrollment strategies and the U.S. family planning effort. Sonfieid, Adam Sep 22, 2011 3383
Cutting Medicaid is bad economic policy. Moon-Jochums, Sharon Aug 8, 2011 717
States diverge on Medicaid. Anderson, Jane Brief article Aug 1, 2011 158
Obama Administration Rolls Out New Ways to Improve, Lower Medicaid Costs. Jul 11, 2011 707
Tools target Medicaid costs. Jun 6, 2011 102
Transitions from private to public health coverage among children: estimating effects on out-of-pocket medical costs and health insurance premium costs. Shaefer, H. Luke; Grogan, Colleen M.; Pollack, Harold A. Jun 1, 2011 6595
Medicaid cuts take a scalpel to hospitals' bottom line: hospitals large and small are fighting for survival against an onslaught of budget cuts and shrinking reimbursements. Sanders, Bob May 6, 2011 1216
Senate Approves Medicaid Savings Bill. Apr 28, 2011 394
Medicaid: Improving Responsiveness of Federal Assistance to States during Economic Downturns. Apr 1, 2011 710
Cost of Procedures Varies Widely by Hospital, Area. Mar 27, 2011 1286
President's FY 2012 Budget Proposes Two-Year Physician Fee Fix. Mar 1, 2011 247
Anderson points to avenues for Medicaid savings. Brief article Feb 28, 2011 277
Are Payment Reform, Texas Budget In Conflict? Feb 2, 2011 1103
Advocates berate health budget; Plan called `penny-wise, pound-foolish'. Jan 28, 2011 846
Analysis: Medicaid Inefficiencies Cost Ohio Taxpayers Nearly $900 Million per Year. Jan 6, 2011 610
Medicaid, health care reform, savings options UnitedHealth Center for Health Reform and Modernization. Brief article Aug 1, 2010 177
Medicaid. Brief article Aug 1, 2010 104
Study eyes the impact of generics. Brief article Jul 19, 2010 163
Primary care-mental health integration in healthcare in the Department of Veterans Affairs. Pomerantz, Andrew S.; Sayers, Steven L. Jun 1, 2010 2945
Walgreens takes stand in Wash. Feb 1, 2010 395
Regional chains can still make an impact. Woldt, Jeffrey Feb 1, 2010 645
Medicaid: Ongoing Federal Oversight of Payments to Offset Uncompensated Hospital Care Costs Is Warranted. Jan 1, 2010 821
Medicaid Outpatient Prescription Drugs: Second Quarter 2008 Federal Upper Limits for Reimbursement Compared with Average Retail Pharmacy Acquisition Costs. Jan 1, 2010 1019
Health care spending and service use among high-cost Medicaid beneficiaries, 2002-2004. Coughlin, Teresa A.; Long, Sharon K. Dec 22, 2009 8365
Consumer drug ads drive up health costs; study. Nov 30, 2009 346
When the federal government decided to base Medicaid payments under the stimulus program on employment figures for the wrong months, Nebraska fiscal analyst Liz Hruska did a little probing that resulted in a huge return--$6.3 million for the state's bottom line. Oct 1, 2009 143
Reimbursement remains big hurdle. Aug 3, 2009 342
Medicaid plans save states money. Anderson, Jane Brief article Jun 15, 2009 109
Medicaid plans cut state costs. Anderson, Jane Brief article Jun 15, 2009 109
Judge blocks Medicaid cuts in Washington state. Apr 20, 2009 484
Medicaid cuts pose challenge. Brief article Apr 20, 2009 144
Medicaid boost in stimulus package fills gaps for insurers, state budgets. Brief article Feb 16, 2009 323
Several US states are cutting their health insurance coverage for residents, including the Medicaid program for the poor, because of budget deficits, according to a report released last week. Brief article Dec 15, 2008 305
Medicaid cutbacks push uninsured into EDs. Wendling, Patrice Dec 1, 2008 587
Medicaid spending to significantly outpace U.S. economy. Schneider, Mary Ellen Dec 1, 2008 442
States boosting SCHIP despite budget woes and bush vetoes. Ault, Alicia Sep 1, 2008 798
Federal Medicaid assistance to states: impact on prenatal care. Mukerjee, Swati; Quinn, Michael A. Report Jul 1, 2008 11634
UCLA research shows dramatic savings for Medicaid when head start parents learn to care for kids' illnesses. Rollins, Judy A. Report May 1, 2008 1908
Economic incentives and contracts: the use of psychotropic medications. Ling, Davina C.; Berndt, Ernst R.; Frank, Richard G. Report Jan 1, 2008 12369
CBO: Medicare and Medicaid spending growth unsustainable. Brief article Dec 1, 2007 178
GAO finds Medicaid decline. Ault, Alicia Brief article Sep 1, 2007 142
Medicaid-only clinics fill teeth in economic gaps. Napoli, Denise Jun 1, 2007 1107
Estimate of the economic impact on Medicaid if Mental Health Nurse Practitioners could bill Medicaid. Brief article Apr 1, 2007 190
End-of-life expenditures by Ohio Medicaid beneficiaries dying of cancer. Koroukian, Siran M.; Beaird, Heather; Madigan, Elizabeth; Diaz, Mireya Dec 22, 2006 7062
Spillover effects of restrictive drug formularies in the statin class: a descriptive study of the Medicaid preferred drug list in Texas. Wang, Y. Richard Nov 1, 2006 1263
A soft landing after benefit cuts: a Tennessee provider aims to ease the transition for beneficiaries with severe and persistent mental illness. Edwards, Douglas J. Apr 1, 2006 695
Katrina puts proposed Medicaid cuts on hold. Frieden, Joyce Oct 1, 2005 648
Factors affecting plan choice and unmet need among supplemental security income eligible children with disabilities. Mitchell, Jean M.; Gaskin, Darrell J. Oct 1, 2005 8358
Rx braces for change. Woldt, Jeffrey Sep 19, 2005 517
The impact of an innovative reform to the South Carolina Dental Medicaid system. Nietert, Paul J.; Bradford, W. David; Kaste, Linda M. Aug 1, 2005 4811
Governors speak out on Medicaid. Jul 4, 2005 488
Medicaid's benefits to the states. Frieden, Joyce Brief Article Feb 1, 2005 172
Through the looking glass. Peck, Richard L. Editorial Feb 1, 2005 437
Medicaid's benefits to the states. Silverman, Jennifer Brief Article Feb 1, 2005 179
Medicaid success story: family planning initiatives. Silverman, Jennifer Feb 1, 2005 1080
Medicaid challenges continue. Silverman, Jennifer Brief Article Nov 15, 2004 106
... and the poor get poorer: collateral damage mounts in Bush's ideological war on the welfare state. Phillips-Fein, Kim Aug 4, 2003 2387
CMS updates list of federal upper limits. (RX: Generic Drugs). Brief Article May 19, 2003 218
Medicaid dreams. . Peck, Richard L. Editorial May 1, 2003 439
Walgreens takes stand against Medicaid cuts. (State of the Industry). Apr 28, 2003 681
Administrator's decisions. Mar 22, 2003 275
No progress in Medicaid controversy. Brief Article Jan 6, 2003 164
Two-year outcomes of fee-for-service and capitated Medicaid programs for people with severe mental illness. Bloom, Joan R.; Wallace, Neal; Hausman, Jaclyn W.; Hu, Teh-wei; Cuffel, Brian J. Apr 1, 2002 6813
Medicaid pressures. (Policy & Practice). Silverman, Jennifer Brief Article Jan 15, 2002 105
Substance Abuse a Serious Problem in Schizophrenia. SHERMAN, CARL Brief Article Sep 1, 2001 508
Soaring Medicaid Drug Costs Highlight Prescribing Trends. JANCIN, BRUCE Jun 1, 2001 542
A Stand on Rx. Brief Article May 14, 2001 177
Impacts of Medicaid Managed Care on Children. Long, Sharon K.; Coughlin, Teresa A. Apr 1, 2001 7455
Are Urban Safety-Net Hospitals Losing Low-Risk Medicaid Maternity Patients? Gaskin, Darrell J.; Hadley, Jack; Freeman, Victor G. Apr 1, 2001 10052
Unequal access to cadaveric kidney transplantation in California based on insurance status. Thamer, Mae; Henderson, Scott C.; Ray, Nancy Fox; Rinehart, Cheryl S.; Greer, Joel W.; Danovitch, Ga Oct 1, 1999 6378
The waiver pork barrel: committee membership and the approval time of Medicaid waivers. Helland, Eric Jul 1, 1999 5594
Marketing for the millenium: in search of professionals. Molloy, George E. Apr 1, 1999 2326
Drug Use and Prescribing Problems in Four State Medicaid Programs. Stuart, Bruce; Briesacher, Becky A.; Ahern, Frank; Kidder, David; Zacker, Christopher; Erwin, Gary; Mar 22, 1999 6607
Evaluation Results From Prospective Drug Utilization Review: Medicaid Demonstrations. Kidder, David; Bae, Jay Mar 22, 1999 5819
Partnership in Action the Medicaid Drug Rebate Program's Dispute Resolution Project. Mar 22, 1999 679
Can restrictions on reimbursement for anti-ulcer drugs decrease Medicaid pharmacy costs without increasing hospitalizations? Cromwell, David M.; Bass, Eric B.; Steinberg, Earl P.; Yasui, Yutaka; Ravich, William J.; Hendrix, T Feb 1, 1999 4500
Physician payment and prenatal care access for heterogeneous patients. Travis, Karen M. Jan 1, 1999 8619
Reforming Medicaid through Contracting: The Nexus of Implementation and Organizational Culture. Romzek, Barbara S.; Johnston, Jocelyn M. Jan 1, 1999 13699
The roles of Medicaid and economic factors in the demand for nursing home care. Reschovsky, James D. Oct 1, 1998 8470
Managing Medicaid. Zelio, Judy Feb 1, 1998 2843
Physicians' cost shifting behavior: Medicaid versus other patients. Showalter, Mark H. Apr 1, 1997 5467
Excluded from universal coverage: ESRD patients not covered by Medicare. Thamer, Mae; Ray, Nancy F.; Richard, Christian; Greer, Joel W.; Pearson, Brian C.; Cotter, Dennis J. Dec 22, 1995 9640
Participation in the Qualified Medicare Beneficiary program. Neumann, Peter J.; Bernardin, Mimi D.; Evans, William N.; Bayer, Ellen J. Dec 22, 1995 3866
Variations and trends in state nursing facility capacity: 1978-93. DuNah, Richard, Jr.; Harrington, Charlene; Bedney, Barbara; Carillo, Helen Sep 22, 1995 5596
Cutting costs in Medicaid and Medicare. Epstein, Richard Apr 1, 1995 726
Medicaid expenditures and state responses. Tudor, Cynthia G. Mar 22, 1995 4888
Causes of Medicaid expenditure growth. Wade, Martcia; Berg, Stacy Mar 22, 1995 5694
Medicaid disproportionate share and other special financing programs. Ku, Leighton; Coughlin, Teresa A. Mar 22, 1995 10423
Equity in the Medicaid program: changes in the latter 1980s. Adams, E. Kathleen Mar 22, 1995 8349
Equity of the Medicaid program to the poor versus taxpayers. Cromwell, Jerry; Adamache, Killard W.; Ammering, Carol; Bartosch, William J.; Boulis, Ann Mar 22, 1995 9815
Who cares what it costs to dispense a Medicaid prescription? Lamphere-Thorpe, Jo Ann; Johnston, William P.; Kilpatrick, Kerry E.; Norwood, G. Joseph Mar 22, 1994 7377
Administration urges fairness in discounting. Dec 6, 1993 439
Amicus curiae brief filed in nursing home reimbursement case. Jun 22, 1993 409
Congress urged to curb Medicaid "estate planning." Mar 22, 1993 306
The case for compensation. Jan 18, 1993 1030
National health expenditures, 1991. Letsch, Suzanne W.; Lazenby, Helen C.; Levit, Katharine R.; Cowan, Cathy A. Dec 22, 1992 10844
National health accounts: lessons from the U.S. experience. Lazenby, Helen C.; Levit, Katharine R.; Waldo, Daniel R.; Adler, Gerald S.; Letsch, Suzanne W.; Cowa Jun 22, 1992 11059
A model partnership. Crigger, Bette-Jane Mar 1, 1992 532
Recent trends in Medicaid expenditures. Buck, Jeffrey A.; Klemm, John Jan 1, 1992 4132
NACDS Rx meeting focuses on change. Sep 24, 1990 692
Is hospice a cost effective alternative to Medicaid conventional care? Newman, Jeffry; Prinzinger, Joseph Mar 1, 1989 488

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