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Articles from Economic Inquiry (January 1, 2017)

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A theory of turnover and wage dynamics. Li, Jin; Yu, Jun Abstract 10903
Age, time, vintage, and price indexes: measuring the depreciation pattern of houses. Syed, Iqbal A.; De Haan, Jan Abstract 13224
Animal spirits, heterogeneous expectations, and the amplification and duration of crises. Assenza, Tiziana; Brock, William A.; Hommes, Cars H. Abstract 13074
Category reporting in charitable giving: an experimental analysis. Li, Jingping; Riyanto, Yohanes E. Abstract 7217
Chained credit contracts and financial accelerators. Hirakata, Naohisa; Sudo, Nao; Ueda, Kozo Abstract 9481
Changing roles of ability and education in U.S. intergenerational mobility. Richey, Jeremiah; Rosburg, Alicia Abstract 11185
Consumption externalities and monetary policy with limited asset market participation. Airaudo, Marco; Bossi, Luca Abstract 14911
Corruption, product market competition, and institutional quality: empirical evidence from the U.S. states. Bologna, Jamie 14832
Deep recessions, fast recoveries, and financial crises: evidence from the American record. Bordo, Michael D.; Haubrich, Joseph G. Abstract 9856
Does option theory hold for major league baseball contracts? Gross, Alexander; Link, Charles 6605
Employee financial literacy and retirement plan behavior: a case study. Clark, Robert; Lusardi, Annamaria; Mitchell, Olivia S. Survey 8286
Endogenous destruction in conflict: theory and extensions. Chang, Yang-Ming; Luo, Zijun Abstract 14767
English proficiency and labor market performance: evidence from the economics profession. Olney, William W. 13792
Free trade agreements as dynamic farsighted networks. Lake, James Abstract 16568
Fundraising intermediaries inhibit quality-driven charitable donations. Coffman, Lucas C. Abstract 10869
Government intervention, land market, and urban development: evidence from Chinese cities. Zhang, Jipeng; Fan, Jianyong; Mo, Jiawei Author abstract 12260
Guilty conscience and incentives with performance assessment errors. Eguchi, Kyota Abstract 12106
Independent agencies, political interference, and firm investment: evidence from the European union. Cambini, Carlo; Rondi, Laura Abstract 17960
Inducing overconfidence. Silva, Francisco Abstract 7110
Information acquisition under risky conditions across real and hypothetical settings. Taylor, Matthew P. Abstract 11117
International deal experience and cross-border acquisitions. Stroup, Caleb 17868
International tax competition and the deficit bias. Arcalean, Calin Abstract 15858
Job mobility and earnings instability. Leonardi, Marco Abstract 14965
Multiple equilibria and deterrence in airline markets. Ciliberto, Federico; Zhang, Zhou Abstract 14782
Optimal enforcement of noncompete covenants. Ghosh, Suman; Shankar, Kameshwari 11685
Public infrastructure maintenance and the distribution of wealth. Gibson, John; Rioja, Felix 8173
Public spending reallocations and economic growth across different income levels. Acosta-Ormaechea, Santiago; Morozumi, Atsuyoshi 11337
Quality differences, third-degree price discrimination, and welfare. Galera, Francisco; Mendi, Pedro; Molero, Juan Carlos Abstract 11388
Regional and sectoral evidence of the macroeconomic effects of labor reallocation: a panel data analysis. Bakas, Dimitrios; Panagiotidis, Theodore; Pelloni, Gianluigi 21061
Speculative profits, innovation, and growth. Denicolo, Vincenzo; Zanchettin, Piercarlo Abstract 12046
Testing commitment cost theory in choice experiments. Bazzani, Claudia; Caputo, Vincenzina; Nayga, Rodolfo M., Jr.; Canavari, Maurizio Author abstract 10684
The effects of financial and recognition incentives across work contexts: the role of meaning. Kosfeld, Michael; Neckermann, Susanne; Yang, Xiaolan Abstract 7445
The hazardous effects of antidumping. Besedes, Tibor; Prusa, Thomas J. 14483
The optimal allocation of prizes in tournaments of heterogeneous agents. Balafoutas, Loukas; Dutcher, E. Glenn; Lindner, Florian; Ryvkin, Dmitry Abstract 13159
Trust, trustworthiness, and business success: lab and field findings from entrepreneurs. Batsaikhan, Mongoljin Abstract 11223

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