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Articles from Economic Inquiry (January 1, 2015)

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A competitive model of worker replacement and wage rigidity. Snell, Andy; Thomas, Jonathan P.; Wang, Zhewei Report 10646
Airline pricing behavior under limited inter-modal competition. Bergantino, Angela Stefania; Capozza, Claudia Report 9598
Attribution error in economic voting: evidence from trade shocks. Hayes, Rosa C.; Imai, Masami; Shelton, Cameron A. Report 11414
Auctions with resale opportunities: an experimental study. Jog, Chintamani; Kosmopoulou, Georgia Report 9415
Banking and public policy: too big to fail. Kaufman, George G. Report 5788
Can the president really affect economic growth? Presidential effort and the political business cycle. Rohlfs, Chris; Sullivan, Ryan; McNab, Robert 12236
Competition and cooperation in a public goods game: a field experiment. Augenblick, Ned; Cunha, Jesse M. Report 11256
Competitive balance measures in sports leagues: the effects of variation in season length. Owen, P. Dorian; King, Nicholas 7909
Contracts as rent-seeking devices: evidence from German soccer. Feess, Eberhard; Gerfin, Michael; Muehlheusser, Gerd 11761
Designed to fail: the Medicare auction for durable medical equipment. Cramton, Peter; Ellermeyer, Sean; Katzman, Brett 11782
Discontinuity of output convergence within the United States: why has the course changed? Choi, Chi-Young; Wang, Xiaojun Report 15353
Discounting, cognition, and financial awareness: new evidence from a change in the military retirement system. Simon, Curtis J.; Warner, John T.; Pleeter, Saul Report 12518
Do ABCs get more citations than XYZs? Huang, Wei Report 10238
Does nation building spur economic growth? Creasey, Ellyn; Rahman, Ahmed S.; Smith, Katherine A. 13459
Fast times during spring breaks: are traffic fatalities another consequence? French, Michael T.; Gumus, Gulcin Report 9425
Firm productivity and sales destinations: evidence from within China. Huang, Jiuli; Wang, Yanling; Bao, Qun Report 10319
Flip-flopping: ideological adjustment costs in the United States Senate. Debacker, Jason Matthew Report 15099
Gender differences in examination behavior. Nekby, Lena; Thoursie, Peter Skogman; Vahtrik, Lars Report 8472
Gone fishing! Reported sickness absenteeism and the weather. Shi, Jingye; Skuterud, Mikal Report 13150
Household production and sexual orientation. Allen, Douglas W. Report 9746
Incomplete information strengthens the effectiveness of social approval. Greiff, Matthias; Paetzel, Fabian Report 12854
Information rigidities, inflation perceptions, and the media: lessons from the euro cash changeover. Lamla, Michael J.; Lein, Sarah M. Report 8937
Information value under demand uncertainty and endogenous market leadership. Gilpatric, Scott M.; Li, Youping Report 11524
Legislative turnover, fiscal policy, and economic growth: evidence from U.S. state legislatures. Uppal, Yogesh; Glazer, Amihai 13441
Licensing policy and technology adoption in standard setting organizations. Tarantino, Emanuele 14823
On the effectiveness of SB1070 in Arizona. Amuedo-Dorantes, Catalina; Lozano, Fernando 10139
On the heterogeneous employment effects of offshoring: identifying productivity and downsizing channels. Moser, Christoph; Urban, Dieter; Di Mauro, Beatrice Weder Report 13931
Parties, politics, and regulation: evidence from clean air act enforcement. Innes, Robert; Mitra, Arnab 11761
Producer and consumer responses to green housing labels. Shewmake, Sharon; Viscusi, W. Kip 12333
Productivity effects of public capital maintenance: evidence from U.S. states. Kalyvitis, Sarantis; Vella, Eugenia Report 13492
Quota-hopping in-bond diversion. Rotunno, Lorenzo; Vezina, Pierre-Louis 8929
Rising autism prevalence: real or displacing other mental disorders? Evidence from demand for auxiliary healthcare workers in California. Dave, Dhaval M.; Fernandez, Jose M. 14323
Seatbelt use among drunk drivers in different legislative settings. Adams, Scott; Cotti, Chad; Tefft, Nathan Report 11205
Sectoral composition of government spending and macroeconomic (in)stability. Chang, Juin-Jen; Guo, Jang-Ting; Shieh, Jhy-Yuan; Wang, Wei-Neng Report 7459
Squealer dealers: the market for information in federal drug trafficking prosecutions. Nutting, Andrew W. Report 16068
The heterogeneity of immigrants, host countries' income and productivity: a channel accounting approach. Aleksynska, Mariya; Tritah, Ahmed Report 15894
The impact of a public option in the U.S. health insurance market. Barbos, Andrei; Deng, Yi Report 10401
The labor market in the art sector of Baroque Rome. Etro, Federico; Marchesi, Silvia; Pagani, Laura Report 16771
The London bombings and racial prejudice: evidence from the housing and labor market. Ratcliffe, Anita; Von Hinke Kessler Scholder, Stephanie 12197
The power of the little blue pill: innovations and implications of lifestyle drugs in an aging population. Lariviere, Jacob; Wolff, Hendrik 11659
The relationship between debt level and fiscal sustainability in organization for economic cooperation and development countries. Camarero, Mariam; Carrion-I-Silvestre, Josep Lluis; Tamarit, Cecilio 17473
Trade costs and job flows: evidence from establishment-level data. Groizard, Jose L.; Ranjan, Priya; Rodriguez-Lopez, Antonio Report 19147
Transparency in markets for experience goods: experimental evidence. Henze, Bastian; Schuett, Florian; Slums, Jasper P. Report 13659
Understanding the effects of marriage and divorce on financial investments: the role of background risk sharing. Christiansen, Charlotte; Joensen, Juanna Schroter; Rangvid, Jesper Report 12143
Youth depression and future criminal behavior. Anderson, D. Mark; Cesur, Resul; Tekin, Erdal Clinical report 17808

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