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Articles from Economic Inquiry (January 1, 2013)

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A critical assessment of measures of central bank independence. Cargill, Thomas F. Report 8067
A dual definition for the factor content of trade and its effect on factor rewards in us manufacturing sector. Dells, Agelos; Mamuneas, Theofanis P. 11060
A dynamic explanation of the willingness to pay And willingness to accept disparity. Kling, Catherine L.; List, John A.; Zhao, Jinhua Report 9351
Accounting for the gender gap in college attainment. Ge, Suqin; Yang, Fang Report 11732
Advance production, inventories, and market power: an experimental investigation. Davis, Douglas D. Report 13023
Ambiguous solicitation: ambiguous prescription. Gazzale, Robert; Jamison, Julian; Karlan, Alexander; Karlan, Dean Report 7692
Child labor and schooling responses to access to microcredit in rural Bangladesh. Islam, Asadul; Choe, Chongwoo 9689
Common drivers of transnational terrorism: principal component analysis. Gaibulloev, Khusrav; Sandler, Todd; Sul, Donggyu Report 9733
Consumption benefits of national hockey league game trips estimated from revealed and stated preference demand data. Whitehead, John C.; Johnson, Bruce K.; Mason, Daniel S.; Walker, Gordon J. Report 10734
Contract delegation with bargaining. Theilen, Bernd Report 7764
Costly intermediation and consumption smoothing. Antunes, Antonio; Cavalcanti, Tiago; Villamil, Anne Report 9666
Determinants of trade and specialization in the organisation for economic co-operation and development countries. Shikher, Serge 16779
Do states free ride in antitrust enforcement? Feinberg, Robert M.; Husted, Thomas A. Report 2776
Dynastic management. Caselli, Francesco; Gennaioli, Nicola Report 15121
Dynastic political privilege and electoral accountability: the case of U.S. governors, 1950-2005. Crowley, George R.; Reece, William S. Report 8880
Effects of overweight on risky sexual behavior of adolescent girls. Averett, Susan; Corman, Hope; Reichman, Nancy E. Report 10425
Effects of welfare reform on illicit drug use of adult women. Corman, Hope; Dave, Dhaval M.; Das, Dhiman; Reichman, Nancy E. Report 15274
Estimating dynamic Euler equations with multivariate professional forecasts. Smith, Gregor W.; Yetman, James Survey 9750
Financial development and wage inequality: theory and evidence. Jerzmanowski, Michal; Nabar, Malhar 16401
Financial restraints and private investment: evidence from a nonstationary panel. Costantini, Mauro; Demetriades, Panicos O.; James, Gregory A.; Lee, Kevin C. Report 8393
Firms and flexibility. Hobijn, Bart; Sahin, Aysegol Report 13193
Fiscal stabilization with partial exchange rate pass-through. Kersting, Erasmus K. Report 13616
Foreign direct investment and country-specific human capital. Kim, Jinyoung; Park, Jungsoo 9337
Gender matching and competitiveness: experimental evidence. Gupta, Nabanita Datta; Poulsen, Anders; Villeval, Marie Claire Report 13591
Gravity redux: measuring international trade costs with panel data. Novy, Dennis 15044
Growth and convergence when technology and human capital are complements. Pollak, Andreas 9724
Happiness, growth, and public policy: WEAI 2012 Presidential Address. Easterlin, Richard A. 7965
Hold-up: with a vengeance. Dufwenberg, Martin; Smith, Alec; Van Essen, Matt Report 8819
Holding fast: the persistence and dominance of gender stereotypes. Grossman, Philip J. Report 11438
Identifying the role of risk shocks in the business cycle using stock price data. Alpanda, Sami Report 19207
Imported capital input, absorptive capacity, and firm performance: evidence from firm-level data. Yasar, Mahmut 9764
Inflation dynamics and labor market specifications: a Bayesian dynamic stochastic general equilibrium approach for Japan's economy. Ichiue, Hibiki; Kurozumi, Takushi; Sunakawa, Takeki Report 9795
International trade and the composition of labor market turnover. Sly, Nicholas 10357
Interracial workplace cooperation: evidence from the NBA. Price, Joseph; Lefgren, Lars; Tappen, Henry Report 5881
Is dishonesty contagious? Innes, Robert; Mitra, Arnab 9157
Labor supply differences between married heterosexual women and partnered lesbians: a semi-parametric decomposition approach. Antecol, Heather; Steinberger, Michael D. Report 18013
Lending relationships and monetary policy. Aksoy, Yunus; Basso, Henrique S.; Coto-Martinez, Javier 13008
Limits of the effect of social information on the voluntary provision of public goods: evidence from field experiments. Croson, Rachel; Shang, Jen Report 3100
Living in two neighborhoods--social interaction effects in the laboratory. Falk, Armin; Fischbacher, Urs; Gachter, Simon Report 9664
Measuring the welfare gain from personal computers. Greenwood, Jeremy; Kopecky, Karen A. Statistical data 7965
Moving forward by looking back: comparing laboratory results with ex ante market data. Chermak, Janie M.; Krause, Kate; Brookshire, David S.; Burness, H. Stu Report 9994
New evidence on credit card borrowing and repayment patterns. Jiang, Sarah S.; Dunn, Lucia F. Report 9135
On distance metrics in location problems. Roessler, Christian Report 9283
On the evolution of total factor productivity in Latin America. Ferreira, Pedro Cavalcanti; De Abreu Pessoa, Samuel; Veloso, Fernando A. 6868
Parental substance use and foster care: evidence from two methamphetamine supply shocks. Cunningham, Scott; Finlay, Keith 12512
Selection into auctions for risky and ambiguous prospects. Kocher, Martin G.; Trautmann, Stefan T. Abstract 9234
Strategic information disclosure: the case of multiattribute products with heterogeneous consumers. Hotz, V. Joseph; Xiao, Mo Abstract 12587
The booker decision and discrimination in federal criminal sentences. Nutting, Andrew W. 11673
The consequences of (de)regulation on employment duration and efficiency: an experimental study. Berninghaus, Siegfried; Bleich, Sabrina; Guth, Werner Report 10652
The duration of firm-destination export relationships: evidence from Spain, 1997-2006. Esteve-Perez, Silviano; Requena-Silvente, Francisco; Pallardo-Lopez, Vicente J. 14005
The effect of parental involvement laws on youth suicide. Sabia, Joseph J.; Rees, Daniel I. 11058
The effects of single mothers' welfare use and employment decisions on children's cognitive development. Chyi, Hau; Ozturk, Orgul Demet Report 22827
The effects of Spanish-language background on completed schooling and aptitude test scores. Locay, Luis; Regan, Tracy L.; Diamond, Arthur M., Jr. Report 27594
The nature of outsourcing relationships: evidence from OAP prices. Swenson, Deborah L. 10737
The production impact of "cash-for-clunkers": implications for stabilization policy. Copeland, Adam; Kahn, James Report 10326
The State Street Mile: age and gender differences in competition aversion in the field. Garratt, Rodney J.; Weinberger, Catherine; Johnson, Nick Report 5801
The unemployment volatility puzzle: the role of matching costs revisited. Silva, Jose I.; Toledo, Manuel 5738
The value of consumer choice and the decline in HMO enrollments. Wedig, Gerard J. Report 14066
The welfare effect of access to credit. Rojas Breu, Mariana 10840
U.S. Commercial bank lending through 2008:Q4: new evidence from gross credit flows. Contessi, Silvio; Francis, Johanna L. Report 10112
Union power, collective bargaining, and optimal monetary policy. Faia, Ester; Rossi, Lorenza 12537
Vouchers, public school response, and the role of incentives: evidence from Florida. Chakrabarti, Rajashri Report 16845
Wages, rents, and heterogeneous moving costs. Krupka, Douglas J.; Donaldson, Kwame N. 14779
What determines family structure? Blau, David M.; van der Klaauw, Wilbert Report 21291
When is trade protection good for growth? Minier, Jenny; Unel, Bulent 6688

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