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Articles from Economic Inquiry (April 1, 2013)

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A laboratory study of auctions with a buy price. Durham, Yvonne; Roelofs, Matthew R.; Sorensen, Todd A.; Standifird, Stephen S. 12139
A laboratory study of duopoly price competition with patient buyers. Cason, Timothy N.; Mago, Shakun D. Report 10845
An experimental analysis of dynamic incentives to share knowledge. Deck, Cary; Erkal, Nisvan Abstract 12733
Arbitrage across borders: why iTunes gift cards sell above face value on eBay. Ng, Chen Feng 8836
Banks, free banks, and U.S. economic growth. Jaremski, Matthew; Rousseau, Peter L. Abstract 12739
Brain drain in globalization: a general equilibrium analysis from the sending countries' perspective. Marchiori, Luca; Shen, I.-Ling; Docquier, Frederic 14613
Can subgame perfect equilibrium threats foster cooperation? An experimental test of finite-horizon folk theorems. Angelova, Vera; Bruttel, Lisa V.; Guth, Werner; Kamecke, Ulrich Abstract 8899
Carbon geography: the political economy of congressional support for legislation intended to mitigate greenhouse gas production. Cragg, Michael I.; Zhou, Yuyu; Gurney, Kevin; Kahn, Matthew E. 6627
Common-pool resources with free mobility. Dorj, Dolgorsuren 10520
Current account adjustment in developing countries: the role of exchange rate regimes. Mu, Xiaoyi; Ye, Haichun 10132
Demand for differentiated durable products: the case of the U.S. computer printer market. Melnikov, Oleg 14801
Do positional concerns destroy social capital: evidence from 26 countries. Fischer, Justina A.V.; Torgler, Benno Abstract 16001
Do real estate brokers add value when listing services are unbundled? Bernheim, B. Douglas; Meer, Jonathan 12208
Does social capital promote safety on the roads? Nagler, Matthew G. Abstract 9460
How does advertising affect market performance? A note on generic advertising. Hamilton, Stephen F.; Richards, Timothy J.; Stiegert, Kyle W. Abstract 9263
How health insurance affects health care demand--a structural analysis of behavioral moral hazard and adverse selection. Dong, Yingying Abstract 15412
Immaterial rewards and sanctions in a voluntary contribution experiment. Peeters, Ronald; Vorsatz, Marc Abstract 8444
Incidence and consequences of risk-taking behavior in tournaments--evidence from the NBA. Grund, Christian; Hocker, Jan; Zimmermann, Stefan Abstract 8729
International R&D spillovers and productivity trends in the Asian miracle economies. Ang, James B.; Madsen, Jakob B. 13936
Limited liability, moral hazard, and risk taking: a safety net game experiment. Fullbrunn, Sascha; Neugebauer, Tibor Abstract 9544
Loss aversion and managerial decisions: evidence from Major League Baseball. Pedace, Roberto; Smith, Janet Kiholm 8483
Non-monetary incentives and opportunistic behavior: evidence from a laboratory public good game. Dugar, Subhasish Abstract 11010
Optimal copyright length and ex post investment: a Mickey Mouse approach. Adilov, Nodir; Waldman, Michael 15906
Simultaneous decision-making in competitive and cooperative environments. Savikhin, Anya C.; Sheremeta, Roman M. Abstract 8069
Supermarkets as a natural oligopoly. Ellickson, Paul B. Abstract 8410
Testing Bayesian updating with the Associated Press Top 25. Stone, Daniel F. Abstract 14583
The challenge of revenue sharing with bundled pricing: an application to music. Shiller, Benjamin; Waldfogel, Joel Abstract 7727
The effects of automobile recalls on the severity of accidents. Bae, Yong-Kyun; Benitez-Silva, Hugo Abstract 12688
The effects of publication lags on life-cycle research productivity in economics. Conley, John P.; Crucini, Mario J.; Driskill, Robert A.; Onder, Ali Sina Abstract 15321
The impact of mergers on fares structure: evidence from European low-cost airlines. Dobson, Paul W.; Piga, Claudio A. Company overview 15433
The matching of heterogeneous firms and politicians. Chen, Maggie Xiaoyang 13762
Threat and punishment in public good experiments. Masclet, David; Noussair, Charles N.; Villeval, Marie-Claire Abstract 13461

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