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Analyzing Stock Brokers' Trading Patterns: A Network Decomposition and Spatial Econometrics Approach. Eberhard, Juan; Lavin, Jaime F.; Montecinos-Pearce, Alejandro; Arenas, Jose Aug 31, 2019 18393
The Econometrics of Complex Survey Data: Theory and Applications. Book review May 1, 2019 145
Decomposing Mortality Disparities in Urban and Rural U.S. Counties. Spencer, Jennifer C.; Wheeler, Stephanie B.; Rotter, Jason S.; Holmes, George M. Report Dec 1, 2018 8119
What Are the Determinants of Public Spending? An Overview of the Literature. Facchini, Francois Report Dec 1, 2018 10728
Health Econometrics. Brief article Jul 1, 2018 111
Non-Extensive Entropy Econometrics for Low Frequency Series: National Accounts-Based Inverse Problems. Book review Nov 1, 2017 104
A semiparametric discrete choice model: an application to hospital mergers. Raval, Devesh; Rosenbaum, Ted; Tenn, Steven A. Report Oct 1, 2017 16652
A Monte Carlo method simulation of the European funds that can be accessed by Romania in 2014-2020. Savoiu, Gheorghe; Burtescu, Emil; Dinu, Vasile; Tudoroiu, Ligian Report Jul 1, 2017 6085
I am immortal. Trezzi, Riccardo Apr 1, 2017 3182
Faults of our rationality? Carter, Claudia Editorial Dec 1, 2016 2108
The pitfalls of econometric tests of the uncertainty of outcome hypothesis: interdependence of variables, imperfect proxies, and unstable parabols. Skrok, Lukasz Report Aug 1, 2016 5734
ICFAI Business School Organizes 5th International Conference on Applied Econometrics. Conference news Jul 27, 2016 404
Foreign direct investments in Europe: are the East-West differences still so noticeable? Brahim, Mariem; Dupuch, Sebastien Report Jul 1, 2016 8773
Econometric analysis of the effect of inflation on investment in Nigeria. Igbarago, Martha Ekata; Eromosele, Harrison Ogbeide Report Mar 22, 2016 4143
Industry-level econometric estimates of energy-capital-labor substitution with a nested CES production function. Dissou, Yazid; Karnizova, Lilia; Sun, Qian Report Mar 1, 2015 7644
Vietnam's responses to provincial economic disparities through central-provincial government financial relations. Vu, Xuan-Binh; Nguyen, Duc-Tho; Smith, Christine; Nghiem, Hong-Son Report Jan 1, 2015 10672
The Econometrics of Sport. Book review Apr 1, 2014 149
Rational Econometric Man: Transforming Structural Econometrics. Book review Apr 1, 2014 115
A comment on Siegfried's first lesson in econometrics. Eldridge, Damien S. Abstract Jan 1, 2014 765
Econometric analysis of landscape preferences in Canterbury, New Zealand. Brown, P.; Mortimer, C. Report Jan 1, 2014 7014
Family system dynamics and type 1 diabetic glycemic variability: a vector-auto-regressive model. Gunther, Moritz Philipp; Winker, Peter; Bottcher, Claudia; Brosig, Burkhard Report Jun 1, 2013 5886
An Econometric Examination of the Behavioral Perspective Model in the context of Norwegian retailing. Sigurdsson, Valdimar; Kahamseh, Saeed; Gunnarsson, Didrik; Larsen, Nils Magne; Foxall, Gordon R. Report Mar 22, 2013 7642
Teaching econometrics: an interdisciplinary method. Wang, Yongsheng Report Mar 22, 2013 3995
Research on futures trend trading strategy based on short term chart pattern. Masteika, Saulius; Rutkauskas, Aleksandras Vytautas Report Nov 1, 2012 6344
Developing a hybrid data mining approach based on multi-objective particle swarm optimization for solving a traveling salesman problem. Haeri, Abdorrahman; Tavakkoli-Moghaddam, Reza Report Nov 1, 2012 8194
A growth model for the Quadruple Helix. Afonso, Oscar; Monteiro, Sara; Thompson, Maria Report Nov 1, 2012 6290
The long-run relationship between inflation and real stock prices: empirical evidence from South Africa. Arjoon, Riona; Botes, Mariette; Chesang, Laban K.; Gupta, Rangan Report Sep 1, 2012 6119
An approach to multiple attribute group decision making with interval intuitionistic trapezoidal fuzzy information. Wei, Guiwu; Zhao, Xiaofei; Wang, Hongjun Report Jun 1, 2012 5184
An objective multi-criteria approach to optimization using MOORA method and interval grey numbers. Stanujkic, Dragisa; Magdalinovic, Nedeljko; Jovanovic, Rodoljub; Stojanovic, Sanja Report Jun 1, 2012 16255
Introductory econometrics; a practical approach. Brief article Jun 1, 2012 112
Recent advances on support vector machines research. Tian, Yingjie; Shi, Yong; Liu, Xiaohui Report Mar 1, 2012 12043
Developing econometrics. Book review Feb 1, 2012 132
Interaction terms in nonlinear models. Karaca-Mandic, Pinar; Norton, Edward C.; Dowd, Bryan Feb 1, 2012 6548
Essential statistics, regression, and econometrics. Book review Oct 1, 2011 114
Financial valuation and econometrics. Book review Aug 1, 2011 124
Introductory econometrics: intuition, proof, and practice. Book review Jun 1, 2011 134
Introductory econometrics for undergraduates; a student's guide to the basics. Book review Jun 1, 2011 137
Principles of econometrics; an introduction (using R). Book review Apr 1, 2011 118
The A.R. Bergstrom Prize in Econometrics: 2010. Hall, V.B.; Phillips, P.C.B. Dec 1, 2010 565
Handbook of computational econometrics. Brief article May 1, 2010 154
Two New Zealand pioneer econometricians. Phillips, Peter C.B. Apr 1, 2010 11638
Hands-on intermediate econometrics using R; templates for extending dozens of practical examples. (CD-ROM included). Brief article Mar 1, 2010 154
Economic analysis of plantain production in Irewole local government area, Osun state, Nigeria. Tijani, I.A.; Omonona, B.T.; Ashaolu, O.F.; Bamiro, O.M. Report May 1, 2009 2823
Lodging Econometrics Announces the Inaugural Issue of LE's Global Construction Pipeline and Three-Year Forecast for New Hotel Openings. Nov 4, 2008 461
Revenue estimation practices in the U.S. municipal governments: findings and implications. Jung, Changhoon; Kang, Myeongjoo Jul 1, 2007 6775
Simultaneous equation econometrics: the missing example. Epple, Dennis; McCallum, Bennett T. Apr 1, 2006 6313
A comparative study of water resource allocation in the Northwest of China. Green, Mark; Hur, Juneyoung Andrew; Mack, Richard; Rachlis, Adam; Spearmint, Heather Jan 1, 2006 8069
Micro data, heterogeneity and the evaluation of public policy Part 2. Heckman, James J. Mar 22, 2005 18128
Econometric analysis of Alabama's pulpwood market. Polyakov, Maksym; Teeter, Lawrence D.; Jackson, John D. Jan 1, 2005 3667
Convergence properties of the likelihood of computed dynamic models. Fernandez-Villaverde, Jesus; Rubio-Ramirez, Juan Francisco; Santos, Manuel Nov 1, 2004 18489
On the death of the Phillips curve: further evidence. Reichel, Richard Sep 22, 2004 2813
Determinants of innovative activity in Japanese technology-based start-up firms. Lynskey, Michael J. Apr 1, 2004 7446
Econometric analyses of U.S. abortion policy: a critical review. Klick, Jonathan Mar 1, 2004 13836
Issues, tips on their use, and upcoming changes. Landefeld, J. Steven; Moulton, Brent R.; Vojtech, Cindy M. Nov 1, 2003 7793
Comparing new Keynesian models in the Euro Area. a Bayesian approach. Rabanal, Pau; Rubio-Ramirez, Juan Francisco Oct 30, 2003 6461
Additional information about the NIPA estimates statistical conventions. Sep 1, 2003 2469
Inflation dynamics: combining measurement with theory. Gali, Jordi; Gertler, Mark Jun 22, 2003 3542
Weighting scheme for aggregate measures. Brief Article Jun 1, 2003 125
Using spreadsheets to conduct Monte Carlo experiments for teaching introductory econometrics. (Targeting Teaching). Craft, R. Kim Jan 1, 2003 4555
Does it pay to be transparent? International evidence from central bank forecasts. Chortareas, Georgios; Stasavage, David; Sterne, Gabriel Statistical Data Included Jul 1, 2002 12775
Does inflation targeting matter? Neumann, Manfred J.M.; Hagen, Jurgen von Statistical Data Included Jul 1, 2002 12741
Commentary. Mishkin, Frederic S. Jul 1, 2002 3277
Deregulation of the labor market and chances of employment in Great Britain. Hillmert, Steffen Statistical Data Included Feb 1, 2002 3685
Human Resources audit. Olalla, Marta Fossas; Castillo, Miguel Angel Sastre Statistical Data Included Feb 1, 2002 3357
The financial manager's Dilemma: Risky vs. Risk free debentures. (Research Notes). Mahajan, Y. Lal Brief Article Feb 1, 2002 233
Monetary policy. Mishkin, Frederic S. Dec 22, 2001 3215
Business employment growth. Brief Article Oct 1, 2001 263
Internalising the externalities of Homoeconometricus: turning silicon astrologers into Popperian bookmakers. Leeson, Robert Essay Jun 22, 2001 6928
The A R Bergstrom Prize in Econometrics: 2001. Brief Article Jun 1, 2001 568
The Effects of Tax Rates and Enforcement Policies on Taxpayer Compliance: A Study of Self-Employed Taxpayers. ALI, MUKHTAR M.; CECIL, H. WAYNE; KNOBLETT, JAMES A. Statistical Data Included Jun 1, 2001 7706
Exchange Rate Prediction: Dynamic Econometric Models and Neural Networks. WITKOWSKA, D.; KOMPA, K.; MATUSZEWSKA, A. Statistical Data Included May 1, 2001 200
Is Financial Performance Measured Correctly? An Invitation to Change. ROSKO, PETER Statistical Data Included May 1, 2001 181
Forecasting Inflation and Growth: Do Private Forecasts Match Those of Policymakers? Gavin, William T.; Mandal, Rachel J. Statistical Data Included May 1, 2001 5194
Toward a New Paradigm in Open Economy Modeling: Where Do We Stand? Sarno, Lucio Statistical Data Included May 1, 2001 10639
A Simple Model of Limited Stock Market Participation. Guo, Hui Statistical Data Included May 1, 2001 6538
UK will miss 2010 greenhouse targets. Brief Article Apr 1, 2001 211
An Introduction to Classical Econometric Theory. Cornwell, Christopher Apr 1, 2001 1669
THE GAUSS MARKOV THEOREM: A PEDAGOGICAL NOTE. Allen, Ralph C.; Stone, Jack H. Mar 22, 2001 1425
Evidence of the North--South business cycle. Kouparitsas, Michael A. Statistical Data Included Mar 22, 2001 8320
The financial performance of pure play Internet banks. Robert, DeYoung Statistical Data Included Mar 22, 2001 11246
To Forgive or Not to Forgive: An Analysis of U.S. Consumer Bankruptcy Choices. Li, Wenli Statistical Data Included Mar 22, 2001 9386
Optimal Taxation in Infinitely-Lived Agent and Overlapping Generations Models: A Review. Erosa, Andres; Gervais, Martin Statistical Data Included Mar 22, 2001 9671
The Wealth Effect in Empirical Life-Cycle Aggregate Consumption Equations. Mehra, Yash P. Statistical Data Included Mar 22, 2001 9885
Using the Federal Funds Futures Market to Predict Monetary Policy Actions. Owens, Raymond E.; Webb, Roy H. Statistical Data Included Mar 22, 2001 3794
Forecasting Recessions: Can We Do Better on MARS? Sephton, Peter Statistical Data Included Mar 1, 2001 5925
SLOPOL1: A Macroeconomic Model for Slovenia. WEYERSTRASS, KLAUS; HABER, GOTTFRIED; NECK, REINHARD Statistical Data Included Feb 1, 2001 5419
Exchange Rate Uncertainty and Play Nonlinearity in Aggregate Employment. BELKE, ANSGAR; GOCKE, MATTHIAS Feb 1, 2001 4680
Dynamic Forecasting of Monetary Exchange Rate Models: Evidence from Cointegration. HWANG, JAE-KWANG Statistical Data Included Feb 1, 2001 5696
Demand for real money balances by the business sector: an econometric investigation. Qayyum, Abdul Report Dec 22, 2000 5723
OPEN ISSUES ON THE IMPLEMENTATION OF THE STABILITY AND GROWTH PACT. Buti, Marco; Martinot, Bertrand Statistical Data Included Oct 1, 2000 8547
AN EVALUATION OF MONETARY TARGETING REGIMES. Barrell, Ray; Dury, Karen Statistical Data Included Oct 1, 2000 6208
Near-Rational Wage and Price Setting and the Long-Run Phillips Curve. AKERLOF, GEORGE A.; DICKENS, WILLIAM T.; PERRY, GEORGE L. Mar 22, 2000 21262
A comparative analysis of the price-process model of mortgage valuation. Murphy, Austin Statistical Data Included Mar 22, 2000 9719
Information conveyed by seasoned security offerings: evidence from components of the bid--ask spread. Brooks, Raymond M.; Patel, Ajay Statistical Data Included Mar 22, 2000 8548
Market perception of efficiency in bank holding company mergers: the roles of the DEA and SFA models in capturing merger potential. Kohers, Theodor; Huang, Ming-hsiang; Kohers, Ninon Statistical Data Included Mar 22, 2000 10416
Microeconomic foundations of an optimal currency area. Swofford, James L. Statistical Data Included Mar 22, 2000 3932
New Zealand Household Consumption Patterns 1983-1992: An Application of the Almost-Ideal-Demand-System. Michelini, Claudio Dec 1, 1999 3912
Yes, Virginia, there is a free lunch! Qualls, John H. Oct 1, 1999 686
From Boom to Bust. Oct 1, 1999 2195
Comment on James J. Heckman, "Instrumental Variables: A Study of Implicit Behavioral Assumptions Used in Making Program Evaluations". Angrist, Joshua D.; Imbens, Guido W. Statistical Data Included Sep 22, 1999 1769
Instrumental Variables. Heckman, James J. Statistical Data Included Sep 22, 1999 4613
Editors' Summary. Sep 22, 1999 9712
Evidence on the High-Income Laffer Curve from Six Decades of Tax Reform. GOOLSBEE, AUSTAN Sep 22, 1999 24275
Simulation Model of the Polish Economy. GUTENBAUM, JAKUB; INKIELMAN, MICHAL [*] Statistical Data Included Aug 1, 1999 4230
Statistical Conventions. Jun 1, 1999 829
Mid-Decade Strategic Plan. Statistical Data Included Jun 1, 1999 1214
Forecasting Economic Magnitudes with Neural Network Models. ALONSO-RODRIGUEZ, AGUSTIN [*] May 1, 1999 5727
Economic statistics, the new economy, and the productivity slowdown. Triplett, Jack E. Apr 1, 1999 3610
A cointegration approach to capital mobility: evidence for Belgium. Pi-Anguita, Joaquin V. Mar 1, 1999 1741
Endogenous growth through externalities of investment: a different approach. Greiner, Alfred Mar 1, 1999 1789
Taking Coase seriously. Gibbons, Robert Mar 1, 1999 8048
Coase encounters and formal models: taking Gibbons seriously. Granovetter, Mark Mar 1, 1999 2560
Efficiency and rationality in organizations. Freeman, John Mar 1, 1999 6767
An Open-Economy Transition Model. PATTERSON [*], DEBRA MOORE Feb 1, 1999 5603
The Solow residual for Australia: technology shocks or factor utilization? Otto, Glenn Jan 1, 1999 7377
On the export-led growth hypothesis for the little dragons: an empirical reinvestigation. Shan, Jordan; Sun, Fiona Dec 1, 1998 5336
Econometric issues. Abowd, John Jul 1, 1998 1126
The predictive content of the interest rate term spread for future economic growth. Dotsey, Michael Jun 22, 1998 6164
Hedonics and demand analysis: the implicit demand for player attributes. Stewart, Kenneth G.; Jones, J.C.H. Apr 1, 1998 6560
Optimal monetary policy. Blake, Andrew P.; Weale, Martin; Young, Garry Apr 1, 1998 6335
Is macroeconomics believable? Bolch, Ben W. Mar 22, 1998 6414
Bootstrap methods for covariance structures. Horowitz, Joel L. Jan 1, 1998 10314
Recent advances in quantile regression models: a practical guideline for empirical research. Buchinsky, Moshe Jan 1, 1998 12593
Estimating models with sample selection bias: a survey. Vella, Francis Jan 1, 1998 21270
New wine in old bottles: a meta-analysis of Ricardian equivalence. Stanley, T.D. Jan 1, 1998 7519
Economic impacts of transportation investments: the case of Federal Express. Oster, Clinton V., Jr.; Rubin, Barry M.; Strong, John S. Dec 22, 1997 6278
How to build an economic model in your spare time. Varian, Hal R. Sep 22, 1997 6145
Optimization analysis of the U.S. aggregate consumption: a goodness-of-fit approach. Adrangi, Bahram; Raffiee, Kambiz Sep 22, 1997 4547
Racial differences in National Basketball Association players' salaries: a new look. Dey, Matthew S. Sep 22, 1997 3860
Modeling response incentives in dichotomous choice contingent valuation data. Alberini, Anna; Kanninen, Barbara; Carson, Richard T. Aug 1, 1997 8235
Comparative properties of models of the UK economy. Church, Keith B.; Mitchell, Peter R.; Sault, Joanne E.; Wallis, Kenneth F. Jul 1, 1997 9033
Forecasting recorded property crime using a time-series econometric model. Deadman, Derek; Pyle, David Jun 22, 1997 4176
The Los Angeles riots and the press; one economist's reflection five years after. Wykoff, Frank C. Jun 1, 1997 1865
A behavioral model of nondurable consumption expenditure. Tolar, Martin Michael May 1, 1997 4204
Introduction: why the existing econometric model cannot help. Rugina, Anghel N. May 1, 1997 1803
The International Monetary Fund's new standards for economic statistics: how U.S. economic statistics comply with the new IMF standards. Oct 1, 1996 896
Standards for the dissemination of economic and financial statistics. McLenaghan, John B. Oct 1, 1996 6189
Econometric estimation of the effects of deregulation on railway productivity growth. Bereskin, C. Gregory Jun 22, 1996 6499
Foreign direct investment in Central Europe since 1990: an econometric study. Lansbury, Melanie; Pain, Nigel; Smidkova, Katerina May 1, 1996 7763
Error correction mechanisms and short-run expectations. Antzoulatos, Angelos A. Apr 1, 1996 6477
Replace the GDP. Rowe, Jonathan Cover Story Jan 1, 1996 1165
Some comments on the role of econometrics in economic theory. Eichenbaum, Martin Jan 1, 1996 6155
An econometric estimation of tax-discounting in Pakistan. Kazmi, Aqdas Ali Report Dec 22, 1995 4092
Preview of the Comprehensive Revision of the National Income and Product Accounts: new and redesigned tables. Parker, Robert P.; Seskin, Eugene P. Oct 1, 1995 3685
An econometric model of alumni giving: a case study for a liberal arts college. Bruggink, Thomas H.; Siddiqui, Kamran Sep 22, 1995 4987
An analysis of RSQE forecasts: 1971-1992. Howrey, E. Philip Sep 1, 1995 5455
Business situation. Moran, Larry R.; Larkins, Daniel Sep 1, 1995 1715
Preview of the comprehensive revision of the national income and product accounts: recognition of government investment and incorporation of a new methodology for calculating depreciation. Parker, Robert P.; Dobbs, David T.; Pitzer, John S.; Triplett, Jack E.; Herman, Shelby A. Sep 1, 1995 5341
U.S. international transactions, second quarter 1995. Trawinski, Lori A. Sep 1, 1995 3356
Rolling DICE for the future of the planet. Chapman, Duane; Suri, Vivek; Hall, Steven G. Jul 1, 1995 3257
Preview of the comprehensive revision of the national income and product accounts: BEA's new featured measures of output and prices. Landefeld, J. Steven; Parker, Robert P.; Triplett, Jack E. Jul 1, 1995 5039
Quantitative theory and econometrics. King, Robert G. Jun 22, 1995 21406
Advertisement size and goods-buyer characteristics: some empirical results. Mixon, Franklin G., Jr. Apr 1, 1995 2197
Facts and artifacts: calibration and the empirical assessment of real-business-cycle models. Hoover, Kevin D. Jan 1, 1995 10206
Econometric analysis of inflation risks. Nov 1, 1994 1221
Modelling the demand for broad money in the United States. Arize, Augustine C. Sep 1, 1994 5432
An econometric analysis of foreign direct investment in Spain, 1964-89. Sosvilla-Rivero, Simon Jul 1, 1994 7971
Unit root testing: a critique from chaos theory. Cunningham, Steven R. Mar 22, 1994 7559
Problems with modern economics. Klein, Lawrence R. Mar 1, 1994 2569
Equivocation in mathematical economics. Miller, Edward M. Sep 22, 1993 4250
The irony in/of economic theory. Khan, M. Ali Sep 1, 1993 10039
Nuclear and fossil fuel steam generation of electricity: differences and similarities. Thompson, Herbert G. Jr. Jul 1, 1993 5701
Heteroscedasticity and grouped data regression. Jackson, John D. Jul 1, 1993 3706
Decomposing technical change. Wall, Richard A. Jul 1, 1993 7224
Assessing applied econometric results. Christ, Carl F. Mar 1, 1993 11268
Commentary. Dickey, David A. Mar 1, 1993 1657
Commentary. Laidler, David Mar 1, 1993 1255
Monetary policy report to the Congress. Mar 1, 1993 15391
An econometric model of the aggregate motor insurance market in the United Kingdom. Chambers, Marcus J. Sep 1, 1992 6585
Econ's greatest hits from EconBase. O'Leary, Mick Product/Service Evaluation Sep 1, 1992 935
The PC corner: confessions of an international forecaster. Fullerton, Thomas M., Jr. Apr 1, 1992 3036
Sectoral shifts and cyclical unemployment: a reconsideration. Palley, Thomas I. Jan 1, 1992 6655
The comprehensive revision of the U.S. national income and product accounts: a review of revisions and major statistical changes. Dec 1, 1991 12526
Local input linkages of rural high-technology manufacturers. Smith, Stephen M.; Barkley, David L. Nov 1, 1991 6226
Random walk and life philosophy. Debreu, Gerard Sep 22, 1991 3407
Common logical errors in applying mathematics to economics. Miller, Edward M. Sep 1, 1991 518
Certainty vs. severity of punishment. Grogger, Jeffrey Apr 1, 1991 6054
A comment on competition and bidding behavior: some evidence from the rice market. Beutel, Phillip A. Apr 1, 1991 2737
Teaching tools: a public goods experiment for the classroom. Brock, John R. Apr 1, 1991 2196
Economic forecasting in the private and public sectors. Greenspan, Alan Jan 1, 1991 2855
American consumption patterns and the price of time: a time-series analysis. Bryant, W. Keith; Wang, Yan Dec 22, 1990 9377
The transmission channels of monetary policy: how have they changed? Mauskopf, Eileen Dec 1, 1990 15444
Exonomics: what economics fails to explain. Weiner, Edith; Brown, Arnold Jul 1, 1990 1749
Improving the Quality of Economic Statistics. Feb 1, 1990 965
Access demand modeling in the telecommunications industry: an AT&T application. Marcucci, Robert R. Sep 22, 1989 2394
Intrastate interLATA telecommunications demand modeling. Gatto, Joseph P.; Kelejian, Harry H.; Stephan, Scott W. Sep 22, 1989 5502
The world economy. Barrell, R.J.; Gurney, Andrew; Darby, Julia Aug 1, 1989 9281
Recent developments in economic statistics at the Federal Reserve: part 2. Jul 1, 1989 5263
Sign-solvability in economic models through plausible restrictions. Brouwer, Floor; Maybee, John; Nijkamp, Peter; Voogd, Henk Jun 1, 1989 2283
Some model-based tests of expectational rationality. Koustas, Zisimos Jun 1, 1989 3380
Obtaining estimates for the standard errors of long-run parameters. Gurney, Andrew May 1, 1989 763
Manufacturing export prices for the G7. Barrell, R.J. May 1, 1989 507
Terminal dates and dynamic properties of National Institute Model 11. Ireland, Jonathan; Wren-Lewis, Simon May 1, 1989 945
The statistics corner: gatekeeper for federal statistics. Duncan, Joseph W. Apr 1, 1989 803
The statistics corner. Duncan, Joseph W. Jan 1, 1989 2255
The revised Consumer Price Index: changes in definitions and availability. Marcoot, John L.; Bahr, Richard C. Jul 1, 1986 2366
Reconciling divergent trends in real income. Ryscavage, Paul Jul 1, 1986 2228
News or noise: an analysis of GNP revisions. Mankiw, N. Gregory; Shapiro, Matthew D. May 1, 1986 3860
Relationship between personal income and adjusted gross income: revised estimates, 1947-83. Park, Thae S. May 1, 1986 2368
Gross product by industry: revised and updated estimates, 1947-85. Peterson, Milo O. Apr 1, 1986 654
Alternative measure of the state and local government fiscal position: revised and updated estimates. Levin, David J. Apr 1, 1986 668
The cyclically adjusted federal budget and federal debt: revised and updated estimates. Holloway, Thomas M. Mar 1, 1986 1975
Selected national income and product estimates, 1929-85. Feb 1, 1986 830
The economic interpretation of hedonic methods. Triplett, Jack E. Jan 1, 1986 3385
Revised estimates of the national income and product accounts of the United States, 1929-85: an introduction. Dec 1, 1985 7314
An advance overview of the comprehensive revision of the national income and product accounts. Oct 1, 1985 6710
Determinants of corporate saving in Pakistan: a macro-econometric analysis. Qureshi, Zia M. Report Jun 22, 1983 10384

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