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Articles from Ecology (March 1, 1999)

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Anthropogenic edges, treefall gaps, and fruit-frugivore interactions in a neotropical montane forest. Restrepo, Carla; Gomez, Natalia; Heredia, Sylvia 9557
Bush lupine mortality, altered resource availability, and alternative vegetation states. Maron, John L.; Jefferies, Robert L. 8912
Competitive displacement? An experimental assessment of nest site preferences of cliff-nesting gulls. Kildaw, S. Dean 6945
Contribution analysis of disturbance-caused changes in phytoplankton diversity. Polishchuk, Leonard V. 3202
Correcting estimates of root chemical composition for soil contamination. Hunt, H.W.; Reuss, D.E.; Elliott, E.T. 3739
Density dependence in voles and mice: a comparative study. Saitoh, Takashi; Bjornstad, Ottar N.; Stenseth, Nils Chr. 8895
Ecological Dynamics. Peck, Steven L. Book Review 1223
Ecology of North America. Ribbens, Eric Book Review 663
Ecology. Ribbens, Eric Book Review 686
Ecology: Concepts and Applications. Mowbray, Thomas Book Review 1299
Eddy covariance measurements of CO2 and energy fluxes of an Alaskan tussock tundra ecosystem. Vourlitis, George L.; Oechel, Walter C. 11013
Effects of cumulative defoliations on growth, reproduction, and insect resistance in mountain birch. Kaitaniem, Pekka; Neuvonen, Seppo; Nyssonen, Tuija 5529
Fertilization effects on interactions between above- and belowground competition in an old field. Cahill, James F., Jr. 10136
Habitat quality in a hostile river corridor. Fraser, Douglas F.; Gilliam, James F.; MacGowan, Melissa P.; Arcaro, Canyon M.; Guillozet, Peter H. 7555
Hybrid classification: insights from genetic map-based studies of experimental hybrids. Rieseberg, Loren H.; Linder, C. Randall 7245
Identifying aggregation and association in fully mapped spatial data. Coomes, David A.; Rees, Mark; Turnbull, Lindsay 7512
Immediate damage by an earthquake to a temperate montane forest. Allen, Robert B.; Bellingham, Peter J.; Wiser, Susan K. 4051
Incorporating metapopulation dynamics of greater gliders into reserve design in disturbed landscapes. McCarthy, Michael A.; Lindenmayer, David B. 12111
Influence of prey availability and induced host-plant resistance on omnivory by western flower thrips. Agrawal, Anurag A.; Kobayashi, Chris; Thaler, Jennifer S. 4235
Interrelationship Between Insects and Plants. Condon, Marty Book Review 531
Is predator-mediated coexistence possible in unstable systems? Abrams, Peter A. 10821
Key-factor/key-stage analysis for life table data. Yamamura, Kohji 3320
Multi-criteria assessment of ecological process models. Reynolds, Joel H.; Ford, E. David 7120
Natural hybridization: how low can you go and still be important? Arnold, Michael L.; Bulger, Mark R.; Burke, John M.; Hempel, Alice L.; Williams, Joseph H. 7544
Parasitism of plant and animal hybrids: are facts and fates the same? Moulia, Catherine 9585
Plant density determines species richness along an experimental fertility gradient. Stevens, M. Henry H.; Carson, Walter P. 7368
Plant hybrid zones affect biodiversity: tools for a genetic-based understanding of community structure. Whitham, Thomas G.; Martinsen, Gregory D.; Floate, Kevin D.; Dungey, Heidi S.; Potts, Brad M.; Keim, 6900
Plant hybrid zones and insect host range expansion. Pilson, Diana 6772
Plant phase change and resistance to herbivory. Karban, Richard; Thaler, Jennifer S. 5149
Positive and negative signals regulate germination in the post-fire annual, Nicotiana attenuata. Preston, Catherine A.; Baldwin, Ian T. 9053
Problem-Solving in Conservation Biology and Wildlife Management: Exercises for Class, Field, and Laboratory. Howard, Jerome J. Book Review 752
Reducing predation through chemically mediated camouflage: indirect effects of plant defenses on herbivores. Stachowicz, John J.; Hay, Mark E. 11034
Resistance of hybrid plants to herbivores: genes, environment, or both? Fritz, Robert S. 7316
Self-recognition as the original function of an amoeban defense-inducing kairomone. Kusch, Jurgen 3290
Synchrony and scaling in dynamics of voles and mice in northern Japan. Bjornstad, Ottar N.; Stenseth, Nils Chr.; Saitoh, Takashi 11459
The application of discrete choice models to wildlife resource selection studies. Cooper, Andrew B.; Millspaugh, Joshua J. 7963
The Avian Brood Parasites: Deception at the Nest. Kiff, Lloyd Book Review 1413
The importance of scale in testing the origins of alternative community states. Petraitis, Peter S.; Latham, Roger Earl 9350
Timing of nest departure in the thick-billed murre and razorbill: tests of Ydenberg's model. Hipfner, J. Mark; Gaston, Anthony J. 6068
Two stimulants to ecology teachers. Ribbens, Eric Bibliography 645

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