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Articles from Ecology (June 1, 1999)

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A new test for density-dependent survival: the case of coastal cod populations. Bjornstad, Ottar N.; Fromentin, Jean-Marc; Stenseth, Nils Chr.; Gjosaeter, Jakob 7309
Biological-control herbivores may increase competitive ability of the noxious weed Centaurea maculosa. Callaway, Ragan M.; DeLuca, Thomas H.; Belliveau, Wendy M. 4358
Causes of consequences of territory change and breeding dispersal distance in the black kite. Forero, Manuela G.; Donazar, Jose A.; Blas, Julio; Hiraldo, Fernando 9464
Climatic variability, plant phenology, and northern ungulates. Post, Eric; Stenseth, Nils Chr. 9980
Community interaction webs and zooplankton responses to planktivory manipulations. Ives, Anthony R.; Carpenter, Stephen R.; Dennis, Brian 11993
Density dependence, prey dependence, and population dynamics of martens in Ontario. Fryxell, John M.; Falls, J. Bruce; Falls, E. Ann; Brooks, Ronald J.; Dix, Linda; Strickland, Marjori 7954
Density-dependent processes in the population dynamics of a bird ectoparasite Ceratophyllus gallinae. Tripet, Frederic; Richner, Heinz 7011
Empirical approaches to quantifying interaction intensity: competition and facilitation along productivity gradients. Goldberg, Deborah E.; Rajaniemi, Tara; Gurevitch, Jessica; Stewart-Oaten, Allan 9748
Evolutionary trade-offs under conditions of resource abundance and scarcity: experiments with bacteria. Velicer, Gregory J.; Lenski, Richard E. 9268
Fire and population dynamics of woody plants in a neotropical savanna: matrix model projections. Hoffmann, William A. 10586
Fresh Water. Winter, Jimmy D. Book Review 667
Gaseous Nitrogen Emissions from Grasslands. Holland, Elisabeth A. Book Review 965
Life history and behavioral responses to time constraints in a damselfly. Johansson, Frank; Rowe, Locke 8133
Linking planktonic biomass and metabolism to net gas fluxes in northern temperate lakes. Giorgio, Paul A. del; Cole, Jonathan J.; Caraco, Nina F.; Peters, Robert H. 6581
Meta-analysis of marine nutrient-enrichment experiments: variation in the magnitude of nutrient limitation. Downing, John A.; Osenberg, Craig W.; Sarnelle, Orlando 6971
Modeling investments in seeds, clonal offspring, and translocation in a clonal plant. Gardner, Shea N.; Mangel, Marc 12616
Movement responses to patch structure in experimental fractal landscapes. With, Kimberly A.; Cadaret, Sean J.; Davis, Cinda 7776
Mycorrhizae influence plant community structure and diversity in tallgrass prairie. Hartnett, David; Wilson, Gail W.T. 5511
Mycrorhizae indirectly enhance competitive effects of an invasive forb on a native bunchgrass. Marler, Marilyn J.; Zabinski, Catherine A.; Callaway, Ragan M. 4931
Nitrogen transformations in fallen tree boles and mineral soil of an old-growth forest. Hart, Stephen C. 6877
Phenotypic plasticity in foraging behavior of sawfly larvae. Kause, Antti; Haukioja, Erkkii; Hanhimaki, Sinikka 7940
Primary consumer delta13C and delta15N and the trophic position of aquatic consumers. Zanden, M. Jake Vander; Rasmussen, Joseph B. 5573
Protection of Global Biodiversity: Converging Strategies. Symington, Meg Book Review 1087
Quantitative Analysis of Movement: Measuring and Modeling Population Redistribution in Animals and Plants. Peck, Steven L. Book Review 1068
Rates and mechanisms of subalpine forest succession along an environmental gradient. Donnegan, J.A.; Rebertus, A.J. 8496
Regulatory effects of environmental chemical signals on search behavior and foraging success. Zimmer, Richard K.; Commins, John E.; Browne, Kenneth A. 11664
Resolving ecological questions through meta-analysis: goals, metrics, and models. Osenberg, Craig W.; Sarnelle, Orlando; Cooper, Scott D.; Holt, Robert D. 10384
Statistical issues in ecological meta-analyses. Gurevitch, Jessica; Hedges, Larry V. 6139
Techniques in Microbial Ecology. Westover, Kristi M. Book Review 742
The adaptive significance of spines on pine cones. Coffey, Kimberly; Benkman, Craig W.; Milligan, Brook G. 5782
The ecological consequences of variation in plants and prey for an omnivorous insect. Eubanks, Micky D.; Denno, Robert F. 8166
The importance of data-selection criteria: meta-analyses of stream predation experiments. Englund, Goran; Sarnelle, Orlando; Cooper, Scott D. 6140
The meta-analysis of response ratios in experimental ecology. Hedges, Larry V.; Gurevitch, Jessica; Curtis, Peter S. 5631
The relationship between egg size and posthatching development in the thick-billed murre. Hipfner, J. Mark; Gaston, Anthony J. 5990

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