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Articles from Ecology (July 1, 1999)

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Asymptotic height as a predictor of photosynthetic characteristics in Malaysian rain forest trees. Thomas, S.C.; Bazzaz, F.A. 10943
Bidirectional facilitation and interference between shrubs and annuals in the Mojave Desert. Holzapfel, Claus; Mahall, Bruce E. 8730
Blade abandonment/proliferation: a novel mechanism for rapid epiphyte control in marine macrophytes. Littler, Mark M.; Littler, Diane S. 6937
Conservation Biological Control. Louda, Svata M. Book Review 1526
Cost of flight apparatus and optimum body size of aphid migrants. Dixon, Anthony F.; Kindlmann, Pavel 7740
Detecting population-level consequences of ongoing environmental change without long-term monitoring. Doak, Daniel F.; Morris, William (American writer) 10537
Early vs. asymptotic growth responses of herbaceous plants to elevated CO2. Thomas, S.C.; Jasienski, M.; Bazzaz, F.A. 9200
Effects of birds and rodents on synthetic tallgrass communities. Howe, H.F.; Brown, J.S. 3649
Effects of leaf-litter accumulation on riparian plant diversity across Europe. Nilsson, Christer; Shaojun, Xiong; Johansson, Mats E.; Vought, Lena B.-M. 3168
Errata. 109
Global patterns of plant invasions and the concept of invasibility. Lonsdale, W.M. 8610
Home range analysis using a mechanistic home range model. Moorcroft, P.R.; Lewis, M.A.; Crabtree, R.L. 5453
Indirect facilitation: evidence and predictions from a riparian community. Levine, Jonathan M. 5196
Induced responses to herbivory in wild radish: effects on several herbivores and plant fitness. Agrawal, Anurag A. 7452
Links between microbial population dynamics and nitrogen availability in an alpine ecosystem. Lipson, David A.; Schmidt, Steven K.; Monson, Russel K. 5269
Modeling the spread of pine wilt disease caused by nematodes with pine sawyers as vector. Yoshimura, Akiko; Kawasaki, Kohkichi; Takasu, Fugo; Togashi, Katsumi; Futai, Kazuyoshi; Shigesada, N 8155
Molecular Approaches to Ecology and Evolution. Zink, Robert M. Book Review 832
Nectar-robbing bumble bees reduce the fitness of Ipomopsis Aggregata (Polemoniaceae). Irwin, Rebecca E.; Brody, Alison K. 7719
Plant and Animal Populations: Methods in Demography. Freckleton, Robert P. Book Review 907
Plant Physiological Ecology. Neufeld, Howard S. Book Review 1354
Seed dispersal near and far: patterns across temperate and tropical forests. Clark, James S.; Silman, Miles; Kern, Ruth; Macklin, Eric; HilleRisLambers, Janneke 11515
Seed mass, seedling emergence, and environmental factors in seven rain forest Psychotoria (Rubiaceae). Paz, Horacio; Mazer, Susan J.; Martinez-Ramos, Miguel 7072
The ecological consequences of changes in biodiversity: a search for general principles. Tilman, David 12565
The effect of habitat corridors on rates of transfer and interbreeding between vole demes. Aars, Jon; Ims, Rolf A. 5132
The El Nino southern oscillation, variable fruit production, and famine in a tropical forest. Wright, S. Joseph; Carrasco, Claudio; Calderon, Osvaldo; Paton, Steven 10671
Trophic rank and the species-area relationship. Holt, Robert D.; Lawton, John H.; Polis, Gary A.; Martinez, Neo D. 7830
Universal power laws govern intermittent rarity in communities of interacting species. Ferriere, Regis; Cazelles, Bernard 11184
Validity of extrapolating field CO2 experiments to predict carbon sequestration in natural ecosystem. Yiqi, Luo; Reynolds, James F. 10417
Whole-plant consequences of Crassulacean acid metabolism for a tropical forest understory plant. Skillman, John B.; Garcia, Milton; Winter, Klaus 6332
Why does early-season herbivory affect subsequent budburst? Quiring, D.T.; McKinnon, M.L. 7512
Within-season variability of pupal period in the autumnal moth: a bet-hedging strategy? Tammaru, Toomas; Ruohomaki, Kai; Saloniemi, Irma 8234

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