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Articles from Ecology (April 1, 1999)

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Bottom-up limitation of predaceous arthropods in a detritus-based terrestrial food web. Chen, Benrong; Wise, David H. 7182
Comparative physiological ecology of lupines colonizing early successional habitats on Mount St. Helens. Braatne, J.H.; Bliss, L.C. 8095
Competition among secondary-successional pine communities: a field study of effects and responses. Mitchell, R.J.; Zutter, B.R.; Gjerstad, D.H.; Glover, G.R.; Wood, C.W. 8694
Conditional outcomes of interactions: the pollinator-prey conflict of an insectivorous plant. Zamora, Regino 6416
Demography of the Yellowstone grizzly bears. Pease, Craig M.; Mattson, David J. 16811
Diet selection in goats: a test of intake-rate maximization. Illius, A.W.; Gordon, I.J.; Elston, D.A.; Milne, J.D. 8163
Does "enemy-free space" exist? Experimental host shifts of an herbivorous fly. Gratton, Claudio; Welter, Stephen C. 8822
Ecologists and Environmental Politics: A History of Contemporary Ecology. Collins, James P. Book Review 1474
Effects of environmental change on plant species density: comparing predictions with experiments. Gough, Laura; Grace, James B. 6024
Effects of population density on individual growth of brown trout in streams. Jenkins, Thomas M., Jr.; Diehl, Sebastian; Kratz, Kim W.; Cooper, Scott D. 10578
Effects of sampling effort on characterization of food-web structure. Martinez, Neo D.; Hawkins, Bradford A.; Dawah, Hassan Ali; Feifarek, Brian P. 6904
Errata. Ruess, Roger W.; Hendrick, Ronald L.; Bryant, John P. Correction Notice 641
Evolution on Islands. Cody, M.L. Book Review 1209
Experimental Ecology: Issues and Perspectives. Petren, Kenneth Book Review 1255
Explorations in Environmental History: Essays by Samuel P. Hays. Sterling, Keir B. Book Review 1056
Generalization vs. specialization in the pollination system of Hormathophylla spinosa (Cruciferae). Gomez, Jose Maria; Zamora, Regino 5923
Hurricane damage to a Hawaiian forest: nutrient supply rate affects resistance and resilience. Herbert, Darrell A.; Fownes, James H.; Vitousek, Peter M. 8017
Importance of primary and secondary seed dispersal in the malagasy tree Commiphora guillaumini. Bohning-Gaese, Katrin; Gaese, Bernhard H.; Rabemanantsoa, Seth B. 8983
Interactions between plant species and earthworm casts in a calcareous grassland under elevated CO2. Zaller, Johann G.; Arnone, John A., III 5590
Life history consequences of nest-site variation in tropical pythons (Liasus fuscus). Madsen, Thomas; Shine, Richard 6756
Mathematical Modeling in Microbial Ecology. Bever, James D. Book Review 763
Microcosm experiments have limited relevance for community and ecosystem ecology: comment. Drenner, Ray W.; Mazumder, Asit 3463
Microcosm experiments have limited relevance for community and ecosystem ecology: reply. Carpenter, Stephen R. 2256
Microcosm experiments have limited relevance for community and ecosystem ecology: synthesis of comments. Huston, M.A. 1268
Patch occupancy models of metapopulation dynamics: efficient parameter estimation using implicit statistical inference. Moilanen, Atte 8517
Productivity, intraguild predation, and population dynamics in experimental food webs. Morin, Peter 4740
Proximate causes of cannibalistic polyphenism in larval tiger salamanders. Hoffman, Eric A.; Pfennig, David W. 3314
Reproductive success of Eurasian treecreepers, Certhia familiaris, lower in territories with wood ants. Aho, Teija; Kuitunen, Markku; Suhonen, Jukka; Jantti, Ari; Hakkari, Tomi 6670
Sampling-skewed biological populations: behavior of confidence intervals for the population total. Gregoire, Timothy G.; Schabenberger, Oliver 4485
Scale of disturbance and the structure of a temperate fish guild. Syms, Craig; Jones, Geoffrey P. 12437
Search strategies for landscape-level interpatch movements. Zollner, Patrick A.; Lima, Steven L. 7616
Selection of flowering time: an adaptive fitness surface for nonexistent character combinations. O'Neil, Pamela 9181
Spatial organization of a herpetofauna on an elevational gradient revealed by null model tests. Hofer, Ulrich; Bersier, Louis-Felix; Borcard, Daniel 8332
Stewardship Across Boundaries. Heinen, Joel T. Book Review 1134
Terrestrial Ecosystems in Changing Environments. Bunce, James A. Book Review 888
The fern understory as an ecological filter: emergence and establishment of canopy-tree seedlings. George, Lisa O.; Bazzaz, F.A. 8158
The fern understory as an ecological filter: growth and survival of canopy-tree seedlings. George, Lisa O.; Bazzaz, F.A. 7197
The inflated calyx of Physalis angulata: a refuge from parasitism for Heliothis subflexa. Sisterson, Mark S.; Gould, Fred L. 3636
The stoichiometry of consumer-driven nutrient recycling: theory, observations, and consequences. Elser, James J.; Urabe, Jotaro 12778
Theoretical Ecosystem Ecology: Understanding Element Cycles. McClelland, James W. Book Review 782
Trait-mediated indirect effects of a theridiid spider on an ant-plant mutualism. Gastreich, K.R. 2939

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