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Articles from Ecology (October 1, 1998)

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A graph theory approach to demographic loop analysis. Wardle, Glenda M. 7357
Amphibians in Decline: Canadian Studies of a Global Problem. Azevedo-Ramos, Claudia Book Review 1049
An empirical test of Rapoport's rule: elevational gradients in montane butterfly communities. Fleishman, Erica; Austin, George T.; Weiss, Andrew D. 7776
Biological Invasions: Theory and Practice. Knops, Johannes M.H.; Lehman, Clarence L. Book Review 854
Circles and spirals: population persistence in a spatially explicit predator-prey model. Gurney, W.S.C.; Veitch, A.R.; Cruickshank, I.; McGeachin, G. 10215
Competition leads to an extinction-prone species of salamander: interspecific territoriality in a metapopulation. Griffis, Martha R.; Jaeger, Robert G. 6402
Conspecific reproductive success and breeding habitat selection: implications for the study of coloniality. Danchin, Etienne; Boulinier, Thierry; Massot, Manuel 10339
Control of gut retention time by secondary metabolites in ripe Solanum fruits. Wahaj, Sofia A.; Levey, Douglas J.; Sanders, Anna K.; Cipollini, Martin L. 8120
Coping with multiple enemies: 10 years of attack on Lomatium dissectum plants. Thompson, John N. 2700
Ecological impact of the mid-Holocene hemlock decline in southern Ontario, Canada. Fuller, Janice L. 7875
Ecology and Economics of the Great Plains. Piper, Jon K. Book Review 1227
Effects of nutrient patches and root systems on the clonal plasticity of a rhizomatous grass. Huber-Sannwald, Elisabeth; Pyke, David A.; Caldwell, Martyn M.; Durham, Susan 8570
Enrichment can stabilize population dynamics: autotoxins and density dependence. Kirk, Kevin L. 4026
Errata. Gray, Andrew N.; Spies, Thomas A. Correction Notice 120
Errata. Bridgham, Scott D.; Updegraff, Karen; Pastor, John Correction Notice 210
Estimation of temporal variability of survival in animal populations. Gould, William R.; Nichols, James D. 5413
Experimental reduction of predators reverses the crash phase of small-rodent cycles. Korpimaki, Erkki; Norrdahl, Kai 5850
Grazing optimization and nutrient cycling: when do herbivores enhance plant production? De Mazancourt, Claire; Loreau, Michel; Abbadie, Luc 6408
Grizzly bear digging: effects on subalpine meadow plants in relation to mineral nitrogen availability. Tardiff, Sandra E.; Stanford, Jack A. 6289
Horn of Darkness: Rhinos on the Edge. Kuserk, Frank T. Book Review 1089
Increased photosynthesis offsets costs of allocation to sapwood in an arid environment. Carey, Eileen V.; Callaway, Ragan M.; DeLucia, Evan H. 6326
Links between rain, salinity, and predation in a rocky subtidal community. Witman, Jon D.; Grange, Ken R. 11861
Long-term effects of defoliation on red pine suitability to insects feeding on diverse plant tissues. Raffa, Kenneth F.; Krause, Steven C.; Reich, Peter B. 9062
Metapopulation dynamics: effects of habitat quality and landscape architecture. Moilanen, Atte; Hanski, Ilkka 8232
Nest predation and avian species diversity in northwestern forest understory. Sieving, Kathryn E.; Willson, Maary F. 8602
Photosynthesis of nine pioneer Macaranga species from Borneo in relation to life history. Davies, Stuart James 10175
Polygyny in great reed warblers: a long term study of factors contributing to male fitness. Hasselquist, Dennis 10383
Predation as a major cost of reproduction in Namib Desert tenebrionic beetles. Polis, Gary A.; Barnes, Joseph D.; Seely, Mary K.; Henschel, Joh R.; Enders, Margit M. 4072
Primer on Ecological Theory. Wiegert, Richard G. Book Review 668
Reproductive seasonality in an opportunistic breeder, the red crossbill, Loxia curvirostra. Hahn, Thomas P. 7847
Smoke-induced seed germination in California chaparral. Keeley, Jon E.; Foteringham, C.J. 8299
Social behavior and ecosystem processes: river otter latrines and nutrient dynamics of terrestrial vegetation. Ben-David, M.; Bowyer, R.T.; Duffy, L.K.; Roby, D.D.; Schell, D.M. 2778
Species richness and biomass: dissection of the hump-shaped relationships. Guo, Qinfeng; Berry, Wade L. 2880
Taking Complexity Seriously: Policy Analysis, Triangulation and Sustainable Development. Ralls, Katherine Book Review 1150
Topographic patterns of above- and belowground production and nitrogen cycling in alpine tundra. Fisk, Melany C.; Schmidt Steven K.; Seastedt, Timothy R. 9174
Ungulate vs. landscape control of soil C and N processes in grasslands of Yellowstone National Park. Frank, Douglas A.; Groffman, Peter M. 7172
Utilization of a cyanobacterium and a phosphorus-deficient green alga as complementary resources by daphnids. DeMott, William R. 11800
Wind and prey nest sites as foraging constraints on an avian predator, the glaucous gull. Gilchrist, H. Grant; Gaston, Anthony J.; Smith, James N.M. 7511

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