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Articles from Ecology (March 1, 1998)

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Ants, stem-borers, and fungal pathogens: experimental tests of a fitness advantage in Piper ant-plants. Letourneau, Deborah K. 8258
Are microhabitat preferences of coexisting species under selection and adaptive? Martin, Thomas E. 7335
Dispersal patterns and seed bank dynamics of pioneer trees in moist tropical forest. Dalling, J.W.; Swaine, M.D.; Garwood, Nancy C. 9904
Ecology of Coccinellidae. Schellhorn, Nancy A. Book Review 723
Evolution of pest-induced defenses in Brassica plants: tests of theory. Siemens, David H.; Mitchell-Olds, Thomas 9695
Food from seed-dispersal mutualism shifts sex ratios in colonies of the ant Aphaenogaster rudis. Morales, Manuel A.; Heithaus, E. Raymond 3544
Foraging area fidelity of individual seabirds in relation to tidal cycles and flock feeding. Irons, David B. 6083
From star charts to stoneflies: detecting relationships in continuous bivariate data. Garvey, James E.; Marschall, Elizabeth A.; Wright, Russell A. 3682
Genetic markers in plant evolutionary ecology. Cruzan, Mitchell B. 10233
Habitat loss and population decline: a meta-analysis of the patch size effect. Bender, Darren J.; Contreras, Thomas A.; Fahrig, Lenore 9354
Host preference and larval performance of the salicylate-using leaf beetle Phratora vitellinae. Rank, Nathan E.; Kopf, Alfred; Julkunen-Tiitto, Riitta; Tahvanainen, Jorma 7826
Hurricane disturbance and the population dynamics of a tropical understory shrub: megamatrix elasticity analysis. Pascarella, John B.; Horvitz, Carol C. 9929
Inferring ecological relationships from the edges of scatter diagrams: comparison of regression techniques. Scharf, Frederick S.; Juanes, Francis; Sutherland, Michael 7283
Integrating molecular techniques with field methods in studies of social behavior: a revolution results. Hughes, Colin 14196
Introduction to Wildlife and Fisheries: An Integrated Approach. Winter, Jimmy D. Book Review 756
Joint density dependence. Dennis, B.; Kemp, W.P.; Taper, M.L. 11595
Lizards reduce spider species richness by excluding rare species. Spiller, David A.; Schoener, Thomas W. 9223
Modified interactions between salamander life stages caused by wildfire-induced sedimentation. Kerby, J. Lawrence; Kats, Lee B. 3786
Molecular contributions to conservation. Haig, Susan M. 10313
Multifactor population limitation: variable spatial and temporal control of spiders on Gulf of California Islands. Polis, Gary A.; Hurd, Stephen D.; Jackson, C. Todd; Sanchez-Pinero, Francisco 9483
Multitrophic Interactions in Terrestrial Systems. Bultman, Thomas L. Book Review 1420
Plant Resource Allocation. Schultz, Jack C. Book Review 946
Rainfall effects on plant-herbivore processes in an upland oak forest. Shure, Donald J.; Mooreside, Peter D.; Ogle, Stephen M. 8301
Resource allocation and stressful conditions in the aphallic snail Bulinus truncatus. Doums, Claudie; Perdieu, Mireille-Ange; Jarne, Philippe 9302
Root biomass and productivity in a grazing ecosystem: the Serengeti. McNaughton, S.J.; Banyikwa, F.F.; McNaughton, M.M. 3788
Self-thinning in early postfire chaparral succession: mechanisms, implications, and a combined approach. Guo, Qinfeng; Rundel, Philip W. 4463
Temporal dynamics in soil carbon and nitrogen resources at a grassland-shrubland ecotone. Kieft, Thomas L.; White, Carleton S.; Loftin, Samuel R.; Aguilar, Richard; Craig, John A.; Skaar, Da 6839
Tests of functional equivalence: complementary roles of salamanders and fish in community organization. Kurzava, Lynn M.; Morin, Peter J. 7498
The Ecological Basis of Conservation: Heterogeneity, Ecosystems, and Biodiversity. Redford, Kent H. Book Review 831
The role of complementarity and competition in ecosystem responses to variation in plant diversity. Hooper, David U. 10335
Theoretical concepts and empirical approaches to measuring interaction strength. Laska, Mark S.; Wootton, J. Timothy 10734
Thermodynamic constraints on nitrogen transformations and other biogeochemical processes at soil-stream interfaces. Hedin, Lars O.; Fischer, Joseph C. von; Ostrom, Nathaniel E.; Kennedy, Brian P.; Brown, Michael G.; 14836
Variation in flowering phenology and its consequences for lupines colonizing Mount St. Helens. Bishop, John G.; Schemske, Douglas W. 7933
What molecules can tell us about populations: choosing and using a molecular marker. Parker, Patricia G.; Snow, Allison A.; Schug, Malcolm D.; Booton, Gregory C.; Fuerst, Paul A. 16917

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