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Articles from Ecology (July 1, 1998)

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A global trend in belowground carbon allocation: comment. Nadelhoffer, Knute J.; Raich, James W.; Aber, J.D. 3166
Allelopathic interactions between sponges on a tropical reef. Thacker, Robert W.; Becerro, Mikel A.; Lumbang, Wilfred A.; Paul, Valerie J. 8157
Bottom-up control of the soil microfauna community in a beechwood on limestone: manipulation of food resources. Scheu, Stefan; Schaefer, Matthias 8277
Carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus mineralization in northern wetlands. Bridgham, Scott D.; Updegraff, Karen; Pastor, John 11403
Changes in southern Appalachian canopy tree gaps sampled thrice. Runkle, James R. 7541
Control of gamete release in fucoid algae: sensing hydrodynamic conditions via carbon acquisition. Pearson, Gareth A.; Serrao, Ester A.; Brawley, Susan H. 9634
Do potentially virulent mites affect house wren (Troglodytes aedon) reproductive success? Pacejka, Andrew J.; Gratton, Colleen M.; Thompson, Charles F. 6402
Ecological correlates of regional variation in life history of the moose Alces alces: comment. Crete, Michel 1743
Ecological correlates of regional variation in life history of the moose Alces alces: reply. Saether, Bernt-Erik; Andersen, Reider; Hjeljord, Olav; Heim, Morten 1173
Ecology of Arctic Environments. Duffy, David Cameron Book Review 1046
Ectomycorrhizal fungal community structure of pinyon pines growing in two environmental extremes. Gehring, Catherine A.; Theimer, Tad C.; Whitham, Thomas G.; Keim, Paul 6722
Effects of ectoparasitism on host condition in the Drosophila-Macrocheles system. Polak, Michal 6904
Evolutionary Ecology Across Three Trophic Levels: Goldenrods, Gallmakers, and Natural Enemies. Bronstein, Judith L. Book Review 1055
Experimental test in lowland tropical forest shows top-down effects through four trophic levels. Letourneau, D.K.; Dyer, L.A. 6604
Fitness responses of a carnivorous plant in contrasting ecological scenarios. Zamora, Regino; Gomez, Jose M.; Hodar, Jose A. 8182
Floral display, pollinator discrimination, and female reproductive success in two monoecious Begonia species. Le Corff, Josiane; Agren, Jon; Schemske, Douglas W. 7332
Habitat fragmentation and demographic change for a common plant: trillium in old-growth forest. Jules, Erik S. 7967
Herbivore effects on plant species density at varying productivity levels. Gough, Laura; Grace, James B. 5924
Horse chestnut scale (Pulvinaria regalis) (Homoptera: Coccidae) and urban host tree environment. Speight, M.R.; Hails, R.S.; Gilbert, M.; Foggo, A. 6340
How risky is biological control? Comment. Frank, J.H. 4515
How risky is biological control? Reply. Simberloff, Daniel; Stiling, Peter 1469
Interactive effects of pollination and heavy metals on resource allocation in Potentilla anserina L. Saikkonen, Kari; Koivunen, Sari; Vuorisalo, Timo; Mutikainen, Pia 5448
Interspecific competition between Bufo larvae under conditions of community transition. Bardsley, Louise; Beebee, Trevor J.C. 6484
Interspecific variation in the abundance, production, and emergence of Daphnia diapausing eggs. Caceres, Carla E. 8705
Life history consequences of food quality in the freshwater copepod Boeckella triarticulata. Twombly, Saran; Clancy, Nancy; Burns, Carolyn W. 9600
Limitation of reproductive success by food availability and breeding time in pied flycatchers. Siikamaki, Pirkko 5383
Linking aphid ecology with nutrient fluxes in a coniferous forest. Stadler, Bernhard; Michalzik, Beate; Muller, Thomas 7228
Maintenance of diversity within plant communities: soil pathogens as agents of negative feedback. Mills, Katherine E.; Bever, James D. 4690
Mechanical defense in seeds adapted for ant dispersal. Rodgerson, Louise 6429
Nutrients in senesced leaves: comment. Craine, Joseph M.; Mack, Michelle C. 1655
Nutrients in senesced leaves: reply. Killingbeck, Keith T. 1332
On the cost of reproduction in long-lived birds: the influence of environmental variability. Erikstad, Kjell Einar; Fauchald, Per; Tveraa, Torkild; Steen, Harald 6490
Plant competition experiments: testing hypotheses and estimating the probability of coexistence. Damgaard, Christian 6024
Plant Functional Types: Their Relevance to Ecosystem Properties and Global Change. Catovsky, Sebastian Book Review 1022
Plant parental care: conspecific nurse effects in Frasera speciosa and Cirsium scopulorum. Wied, Anna; Galen, Candace 8028
Population cycles in small mammals: the problem of explaining the low phase. Boonstra, Rudy; Krebs, Charles J.; Stenseth, Nils Chr. 7723
Statistical analysis of population dynamics in space and time using estimating functions. Lele, Subhash; Taper, Mark L.; Gage, Stuart 10069
The Age of Environmentalism. Winter, Jimmy D. Book Review 1035
The relationship between local and regional diversity: comment. Westoby, Mark 1117
The relationship between local and regional diversity: reply. Caley, M. Julian; Schluter, Dolph 1229
The response of tundra plant biomass, aboveground production, nitrogen, and CO2 flux to experimental warming. Hobbie, Sarah E.; Chapin, F. Stuart, III 11640
The role of resources and pathogens in mediating the mating system of Kalmia latifolia. Levri, Maureen A.; Real, Leslie A. 4471
The Song of the Dodo: Island Biogeography in an Age of Extinctions. Kuserk, Frank T. Book Review 1184
Trophic interactions among detritus, benthic midges, and predatory fish in a freshwater marsh. Batzer, Darold P. 7449

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