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Articles from Ecology (January 1, 1998)

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A model of habitat selection by drift-feeding stream salmonids at different scales. Hughes, Nicholas F. 8345
An 840-year record of fire and vegetation in a boreal white spruce forest. Larsen, C.P.S.; MacDonald, G.M. 6930
Apparent competition or apparent mutualism? Shared predation when populations cycle. Abrams, Peter A.; Holt, Robert D.; Roth, James D. 9782
Biological Consequences of Global Climate Change. Coleman, Lawrence A. Book Review 1242
Causes and consequences of mast seed production of four co-occurring Carpinus species in Japan. Shibata, Mitsue; Tanaka, Hiroshi; Nakashizuka, Tohru 5870
Climatic conditions and tropical montane forest productivity: the fog has not lifted yet. Bruijnzeel, L.A.; Veneklaas, E.J. 5545
Climatic Variation in Earth History. Coleman, Lawrence A. Book Review 1242
Clouds and Climate Change. Coleman, Lawrence A. Book Review 1242
Controls of primary productivity: lessons from the Luquillo Mountains in Puerto Rico. Waide, Robert B.; Zimmerman, Jess K.; Scatena, F.N. 4806
Demography of a shade-tolerant tree (Fagus grandifolia) in a hurricane-disturbed forest. Batista, William B.; Platt, William J.; Macchiavelli, Raul E. 11179
Does mobility or sex of voles affect risk of predation by mammalian predators? Norrdahl, Kai; Korpimaki, Erkki 4864
Ecology of Marine Bivalves: An Ecosystem Approach. Ackerman, Josef Daniel Book Review 1099
Effects of maternal and larval nutrition on growth and form of planktotrophic larvae. Bertram, Douglas F.; Strathmann, Richard R. 8893
Experimental investigation of nutrient limitation of forest growth on wet tropical mountains. Tanner, E.V.J.; Vitousek, P.M.; Cuevas, E. 5830
Factors influencing species composition in tropical lowland rain forest: does soil matter? Sollins, Phillip 4938
Fauna in Soil Ecosystems: Recycling Processes, Nutrient Fluxes, and Agricultural Production. Heneghan, Liam Book Review 1074
Foraging success of granivorous rodents: effects of variation in seed and soil water on olfaction. Wall, Stephen B. Vander 6337
Hatching asynchrony in great tits: a bet-hedging strategy? Amundsen, Trond; Slagsvold, Tore 6690
Herbivore effects on plant and nitrogen dynamics in oak savanna. Ritchie, Mark E.; Tilman, David; Knops, Johannes M.H. 7668
Impacts of resource abundance on populations of a tropical forest rodent. Adler, Gregory H. 7200
Indirect interactions mediated by changing plant chemistry: beaver browsing benefits beetles. Martinsen, Gregory D.; Driebe, Elizabeth M.; Whitham, Thomas G. 5734
Long-term dynamics of small-mammal populations in Ontario. Fryxell, John M.; Falls, J. Bruce; Falls, E. Ann; Brooks, Ronald J. 5589
Maternal effects in gypsy moth: only sex ratio varies with population density. Myers, Judith H.; Boettner, George; Elkinton, Joseph 5993
Methods for the Examination of Organismal Diversity in Soils and Sediments. Heneghan, Liam Book Review 1074
No evidence of trophic cascades in an experimental microbial-based soil food web. Mikola, Juha; Setala, Heikki 7937
Plant species richness in riparian wetlands - a test of biodiversity theory. Pollock, Michael M.; Naiman, Robert J.; Hanley, Thomas A. 7646
Plants in Changing Environments: Linking Physiological, Population, and Community Ecology. Breshears, David D. Book Review 1006
Population Growth. Coleman, Lawrence A. Book Review 1242
Regeneration of northern red oak: positive and negative effects of competitor removal. Buckley, David S.; Sharik, Terry L.; Isebrands, J.G. 8860
Regulation and Stabilization Paradigms in Population Ecology. Gotelli, Nicholas J. Book Review 618
Soil chemistry and plants in Fennoscandian boreal forest as exemplified by a local gradient. Giesler, Reiner; Hogberg, Mona; Hogberg, Peter 12586
Species introduction and replacement among mosquitoes: interspecific resource competition or apparent competition? Juliano, Steven A. 9632
Species Survival in Fragmented Landscapes. Robinson, George R. Book Review 1061
Stem tilting and pseudocephalium orientation in Cephalocereus columna-trajani (cactaceae): a functional interpretation. Zavala-Hurtado, Jose Alejandro; Vite, Fernando; Ezcurra, Exequiel 5693
Surveying Natural Populations. Fleishman, Erica Book Review 959
The developmental stream of cottonwoods affects ramet growth and resistance to galling aphids. Kearsley, Michael J.C.; Whitham, Thomas G. 9078
The effect of sperm competition on male gain curves in a colonial marine invertebrate. Yund, Philip O. 9024
The role of omnivory in a neotropical stream: separating diurnal and nocturnal effects. Pringle, Catherine M.; Hamazaki, Toshihide 7632
The role of stress in the mortality of Midwestern oaks as indicated by growth prior to death. Pedersen, Brian S. 10635
The Sun-Earth System. Coleman, Lawrence A. Book Review 1242
Trophic cascades and compensation: differential responses of microzooplankton in whole-lake experiments. Pace, Michael L.; Cole, Jonathan J.; Carpenter, Stephen R. 9215

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