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Articles from Ecology (December 1, 1996)

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A plant pathogen influences pollinator behavior and may influence reproduction of nonhosts. Roy, B.A. 7644
Actuarial senescence and demographic heterogeneity in the Florida Scrub Jay. McDonald, David B.; Fitzpatrick, John W.; Woolfenden, Glen E. 7004
Analysis of frequency count data using the negative binomial distribution. White, Gary C.; Bennetts, Robert E. 6322
Are tropical plants better defended? Palatability and defenses of temperate vs. tropical seaweeds. Bolser, Robin C.; Hay, Mark E. 12916
Assessment of preference among a range of options using log ratio analysis. Elston, D.A.; Illius, A.W.; Gordon, I.J. 8397
Coexistence of specialist and generalist rodents via habitat selection. Morris, Douglas W. 8446
Conservation Biology in Theory and Practice. Loiselle, Bette A. Book Review 1046
Delayed inducible resistance in mountain birch in response to fertilization and shade. Ruohomaki, K.; Chapin, F.S., III; Haukioja, E.; Neuvonen, S.; Suomela, J. 7075
Dynamics of Weed Populations. Pyke, David A. Book Review 649
Ecology of Infectious Diseases in Natural Populations. Grosholz, Edwin Book Review 855
Ecology, Conservation, and Management of Southeast Asian Rainforests. Pinard, Michelle A. Book Review 712
Effects of mobile tree islands on soil carbon storage in tundra ecosystems. Pauker, Sheridan J.; Seastedt, T.R. 3674
Egg limitation, host quality, and dynamic behavior by a parasitoid in the field. Heimpel, George E.; Rosenheim, Jay A.; Mangel, Marc 7994
Empirical Bayes estimation of proportions with application to cowbird parasitism rates. Link, William A.; Hahn, D. Caldwell 6410
Facultative mutualism between red mangroves and root-fouling sponges in Belizean mangal. Ellison, Aaron M.; Farnsworth, Elizabeth J.; Twilley, Robert R. 9762
Founding, foraging, and fighting: colony size and the spatial distribution of harvester ant nests. Gordon, Deborah M.; Kulig, Alan W. 12092
Induction of seaweed chemical defenses by amphipod grazing. Cronin, Greg; Hay, Mark E. 9733
Insect Migration: Tracking Resources Through Space and Time. Gibo, David L. Book Review 1149
Interactions among gypsy moths, white-footed mice, and acorns. Elkinton, Joseph S.; Healy, William M.; Buonaccorsi, John P.; Boettner, George H.; Hazzard, Anne M.; 7779
Intraguild predation and cannibalism among larvae of detritovorous caddisflies in subalpine wetlands. Wissinger, Scott A.; Sparks, Grace B.; Rouse, Gretchen L.; Brown, Wendy S.; Steltzer, Heidemarie 6227
Linking herbivory and pollination: defoliation and selective fruit abortion in Lindera benzoin. Niesenbaum, Richard A. 5524
Long-term patterns of mast fruiting in Fraxinus excelsior. Tapper, Per-Goran 3544
Male reproductive success and variation in fruit and seed set in Aquilegia caerulea (ranunculaceae). Brunet, Johanne 9751
Patch utilization by three species of Chilean rodents differing in body size and mode of locomotion. Vasquez, Rodrigo A. 6562
Phenotypic variation in a zooplankton egg bank. Hairston, Nelson G., Jr.; Kearns, Colleen M.; Ellner, Stephen P. 8215
Plant species mediate changes in soil microbial N in response to elevated CO2. Hungate, Bruce A.; Canadell, Josep; Chapin, F. Stuart, III 6959
Pseudoreplication revisited. Heffner, Robert A.; Butler, Mark J., IV; Reilly, Colleen Keelan 3410
Scale-dependent recolonization: the role of sediment stability in a dynamic sandflat habitat. Thrush, S.F.; Whitlatch, R.B.; Pridmore, R.D.; Hewitt, J.E.; Cummings, V.J.; Wilkinson, M.R. 8438
Soil organic matter and nutrient availability responses to reduced plant inputs in shortgrass steppe. Kelly, Robin H.; Burke, Ingrid C.; Lauenroth, William K. 6744
Spatial and temporal patterns of small-rodent population dynamics at a regional scale. Steen, Harald; Ims, Rolf A.; Sonerud, Geir A. 5255
The Conservation of Plant Biodiversity. Campbell, Christopher S. Book Review 1019
Variability in recruitment of coral reef fishes: the importance of habitat at two spatial scales. Caselle, Jennifer E.; Warner, Robert R. 10835
Watercress allelochemical defends high-nitrogen foliage against consumption: effects on freshwater invertebrate herbivores. Newman, Raymond M.; Kerfoot, W. Charles; Hanscom, Zac, III 6805

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