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Articles from Ecology (April 1, 1996)

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A Whole-Plant Perspective on Carbon-Nitrogen Interactions. Burke, Marianne K.; Dickson, Richard E. Book Review 1566
An experimental study of plant community invasibility. Burke, M.J.W.; Grime, J.P. 8656
Are shade tolerance, survival, and growth linked? Low light and nitrogen effects on hardwood seedlings? Walters, Michael B.; Reich, Peter B. 7629
Assessing why two introduced Conyza differ in their ability to invade Mediterranean old fields. Thebaud, Christophe; Finzi, Adrien C.; Affre, Laurence; Debussche, Max; Escarre, Josep 9207
Bottle or big-scale studies: how do we do ecology? Ives, Anthony R.; Foufopoulos, Johannes; Klopfer, Eric D.; Klug, Jennifer L.; Palmer, Todd M. 2124
Chlorophyll variability, nutrient input, and grazing: evidence from whole-lake experiments. Carpenter, Stephen R.; Kitchell, James F.; Cottingham, Kathryn L.; Schindler, Daniel E.; Christensen 6770
Community structure of desert small mammals: comparisons across four continents. Kelt, Douglas A.; Brown, James H.; Heske, Edward J.; Marquet, Pablo A.; Morton, Stephen R.; Reid, Ju 9798
Detection of critical densities associated with pinon-juniper woodland ecotones. Milne, Bruce T.; Johnson, Alan R.; Keitt, Timothy H.; Hatfield, Colleen A.; David, John; Hraeber, Pe 11072
Effects of Hurricane Andrew on epiphyte communities within cypress domes of Everglades National Park. Oberbauer, Steven F.; Kleist, Kurt von, III; Whelan, Kevin R.T.; Koptur, Suzanne 2292
Fungal Ecology. Widden, Paul Book Review 836
High variability in temporal and spatial nutrient retention in Mediterranean streams. Marti, Eugenia; Sabater, Francesc 10504
How can net primary productivity be measured in grazing ecosystems? McNaughton, S.J.; Milchunas, D.G.; Frank, D.A. 3127
Interspecific competition controls abundance and habitat use of territorial Caribbean damselfishes. Robertson, D. Ross 9854
Laboratory experiments with a mixotrophic chrysophyte and obligately phagotrophic and phototrophic competitors. Rotthaupt, Karl O. 5878
Mark-resight population estimation with imperfect observations. Gardner, Shea N.; Mangel, Marc 3089
Microcosm experiments have limited relevance for community and ecosystem ecology. Carpenter, Stephen R. 2439
Microcosms and soil ecology: critical linkages between field studies and modelling food webs. Moore, John C.; Ruitter, Peter C. de; Hunt, H. William; Coleman, David C.; Freckman, Diana W. 6221
Microcosms as models for generating and testing community theory. Drake, James A.; Huxel, Gary R.; Hewitt, Chad L. 5084
Molecular Ecology and Evolution: Approaches and Applications. Kantz, Thomas S. Book Review 589
On quantifying the intensity of competition across gradients. Miller, Thomas E. 2495
Patterns of herbivory along a productivity gradient: an empirical and theoretical investigation. Koppel, Johan van de; Huisman, Jef; Wal, Rene van der; Olff, Han 5874
Permanence and the assembly of ecological communities. Law, Richard; Morton, R. Daniel 11143
Physiological and growth responses of arctic plants to a field experiment simulating climatic change. Chapin, E. Stuart, III; Shaver, Gaius R. 10496
Reproductive strategies of modular organisms: comparative studies of reef-building corals. Hall, V.R.; Hughes, T.P. 8811
Second derivatives of population growth rate: calculation and applications. Caswell, Hal 6426
Seed dispersers as disease vectors: bird transmission of mistletoe seeds to plant hosts. Rio, C. Martinez del; Silva, A.; Medel, R.; Hourdequin, M. 5522
Size-specific interactions in lake systems: predatory gape limitation and prey growth rate and mortality. Persson, Lennart; Andersson, Jens; Wahlstron, Eva; Eklov, Peter 8741
Soil microcosms and the population biology of nematophagus fungi. Jaffee, B.A. 2308
The distribution of marine invertebrate larvae near vertical surfaces in the Rocky subtidal zone. Graham, Krista R.; Sebens, Kenneth P. 9715
The Ecotron facility at Silwood Park: the value of "big bottle" experiments. Lawton, John H. 4066
The role of soil microcosms in the study of ecosystem processes. Verhoef, Herman A. 2999
The seasonal decline in tree swallow clutch size: physiological constraint or strategic adjustment? Winkler, David W.; Allen, Paul E. 7945
Transpiration in upper Amazonia floodplain and upland forests in response to drought-breaking rains. Oren, Ram; Zimmermann, Reiner; Terborgh, John 3697
Utilization of substitutable carbon and phosphorous sources by the mixotrophic chrysophyte Ochromonas sp. Rothhaupt, Karl O. 6362
Why We Get Sick: The New Science of Darwinian Medicine. Holt, Robert D. Book Review 901
Wildlife 2001: Populations. Underwood, H. Brian Book Review 663

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