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Ecology, technology and economy; continuity and change among the fisherfolk of Kerala.


Ecology, technology and economy; continuity and change among the fisherfolk of Kerala.

Mathur, P.R.G.

Rawat Publications


449 pages




Anthropologist Mathur (Anathakrishna International Centre for Anthropological Studies) is well known for his studies of indigenous communities in India generally and in Kerala in particular. Here he examines the fisherfolk of that southern state both diachronically and synchronically using comparative research among the Mappila, Hindu, and Latin Christian people. In order to make the study broad, he warns, some details are necessarily glided over. His topics include indigenous knowledge of the marine environment, the ecological context of the socio-cultural heritage of Hindu fisherfolk, the technology of fishing and change, economic organization, and how fishing rituals relate to culture and economic development.

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Date:Aug 1, 2009
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