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Eco-battle limo.

Byline: Chris Russon Motors Correspondent

The Mecedes S 300 BLUETEC Hybrid in AMG Line trim, weighing in at around two tonnes and costing PS80,415 with extras, has high-definition graphics to show Fiesta-class fuel economy IT is the limousine that's as economical to drive as a supermini and it's taking fuel saving technology to new levels.

e new Mercedes S 300 hybrid combines a diesel engine with an electric motor to deliver a claimed 61.4mpg (13.5 miles per litre).

at's in the same league as a one-litre Ford Fiesta, yet the Mercedes is a two-tonne luxury liner that is more than 17 feet (5.18 metres) long.

Dubbed by many as the nest car in the world, the new hybrid makes the S-Class even more credible.

With emissions of 120g/km it is the most eco-friendly large executive car on the market and a compelling choice for chaueurs, professional drivers and company bosses.

Priced from PS72,260 the diesel hybrid is some PS5,000 more than the diesel-only S 350, but with its lower emissions has signicant tax advantages.

For company car purposes the benet in kind index is 20 per cent ve per cent lower than that of the diesel and if you buy privately there's no road tax in the rst year and PS30 a year thereafter.

In this class of car, hybrids are nothing new, but diesel hybrids are still rare beasts.

Mercedes already has a petrol hybrid in the S-Class line up which tips the scales at PS74,685 but with a claimed 44.8mpg (9.85 miles per litre) and emissions of 147g/km is not nearly as e"cient.

e diesel hybrid hits the mark in no uncertain terms and the beauty of the Mercedes' system is that it operates so unobtrusively.

e car we sampled was a long wheelbase S 300 BLUETEC Hybrid in AMG Line trim which with extras cost PS80,415.

Much of that was down to the PS4,335 executive rear seat package which included reclining seats, roller blinds and individual climate control.

Absolute luxury in the back of the S-Class is complimented up front with high tech displays which show how the hybrid system is operating through a number of high denition graphics.

e instrument panel part of the rev counter indicates whether the car is charging or using battery power while the amount of charge in the electric system is shown in percentage terms as is the fuel remaining.

ere are eco and sport modes to go to the extremes of what the S 300 has to oer, but leave it to its own devices and the results are quite incredible.

On a drive through the suburbs of London then out on to motorway and dual carriageway the S 300 averaged 47.8mpg (10.5 miles per litre) over more than 50 miles and there is nothing lacking in performance.

Like all versions of the S-Class the top speed is restricted to 155mph and while the diesel hybrid may not be quite as quick as the other versions it can still accelerate from 0 to 60 in 7.6 seconds.

In tra"c more often than not it will run on battery power while lift o the throttle at motorway speeds and the car will switch into a coasting mode to conserve fuel.

With air suspension the ride is sublime while the noise insulation allows for almost silent running.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
Date:May 9, 2014
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