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Eco Civilization 2140.

Eco Civilization 2140

Roy Morrison

Writiers Publishing Cooperative

PO Box, 201, Warner, NH 03278

1930149379 $12.95

Eco Civilization 2140: A Twenty-Second-Century History And Survivor's Journal by Roy Morrison is a comprehensive introduction to a range of ideas and innovations with respect to modern energy alternatives and potential ecological struggles and possible advancements for the coming generations. Delving deeply into modern economics and the study of the futuristic town of Warner, New Hampshire in the year 2140, with a conceptual and likely predictive analysis of the post-ecological crisis of the 21st century, Eco Civilization 2140 is an essential log and wide understanding of the future world and its history in the times between now and then. With its unique approach of "reversed historical perspective", Eco Civilization 2140 is highly recommended reading for environmental activists and policy makers for its post-modern ideals and grand interpretation of futuristic and near-future realistic study of political sciences, ecology, and energy studies.
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Title Annotation:Eco Civilization 2140: A Twenty-Second-Century History and Survivor's Journal
Publication:Small Press Bookwatch
Article Type:Book review
Date:May 1, 2006
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