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Echoing God's Word: Formation for Catechists and Homilists in a Catechumenal Church.

RCIA teams will want Seattle's Fr. James Dunning's Echoing Gus Word. Formation for Catechists and Homilists in a Catechumenal Church (Liturgy Training Publications, 393 pages, $16 paperback).

Those who use the lectionary as tbe first catechism for those seeking to grow in faith will find this call to mission in the modern world a very helpful resource.

Preachers win be glad to have it; those on the RCIA team but without extensive training will be glad for the conversation starters; all who seek the liberation of God's word will find help here.

Those who found the above volume helpful may, in their other hand, wish to grip the revised edition of Fr. Berard Marthaler's The Creed. The Apostolic Faith in Contemporary Theology (Twenty-third Publications, 435 pages, $14.95.

This popular, well-respected text is nicely suited for study and discussion among those who seek pastoral concern as well as scholarship.
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Author:Graham, William C.
Publication:National Catholic Reporter
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Jul 16, 1993
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