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Ebook apps multiply on iPhone.

Mobile analytics company Flurry made waves last November when it released statistics demonstrating that more ebook applications were being released to Apple's App Store than to any other type of application, surpassing even the long-dominant games category. In its analysis of the findings, Flurry credited Apple's smartphone as an ebook platform, opining that the rise in apps showed that Apple was "positioned [to] take market share from the Amazon Kindle as it did from the Nintendo DS."


Yet many bloggers, including John Herrman of Gizmodo and Frederic Lardinois of ReadWriteWeb, voiced skepticism about the significance of Flurry's statistics. In a post about the findings, Lardinois wrote that the numbers reflected the practice of releasing ebooks as stand-alone apps and added, "[I]t's quite easy for developers to release large numbers of e-books. Developers just have to switch out the text, rename the app and send it to Apple for approval." In a similar post, Herrman observed that a single public domain title may have as many as a dozen individual apps.

In other mobile news, Apple's decision to allow developers to sell information, content, and media through free apps may be proving beneficial to ebook applications. Netherlands-based mobile researcher Distimo released an analysis of the highest-grossing free applications on the iPhone, placing ebooks just behind games and social networking in sales. The report broke down the 40 most successful apps by category to illustrate what markets benefitted the most from the recent App Store development. Distimo found that four out of the 40 top apps were in the books category, while games and social networking featured seven and six apps, respectively.

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