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GeoVax Labs receives notice of allowance for ebola vaccine patent. Oct 14, 2021 302
'Learn from the lessons and don't forget them': identifying transferable lessons for COVID-19 from meningitis A, yellow fever and Ebola virus disease vaccination campaigns. Sep 18, 2021 313
Ebola virus in survivors can trigger outbreaks years after infection. Sep 16, 2021 603
Decouverte en Cote d'Ivoire d'un cas d'Ebola : Dr Offo Abole Sylvain appelle la population d'Essegnon a suivre les mesures protection editees par le gouvernement. Aug 28, 2021 368
Psychose dans des quartiers de Bouake apres la decouverte d'un cas d'Ebola en Cote d'Ivoire : L'ONG Murir appelle les populations a ne pas ceder a la fragilisation du tissu social. Brief article Aug 28, 2021 207
Cote d'Ivoire confirms one Ebola case. Xinhua Aug 16, 2021 279
I. Coast confirmed Ebola case. Aug 16, 2021 405
WHO Urge Countries To Strengthen Preparedness For Potential Ebola Cases, As Cote d'Ivoire Declares First Ebola Outbreak. Aug 15, 2021 572
WHO Confirms First Case Of Marburg Virus Disease In Guinea. Aug 10, 2021 506
The COVID-19 Delta variant. Jul 30, 2021 1146
GeoVax Labs announces presentation on Sudan Ebolavirus vaccine data. Jul 22, 2021 230
The Time To Act Is Now! Jul 18, 2021 1149
Guinee - Ebola: la BAD accorde plus de 230 millions de FCFA d'aide d'urgence. Jun 19, 2021 469
Ebola Virus IgG Seroprevalence in Southern Mali. Bane, Sidy; Rosenke, Kyle; Maiga, Ousmane; Feldmann, Friederike; Meade-White, Kimberly; Callison, Ju Report Jun 1, 2021 2068
Old students' association to immortalize Adadevoh with N2.5 billion edifice. May 14, 2021 327
COVID-19, Ebola virus disease and the community. Farham, Bridget Editorial May 1, 2021 1126
Coronavirus: February 2020. Apr 1, 2021 338
Increased Likelihood of Detecting Ebola Virus RNA in Semen by Using Sample Pelleting. Bozman, Courtney M.; Fallah, Mosoka; Sneller, Michael C.; Freeman, Catherine; Fakoli, Lawrence S., I Apr 1, 2021 1258
Taiwan donates US$250,000 to fight Ebola virus. Mar 27, 2021 223
Analysis of Covid-19 via Fuzzy Cognitive Maps and Neutrosophic Cognitive Maps. Mar 15, 2021 4003
What Is Ebola Infection? Mar 6, 2021 222
Govt. imposes restriction at borders. Mar 5, 2021 410
Ebola Outbreak: Reinforce Surveillance At Major Entry Points, Reps Task FG. Mar 3, 2021 585
Reps raise alarm over Ebola virus outbreak in neighbouring countries. Mar 3, 2021 226
Reps Fear Possible Resurgence Of Ebola Virus Disease. Mar 3, 2021 519
No sign of Ebola. Mar 1, 2021 827
Ebola infects 14, kills 9 in Guinea, DR Congo. Feb 23, 2021 340
Liberia braces for test result. Feb 19, 2021 557
What is Ebola? 2021 virus outbreak in Guinea prompts epidemic warnings from WHO - symptoms and how it is spread; Ebola never completely left Africa, and a fresh revival of the disease is prompting early action to avoid under-funded health systems struggling. Alex Nelson Feb 17, 2021 767
Reemergence Of Ebola In Guinea, DRC Unsettles FG. Feb 16, 2021 820
Ebola Returns To W'Africa As Region Battles COVID-19. Feb 15, 2021 266
Pres. Weah mandates increased EPI-surveillance and preventative measures. Feb 15, 2021 240
Guinea reports eight Ebola cases including three deaths. Reuters News Service Feb 14, 2021 155
Importance of Genetic Engineering and Gene Therapy in the Management of Viral Diseases and Outbreaks. Arora, Vanshika; Aggarwal, Ashim; Aggarwal, Shivani; Kumar, Randhir Feb 8, 2021 3238
DR Congo Announces 'Resurgence' Of Ebola. Feb 8, 2021 450
DR Congo announces 'resurgence' of Ebola. Feb 7, 2021 527
COVID-19: What's better for our economy, more frequent testing at home or more accurate testing at the doctor's office? Roach, John C. Feb 1, 2021 623
Babatunde Tasks Agencies On Building Collapse, Road Maintenance, COVID-19. Jan 15, 2021 610
We're using Ebola experience to tackle COVID -19, says Iwu. Jan 4, 2021 334
Human Diversity of Killer Cell Immunoglobulin-Like Receptors and Human Leukocyte Antigen Class I Alleles and Ebola Virus Disease Outcomes. Wawina-Bokalanga, Tony; Vanmechelen, Bert; Lhermitte, Valentine; Marti-Carreras, Joan; Vergote, Vale Report Jan 1, 2021 6300
We're using Ebola experience to tackle COVID -19 - Iwu. Dec 31, 2020 360
Russia's secret project to weaponise deadly viruses; Novichok link to 'doomsday scheme'. EXCLUSIVE BY chris hughes Defence and Security Editor Dec 28, 2020 399
Russian scientists suspected of 'doomsday weapons' project involving deadly Ebola virus; EXCLUSIVE: A shadowy unit of Moscow's domestic FSB spy agency linked to the Alexei Navalny novichok attack is suspected of being behind the secret plans involving deadly viruses. By, Chris Hughes Dec 27, 2020 423
Range Expansion of Bombali Virus in Mops condylurus Bats, Kenya, 2019. Kareinen, Lauri; Ogola, Joseph; Kivisto, Ilkka; Smura, Teemu; Aaltonen, Kirsi; Jaaskelainen, Anne J. Dec 1, 2020 2078
AstraZeneca and Oxford University's Covid 'vaccine for the world' is just what the doctor ordered - Scotsman comment; In 2014, an Ebola virus outbreak began in West Africa, killing more than 11,000 people and causing an estimated $53 billion of damage to the economy. Scotsman comment Nov 24, 2020 475
Phoenix Biotechnology Inc announces Oleandrin's antiviral activity against SARS-CoV-2. Nov 20, 2020 321
Phoenix Biotechnology Inc announces Oleandrin's antiviral activity against SARS-CoV-2. Nov 20, 2020 325
DR Congo announces end of latest Ebola epidemic. Nov 19, 2020 698
Congo declares end of Ebola outbreak, sees lessons for Covid fight. Reuters News Service Nov 18, 2020 310
DR Congo announces end of latest Ebola epidemic. Nov 18, 2020 174
Social Distancing and Artful Pandemic Survival. Chorba, Terence Nov 1, 2020 1341
'Killer' cells in Ebola immunity study could help coronavirus research. Arab News Oct 19, 2020 271
US FDA Approves Regeneron's Antibody Treatment For Ebola. Oct 15, 2020 400
FDA Approves First Treatment for Ebola Virus. Oct 15, 2020 534
FDA approves Regeneron's Inmazeb as first Ebola virus treatment. Oct 14, 2020 212
Using PPE correctly and safely: Unless health-care workers are fully trained in the best use of personal protective equipment, they risk being infected with COVID-19 and other pandemic and epidemic viruses. Pajel, Alex Oct 1, 2020 2810
Role of Wildlife in Emergence of Ebola Virus in Kaigbono (Likati), Democratic Republic of the Congo, 2017. Sep 1, 2020 2836
January 2018: High-Consequence Pathogens. Sep 1, 2020 260
The 2014 Ebola Outbreak From a Multidisciplinary Perspective and the Role of Turkey in the Fight Against This Outbreak/Multidisipliner Perspektiften 2014 Ebola Salgini ve Bu Salginla Mucadelede Turkiye'nin Rolu. Kacar, Mehtap; Ipek, Volkan; Vatanoglu-Lutz, Elif Report Aug 1, 2020 7894
Deterministic Epidemic Models for Ebola Infection with Time-Dependent Controls. Okyer, Eric; Ankama, Johnson De-Graft; Hunkpe, Anthony Kodzo; Mensah, Dorcas Report Jul 31, 2020 5076
Bavarian Nordic receives European marketing authorisation for Ebola vaccine. Jul 2, 2020 275
Bavarian Nordic receives European marketing authorisation for Ebola vaccine. Jul 2, 2020 276
Bavarian Nordic receives European marketing authorisation for Ebola vaccine. Jul 2, 2020 271
Approach to Cataract Surgery in an Ebola Virus Disease Survivor with Prior Ocular Viral Persistence. Wells, Jill R.; Crazier, Ian; Kraft, Colleen S.; Sexton, Mary Elizabeth; Hill, Charles E.; Ribner, B Clinical report Jul 1, 2020 2223
Veterans on frontline tackling coronavirus. Jun 28, 2020 689
Virulence of Bats-Caused Diseases. Jun 28, 2020 710
Veterans on frontline tackling coronavirus. Jun 27, 2020 772
Veterans on frontline tackling coronavirus; Veterans are providing vital skills across a range of projects to help the country tackle the current coronavirus outbreak. From helping to build Nightingale Hospitals to delivering essential supplies to those who are shielding, they have helped thousands of people across the country. We take a look at how one such veteran is helping out. Jun 27, 2020 992
The coping mechanisms the DRC is putting in place as it faces Ebola, measles and COVID-19. Jun 22, 2020 961
TRADOC versus the Pandemic. Anthony, Susan Jun 22, 2020 2595
Halting the upsurge of future pandemics. Jun 2, 2020 1095
Ebola: Why cross-border risks for Kenya remain high. May 13, 2020 954
Scientists hopeful of major breakthrough in quest for coronavirus vaccine. May 10, 2020 587
$4,460 for Remdesivir: Who owns it, where is it? Jay Hilotin, Assistant Editor May 6, 2020 1001
COVID-19 vaccine: $4,460 or $10 for a remdesivir shot, how much is fair price? Jay Hilotin, Assistant Editor May 6, 2020 1123
COVID-19 vaccine: $10 or $4,460 per emdesivir shot, how much is fair price? Jay Hilotin, Assistant Editor May 6, 2020 1174
COVID-19 vaccine: $10 or $4,460 per remdesivir shot, how much is fair price? Jay Hilotin, Assistant Editor May 6, 2020 1174
WHO confirms 7 fresh cases of Ebola in DRC. May 6, 2020 691
Update on Ebola Treatment Center Costs and Sustainability, United States, 2019. Herstein, Jocelyn J.; Le, Aurora B.; McNulty, Lily A.; Buehler, Sean A.; Biddinger, Paul D.; Hewlett May 1, 2020 1955
Editorial / Contact tracing. Editorial Apr 29, 2020 372
Ebola: 200 contacts vaccinated in DRC - WHO. Apr 21, 2020 725
Hopes for an end to Ebola crisis dashed. Apr 11, 2020 169
Ebola case found as country set to declare end to outbreak. Apr 11, 2020 204
Cummings writes Weah. Apr 9, 2020 893
COVID 19 pandemic and mental health threat. Apr 7, 2020 1043
African Traditional Medicine Solution To Coronavirus -Jegede. Apr 3, 2020 1896
Ebola Virus Neutralizing Antibodies in Dogs from Sierra Leone, 2017. Fischer, Kerstin; Suluku, Roland; Fehling, Sarah Katharina; Jabaty, Juliet; Koroma, Bashiru; Strecke Apr 1, 2020 2570
Divisive rulers, stricken people. Jawed Naqvi Mar 31, 2020 1097
Effectiveness of basic training session regarding the awareness of Ebola virus disease among nurses of public tertiary care hospitals of Lahore. Rehman, Habib; Ghani, Mansoor; Rehman, Mujeeb Report Mar 31, 2020 2885
Gilead Sciences Eyes Remdesivir As Covid-19 Treatment, Widens Access. Mar 23, 2020 258
From panic to peace. Mar 15, 2020 704
Viruses move faster than governments. Adaora Okoli (The Survivor) Mar 6, 2020 848
ACE Project Ignites Excellence In Nigerian Varsities. Mar 5, 2020 1104
COVID-19: Schools In Lagos Begin Preventive Measures To Protect Pupils, Students. Mar 3, 2020 976
Experience In Fighting Ebola To Help End COVID-19, Says DRC Official. Mar 3, 2020 473
The Art Of Delegation - 3. Mar 2, 2020 1237
People are being too blase..the virus is already here. Heather Greenaway Mar 1, 2020 638
People are being blase.. the virus is already here. Heather Greenaway Mar 1, 2020 637
Coronavirus: Don't Panic, Atiku Tells Nigerians. Feb 28, 2020 420
ERVEBO (Ebola Zaire Vaccine, Live) Now Registered in Four African Countries, Within 90 Days of Reference Country Approval and WHO Prequalification. Feb 18, 2020 771
AfDB gives Uganda Shs3.7 billion to fight Ebola. Feb 13, 2020 375
Coronavirus scare - She Says. Feb 4, 2020 369
Public Health Program for Decreasing Risk for Ebola Virus Disease Resurgence from Survivors of the 2013-2016 Outbreak, Guinea. Keita, Mory; Keita, Sakoba; Diallo, Boubacar; Camara, Momo; Mesfin, Samuel; Nebie, Koumpingnin Yacou Feb 1, 2020 4518
Exposure to Ebola Virus and Risk for Infection with Malaria Parasites, Rural Gabon. Abbate, Jessica L.; Becquart, Pierre; Leroy, Eric; Ezenwa, Vanessa O.; Roche, Benjamin Feb 1, 2020 6279
Filipinos from coronavirus-hit countries can be quarantined in an island-senators. Jan 28, 2020 727
Davao City heightens alert vs coronavirus; passengers from China, Hong Kong monitored. Jan 23, 2020 886
Coronavirus Outbreak in China: FAAN Releases Travel Advisory. Jan 23, 2020 344
Rwanda vaccinates 300 daily in Rubavu against Ebola Virus. Jan 20, 2020 672
Stepping up to the challenge: studying drug dosage during an Ebola outbreak. Jan 15, 2020 784
Ebola United States Get Vaccinated - Jan 13, 2020 272
Ebola virus disease – Democratic Republic of the Congo. Jan 10, 2020 371
Population Movement Patterns Among the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, and Uganda During an Outbreak of Ebola Virus Disease: Results from Community Engagement in Two Districts--Uganda, March 2019. Nakiire, Lydia; Mwanja, Herman; Pillai, Satish K.; Gasanani, Jonan; Ntungire, Dickson; Nsabiyumva, S Jan 10, 2020 2201
Case Definitions Used During the First 6 Months of the 10th Ebola Virus Disease Outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo--Four Neighboring Countries, August 2018-February 2019. Medley, Alexandra M.; Mavila, Oscar; Makumbi, Issa; Nizeyemana, Felicien; Umutoni, Angela; Balisanga Jan 10, 2020 5212
Ebola virus disease – Democratic Republic of the Congo. Jan 3, 2020 369
Nutritional Care for Patients with Ebola Virus Disease. Ververs, Mija; Gabra, Magi Jan 1, 2020 3960
Potential Applications of Nanopore Sequencing for Forensic Analysis. Hall, C.L.; Zascavage, R.R.; Sedlazeck, F.J.; Planz, J.V. Jan 1, 2020 24302
Ebola Virus Disease Outbreak--Democratic Republic of the Congo, August 2018-November 2019. Aruna, Aaron; Mbala, Placide; Minikulu, Luigi; Mukadi, Daniel; Bulemfu, Dorothee; Edidi, Franck; Bul Dec 20, 2019 2943
FDA Gives First Ebola Vaccine for Adults the Green Light. Dec 20, 2019 408
FDA Gives First Ebola Vaccine for Adults the Green Light; Ervebo shown to be highly effective in preventing infection in people exposed to the virus. Dec 20, 2019 275
Rebel attack on Congo city leaves at least 6 dead. Dec 15, 2019 227
New Ebola vaccine approved by WHO. Dec 4, 2019 137
Airport Entry and Exit Screening during the Ebola Virus Disease Outbreak in Sierra Leone, 2014 to 2016. Wickramage, Kolitha Nov 30, 2019 3751
Ebola virus disease – Democratic Republic of the Congo. Nov 29, 2019 602
Ebola Virus Vaccine Approved Worldwide, Saves Hundreds Of Thousands Of Lives. Snow Digon Nov 18, 2019 423
NICD: No Ebola cases in SA. Nov 14, 2019 283
ERVEBO® [Ebola Zaire Vaccine] Awarded Prequalification Status by the World Health Organization (WHO). Nov 14, 2019 828
Merck's ERVEBO Ebola Zaire Vaccine Granted Conditional Approval in the European Union. Nov 14, 2019 526
Janssen Pharmaceutical applies for European Medicines Agency investigational Ebola vaccine regimen approval. Nov 11, 2019 153
Janssen Pharmaceutical applies for European Medicines Agency investigational Ebola vaccine regimen approval. Nov 11, 2019 149
Johnson & Johnson (NYSE: JNJ) - Johnson & Johnson Announces Submission of European Marketing Authorisation Applications for Janssen's Investigational Ebola Vaccine Regimen -- 7/7/2019. Nov 11, 2019 545
Bavarian Nordic's partner submits MAAs to EMA for investigational Ebola vaccine regimen. Nov 8, 2019 375
Bavarian Nordic's partner submits MAAs to EMA for investigational Ebola vaccine regimen. Nov 8, 2019 376
Bavarian Nordic's partner submits MAAs to EMA for investigational Ebola vaccine regimen. Nov 8, 2019 371
Ebola Outbreak: Reps Urge FG To Put Precautionary Measures At Ports, Borders. Nov 5, 2019 607
Congolese journalist covering Ebola virus in Congo killed at home. Nov 4, 2019 176
UN Migration Agency appeals to South Sudan group to free volunteer worker and child. Nov 4, 2019 346
Japan joins Rwanda to emphasize community engagement as a pillar of Ebola Prevention. Oct 31, 2019 523
Ten African countries endorse cross-border collaboration framework on Ebola outbreak preparedness and response. Oct 22, 2019 875
African health Ministers move to halt Ebola threat. Oct 22, 2019 440
Merck & Company, Inc. (NYSE:MRK) - Merck Receives EU CHMP Positive Opinion for Investigational V920 Ebola Zaire Vaccine for Protection Against Ebola Virus Disease -- 18/10/2019. Oct 21, 2019 729
Major milestone for WHO-supported Ebola vaccine. Oct 18, 2019 797
Merck & Co Receives Positive European Opinion For Ebola Zaire Vaccine. Oct 18, 2019 178
Merck receives positive EU CHMP opinion for V920 Ebola Zaire vaccine. Oct 18, 2019 149
HAITI-HEALTH-Haiti denies any Ebola cases in the country. Oct 18, 2019 418
Ebola Virus Now Squeezed Into 'Corner' Of DR Congo: WHO. AFP News Oct 10, 2019 560
From one Ebola front line to another in the Democratic Republic of the Congo: Dr Didier Mwesha, WHO Infection Prevention and Control Expert. Oct 10, 2019 908
Ebola Virus Now Squeezed Into 'Corner' Of DRC a WHO. Oct 10, 2019 673
Hospital patient in Sweden tested for killer Ebola virus; Docs' fears over feverish symptoms. BRADLEY JOLLY Oct 9, 2019 136
Rusizi residents warned against crossing to DRC through restricted areas. Oct 9, 2019 470
The Future of Public Health Response is here: World Health Organization (WHO) Summit explains the lives it will save. Oct 8, 2019 806
WHO Director-General reconvenes International Health Regulations Emergency Committee on the Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Oct 7, 2019 565
Evaluation of Infection Prevention and Control Readiness at Frontline Health Care Facilities in High-Risk Districts Bordering Ebola Virus Disease--Affected Areas in the Democratic Republic of the Congo--Uganda, 2018. Biedron, Caitlin; Lyman, Meghan; Stuckey, Matthew J.; Homsy, Jaco; Lamorde, Mohammed; Luvsansharav, Oct 4, 2019 2812
Global Ebola Vaccine Market to Exhibit 49.4% CAGR and Reach US$ XX Mn by 2026 - GMI Research. Oct 3, 2019 949
Dr Musenero: fighting Ebola in Sierra Leone. Oct 3, 2019 1261
Fear over cover-up in number of Ebola cases; UK & WORLD. Sep 23, 2019 108
Fear over cover-up in number of Ebola cases; UK & WORLD. Sep 23, 2019 108
'Ebola-like cases' questioned after cover-up claims; TANZANIA. Sep 23, 2019 239
Tanzania Could Be Withholding Information On New Ebola Cases. Darwin Malicdem Sep 23, 2019 387
Tiny Genetic Tweak May Stop Ebola Virus in Its Tracks. Report Sep 18, 2019 384
DR Congo ex-minister to be questioned for 'embezzling Ebola funds'. Sep 17, 2019 264
POEA keeps close watch on 1,409 OFWs in Congo amid Ebola outbreak. Sep 17, 2019 310
Philippines monitoring Ebola outbreak in Congo. Sep 16, 2019 195
WHO and partners to help the Government boost health facility defences against Ebola in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Sep 9, 2019 557
Ebola survivors 'face possible kidney damage'. Sep 5, 2019 197
Bombali Virus in Mops condylurus Bats, Guinea. Karan, Lyudmila S.; Makenov, Marat T.; Korneev, Mikhail G.; Sacko, Noumany; Boumbaly, Sanaba; Yakovl Sep 1, 2019 1558
Over 2,000 people dead in DR Congo Ebola outbreak: WHO. Aug 30, 2019 305
Emergency grant aid in response to the Ebola virus disease outbreak in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Aug 22, 2019 218
Ebola: EU announces new funds to strengthen preparedness in Burundi. Aug 22, 2019 276
EU warns Ebola risk spill over neighboring countries of DRC. Aug 21, 2019 257
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ: REGN) - PALM Ebola Clinical Trial Stopped Early as Regeneron's REGN-EB3 Therapy Shows Superiority to ZMapp in Preventing Ebola Deaths -- 12/8/2019. Clinical report Aug 20, 2019 534
Ebola Virus Disease Outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in the eastern part of the country: Dispatch of the Japan Disaster Relief Infectious Diseases Response Team. Aug 19, 2019 221
World Health Organization (WHO) and Ministry of Health (MOH) brief Malawian journalists about the Ebola Virus Disease outbreak situation in the African Region. Aug 15, 2019 625
New Monoclonal Antibodies Severely Slash Ebola Death Rate. Aug 15, 2019 550
SCO head urges Caspian countries to cooperate in transport infrastructure development. Aug 14, 2019 345
Nigeria issues Ebola alert to airlines. Aug 14, 2019 341
Burundi launches ebola vaccination campaign for health and front-line workers. Aug 14, 2019 662
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ: REGN) - PALM Ebola Clinical Trial Stopped Early as Regeneron's REGN-EB3 Therapy Shows Superiority to ZMapp in Preventing Ebola Deaths - 12/8/2019. Clinical report Aug 13, 2019 534
Two New Ebola Drugs Significantly Lower Death Rate. Aug 13, 2019 617
WHO says no new Ebola cases in Goma, vaccinates over 1,300. Aug 11, 2019 273
Ebola Airport Screeners Needed in Atlanta, GA Apply Now. Aug 10, 2019 199
Filipinos cautioned amid Ebola outbreak in Congo. Aug 9, 2019 191
Outbreak of Ebola Virus Disease in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo: Dispatch of Assessment Team. Aug 9, 2019 173
GRENADA-HEALTH-Grenada revises alert on Ebola to 'guarded'. Aug 7, 2019 481
Ministry of Health warns against church crusades over Ebola. Aug 5, 2019 704
Security Council gravely concerned by Ebola outbreak in DR Congo, demands immediate end to violence hampering response. Aug 2, 2019 534
Creative Biolabs' Abundant Antibody Products for Ebolavirus Research Are Readily Available. Aug 2, 2019 615
Rwanda-DRC Rubavu border closed over Ebola outbreak. Aug 1, 2019 337
DRC needs urgent long-term Ebola plan. Aug 1, 2019 559
First Ebola Transmission in Congo City of Goma Reported; Rwanda has closed its border with Congo due to the Ebola outbreak. Aug 1, 2019 216
Evaluating Temperature Sensitivity of Vesicular Stomatitis Virus--Based Vaccines. Stein, Derek R.; Sroga, Patrycja; Warner, Bryce M.; Deschambault, Yvon; Poliquin, Guillaume; Safrone Aug 1, 2019 2393 Seeks Contributor Writers and Journalists as Ebola Virus Spreads. Jul 31, 2019 154
UNICEF must triple budget to combat Ebola outbreak in DR Congo; complex crisis impacting unprecedented number of children. Jul 31, 2019 511
UN officials warn of real threat of Ebola virus. Jul 31, 2019 225
$4.3m needed for Ebola prevention in South Sudan: UNICEF. Jul 30, 2019 316
EBOLA, Cascade training in Infection Prevention and Control (IPC), Case Management, Hand Hygiene, Chlorine Preparation and Mental Health conducted in Rwanda. Jul 30, 2019 841
Emergency Assistance to the Democratic Republic of the Congo in response to the Ebola Virus Disease Outbreak in the eastern part of the country. Jul 29, 2019 176
WHO hails new DRC aid in fight against Ebola. Jul 28, 2019 514
Authorities install larger footbaths at NAIA terminals to prevent spread of viruses. Jul 22, 2019 392
AU to deploy more healthcare experts to tackle Ebola crisis. Jul 20, 2019 697
Ebola virus reaches Congolese city of Goma. Jul 15, 2019 159
Lab Tests Show Experimental Ebola Treatments Effective; Remdesivir, ZMapp monoclonal antibodies both appear to block growth of the Ebola virus strain. Jul 10, 2019 186
Ebola virus in Africa. Jul 3, 2019 255
Funds squeeze major challenge to contain Ebola. Jun 23, 2019 532
Ebola: Why cross-border risks for Kenya remain high. Jun 23, 2019 932
Ebola screening centres set up in Lake Victoria. Jun 19, 2019 444
WHO clears Uganda to import Ebola drugs. Jun 19, 2019 403
How Kasese residents responded to Ebola outbreak. Jun 17, 2019 590
What you need to know about Ebola. Obituary Jun 17, 2019 580
Kenya sends special team to its borders after Ebola alert. Jun 17, 2019 653
Woman admitted to Kericho hospital has no Ebola, tests show. Jun 17, 2019 300
Ebola nurse Pauline Cafferkey 'overjoyed' after giving birth to twins. Jun 14, 2019 247
Ebola case found in Uganda. Jun 13, 2019 149
Ebola outbreak enters 'truly frightening phase' as 2nd ebola victim dies in Uganda. Jun 13, 2019 184
Second Ebola Death in Uganda after Outbreak Crosses Border. Jun 13, 2019 235
What you need to know about Ebola virus. Jun 13, 2019 876
Deadly Ebola virus spreads to Uganda from DR Congo. Jun 12, 2019 389
Ebola claims boy in Uganda first case. Jun 12, 2019 289
Nearly 1,400 People Died from Ebola Outbreak in DRC over 1 Year. Jun 11, 2019 156
Ebola Outbreak Map [R] Registered Trademark and Website is for Sale. Jun 8, 2019 216
'The Hot Zone' review: A powerful look at Ebola fight. Jun 3, 2019 820
Emerging Infections and Future Threats. Petrosillo, Nicola Report Jun 1, 2019 4341
Suiting up for 'The Hot Zone'. May 24, 2019 499
Strange disease kills two in Kagadi. May 24, 2019 427
For 'Hot Zone,' Margulies confronts claustrophobia and Ebola. May 21, 2019 726 Tracks Ebola Virus. May 9, 2019 240
Ebola outbreak: Death toll breaches 1000-mark in DR Congo. May 4, 2019 271
Serologic Prevalence of Ebola Virus in Equatorial Africa. Steffen, Imke; Lu, Kai; Yamamoto, Lauren K.; Hoff, Nicole A.; Mulembakani, Prime; Wemakoy, Emile O.; May 1, 2019 5268
Bombali Virus in Mops condylurus Bat, Kenya. Forbes, Kristian M.; Webala, Paul W.; Jaaskelainen, Anne J.; Abdurahman, Samir; Ogola, Joseph; Masik May 1, 2019 1821
Need for Aeromedical Evacuation High-Level Containment Transport Guidelines. Gibbs, Shawn G.; Herstein, Jocelyn J.; Le, Aurora B.; Beam, Elizabeth L.; Cieslak, Theodore J.; Lawl May 1, 2019 1281
Consequences of Failing to Investigate. Breedlove, Byron May 1, 2019 984
Ebola outbreak: Death toll breaches 650-mark in DR Congo. Apr 9, 2019 283
Ebola virus found in bat species. Apr 8, 2019 477
Man banned from EVERY NHS hospital after fake ebola and AIDS claims; Christopher Dearlove once coughed on nurses after claiming he had just returned from West Africa where his wife had died from the deadly Ebola virus. Apr 6, 2019 335
Reviving tourism in West Africa. Mar 7, 2019 1005
Reviving tourism in West Africa. Unah, Linus Mar 1, 2019 974
More than 500 dead in Ebola outbreak in DR Congo. Feb 10, 2019 351
Ebola epidemic killed 500 people in Congo in 6 months. Feb 9, 2019 157
Ebola Virus Infection Associated with Transmission from Survivors. Boon, Saskia Den; Marston, Barbara J.; Nyenswah, Tolbert G.; Jambai, Amara; Barry, Moumie; Keita, Sa Feb 1, 2019 5306
Ebola [eb'o-le]. Feb 1, 2019 358
Macrophage Activation Marker Soluble CD163 Associated with Fatal and Severe Ebola Virus Disease in Humans. McElroy, Anita K.; Shrivastava-Ranjan, Punya; Harmon, Jessica R.; Martines, Roosecelis B.; Silva-Fla Report Feb 1, 2019 6211
Protein to combat Ebola discovered in humans. Dec 14, 2018 255
Fears Ebola virus will spread from DRC Congo into other African nations. Dec 13, 2018 895
Inovio demonstrates potency of dMAB platform in preclinical publications. Nov 26, 2018 239
Anti-Ebola efforts in DR Congo suspended amid violence. Nov 18, 2018 228
Deadly virus you can get from a hug. Nov 12, 2018 286
Ebola preys on human compassion it is heartbreaking to tell loved ones they can't touch a sick family member or someone who has just died; xmas campaign 2018: fight TO CONTAIN GLOBAL KILLER. Nov 12, 2018 887
NIH issues advisory on diseases this winter. Nov 11, 2018 650
FDA authorizes emergency use of Chembio Diagnostics' Ebola fingerstick test. Nov 9, 2018 172
Chembio confirms FDA authorized emergency use of Ebola diagnostic test. Nov 9, 2018 131
WHO to meet on Congo's Ebola outbreak as toll soars. Oct 16, 2018 260
Inovio says Ebola vaccine provides 100% protection in preclinical study. Oct 15, 2018 300
DR Congo says latest Ebola outbreak under control. Sep 9, 2018 351
Ebola control measures seem to be working in Congo - WHO. Sep 2, 2018 308
Travelers' Actual and Subjective Knowledge about Risk for Ebola Virus Disease. Regner, Isabelle; Ianos, Oana Elena; Shajrawi, Loucy; Brouqui, Philippe; Gautret, Philippe Sep 1, 2018 1578
Congo: 2 who received experimental Ebola treatment recover. Aug 26, 2018 381
4 Experimental Ebola Therapies Approved for Use in Congo; Treatments are ZMapp, Remdesivir, Favipiravir, and Regn3450 - 3471 - 3479. Aug 22, 2018 152
Ebola Neutralized by Latest Generation Polyclonal Immunotherapy, According to Biotherapeutics. Aug 20, 2018 371
WHO expects more Ebola cases in Congo, can't reach no-go areas. Aug 17, 2018 367
Four new Congo Ebola cases, medics prepare experimental treatment. Aug 11, 2018 386
Ministry clarifies Ebola, DRC alert. Aug 8, 2018 251
No Ebola cases at JFK Hospital. Aug 6, 2018 298
Ministry advises on Ebola. Aug 5, 2018 204
Congo Health ministry reports 33 killed in Ebola outbreak. Aug 5, 2018 301
DR Congo declares new Ebola outbreak in North Kivu. Aug 1, 2018 401
Evidence Exists for Persistence, Transmission of Ebola Virus; Outbreak report describes transmission of Ebola virus one year after survival of Ebola virus disease. Aug 1, 2018 262
Anti-bodies that fight Ebola viruses are now a reality. Jul 31, 2018 313
End of Ebola outbreak is the time to prepare for next one. Jul 26, 2018 826
DR Congo officially declares end to Ebola outbreak. Jul 24, 2018 695
Ebola Treatment in Early-Stage Trial. Jul 1, 2018 495
Reemergence of Reston ebolavirus in Cynomolgus Monkeys, the Philippines, 2015. Demetria, Catalino; Smith, Ina; Tan, Titus; Villarico, Daniel; Simon, Edson Michael; Centeno, Rex; T Jul 1, 2018 4665
April 2015: Emerging Viruses. Jul 1, 2018 286
April 2017: Emerging Viruses. Jul 1, 2018 277
Semen can cause Ebola virus disease. Jun 26, 2018 570
World Bank making US$3m available to Congo. Jun 5, 2018 249
Corrections. Correction notice Jun 1, 2018 473
RedHill Biopharma announces U.S. patent for experimental Ebola therapy. May 29, 2018 284
Ebola scare on Majorca. May 27, 2018 141
'Ebola' bottle sparks scare on Majorca. May 27, 2018 121
No Ebola in Liberia. May 25, 2018 407
Congo's Health Ministry: Ebola virus killed 9 people so far. May 25, 2018 215
WHO Warns Ebola Outbreak in Congo May Spread to Neighboring Countries. May 24, 2018 370
"WHO" announces Ebola outbreak in Congo. May 23, 2018 255
Experimental vaccinations to be used for Ebola outbreak in DR Congo. May 22, 2018 654
Experimental vaccinations to be used for Ebola outbreak in DR Congo. May 22, 2018 650
New death in DR Congo Ebola outbreak -- toll at 26. May 21, 2018 606
Congo to begin Ebola vaccinations on Monday. May 20, 2018 212
Congo to begin Ebola vaccinations on Monday. May 20, 2018 287
Taiwan CDC raises travel notice level for DRC to Level 2: Alert for Ebola virus disease. May 15, 2018 483
WHO Says 19 Dead, 39 Infected in DRC Ebola Outbreak. May 14, 2018 142
WHO, partners working with authorities to contain new Ebola outbreak. May 13, 2018 642
Nine countries warned over Ebola risk as World Health Organisation says it's planning for 'worse case scenario' in Congo; Congo confirmed on Tuesday that 17 people have died of the Ebola virus after a new outbreak flared up. May 11, 2018 250
Mass vaccinations can't prevent Ebola outbreaks. May 10, 2018 332
DR Congo experiences Ebola outbreak. May 10, 2018 201

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