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Ebano is king of all he surveys.

THE grass actually is greener on the other side for Dudley Zoo's gelada group, who have switched places with their macaque neighbours.

And the move to the opposite side of the grassy banks beneath the vintage chairlift has also given alpha male Ebano some incredible views from one of the mature ash trees.

FRIENDS OUR AT DUDLEY The nine geladas in the zoo's breeding group have swapped homes with the Sulawesi crested macaques to give the grazing geladas access to more greenery.

CREATURE FEATURES BRING Senior primate keeper Jodie Dryden, who took the wonderful pictures of Ebano, said: "Geladas are the ZOO only species of primate who graze and they are loving the green grass and trees in their new abode. They have full access to the grassy bank which is remarkably similar to the habitat of their wild cousins, who graze on mountainous grasslands in Ethiopia. "It has been a very successful transition and the geladas are enjoying seeing our visitors too."

THE ALL YOU NEWS LATEST ? Team leader Lesley Lewis and curator Richard Brown are well prepared for the moment European brown bears return to DZG.

The pair attended the Bear Husbandry Workshop at Chester Zoo to get ready for the reintroduction of European brown bears, after the project won the zoo's visitor vote.

The PS250,000 scheme to reinstate bears into the restored Bear Ravine, alongside new dens and climbing frames, was chosen by visitors who made Gift Aid donations throughout 2018.

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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Jan 26, 2019
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